Downloading: Design and Modification of a Yam Pounding Machine
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Design and Modification of a Yam Pounding Machine

Mbudai Dzugu Yohanna

Abstract: One of the keyed driving forces that better the existence of human beings is the replacement of human energy with machine such as pounded yam machine. This is one of the ways of eliminating human effort, through the development of yam pounding machine. Yam is the oldest known recipes to man, it is a tuber crop which belong to the class of carbohydrates and has been a part of the African meal edible consumed as a meal in African countries. Yam is the common name for the species in the genius Dioscorea (family Dioscorea ceae). The primary aim of this study is to develop the frame of the machine, to develop the mixing chamber and it mechanism, to select the appropriate prime mover and testing and performance evaluation. Pounded yam is kind of food liked by more than 80 % Nigerians, everyone wants to eat yam in its pounded processed form. It involves the use of mortar and paste. In conclusion, the production of the machines offer an incredible opportunity for pounding yam in large quantity within few minutes as compared to the hours that would have otherwise become wasted. The results shows2kg of yam took 3 minutes to pound, and 4kg took only 5minutes to pound. In conclusion, the pounding yam making machine made an average pounded yam meal for two matured persons in appropriate seconds after the coked yam is applied into it.

Keywords: Energy, Yam, Mortar, Pounding