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Effect of Current Ratio (CR) and Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) on Return on Assets (ROA) in Food Sub-Sector and Drinking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2013-2016
Authors: Francisca Sestri Goestjahjanti, Marhaendro Purno, Winanti, Siti Aminah, Country: Indonesia

Local Press Control in Implementation of Environmental and City Policy in Kendari City, Indonesia
Authors: Umar Marhum, Jufri Dewa, Jamal Bake, Najib Husein, Country: Indonesia

Prospective Study of Bone Marrow Aspiration in Haematological Disorder
Authors: Shashikala Kosam, Veenapani Mire, Country: India

Comparison of Neurological versus Functional Recovery Observed during Rehabilitation, Among Paraplegics Following Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Authors: Dr. Amol Khade, Dr. Anil Kumar Gaur, Dr. Sandip Dhole, Dr. Prashant Sawarkar, Dr. Rohit Gaikar, Country: India

Analyzing Behavior Intention of Customer towards the Adoption of Self-ticketing on CGV Cinemas by Using UTAUT2: (Case Study on CGV Cinemas Bandung)
Authors: Iqbal Hambali, Indrawati Dra, Country: Indonesia

Performance Appraisal and Its Effects on Employees Motivation: A Case Study of Afghan Wireless Communications Company in Kabul
Authors: Sayed Mujtaba Hamidi, Country: Turkey

Spontaneous anal Extrusion of a Distal Ventriculoperitoneal Catheter in an Adult: Case Report
Authors: Geraldo Meza, Jose D'Addino, Pedro Olano, Country: Argentina

Comparison of Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Obese PCOS Women with Nonobese Pcos Women
Authors: Dr. Bommireddy Pranavi, Dr. S. Nirupa, Country: India

Effectiveness of Inhibition of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.) Leaf Extract Against Porphyromonas gingivalis Bacteria
Authors: Mardiana Adam, Harun Achmad, Ferawati, Country: Indonesia

Inhibitory Effectiveness of Jatropha Leaf (Jatropha curcas L.) Extract against Porphyromonas gingivalis Bacteria
Authors: Mardiana Adam, Harun Achmad, Ainun Isnaeni Ilham, Country: Indonesia

Comparison of Intravenous Colloid and Colloid-Crystalloid Combination in Hypotention Prophylaxis during Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
Authors: Dr. Saibaba Thammishetty, Dr. A. V. Chandak, Country: India

A Pioneer to the Art of Nasik Cave, Dist. Nasik Maharashtra
Authors: Dr. Akash Daulatrao Gedam, Country: India

Influence Analysis of Physical Quantity of Weight, Buoyant Force, and the Density of Floating Object in the Fluid
Authors: Fakhruddin, Country: Indonesia

A Study on Identifying the Challenges Faced When Implementing Transitional Justice: (A Case Study of Chile Transitional Justice Process)
Authors: Nishan Sakalasooriya, B.K.K Gayathra Perera, T.H Kandewatte, Country: Sri Lanka

The Problem of Good Governance and Fiscal Risk Explained through the Lens of the Agency Theory
Authors: Ezouine Driss, El Haddad Mohamed Yassine, El Gorfti Abdelouahed, Country: Morocco

Study on the Inhibitory Effect of the Aqueous Extract from the Jujube Pulp against the Crystallization of the Calcium Oxalate
Authors: Younes AASSEM, Mohamed BOUHA, Rachid BOUHDADI, Mustapha EL BIR, BATOUI SANAE, Ahmed GAMOUH, Mohamed MBARKI, Country: Morocco

A Review of Clinical Research Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Analyses
Authors: Sonya Reid, Vikram Niranjan, Country: South Africa

A Review on BESS of Solar PV Based on MMC by using Power Quality Algorithm
Authors: Ch. Santosh Kumar, G. Chandra Sekhar, Country: India

A Study to Compare Postoperatively Clinical Outcome in Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Vs Lichtenstein Mesh Hernioplasty in Inguinal Hernia
Authors: Dr. Pushpendra Choudhary, Dr. Jitendra K. Mangtani, Country: India

Determination of Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Chromium (Cr) in Urine and Serum of Residents of Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria
Authors: Zannah Zakariya Goni, Maimuna Waziri, Country: Nigeria

Pneumonectomy in Pulmonary Mucormycosis
Authors: Dr Pravin Borkar, Dr Akshay Ajit Rao, Dr Siddhant Shrotriya, Country: India

Essential Ways to Build Students' Critical Thinking in Literature Classes
Authors: Laila Nadir, Country: Afghanistan

Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Innovation Ability of High and New Technology Industry in Shaanxi Province under New Period
Authors: Bingqian Liang, Yaoqun Zheng, Country: China

Study of the Clinical Diagnosis of Upper Gastrointestinal Disease Patterns in Fallujah Teaching Hospital-Iraq
Authors: Ahmed Abdulkareem Faraj, Country: Iraq

Oral versus Intravenous Iron for Treatment of Anaemia in Pregnancy
Authors: Dr Mokshadayini S, Dr Preeti, Dr Rupam Thakur, Country: India

A Case Report: Compressive Optic Neuropathy Secondary to Osteosarcoma in Right Scapula
Authors: Dr. Abdulazim Junaidi, Dr. Payal Gonde, Country: India

Analysis on Inventory Turnover Ratio of Select SAP Implemented Pharmaceutical Companies
Authors: Kuruganty Seetha Ram Babu, Dr. A. V. Satyanarayana, Dr. A. Prabhu Kumar, Country: India

Data Mining Techniques in E-Commerce
Authors: Abdugofur Temirov, Ren Dongxiao, Country: China

Impact of Analysts' Recommendation on Stock Price
Authors: Piyush Sharma, Country: India

The Impact of Arab Islamic Heritage in Modern European Painting Researcher
Authors: Mahmmoud Hussein A Alrahman, Country: Iraq

Trend Analysis of Long term Meteorological Variables of Mulshi Taluka, Pune, India
Authors: Namit Choudhari, Pandurang P Choudhari, Country: India

The Effect of Work Loads on Employee Performance with Job Satisfaction as a Mediation Variable
Authors: A A Ngurah Bagus Danendra, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda, Country: Indonesia

Erythrodermic Psoriasis - A Case Report
Authors: Ambuj Garg, Rishikesh Dessai, Vinus Taneja, Vikas Kumar, P K Agarwal, Country: India

Importance of Students' Involvement in Learning Process
Authors: Yalda Azim, Country: Afghanistan

Research on the Development Strategy of Personal Financing Business of Guangnong Bank
Authors: Xiaoli Zhang, Yaoqun Zheng, Country: China

Application of Pareto Analysis for Reducing Visual Defects in Condom Manufacturing
Authors: Nithul Das H, Country: India

Application of Risk Management in Condom Manufacturing
Authors: Syamkumar S, Shyamraj R., Country: India

A Review of Inclusive Education Contents included in Teacher Education Courses: Bangladeshi Context
Authors: Md Shahrier Haider, Jannatul Ferdous, Country: Bangladesh

Advertising: Need to Break Gender Stereotypes
Authors: Ashwini, Country: India

A K.A.P Study of Health Hazards Associated with Junk Food
Authors: Monisha Nath, G. K. Pandey, Country: India

Study of Spirometric Evaluation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. D. Anbarasu., Dr. Meyyammai CT., Dr. Mohd. Asif , Country: India

A Study of Some Pali Words in Sanskrit Origin from the Point of Polysemy
Authors: Dr. Thant Thant Nwe, Country: Burma

The Contemporary Christian Religious Current in Lebanon
Authors: Dr: Tagreed Hanoon Ali, Sabrin Satar Jabar, Country: Lebanon

A Study of Association of Serum Vitamin D Level with Hypertension in GNRC Hospital, Dispur, ASSAM
Authors: Prabir Kumar Gupta, Anup Kumar Boro, Country: India

Research and Development of Combined External Fixation based on Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Peng Du, Country: China

A Comparative Study on Satisfaction Level towards Psychiatric Hospital Services among Caretakers Who is Accompanying the Patient in Various Departments of the in Institute of Mental Health and Hospital Agra 2014
Authors: Renu Kumari, Country: India

Rural - Urban Interaction of Agro-Forest Produces in Nagaland: An Overview Study of Districts Headquarter and its Rural C D Blocks
Authors: Dr T Temsu Imti, Country: India

Defining 'Curiosity' as a Key Competency with Its Related Behavioral Indicators for Knowledge Driven Technology Industry
Authors: Meenakshi Yadav, Country: India

The Use of Rubrics in Creative Writing
Authors: Maya Bazhouni, Country: Lebanon

IT Based Land Suitability Modeling for Urban Development Using GIS: A Case Study of Kabul City, Afghanistan
Authors: Hazrat Mohammad "Wahdaty", Country: Afghanistan

Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Nishaditaila - An Ayurvedic Oil Based Medicine
Authors: Krishna Kumar, D. B. Vaghela, Harisha C. R., Shukla V. J., Country: India

Education Pogrammes and Curriculum Reforms in Tanzania: A Comparative Review of Education for Self Reliance and Poverty Reduction (PR) Programmes
Authors: Jamal Jumanne Athuman, Country: Tanzania

Assessing Knowledge Levels of Selected Integrated Science Process Skills of Morogoro Biology Secondary Students - Tanzania
Authors: Jamal Jumanne Athuman, Country: Tanzania

A Review: Use of Rauwolfia Serpentina for Antihypertensive Activity
Authors: Deepali Namdeo Tapre, Dr. Sheelpriya R. Walde, Country: India

Multiple-canals Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo - A Single Case Study
Authors: Dessai Teja Deepak, Vaarsheinee Ranganathan, Unnimaya Unnikrishnan, Country: India

Freedom of the Opinion in the Islamic Political Thought
Authors: Dr. Nahida Mohammed Zaboon (Ph. D), Country: Iraq

Stellar Distance and Velocity (II)
Authors: Milos Cojanovic, Country: Canada

English Language Teaching and Learning through Literature: A Critical Assessment
Authors: Prabhakar Vadlamudi, Country: India

An Evaluation of the Teaching of Reading Skills of English at IIIT Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Dr. Prabhakar Vadlamudi, Country: India

Use of Computer Assisted Language Learning in a Second Language Classroom
Authors: Prabhakar Vadlamudi, Country: India

Analysis of Quality Improvement of Herbal Medicine Products from Microbial Contaminants Using the PDCA Method with the QCC Approach
Authors: Hayu Kartika, Titiaizzati, Didi Junaedi, Country: Indonesia

Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Somali Back Head Sheep (OVIS ARIES) of Wadajir and Karaan Districts in Mogadishu, Somalia
Authors: Mohamed Ibrahim Abdi - Soojeede, Country: Somalia

Analysis the Quality of Clean Water and Laundry Water in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi City and Bekasi Regency
Authors: Muhammad Kholil, Country: Indonesia

Comparative Study between IgM ELISA and Widal Test for Diagnosis of Enteric Fever at a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Arundhati Nimale, Smita Deshpande, Renu Bharadwaj, Country: India

On Forecasting for Personal Management and Development
Authors: Guicheng LUO, Zhishu CUI, Country: China

Exploration of Attitudes Individuals Hold towards HIV Testing and Treatment in the Use of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Kisii Central Sub-County, Kisii County, Kenya
Authors: Ishmael Nyabuti, Callen Nyamwange, Country: Kenya

Extract of Water Clover (Marsilea crenata C.Presl) Leaves Reduced Expression of MMP-1 in Skin of Ovariectomized Sprague Dawley Rat
Authors: Nenden Lilis Setiasih, Wimpie Pangkahila, Anak Agung Gde Putra Wiraguna, Ida Sri Iswari, Country: Indonesia

The Relationship between Attachment (Mother, Father, Caregiver and Friendship) and Self Concept of Juvenile Delinquency
Authors: Mentari Ilmi Fahmiati Avicenia, Anggun Mego Putri, Farisha Silviana Yasmine, Country: Indonesia

Millimeter Wave for Industrial Wireless Networks
Authors: Aripov Azimjon, Jinjiang Zhang, Country: China

Effectiveness of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Pain, Muscle Strength and Dynamic Balance among Postmenopausal Women with Osteoarthritis of Knee
Authors: Jeena Susan Philip, Susan Annie George, Country: India

Evaluation of Two Different Biomaterials Effect on Immediate Implant Stability and Bone Changes, a Randomized Parallel Group Clinical Trial
Authors: Gokhan Gurses, Alparslan Esen, Country: Turkey

Convergence via Filter in Locally Solid Riesz Spaces
Authors: Abdullah Ayd?n, Country: Turkey

Prevalence of Bacterial Vaginosis and Its Outcome in Women Attending Antenatal Care in Dhiraj Hospital, Waghodia, India
Authors: Dr Khushali Domadia, Dr (Col) Rakesh Anand, Country: India

Deradicalizing the Radicalized Youth for Peace, Security and Development in the North Eastern Region of Nigeria
Authors: Abdulkarim Umar, Idriss Yusuf, Abeeb Mohammed Abideen, Country: Nigeria

Phytochemical Analysis of Curry Leaves
Authors: Dr. Rupali Rajvanshi, Dr. Kusum Mittal, Country: India

Modification and Evaluation of Manual Seed Planter
Authors: Mbudai Dzugu Yohanna, Country: Nigeria

Design and Construction of an Improved Rice Parboiling Machine
Authors: Mbudai Dzugu Yohanna, Country: Nigeria

Design and Modification of a Yam Pounding Machine
Authors: Mbudai Dzugu Yohanna, Country: Nigeria

Factors Influence on Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF) Practices among Mothers
Authors: Rajathi Sakthivel, Country: India

Some Physiological Indicators of Domestic and Foreign Soybean Varieties under Different Water Regimes
Authors: Matniyazova H.Kh, Nabiyev S. ?, Abzalov M.F, Kholiqova M.A, Yuldashev O'.H, Country: Uzbekistan

Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Prof. Safana Hyder Abbas, Israa Mohan Khanjar, Country: Iraq

Amelioration of Cadmium Chloride and Arsenic Trioxide Induced Genotoxicity in Oreochromis Mossambicus using Ocimum and Ascorbic Acid
Authors: Dr. Papri Saha, Country: India

Case Report on Pemphigus Vulgaris
Authors: Hephzibah, Country: India

A Study to Assess Knowledge regarding Mental Illness among Pre-University Students in Selected College at Belagavi
Authors: Sanganagouda Shanaabhog, Country: India

Cost Optimization of Column
Authors: Dr. M. S. Bari, Sanjida Alam Sharna, Country: Bangladesh

A Survey of Keratinophilic Fungal (Dermatotophytic) Infections in Balaghat City Specially Moti Talab Area
Authors: Pratima Bisen, Dr. (Smt.) Shashi Tiwari, Country: India

Assessment of Quality of Life in Children with Epilepsy
Authors: Tezan Karki, Harsha Vardhan Reddy A, Dr.Sambhu Ramesh, Country: India

Survey on Market Rate Prediction Based Algorithms
Authors: M. Ranjani, Dr. P. R.Tamilselvi, Country: India

Comparative Analysis of FR4 and on a Rectangular Microstrip Patche Antenna
Authors: Harpreet Singh, Mandeep Sharma, Country: India

Assessment of Physicochemical Qualities, Heavy Metals Concentrations and Bacterial Pathogens in Creek Road / Bonny Estuary, Rivers State, Nigeria
Authors: Constancy Prisca Aleru, Kinikanwo Confidence Wachukwu, Sam Douglas Abbey, Smart Enoch Amala, Ollor Amba Ollor, Christian Alfred Mbata, Country: Nigeria

Assessment of Physicochemical Qualities, Heavy Metals Concentration and Bacterial Pathogens in Elechi Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: Constancy Prisca Aleru, Kinikanwo Confidence Wachukwu, Sam Douglas Abbey, Smart Enoch Amala, Christian Alfred Mbata, Ollor Amba Ollor, Country: Nigeria

Innovations in Healthcare and their Impact on Global Healthcare Industry
Authors: Tarun Panda, Mahak Gite, Country: India

Synthesis of Multimedia and Online Social Media Forms Affecting English Listening-Speaking Skills Development of Thai People
Authors: Kritaya Sukprasert, Sa-Ngiam Torut, Bamrung Torut, Napas Namjaitrong, Country: Thailand

Domestic Firewood Consumption Pattern and Degradation of Forest Cover: A Case Study of Mokokchung Town, Nagaland
Authors: Jnanendra Sarma, Dr T Temsu Imti, Prof. Sangyu Yaden, Country: India

Smear Layer Removal Efficacy of Custom Made Water Pik Power Flosser as an Irrigant Activating Device
Authors: Bhargavi Dhamaraju, Deepa Velagala L, Prem Raj, Country: India

Raspberry Pi Based System for Weather Monitoring System Using MQTT Protocol
Authors: Neha Saha, Ekata Patil, Country: India

Study of Caffeine Consumption Rate and Concentration in Different Food and Beverages Consumed by Libyan Children
Authors: Sakina S. Saadawi, Khairi A. Alennabi, Amal Ammar, Amera Fares, Najwa Alosta, Suher M. Aburawi, Country: Libya

Second Harmonic Generation of 236.5 nm Laser Beam by BBO Crystal Using Comsol Software
Authors: Raneen Salam Al-Obaidi, Suha Mousa Alawsi, Country: Iraq

Acut Toxicity Test of ImperataCylindrica L. (Beauv) Root Methanol Extract on Mice an a Antihypertention
Authors: Ruslin, Diah Dhianawaty, Country: Indonesia

The Spectrum of Lysosomal Storage Diseases at Paediatric Genetic Clinic in Maharashtra, India
Authors: Dr. Suvarna Magar, Dr. Avinash Sangle, Dr. Anjali Kale, Dr. Madhuri Engade, Dr. Varsha Vaidya, Dr. Madhavi Shelke, Dr. Viranchi Vaidya, Country: India
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