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Recently Downloaded: Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||          Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia          ||          Effect of Fiscal Policy on Investment Growth in Rwanda          ||          A Review on Antimicrobial Activity of Silymarin          ||          Comparative Study of the Cambisols of Aboisso-Comoe (Agropastoral Zone B29 Mamlanso) and Zuenoula (Agricultural Unit of the Sugar Complex)          ||          Credit Processing Period and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Agribusiness Small and Micro Enterprises in Nyeri Central Sub County Kenya          ||          Analyze the Effects of Resistance Training with Active Muscle Action on Selected Physiological Variables of Adigrat Town Males          ||          Forecasting Volatility with LSTM Techniques          ||         

Volume 6 Issue 11, November 2017: Page 3

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Medicinal Plants of Karakalpakstan
Authors: Gulnara ?bdiniyazova, Olimjon Khojimatov

Evaluation of Underground Water's Hydrochemicalfacies in Daoukro Area (Cote d'Ivoire)
Authors: Kanohin Fulvie Epse Otchoumou, Saley Mahaman Bachir, Savane Issiaka

Peripheral Retinal Changes in Myopic Fundus
Authors: Dr. Ch. Manga Venkat, Dr B. Geetha Padma

Effect of an Organophosphate Insecticide, Dimethoate, on Antioxidant Enzymes of the Fish Nile Tilapia, (Oreochromis niloticus) (L.)
Authors: Ajitha B.S., C.A. Jayaprakas

Effectiveness of Healthy Nutritional Educational Program on Clinical Outcomes for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients at Baghdad Teaching Hospital
Authors: Adel Naeem, Hakemia Shaker Hassan, Tawfeeq F. R. Al-Auqbi

Without any External Disturbances, The Higgs Fields have a Shape and Direction, So as the Physical Time. Time has a Shape and a Meaning Everywhere in the Universe
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Novel Design of Low Power Nonvolatile 10T1R SRAM Cell
Authors: Vani Tripathi, Bhawna Trivedi

A Study on Factors Affecting Sales of Patanjali, Himalaya, Dabur and Zhandu Products: Consumer?s Point of View
Authors: Priyanka K. Shinde

A CMOS 3?12-GHz Ultra wideband Low Noise Amplifier by Dual-Resonance Network
Authors: Surabhi Katiyar, Bhawna Trivedi

Anaesthesia for Excision of Giant Bulla in COPD Patients
Authors: Kiranpreet Kaur, Mamta Bhardwaj, Manisha Mittal, Garima Vashisht, Pushpa Yadav

Biomarker Responses of Zinc on Orange Chromidae (Etroplus Maculatus, Bloch, 1795)
Authors: T. Archana Devi, S. Bijoy Nandan, K. Sajeevan

Role of Endophyte in Plant Growth Promption
Authors: N. P. Navnage, P. N. Patle, P. R. Ramteke

Conflict Management by the Twere in the Mbosi Community (Congo-Brazzaville)
Authors: Obah Mesmin, Prof Luo Lianggong

The Development of English Learning Model Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) for Junior High School Students in South Sulawesi
Authors: Munir, Riola Haya Nur

Evaluation of Anti-Depressent Activity of Ethanol and Aqueous Extracts of Plumeria Rubra in Mice Model
Authors: Dhanapal V, Sampath Kumar

Information Processing Ability of Sports Children
Authors: Nethravathi R, Dr. Sreenivas .M

Survey of Adaptive Neural Network-Based Control of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid
Authors: Abhinav Singh, Preeti Gupta

List of Anti-Diabetic Plants: A Review
Authors: B. Aruthra

Validity of 14-3-3? Protein in Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis among Iraqi Patients
Authors: Jinan Hadi Abd Ali, Basil O.Saleh, Faiq I. Gorial

Credit Risk Management Practices in Microfinance: Evidence from Selected Microfinance Institutions in Togo
Authors: Abdel-Menaf IBRAHIM

Optimal Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Voltage Profile Improvement and Loss Reduction
Authors: Srishail K Bilgundi, Dr. Likith Kumar M V

The Research on the Features and Influential Factors of Industrial Transfer in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
Authors: Yao-Qun Zheng, Xing Ge

Micro Pericytes Coverage in Relation to Different Grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Authors: Intisar Abdel-Jabbar Al-Sarraf, Ban F. Al-Dorobai

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: A One Year Retrospective Histopathological Study
Authors: Dr. BVVD. Kiranmayi, Dr. CV. Lakshmi, Dr. R. Vijaya Bhaskar

Characteristics of a Suspension Spring under Varying Thickness and Material
Authors: K. Kalyani, P. Priyanka, H. Ameresh, M. Mahesh Babu

Strategiesin Improving the Performance of the Lecturers of STIE XYZ through Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Authors: Sikkat Sitompul, Aida Vitayala S. Hubeis, Idqan Fahmi

The Turkana Oil Discovery in Kenya: An Unfolding Environmental, Socio-Economic and Political Disaster
Authors: Beatrice Mariam Oside Barasa

Incidence of A1 & A2 Sub Grouping among Blood Group A & AB in Blood Donors Attended at Blood Bank MGH, Jodhpur
Authors: Rajshree Behra, Yogi Raj Joshi

Morbidly Obese Patient with Huge Thyroid ? An Airway Challenge
Authors: Kiranpreet Kaur, Mamta Bhardwaj, Prashant Kumar, Manisha Mittal, Garima Vashisht, Deepak Kumari

Trend Analyses of Georgian Wine Business
Authors: Olga Pachulia

Prevalence of Depression in Adolescent Children and their Approach towards It-An Observational Study
Authors: Ratnani Purvi, Gupta Pramod

Quantum Chemical Calculations and Experimental Studies on 2(2, 3-dimethylphenyl) Amino Benzoic Acid
Authors: R. Padmavathi, S. Gunasekaran, B. Rajamannan, G. R. Ramkumar, G. Sankari, S. Muthu

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