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On Forecasting for Personal Management and Development

Guicheng LUO, Zhishu CUI

Abstract: Forecasting is a vital function of management, an irreplaceable role soothing long term fluctuation of a social system, cutting down the cost as well as the uncertainty of a project. Personal management forecasting, generally, involves social environment forecasting, personal social relationship system forecasting, personal capacity forecasting. A successful forecasting for a social system, about developing trend or a project, should be a joint effort of the environment forecasting, social relationship forecasting and the capacity forecasting, which make up a forecasting system. Researching methods include, history methods, management thoughts, long term thoughts of economics, thoughts about cycle law of a social system, mathematics methods etc. Innovations include, (1) isolating prediction as a management function from plan, (2) a general roadmap made for how to accomplish a personal management forecasting, and (3) a preliminary effort to construct a personal management system.

Keywords: forecasting function, cycle law, forecasting methods, forecasting system