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Effectiveness of Community based Health Education Intervention about Breast Cancer among Women of Reproductive Age Group Residing in Urban Slum Area
Authors: Kavita D. Pandit, Dr Prakash M. Durgawale

Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Calculations of Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of KCdF3
Authors: Madan Lal, Shikha Kapila

Design and Analysis of Picking Mechanism of Shuttle Loom
Authors: Darji Yugalkishor M., Kaushal P. Khamar

Circulating 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Insulin Resistance in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
Authors: Nearmeen M. Rashad, Mayada M. Mousa, Tarek M. H. Ibrahim, Azza H. Abd El-Fatah

Constructing of Accountability Based Values of Sulapa Appa Wisdom
Authors: Faridah, Gagaring Pagalung, Alimuddin, Harryanto

Aircraft Target Identification by Null Polarization Based Feature Set
Authors: Faisal Aldhubaib

Interleukin 28B Genotyping as a Predictor Marker for Responsiveness of HCV Patients to Therapy
Authors: Laith Jabbar Abdulhassan, Ahmed Sahib Abdulamir, Nawal Mehdi Alkhalidi, Safaa Abdulkareem Alwaysi

Processing and Analysis of Retinal Images in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Authors: Shimaa Fawzy, Hossam El-Din Mostafa, Dalia Sabry, Rasheed Mokhtar

Two Way Communication between Deaf and Dumb
Authors: Shubhangi Dixit, Akshata Dabade, Aishwarya Kanetkar, Anish Apte, Sayali Pisal

Effect of Phosphate on Growth and Lipid (Tag) Production in Fresh Water Diatoms
Authors: Vijai Kumar Srivastava, Dr. Rajesh Singh, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari

Study Effect of Herbal Methionine (Methiomax) on Growth Performance in Local Fish Species (Rohu) in Fresh Water Ponds
Authors: Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Nitin Singh

Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals by Some Aquatic Macrophytes in Fresh Water Stretch of River Tapi at Surat City, Gujarat, India
Authors: Kuntal Shah, M. N. Reddy

State of Human Resource Development (HRD) in Pakistan
Authors: Dr. Saima Tabassum

Patients' Satisfaction at Emergency Departments in Baghdad Teaching Hospitals
Authors: Ayad Majid Mousa

Effect of Different Sealer Systems on the Resistance to Vertical-Root-Fracture of Endodontically Treated Tooth
Authors: Samar Abdul Hamed, Rasha Hameid Jehad, Jacob Y. Al-Hashemi

Clinical Spectrum of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Hail, KSA 2016
Authors: O H Amer, F K Alquwaiay, AF Al Zamil, MA Al Shammary, M S Al Shammary

Biochemical Responses of Lead in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)
Authors: Dr. Remesh K. N

Routing Protocols & Intrusion Detection Techniques over MANET: A Survey
Authors: Preeti Pandey, Atul Barve

A Stage Model for Cloud Computing Adoption in E-Government Implementation
Authors: Watson M. Kanuku, Judith Boit

Assessment of Oral Sample Collection Technique for the Isolation of Candida albicans from Patients having Denture Stomatitis
Authors: Hadeel Salman Alazzawi, Jamal Noori Ahmed

Methods for Proliferation, Differentiation and Collagen Production Studies of PDL Stem Cells
Authors: Zornitsa Mihaylova, Pavel Stanimirov, Rozaliya Tsikandelova, Nikolay Ishkitiev, Vanyo Mitev

Lateral Subcutaneous Internal Sphincterotomy or Anal Stretching, Which is better for Chronic Fissure: A Prospective Study of 90 Cases
Authors: Rajkamal Kanojiya, Ankur Avesthi, Mudunuri Ravi Teja, Ankur Kothari

Assessing the Amount of Residual Bone after Loss of Teeth through Dental CT for the Needs of Dental Implantology
Authors: Vladimir Nikolov, Teodora Nikolova

?-Primary Submodules
Authors: Nuhad S.AL-Mothafar, Adwia J.Abdil.Al-Khalik

Case Report and Review of Literature on Anaesthetic Management for Open Anatropic Nephrolithotomy in a Case of Horseshoe Kidney with Bilateral Staghorn Calculi
Authors: Dr. Siddharth Sharma, Dr. Swetali Wadke, Dr. R. L. Gogna, Dr Hitesh

The Applying of Science and Technology into the Production: Thailand's Experience and Lessons for Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Huu Xuyen, Nguyen Thi Lan Huong

Accumulation of Heavy Metals in River Sirumugai and the Affect in Human
Authors: P. Ranganayaki, Dr. Y. Thangam, Dr. M. Rabeeth

Medical Management of Vesiculobullous Lesions in Oral Cavity
Authors: Tamizh Paavai. Tha, Dr. Dhanraj

The Effect of Nutritional Status on Arch Width and Length of Permanent Teeth among Fifteen Years Old Students
Authors: Zaid Saadi Hasan Ahmed, Ban Sahib Diab

Poor Sleep Quality Increased the Risk of Frequent Episodic Tension-Type Headache on the Medical Students in Udayana University
Authors: Wahju Handojo Setiawan, I Made Oka Adnyana, DPG Purwa Samatra, I Putu Eka Widyadharma

Applications of Immobilized Lipase enzyme produced from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Authors: Vivek Vishwe, Shrikant Gajbhiye, Jayashree More, Abhay Chowdhary

A New Record and Developmental Stages of Paropeas achatinacium (L.P Feiffer, 1846), (Gastropoda; Subulinidea) in Iraq
Authors: Nibrass Lafta Al-doori, Maysaloon Lafta Al-doori, Harith Qasim Al- Juburi, Amal Jabbar

Denture Adhesives
Authors: Dr. Hemamalini Balaji, Dr. Dhanraj

Morphological Classification of Tali on the Basis of Calcanean Articular Facets-A Cadaveric Study in North Indian Population
Authors: Vijay Laxmi, Nidhi Sharma

Corrosion and Structural studies of Galvanostatically Electrodeposited ZnMgO Thin Films
Authors: Shraddha Bais, R. K. Pathak

Use of Phytoremediation for the Treatment of Kitchen Wastewater
Authors: Neharika S. Chandekar, Buddharatna J. Godboley

Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses of Karpura-A Review
Authors: Dr. Nidhi Garg, Dr. Akhil Jain

Esofagogastroduodenoscopy Diagnosis in Patients with Dyspepsia Admitted to Endoscopy Ward Wangaya General Hospital Denpasar Bali in 2015
Authors: I Made Suma Wirawan

Health Care Seeking Behaviour of State Government Employee Families: A Sociological Study in Kolkata city
Authors: Mahua Patra, Palash Das

Viscosity, Swelling Index and Moisture Content in Gum Karaya
Authors: Aparanji Poosarla, R. Muralikrishna

Multi Rates and Resolutions SPIHT with Low Memory
Authors: Yahya Ali Lafta AL Husseini

Diversification Strategy Benefits and Business Portfolio Analyses of the Company
Authors: Olga Pachulia

Testing Construct Validity Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Authors: Khalidelhadi Alfagih, Sadun Alheety

Lipomyelomeningocele Lumbosacral: A Case Report
Authors: Wayan Niryana, Nyoman Sri Rahayu, I Putu Eka Widyadharma

Concentration / Recovery of H2SO4 using Electrodialysis
Authors: Dhaval N. Yadav, Beena K. Sheth

A Study of Common Locations of Placenta in Antenatal Ultrasound
Authors: Dr Srinivas Prasad

A Study of Incidence of Echogenic Cardiac Focus in Second Trimester Ultrasound
Authors: Dr Srinivas Prasad

An Improved Algorithm to Obtain Initial Basic Feasible Solution for the Transportation Problem
Authors: A. Seethalakshmy, N. Srinivasan

An Assessment of the Theory and Practice of Inclusive Education, with Special Reference to Secondary Teacher Education in Zimbabwe
Authors: Effie S. M. Sithole, Onias Mafa

A Study on Awareness and Consumption of Fortified Foods among Female Adults of Mumbai
Authors: Rekha Battalwar, Bilqees Fatema Syed

Neurodegenerative Disorders Associated with Mercuric Chloride Toxicity in Mice and the Role of Some Antioxidant
Authors: Mahmoud Abdel-Zaher, Mokhtar M. M. Taha, Hanaa G. Ahmed

Effect of Coriandrumsativum Leaves Aqueous Extract on Structure and Function of Kidney in Male Albino Mice
Authors: Rana Hanan Khudhair Al-Rubaye

Business Development Model of Poultry Partnership CV. AJC GO that Approach with Business Model Canvas
Authors: Rifan Ardiansyah, Rita Nurmalina, Bunasor Sanim

A Study on Customer Preferences towards Selected Local Omani (FMCG) Products
Authors: Ansa Savad Salim, Mohammed Ahmed Hamood Al Jahdhami, Saeed Nassir Said Al Handhali

A Study on Effectiveness of Horticulture Therapy in Enhancement of Motor Skills, Socialization and Reduction of Problem Behavior in Adults with Multiple Disabilities
Authors: Jasmeen M

Knowledge Concerning Cervical Cancer and Screening Among Married Women Attending Outpatient Clinics in Baghdad Maternity Hospitals
Authors: Fatima Fadel Benyian, Dr. Rabea Mohsen Ali

Innovative Food Packaging
Authors: Rohan Girdhar Patil, Vishwajit Birhade, Vinod Jadhav

Determinants Influencing International Students
Authors: Babita Gupta, Usman Musa Zakari Usman

Indigenous Rearing Practices on Kasargod Cattle Farming Systems of Kerala
Authors: Sreelakshmi C. M., P. Reeja George

Design and Performance Evaluation of DRAM Memory Array on Different Technologies
Authors: Neha Singla, Veena

Challenges: Wearable Computing for Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Dr. Parul Verma, Dr. Ranjana Rajnish, Dr. Shahnaz Fatima

Developing Phenomenology in Learning
Authors: Abd. Rahman A.Ghani, Suyatno, Abdul Madjid Latif, Bunyamin, Dwi Priyono

A Finite Capacity Single Server Markovian Queueing System with Discouraged Arrivals and Retention of Reneged Customers with Controllable Arrival Rates
Authors: Premalatha .S, Thiagarajan .M

A Literature Survey on Existing Intrusion Detection Systems Based on Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Nagarapu Priyanka, Prikhil Agarwal

A Study on Academic Achievement and Selected Psychological Attributes among College Students
Authors: Dr. Binu George Varghese, Dr. Ceby George

Biosynthesis, Characterization, Antimicrobial Efficacy of AuNps and its Antifouling Application on Metal Coupons by Cajanuscajan(L.)Millsp.
Authors: Vidhya Ananthi .T, Ahmed John .S

Evaluation of DMFT Score in Visually Impaired Adults in Chennai
Authors: S. S. Shivanni, Dr. Dhanaraj, Dr. Sangeetha

A Comparative Study between Textbook Notes and Educreation Notes in Learning Pathology
Authors: S. S. Shivanni, Dr. M. P. Brundha

Knowledge and Awareness of Antibiotic Resistance among Dental Students
Authors: S. S. Shivanni, Dr. Anitha Roy

IoT Based Smart Water Meters and Tap Leakage Detection
Authors: Prof. S.B. Idhate, Tejeet Magar, Shatrughan Kamble, Shubham Khese

The Effect of Sleep Duration on Salivary Growth Hormone and Dental Occlusion in Relation to Height Status among Kindergarten Children
Authors: Meena O. Abdul Wadood

Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
Authors: Shweta, M. S. Aspalli

Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Technique for Turbulent Wind Flow Approach, Bluff Two-Dimensional Body
Authors: Alfadhel B. Kasim, Dr. Salah R. Al Zaidee

Ocular Cysticercosis - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Kousik Sarkar

A Unique Similarity is There among Space, Mass, Energy, and Time. All Move in One Direction on Average with an Aim to Attain a State of Absolute Balance or State of Perfect Equilibrium. Why Time Slows Down Under the Influence of Mass?
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Cosmic Microwave Radiation Background; Its Primary Fluctuations
Authors: Sumit Kumar Bajpeyee

Improved Process for the Preparation of Cetilistat from Isatoic Anhydride
Authors: Sridhar Prasangi, Satynarayna, YLN Murthy

A Study on Effectiveness of Horticulture Therapy in Enhancement of Motor Skills, Socialization and Reduction of Problem Behavior in Adults with Multiple Disabilities
Authors: Jasmeen M

Graphene Properties, Applications and Synthesis
Authors: Fargab Ahmed, Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Brajpuriya, Yashil Handa

Study and Analysis of Odour of Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia Gas within Kurkumbh Industrial Area
Authors: Shinde Rajaram B., Gawande Sagar

Assessment of Seismic Response Analysis of Base Isolated RC Building frame
Authors: Jain Saksham, Gangwal Sambhav

Human Rights
Authors: Hivraj Isru Raut

Experimental Investigationon Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Waste Materials
Authors: Tomar Ritu, Sirsiya Annapurna

Water and Waste Water Management of a Hospital- A Review
Authors: Khiyati S. Balwani, Dr. P. B. Nagarnaik

Robust Face-Name Graph Matching for Movie Character Identification
Authors: Jonnadula Narasimha, S Nishanth Kumar, Chiluka Shiva Kumar, D Vamshi Krishna Rao

Association of Fatty Liver and Hypothyroidism
Authors: T. V. Rajalakshmi Rakshanaa, Dr. Mahendra Kumar

Flat Slab
Authors: Maaz Allah Khan, Rasheeduddin, Mohammad Alim Khan, Parvej Alam

Spectral Properties of Fuzzy Compact Linear Operator on Fuzzy Normed Spaces
Authors: Noori F. Al-Mayahi, Abbas M. Abbas

Spectral Properties of Fuzzy Compact Linear Operator on Fuzzy Normed Spaces
Authors: Noori F. Al-Mayahi, Abbas M. Abbas

Chemical Composition of Cassava Peels Collected from Four Locations (Koko, Warri, Okada and Benin City), Brewers` Spent Yeast and Three Grades of
Authors: Idugboe O. D., Nwokoro S. O., Imasuen J. A.

A Survey on Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols Used for Accessing Storage Devices in Parallel Network File System
Authors: Anila P, Prajeesh C B

Complete Isolated Duodenal Transection Due to Blunt Abdominal Trauma: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Vivek Bhasker, Dr. M. Sarawagi, Dr. Jyoti Kumari

Research on the Influencing Factors of the Lender's Lending Behavior in China
Authors: Zhang Weihong, Wang Kecheng, Wang Xinmeng

Consumer Acceptability of Bread Produced from Alternatives to Wheat Flour for Sale in Hotels and Restaurants
Authors: Nwokorie Edwin Chigozie, Ezeibe Ndidi

Safe and Secure Graphical Authentication System
Authors: Tushar R. Mahore, Prof. A. V. Deorankar

A Study on the Effect of Motivation among the Students of the Department of Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering of an Engineering College in Tamilnadu
Authors: Dr. N. Kuppuswamy, Dr. P. Sridharan, L. Vigneash

The Effect of Growth Medium and Nodes Number on the Acclimatization Success of Tissue Propagated Potatoes Seedlings Solanum tuberasum
Authors: Radhiyah Ali Hasan Ahmad

Minimize Corruption: What Roles Can Various Actors of the Fijian Society Play?
Authors: Ashleen Kumar, Sandhiya Gounder

Detection of Lung Tumor in MR Images using Modified Pillar K-Means Algorithm with Gabor Filter and Color Mapping
Authors: Hakeem Aejaz Aslam, Prof. T. Ramashri

CFD Analysis of Exhaust Heat-Exchanger in Automobile Thermoelectric Generator
Authors: Nevil Patel, Ravi Engineer

Fabrication of Cobalt Phthalocyanine Based OFETs and its Application in Voltage Converters
Authors: Lekshmi Vijayan, K. Shreekrishna Kumar

Detection of Rotavirus by ELISA in Stool Samples of Hospitalised Children
Authors: Neeraj Kumar, Bharti Malhotra, M. Anjaneya Swamy, S K Mehra

Clinical Efficacy of Whelping Induction Protocol using Mifepristone in Advanced Pregnant Bitches
Authors: Shibu Simon, Lekshmi Bhai K., Resmi S Nair, Shameem Abubaker P.S.

A Survey on Properties of Adaptive Boosting with Different Classifiers
Authors: Sumayya P, Shahad P

Survey on Various Image Deblurring Technique
Authors: Husna K, Harish Binu K P

Seasonal Variation in Heavy Metal Pollution at Pallathuruthy, A Coverging Point of Pamba and Vembanad Lake, Kerala, South India
Authors: Rani S. Dharan, Dr. Sherly Williams .E

Development of Intelligent Security Door
Authors: Georgi Balabanov

Screening of Lawsonia inermis (Lythraceae) Leaf Extract for its Ovicidal Efficacy Against the Mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera:Culicidae)
Authors: Kirubamathi C, Dhivya R

A Review on Efficient Implementation of Adaptive Filter for Noise Reduction in ECG Signal
Authors: Chaitali S. Ingle, K. M. Pimple

Analysis of Software Reliability Growth Models for Quantitative Evaluation of Software Reliability and Goodness of Fitness Metrics
Authors: Harminder Pal Singh Dhami, Vaibhav Bansal

A Review on Palmprint Recognition
Authors: Harcharan Kaur, Anish Kumar Vishwakarma

Antibacterial Effects of Pomegranate Extract (Ellagic Acid) on Some Clinically Isolated Periodontal Pathogens in Vitro Study
Authors: Gheyath Mahdi Muhammad, Saif S. Saliem

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Everyday Life
Authors: Dr. Niranjani Chaurasia

Assessment of the Performance of Bank of Agriculture in Micro-Credit Delivery to Rural Farmers in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria
Authors: Mbam Boniface Nwangele

Comparative Studies of the Energy Properties for Prosopisjuliflora and Rice Husks (Oryza sp.) as Feedstock for Renewable Energy Generation
Authors: Gewona K. Gift, Dr. Paul Njogu, Robert Kinyua

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Administration of Intravenous Drugs among Dental Students
Authors: V. Padmaharish, Ashish. R. Jain

Spiradenocylindroma with Trichoepithelioma
Authors: R. Lavanya, S. K. Sridevi, P. Viswanathan, P. V. S.Prasad

The Implementation of Risk Management in the Internal Audit Planning in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Authors: Purwanto, D. S. Priyarsono, Sri Hartoyo

Assessment of the Bacterial Biodiversity of Halophilic Bacteria at Akola District
Authors: Maryam Jabeen, Zodpe S.N

Screening of Microorganism from Rhizosoheric Soil for Biosurfactant Production using Cheap Raw Material
Authors: Sneha S. Paraskar, Swati N. Zodpe

Analysis of Formal Micro-Credit Utilization for Rice Technologies Adoption in South East Nigeria
Authors: Mbam Boniface Nwangele

New Threat in Newborns: Multiresistant Non-Albicans Candidemia
Authors: Dr Baishali Chakraborty, Dr Dibyendu Banerjee, Dr Sharmistha Koley, Dr Banya Chakraborty

T-Pure Fuzzy Submodules
Authors: Hatam Y. Khalaf, Shaymaa A. Muheyaddin

The Origin of Topoformant Words (Nomenclature) and the Geographical Terms in Toponymy of Zangazur Area
Authors: Azamat Rustamov Murtuza

Cholesteatoma of the External Auditory Canal: A Rare Case
Authors: Dr. Nanda Patil, Dr. Avinash Mane, Dr. Jyoti Tale, Dr. Pramod D. Borade, Dr. Robina Mohamed Nazeer

Nano Robots: Unravelling the Possibilities of Identifying Effective Nano Drug Carrier in the Medical Field
Authors: Bharathi Bernadsha S.

Coverage of Sacral Pressure Ulcer with Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flap
Authors: Dr. A. Venkata Subramanian, Dr. S. Gnanasekaran, Dr. V. Jeyakodish

Effects of Aloe Vera on Skin and on Wound Healing - A Review
Authors: Sandhya, Dr. Gowri

Abdominal Ultrasound Findings in HIV Infected Patients and its Correlation with CD4+ Counts
Authors: Dr Kalpeshkumar Bhabhor, Dr Mona Shastri, Dr Ekta Desai

Response of Dental Enamel to Office External Bleaching Following Fixed Orthodontic Treatment using Two Types of Orthodontic Adhesives (Clinical Prospective Study)
Authors: Dr. Yassir Rudha Allabban

The Optimal Impulsive Drug Schedule for Cancer Immunotherapy
Authors: Samira Zouhri, Smahane Saadi, Amine Hamdache

Changes in IL-18 Level in Response to Metformin Treatment in Iraqi Women with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (Placebo Controlled Study)
Authors: Huda I. Al-Qadhi, Tharwa H. Hassan Al-Tai, Shoub Yassin Hussein

A Comparative Surveyon Various Routing Protocols for Mobile Sink in WSN
Authors: Amit Kumar, Abhijeet Das

Study of Applications of Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: M. Kiranmayi, Dr. Kathirvel Ayyaswamy

Salivary IgA and Total Protein among Children with Caries and Caries Free Groups, Correlating to Their Mothers
Authors: Nadia Aftan Al-Rawi, Baydaa Hussein, Muna Abdulla

The Effect of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon on the Optical Properties of Solar Cells
Authors: Omer Abdalla Omer Gassim

A Novel Approach for Combating Cyber-Security Issues in Cloud Based E-Learning in Kenyan Universities
Authors: Judith Chepkemoi Boit, Watson Musyoki Kanuku

Advantages of Foraging in Flocks in African Mourning Dove Streptopeliadecipiens
Authors: Dawi Musa Hamed, Abdalla A. El-Tohami

Intra and Post Operative Complications in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Cataract Dogs after Multifocal Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic IOL Implantation Following Endophacoemulsification
Authors: Rambabu Kalaka, C. Ramani, L. Nagarajan, S. Usha Kumary, S. Ramesh, T. N. Ganesh

Assessment and Mapping of Fluoride Contamination of Groundwater of the Hatigaon Area of Assam, India Using Geographic Information System
Authors: Priyanka Kotoky, Bibhash Sarma, Enny Dowerah Kotoky

A Review on Internet of Things Based Garbage Bins Detection Systems
Authors: Mokshada V. Patil, Snehal M. Gajbhiye

Effect of Strength Training on Quadratus Lumborum Muscle in Obese Subjects - Experimental Study
Authors: Siba Mulla, Poonam Patil

Plant Disease Information Generating System Based On Android Application Technology
Authors: Jha Ashish K., Bababe Adam B., Dr. Ashok K. Sahoo

A Survey on Mouth Rinsing Habits in Young Adult Population
Authors: A. Sandhya, Dr. Dhanaraj, Dr. Sangeetha

CD4+ Cell Count in the HIV/AIDS-infected People with Pulmonary Complications
Authors: Matilda Gjergji, Jul Bushati, Arjan Harxhi, Dhimiter Kraja

Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku
Authors: Herry Djainal, Odi Pinontoan, J. Warouw, L. Mandey

3D Block Model of Elements Distribution in Laterite Nickel Deposits
Authors: Andi Ilham Samanlangi

Silent Sound Technology
Authors: Sanni Hafiz Oluwasola

Comparative Study of Pterygium Excision Using Conjunctival Autograft and Amniotic Membrane
Authors: Mudasir Zahoor, Imtiyaz Ahmad Lone, Nusrat Shaheen, Reyaz A Untoo

Influenza Associated Comorbidities
Authors: Lorenc Konomi, Artan Simaku, Najada Como, Entela Kolovani, Ergys Ramosaco, Enver Roshi, Silva Bino

Trends Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market: China
Authors: Ouzefa Rayalouna, Ma Aixia

The Sealing Ability of New Bioceramic Material Used to Repair Furcal Perforation Compared with the Traditional Repair Materials: UV Spectrophotometer Analysis
Authors: Ala'a Jawad Kadhim, Nagham A. Al-Hyali, Raghad Abdulrazzaq Alhashimi

Currency Recognition System Using Image Processing
Authors: Devashree R. Patwardhan, Swarali Namjoshi, Vrinda Valunj, Pratibha Shikhare, Prof. Anjali Shejul

Predicting Stock Prices Using LSTM
Authors: Murtaza Roondiwala, Harshal Patel, Shraddha Varma

Design and Manufacturing of Pneumatic Burr Removing Machine
Authors: Kakde D V, Lokawar V L

A Survey on Existing Password Storage Methods and their Security
Authors: Samruddhi Patil, Kumud Wasnik

Association of hyperuricemia with Obesity and Metabolic Co-Morbidities among Post-Menopausal Egyptian Women
Authors: Nearmeen M. Rashad, Tarek M. H. Ibrahim

Aesthetics of Theatrical Methods in the Iraqi Play
Authors: Dr. Kadhim Imran Mousa

Physical Fitness of Women Workers Involved in Tea Factory in Nilgiri
Authors: Gayathri Devi .M, Aditi Vats

Three Dimensional Mobile Controlled Robotic ARM for Cleaning Public Places
Authors: Anwar Patel, Yogita Mistry, Neha Rai, Rukhsar K, Pathan Amar V. Mange

An Experimental Investigation on Basalt Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Acrylic Polymer
Authors: T. N. Janbandhu, V. M. Bogar, Dr. Y. M. Ghugal

Prevalence of Antifungal Resistant Strains of Candida Species in Immunocompromised Patients
Authors: Dr. Jyoti Dasharath Magare, Dr. R. S. Awasthi

Promoting Transfer of Training to Job Environment by Designing a Training Program: Field Research on Sample Trainees from the Offices of Inspectors General (OIGs)
Authors: Dr. Ghani DahhamTanai AL-Zubaidi, Noor Hussien Fakhri

Fatigue Life Prediction of Structural Metals under Mixed Mode Loading Condition
Authors: Saad Sami Al-Khfaji

Study on Fatigue Life and Contact Stress of Valve Plate of 9-5 / 8 "Mechanical Casing Valve
Authors: Xiaodong Zhang, Youwei Gao

Enhancing 3 Level Security using 3D Password
Authors: Divya Prem Chandran, Sailee Sunil Rajeshirke

Study of Carrots for their Storage Environment and its Effect on Biochemical Changes during Pathogenesis Cited by Post-harvest Fungi and their Control by using Low Cost Method which Prolonged Shelf-life
Authors: K. Brunda Devi, B. Bhadraiah

Prospective Comparison of INJ Bupivacaine vs INJ Ropivacaine in Ilioinguinal Nerve Blocks for Paedeatric Herniotomies
Authors: Dr Sanjot Ninave, Dr Malvika Tendulkar

Computing Devices as a Technology
Authors: Olaniyi Olaposi

Smart Techniques Employed for Monitoring of Agricultural Parameters
Authors: Anuradha MR, Apoorva Raghunandan

Awareness among People of Chennai in Relation to Mosquitoes and Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Authors: S. Vaishali

Correlation of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Histopathology in Breast Lesions: Five Years Study
Authors: Gayathri Purushothaman, Radhika Arumugam Rangaraj

Family Health Follow-up Using: the Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Faeza Al-Mashhadani

Case Report on Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Authors: Somibala Thokchom, Shivangi Sharma

Review Paper on Process Parameters of Abrasive Water Jet Machining
Authors: Masani Dhruv N

Assessment of Uric Acid Levels in Primary Hypothyroid Patients of RIMS, Ranchi Jharkhand
Authors: Dr. Tarique Aziz, Dr. Visesh Kumar

Prevalence of Spondylosis in Urban Bikaner Population in Western Rajasthan: A WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study
Authors: Gauri LA, Ummed Singh, Asim Khan, Q Fatima, Ambreen Liyakat

Maternal Acceptance
Authors: Dr. Jyoti Prasad, Vinita Kumari Sinha

A Review of Image Encryption Using Chaos based Techniques
Authors: Shourya Chand, Ritik Aggarwal, Ekansh Dubey

Analysis and Comparative Study of Conventional Steel Structure with PEB Structure
Authors: T D Mythili

A Study on Wireless Sensor Network and Routing Strategies
Authors: Aayushi Chaudhary, Manju

Improving the Stable Period of Leach Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Using Dynamic Stable Election Protocol
Authors: Palak Agnihotri, Manju

Perspectives on Violent Extremism : Afghan Women
Authors: Ruqaia Tabasum

Cultural Intelligence as a Moderator of Acculturative Stress to Health among College Students
Authors: Mohammad Ayoob, Abdulrahman Alsultan

Survey on Hue-Preserving Color Image Enhancement without Gamut Problem
Authors: Shreha Bisla

Low-Power and High
Authors: Jagruty Naik

Female Human Capital: Key to Economic Development of Pakistan
Authors: Prof. Dr. Saima Tabassum Siddiqui

The Relationship between Genetic Markers (HSC, BM1818 and MAF035) and the Production of Milk and Its Components in Awassi Sheep
Authors: Wafaa Ismail Al-Samarrai, Hadi Awad Hassooni AL-Brkat

Cyborg (Cybernetic Organisms)
Authors: R. Shruthi Priya, S. Revathy

An Assessment on Locus of Control and Athletic Identity among National Level Basketball Players
Authors: Dr. Binu George Varghese, Diya Varghese

Effect of Fe-Cr-C based Electrodes Coating on Hardness and Abrasive Wear Resistance
Authors: Mohit Teacher

Rooting & Custom Rom in Android
Authors: Pranit A. Kamble, Dr. Jyoti Kharade

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders of Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back Region in Dental Professionals
Authors: Dr. Hemamalini Balaji, Dr. Dhanraj

Mechanical Property Evaluation of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporated with Composite Fibre
Authors: Sugumaran B, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj, Dr. R. Anuradha

A Study on Queuing Model
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, P. Velusamy

A Study on Dynamical Queuing Systems
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, P. Velusamy

A Study of Collaborative Learning and Scholastic Achievement of High School Students
Authors: Gayatri. G, Dr. P. Felvia Shanthi

The Triangular Libration Point L4 in the the Restricted Three Body Problem when the Bigger Primary is a Triaxial Rigid Body and Source of Radiation, Perturbation Effects Act in Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces
Authors: B. K. Mandal

Speed Govern of SEDC Motor by Fuzzy Controller
Authors: Priyanka Sinha, Ritesh Diwan

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