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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Water and Waste Water Management of a Hospital- A Review          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Testicular Feminising Syndrome          ||          An Evaluation of the Teaching of Reading Skills of English at IIIT Andhra Pradesh          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Water Quality Assessment of Polachira Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala          ||          Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Automatic Water Level Controller          ||          Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries: Serial Case          ||          Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip Accompanied with Macrostomia: Case Report          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          Teaching Metric Relations in a Triangle through WhatsApp, A Case Study of Students in Grade 12, Section General Sciences, in a Public School in Beirut          ||          Improving Reading Skill of Freshman Students at the English Department of Kabul University          ||          Development of Edugame Mathematics Learning Media with Innovative Expository Methods in Ar Raudah Bandar Lampung Elementary School          ||          The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||         

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Influence of Modernity and Christianity on the Status of Tangkhul Women
Authors: Dr. Shangpam Kashung

Memory Forensics: Tools Comparison
Authors: Pooja Salave, Atisha Wakdikar

How Predictive is Selection Test as Admission Criteria to Academic Success of Baccalaureate Nursing Program?
Authors: Kiran Taneja

Analysis Effectiveness and Efficiency Depot Distribution of Bandung to Increase Sales
Authors: Louis Apriell, Sahara, Dan Kirbrandoko

A Survey on Ensemble Computing Method for Rainfall Prediction in Different Regions of Chhattisgarh
Authors: Shahista Navaz, Huma Khan, Dr. S. M. Ghosh

The Effect of Financial Management and Practices on Financial Sustainability of NGOs in Nairobi County: A Case Study of Local NGOs
Authors: Purity Chepkemoi, Dr. Agnes Njeru

Derivation of Cycle Index Formulas for Dihedral Group Acting on Unordered Triples
Authors: Geoffrey Muthoka

Influence of Perceptions of Transparency on Organizational Strategy Implementation, A Case of the Kenya Forest Services
Authors: Louis Gerald Okeyo, Dr. Dennis Juma

Mullerian Anomalies: A Cause of Primary Amenorrhoea
Authors: Dr. Richa Jha, Dr. Renu Rohatgi

Differential Approaches to Improve Recommendation System: Issues and Challenges
Authors: Vikas P. Mapari

Polydactyly in Two Siblings with Overwhelming Family History
Authors: Dr Shadrick G Lungu

Assessment of the Flow Regime Alterations in the Veleka River, Bulgaria
Authors: Bernardo Lizama Rivas, Ivanka Koleva-Lizama

Alterations in Antioxidant Defense System and Oxidative Damage in Experimental Hepatorenal Toxicity Induced by Isoniazid and Rifampicin in Rats: Effect of N-Acetyl Cysteine and White Tea Extract
Authors: Rokaya M. Hussein, Samy A. AbdelAzim, Amany H. Mahmoud Elgoly, Mohamed R. Rizk

Bad Oral Habits and Associated Malocclusion among 8-9 Years Old Children
Authors: Mostafa Ibraheemjaafa, Noor A. Kadoum B.D.S.

Carbapenamase Detection: An Imperative Call
Authors: Kanika Gupta, Anubhav Gupta, Divya Shrivastava, Indrani Jadhav

Chemistry Teachers' Characteristics of Cordiality and Punctuality as Perceived by Students in the Teaching of Chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools
Authors: Iheanyi O. Igwe

Effect of Organizational Values on Employee Performance a Case of Urban Roads Authority
Authors: Nyaribo Lilian Otwori, Dr. Dennis Juma

Investigating Difficulties that Face Sudanese Students in Understanding English Idiomatic Expressions
Authors: Elbushari Abdoun Elbushra Mousa

Impaired Beta Amyloid Synthesis in Alzheimer
Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

The Effectiveness of Polishing after Oral Prophylaxis Using Ultrasonic Scaler Unit on Plaque Accumulation on the Tooth Surface
Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

Oral Changes in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy
Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

Osteonecrosis of the Jaws and its Relation to Bisphosphonates
Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

Anticonvulsant Activity in Herbal Extract
Authors: Davinaa Jayasilan

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Blood Donation among Dental Undergraduates
Authors: Faazila Fathima, Dr. Gheena .S

Appropriateness Investigations on Nimonic 901 and Rane 77 made Guide Vanes of Gas Turbine with Showerhead Cooling
Authors: Dr. R. Saravanan, M. Karuppasamy

How Do You Treat a Severely Resorbed Mandibular Ridge?
Authors: Shorouq Majid Abass, Bahaa Ali Sameer, Bayan S. Khalaf, Muna Saleem Khalaf

Surface Water Quality Assessment around Chania Catchment in Kenya and Determination of Metal Concentrations by TXRF Technique
Authors: P. M. Githinji, P. M. Njogu, L. Gitu

Investigating Problematic Consonants and Vowels for Sudanese University Students Majoring in English: A Case Study of Third Year Students at Khartoum University, Faculty of Arts, English Department
Authors: Sumia Mohamed Nour Abayazeed, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

Investigating the Causes behind Pronunciation Problems Facing Sudanese University Students Majoring in English: A Case Study of Khartoum University Faculty of Arts, English Department
Authors: Sumia Mohamed Nour Abayazeed, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

Cost Estimation Process for Construction Residential Projects by Using Multifactor Linear Regression Technique
Authors: Abbas Mohammed Burhan Alshemosi, Humam Saad Hussein Alsaad

Biology Module Development Using Think Pair Share Strategy to Improve Critical Thinking Skill of Vocational High School Students
Authors: Husnul Chotimah, Herawati Susilo, Mimien Henie Irawati Al Muhdhar, Ibrohim

An Adaptive Approach to Improve Canny Method for Edge Detection
Authors: Isaack Kamanga

Comparative Analysis of Import Payable Transactions at the Time of Open Position and the Use of Hedging Currency Techniques [Case Study : PT. PINDAD (Persero)]
Authors: Muhammad Mara Ikbar, Taufiq Faturohman

Study of Coral Reef Ecosystem Vulnerability using Sediment Transport Modeling in Bungus Bay, West Sumatera
Authors: Ibnu Faizal, Nita Yuanita

Chaoticlaser Networks
Authors: S. S. Ahmed

Assessment of Resilience against Stress in Medical Students
Authors: Gayatri Bhatia, Nilesh Naphade, Jyoti Shetty

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation in the Southern Coastal Area of Kannur District, Kerala
Authors: Shyni M, C. Unnikrishnan Warrier

Performance of Solar PV System with Self Regulating Module for Micro DC Submersible Pump
Authors: V. R. Bhore, S. B. Thombare, P. V. Walke

Age at Natural Menopause and Socio-demographic Factors among Women 45-64 Years in Tirana, Albania
Authors: Miranda Hajdini, Vanesa Osmani

Effect of Reducing Curing Time on the Shear Bond Strength of Metal Orthodontic Brackets: An In Vitro Comparative Study
Authors: Mustafa M. Al-Khatieeb, Mohammed Nahidh, Noor F. K. Al-Khawaja

Model for Estimation of Intrauterine Fetal Weight for Sudanese
Authors: Dr. Elsir Ali Saeed Taha

Estimation of Gestational Age for Sudanese in 2nd and 3rd Trimester
Authors: Dr. Elsir Ali Saeed Taha

Variation in the CD4 Counts of HIV/AIDS Patients: A Discriminant Analysis Approach
Authors: Ijomah Maxwell Azubuike, Biu Oyinebifun Emmanuel

Ripoprinting Studies on the Effect of Mobile Phone Radiations on Mice
Authors: Mohammed H. Awwad, Safaa A.M. El-Zawahry, Reham M.Sh. Ouf

Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolates in a Community Setting
Authors: Harshi Abeygoonawardena, Mahendra Gunewardane

Antimicrobial Activity of Pseudomonas Spp under Different pH, Temperature and Nutritional Values
Authors: Uqba Mehmood, Shahida Hasnain

Study of IVS 1-5 (G?C) Mutation in the Beta Thalassaemia Patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital of North East India
Authors: Monalisha Saikia Borah, Prasanta Kumar Bhattacharya, MauchumiSaikia Pathak

Metabolic Syndrome and Psychosis: Role of Atypical Antipsychotics
Authors: Ranjeet Singh Chaudhary, Dr. Jyoti Shetty

Evaluation of Effect of Epidural Anaesthesia on Pulmonary Functions in Patients Undergoing Upper Abdominal Surgery under General Anaesthesia
Authors: Dr. R. Kavitha M.D., Dr. Vijaya M.D.

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Evaluation of Best Sewage Treatment Plant
Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

An Analysis of Bio-Medical Waste for Bijnor City: Design of Incineration Plant
Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

Assessment and Studies on Physiochemical and Biological Parameter of Ganga River at local Barrage using Environmental and Multivariate Statistical Techniques
Authors: Kshitij Upadhyay

The Effect of Cyber-Crime Response Costs on the Development of Financial Products: A Case of NIC Bank of Kenya
Authors: Elizabeth Njoroge, Dr. Agnes Njeru

Study of New Vegetable Oil Based Eco-Friendly Cutting Fluid for Machining Operation
Authors: Aromal Kannnan, Tony Gim K

A Questionnaire Based Study for the Evaluation of over the Counter Usage of Analgesic Drugs among Diabetic Industrial Worker
Authors: Dr. Meenambal .S, Dr. Geetha .K M. D., Dr. Raadhika .K M. D, Dr. Parameswari .R M. D.

Evaluation of the Effect of Intravenous Lidocaine on Propofol Requirements during General Anaesthesia- A Randomized Doubleblinded Study
Authors: Dr. S. Sekar, Dr. Tajunisha V

Assessing the Roles of Water Resources Users Associations in line with the Principles of Integrated River Basin Management: Case Study of the Kuywa Water Resources Users Association
Authors: David Wakhisi Liambila

Ethnobotany of Butea Monosperma (LAM.) Kuntze. in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

Impact of Parenting on Emotional Awareness of Children
Authors: Aastha Dwivedi, Dr. Nadeem Luqman

Assessment of Caregiver Burden in Psychiatric Patients
Authors: Dr. Surabhi Agarwal, Dr. Nilesh Naphade, Dr. Jyoti Shetty

Influence of Information Communication Technology on Monitoring of Strategic Plans in Top 100 Mid Size Companies in Kenya
Authors: Alfred Kiptoo Kipkoech

Insight in Patients of Schizophrenia
Authors: Khwaja Khayyam, Jyoti Shetty

Knowledge, Awareness and Practice among Dental Practitioners Regarding Porcelain Repair System
Authors: B. John Rozar Raj, Dr. Dhanraj, Dr. Anandhi

The Use Of Social Network Websites for Retaining Customers in Turkish Companies
Authors: Ilgar Asgarli, Dr. Burcin Kaplan

Detection of Lung Diseases using Nearest Neighbor Classification Technique
Authors: Alyaa Hussein Ali, Zahra Jaafer Abod Jasim

Teachers' Perception' on the Level of Preparedness in Implementing Early Grade Reading Programme in Kenya Public Primary Schools
Authors: Salinah Bartilol

A Prospective Study on Clinical Outcome following Surgically Managed Displaced Proximal Humerus Fractures using Proximal Humerus Internal Locking System
Authors: Pradyumna R Gowda, Praveen M Anvekar, Manjunath J

Patriarchal System in Aborigine Women in James Tucker
Authors: Rina Marliana, Burhanuddin Arafah, Herawaty

Analysis of Gating System of a Casting to Increase the Productivity and Yield
Authors: Snehal Sunthakar, Prajakta Patil, G. N. Maranholkar

Static Analysis of Tubular Testrig KT Joint
Authors: Nusra S, Anu A

An Optimized Approach for Processing Small Files in HDFS
Authors: Deepika

Productivity Improvement through Lean, Green and Six Sigma Techniques
Authors: M Yogesh, Dr M T Simon

Prediction of Payload Drop Point
Authors: Jaiesh Sunil Pahlajani, Ramendra Tripathi

Performance analysis of PID and Fuzzy Controllers in Process Instrumentation
Authors: Brean Richard P, R. P. Behera

Status of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Tree Species from Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India
Authors: S. Vinoth Ponpandian, A. Egbert Selwin Rose

The Indian Scenario of the E-Banking and Future Prospectus
Authors: D. Mohanasundari, Dr. A. Latha

Salivary Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP-8) in Relation to Periodontal Health Status among a Group of Patients with Acquired Coronary Heart Disease
Authors: Eman Zuhair Almudaris, Nadia Aftan AlRawi

Path Analysis of the Factors that Influence the Prevention of Leprosy Clients Depression in Leprosy Hospital Sumberglagah Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia
Authors: Resti Utami, Joni Haryanto, Muhammad Sajidin

Energy Saving Based Routing Algorithms in SDN Environment
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Najm Abdulla, Bassam Noori Shaker

Comparative Assessment of Carbide Insert and Cermet Insert on Surface Roughness in Boring of ASTM A48 Grey Cast Iron
Authors: Ajay Sankar, Soumyalata .D

A Study on the Rainfall Changes of Orathanadu Taluk Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu Using GIS
Authors: P. Sujatha, Dr. R Baskaran

Assessment of Wastewater Drainages in Urban and Rural Region of Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) through Water Quality Index (WQI)
Authors: Arti Yadav, Pawan Kumar Yadav

Quick Response Code and Securities
Authors: Prathamesh A. Wakde, Zahir Mulani

Prevalence of Obesity among Early Adolescent at Secondary School in AL-Nasiriyah City
Authors: Jaber Q. Jaber BSN, Khamees B. Obaid PhD

Surrogacy in India
Authors: Kanwaljeet Kaur Sahota

Dental Caries and Treatment Needs among 14 and 15 years Old Intermediate School Male Students in Al-Khalis City/Iraq
Authors: Karrar N. Al-Mujamaii, Baydaa Hussein

Studies of Sa'dan-Toraja Gayang Traditional Knive as Symbolic Function and Meaning
Authors: Karta Jayadi

Dental Caries and Treatment Needs among Secondary School Female Students Aged 16-17 Years Old in Kirkuk City/Iraq
Authors: Jihan A. Ibrahim, Baydaa Hussein

Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process Parameters Using Taguchi & Anova on Aluminium Al-6061: A Review
Authors: Madhu Keshav Sharma, Himanshu Chaudhary, Ashwani Kumar

Integrative Measurement through Nutritional Status: A Case Study of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Dr. Tabassum Yasmeen, Dr. Lubna Siddiqui, Masood Ahsan Siddiqui

A Study on Problems of Vocabulary Teaching Techniques English Teachers Use in Holeta Primary Schools: Grade Seven in Focus
Authors: Dessalegn Oljira

Automated Demand Response Program and Energy Efficiency Integration-It
Authors: Eva Gupta, Nand Jee Kanu

Role of Biochar to Improve the Soil Conditions (A Study on Trifolium Alexandrinum)
Authors: Varinder Kaur, Praveen Sharma

Evaluation of Two Haemorrhoidectomy Techniques: Ferguson
Authors: Deepak Sharma, Brijesh Sharma, Mahesh Solanki

A Observational Study to Measure Anti-Epileptic Drug Adherence
Authors: Shubham Babu Gupta, Shahnaz Begum, Shaik Saaduddin

A Survey of Prediction Analysis TRE System to Reduce Cloud Bandwidth and Cost
Authors: Priyanka M. Gawande, A. A. Nikose

Efficient Iterative Method for Initial and Boundary Value Problems Appear in Engineering and Applied Sciences
Authors: Majeed Ahmed AL-Jawary, Mustafa Mahmood Azeez

Association between Gram-Negative Enteric Rods, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Changes in Clinical Parameters in Chronic Periodontitis: An Observational Study
Authors: Bhavya .B, Ashwini .S, Shruthi .K .R

A Study on Groundwater and Solute Transport Modeling Using Visual Modflow
Authors: Sumit Kumar Gautam, Vipin Kumar Swaroop

Frequency of blaPER-1 Extended-spectrum ?-Lactamase Gene among Different Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi Isolated from Human and Chicken Meat Samples
Authors: Marwa Hameed M. Alkhafaji, Nadheema Hammood Hussein, Heba K. Tawfeeq

The Judicial Review
Authors: Mauro Taddeo

Cloning and Expression Analysis of Protein Kinase C Alpha Isolated from MCF7 Cell Line
Authors: Aya Sheha, Abdelhadi AA, Haggag S. Zein, Naglaa A. Abdallah

Static Structural Analysis and Optimization of Pneumatic Compressor Connecting Rod
Authors: V. D. Kolate, M. B. Charaple

Image Variety on Purchasing Decision of Rice Seeds in Sidrap
Authors: Fitriani R, Rahman Laba, Sutinah Made

A Natural Hand Gesture and EYE Movement System for Intelligent HCI and Medical Assistance
Authors: Sahane S. T., Ubale V. S.

Literature Review on the Seismic Performance of Multi-Storey Building with Different Locations of Shear Wall and Diagrid
Authors: S. P. Sharma, J. P. Bhandari

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: Address Configuration and Routing Protocols
Authors: Shilpa Sharma, Harpreet Kaur

Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Eco-Friendly Materials
Authors: Kota Sai Krishna

Waste Heat Recovery using Phase Change Material Coupled Steam Generator
Authors: Mayank Giri, Ankur Agrawal

Exploring the Diversity in Feeding Practices among the Urban Slum Children of Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Authors: Sharmistha Roy, Dr Aruna Palta

DNA Barcoding of Four Ornamental Fishes of Genus Botia from Eastern Himalaya
Authors: Arpita Dey, Debapriya Sarkar, Mahender Singh, Sudip Barat

Measuring Employee Satisfaction towards Information Systems Usage - A Study on Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
Authors: Fariha Tasneem

Influence of Government Regulation on Adoption of Islamic Banking by Kenya Commercial Banks
Authors: Patrick Macharia Ndirangu, Agnes Njeru

Effect of Electric Fields on Normal Fibroblast (BJ) Cells
Authors: Omat Rachmat, Ilma Fidayanti, Dewi Ratih, Endang Sutedja, Darmadji Ismono, Nucki N Hidajat

A Study on Analysis of Bop Trends with Reference to India
Authors: Ch. Hymavathi, Dr. K. Kalpana

Celebrity Endorsement and Purchase Intention of Telecommunication Industry in Sri Lanka
Authors: K. C. Koththagoda, Sudath Weerasiri

Tomato Fulfillment Supply Strategy (Based on Company
Authors: Mohamad Faris Abdulfatah, Mukhamad Najib, Bunasor Sanim

An Empirical Review of Models for Evaluation of Computer Hardware and Software Vendors
Authors: Daniel K. Samoei, K. S. Buigutt

Intelligent Mechanical Sensorless MPPT Control for Wind Energy Systems
Authors: A. J. Gaikwad, P. C. Tapre

What Junior Researchers Must Know Before and After Data Collection: Difference between Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics
Authors: Joanita Kataike, Jowel Kulaba, Xavier Gellynck

The Association between the Facial and Dental Arch Forms
Authors: Mohammed Nahidh, Haider M. A. Ahmed, Ammar Salim Kadhum, Ali M. Al-Attar

Condition Monitoring of Single Point Cutting for Lathe Machine Using FFT Analyzer-A Review
Authors: Snehatai S. Khandait, Dr. A. V. Vanalkar

Hidden Markov Model to Detect Anxiety in Human Face
Authors: Anupma Soni, Rahul Verma

Reliable and Secure Classification Techniques for Spotting Malware in Mobile
Authors: Pooja B. Kote, S. M. Rokade

Assessment of Zinc, Copper, Iron and Glycated Hemoglobin in Sudanese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and their First Degree Relatives
Authors: Elshima Elemam Omer, Adel Nasr Morsi

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescents Regarding Mismanagement of Plastic Wastes and its Environmental Hazards in Selected Community Area, Nelamangala
Authors: Henna Malik, Kusum Roy

Bayesian Estimation of the Parameter of Inverse
Authors: Kusum Lata Singh, R. S. Srivastava

Vehicle Parking System
Authors: G. Latha, V. K. Annapurna

Spectra Fibre Reinforced Composite - A Review
Authors: S. Sathyaraj, Dr. R. Murali Kannan

Application of Viirs-Dnb Satellite Data to Detect Ship Distribution Patterns, Fishing Activity Index and Planning Instrument of Pelagic Capture Fisheries in Bone Bay Waters
Authors: Urif Syarifudin, Darmawan Salman, Syamsu Alam Ali, Budimawan

A Review on PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM
Authors: Siddhika Gupta, Sandeep Agrawal

Effects of Problem Based Learning Strategy and Achievement Motivation on the Student
Authors: Firman Dwiyanto, Punaji Setyosari, Wahjoedi, Wasis Djoko Dwiyogo

Access to All - A Step towards Gwalior as a Smart City
Authors: Ashish Sharma

Rural Literacy in Punjab and Haryana: A Comparative Current Scenario and Changes during the Last Four Decades
Authors: Vishal Singh

Performance Evaluation and Emission Testing of Sea Mango Seeds Oil Biodiesel Blends in CI Engine
Authors: Sumod K. Pawar, Dr. Abhay A. Pawar

Distributive Control Framework for Lighting Applications
Authors: Shwetha R, Vishalakshi Prabhu, Manmath Ray

Avifaunal Diversity and Abundance of Jalikhara and Etila Beel (wetland) of Kamrup (metro) District, Assam, India
Authors: Trishna Medhi, Suraj Sharma

Diagnostic Reference Levels as a Quality Assurance Tool for Routine X-ray Examinations in Sudan
Authors: Nagla Abdllha Mansor, Ahmed Abu Kuna, Naji I. Ali, Bader Abu Naib, Nadia S. Ali

Design and Development of Anti-Roll Back Mechanism
Authors: V. D. Kolate, R. R. Kurup, A. M. Latake

Generation of Cholinergic Neurons from Human Olfactory Bulb Neural Stem Cells Using BMP9 Treatment
Authors: Camelia A. Abdel Malak, Hany E. Marei, Mohammad Omran, Asmaa A. Moeit

The Impact of Mobile Advertisement on the Students of Manipur University
Authors: Dr. Ganesh Sethi, M. Indrakumar Singh

Virological Study about Avipox virus in Local Birds of Iraq
Authors: Hussein A. Mohammed Al. Bayati

Surface Epidermis Study of Leaf, Stems and Crystals for Two Species of the Genus Tradescantia L.
Authors: Dr. Israa Kareem Nassrullah, Marwan Nori Mohammed

Functional Properties of Finger Millet and Barnyard Millet Flours and Flour Blends
Authors: Renu Shrestha, Sarita Srivastava

Speed Control of a Train using Fuzzy Logic
Authors: Aakash Kumar Sinha, Akshay Kumar Jha

Efficient Top-k List Extraction from the Web
Authors: Jyoti H. Yadav, M. M. Deshpande

Oral Manifestations of Drug Reactions
Authors: Aishwarya .P .S

Role of Recombinant DNA Technology in Medicine
Authors: Agisha Raaje P

Scene Text Recognition Using Part-Based Tree Structured Models and Linguistic Knowledge
Authors: Namrata R. Purohit, Dr. Vinayak G. Kottawar

Precise Solutions of a Viscoelastic Fluid Flow in an Annular Pipe under an Impulsive Pressure with the Fractional Generalized Burgers' Model
Authors: Hanan F. Qasim, Ghada H. Ibraheem

Risk Management: Importance, Methods and Process
Authors: Dr. A. Jaganathan, T. Poonkodi

A Study on Small Tea Growers Satisfaction Level and Problems with Special Reference to the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu
Authors: Dr. A. Jaganathan, Dr. K. Palanichamy

Flow Injection Turbidimetric Determination of Vitamin B1using LEDs as a Source of Irradiation and Two Solar Cells as an Energy Transducer
Authors: Proph. Nagam Shakir Al-Awadi, Rana Adnan Kamal Aldeen

Developing Business Intelligence Model in Higher Education
Authors: Hanady Al-Zagheer

A Study on Stress Management among College Teachers in Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Ch. Lakshmi Narahari, Dr. Kalpana Koneru

Psychological Status of Cancer Patients
Authors: Aishwariya .P .S

Treatment and Drugs for Pregnant Dental Patients
Authors: Aishwarya .P .S

Determinants Decisions of Wetland Paddy Farmers Switch to Fishery at South Sumatera Indonesia
Authors: Fifian Permatasari, Andy Mulyana, Najib Asmani, Yunita

Comparison of Effect of Pre-Emtive use of Oral Flupirtine and Oral Pregabalin for Post Operative Analgesia in Abdominal Hysterectomy
Authors: Dr. Rhythm Mathur, Dr. Swati Choudhary, Dr. Rama Chatterjee, Dr. C. S. Chatterjee, Dr. Fareed Ahemad

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Soil Status of Various Degraded Sites in an around Dimoria Tribal Belt of Assam, India
Authors: Nabanita Bhuyan, Suraj Sharma

New Zoogeographic Record for the Silvered Bat, Glauconycteris argentata (Dobson, 1875) from the Sudan
Authors: Mohamed Ali Omer Rahoum

Multi Light Intensity Image Fusion for High Quality Imaging
Authors: Pravin F. Rane, Lakshman K

An Ultra-Low-Power Frequency Multiplier based on Mixed-Mode DLL with Output Frequency from 4 to 6 GHz
Authors: Priyadharshini M, Paul Richardson Gnanaraj J

Incidence of Pulpstones in Orthopantomograph
Authors: Aishwariya .P. S

Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process Parameters on Aluminium AL-6061
Authors: Madhu Keshav Sharma, Himanshu Chaudhary, Ashwani Kumar

Significance of Socioeconomic Characteristics and Construction Strategies Adopted on Informal Low-Cost Housing in Abeokuta Nigeria
Authors: Jolaoso B. A., Arayela O., Taiwo A.A., Folorunso C. O.

Traumatic First Rib Fracture as Isolated Thoracic Injury, A Rare Presentation - Case Report
Authors: Dr Vijay Ahlawat, Dr Devender, Dr Vikas, Dr Pradeep Garg, Dr Rajesh Godara

Statin Induced Diabetes
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Occupational Hazards in Histopathological Labs due to Xylene
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Anti-Entero Bacterial Activity of Herbal Extracts for Management of Diarrhoea
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Knowledge and Perception about Wisdom Teeth among Dentists
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Route Discovery in VANETs Using Routing Protocols with Reliable and Connective Metrics
Authors: Sachin Prabhu, Smitha Shekar B, Harish .G

Knowledge about Cross Infection Procedures among Dentists
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Detection KIT D 816 Mutation and its Association with Outcome of Sudanese Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Patients at Khartoum State
Authors: Israa A. Bashir, Ibrahim K. Ibrahim, Babiker A. Mohamed

To Study the Prevalence of Scapular Dyskinesia in Gymers and Non Gymers
Authors: Divya Khare, Supriya Vinay Deshmukh

Clinical Anatomy of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
Authors: Agisha Raaje .P

Objects Detection and Angles Effectiveness by Ultrasonic Sensors HC-SR04
Authors: Dr. Haider Kadhim Hoomod, Sadeem Marouf M. Al-Chalabi

Public and Domestic Roles of Bugis Women in Pangaderreng
Authors: Dewi Anggariani, Supriadi Hamdat, Yamin Sani, Ansar Arifin

A Questionnaire based Assessment of Postgraduate
Authors: Dr. Vinothini .V, Dr. Geetha .K, Dr. Sarojini .V, Dr. Parameswari .R

Two Factor Access Control for Dynamic Group in the Cloud Environment
Authors: Deokate Rakhi N., S. V. Todkari

How to Improve Efficiency of Banking System with Big Data (A Case Study of Nigeria Banks)
Authors: Sanni Hafiz Oluwasola

Kinetics and Mechanistic Approach of the Selective Oxidation of n-Butyric Acid Hydrazide to the Corresponding Acid by Thallium (III) in 1, 4-Dioxane Medium
Authors: Dr. Amit Shrikant Varale

Simulation of Hydraulic Clutch in Automobiles for Torque Transfer during Slipping
Authors: Naveen Kumar S N

Methods of Rebar Protection and Repair Techniques on Concrete Structures
Authors: Dr. S. Vijaya Mohan Rao

A Questionnaire Based Survey to Assess the Knowledge about Rational Use of Medicine among Interns in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. Prasannakumari .S, Dr. M. Shanthi M.D, Dr. M. S Ahil M.D, Dr. Parameswari .R M.D

Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), Characterization and Antibacterial Activity
Authors: Khalid H. Abdalla, Fatima Al- Hannan, AliAlghamdi, Fryad Z. Henari

Trace Elements Investigations in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension and Heart Disease Patients in Baghdad-Iraq
Authors: Enaam J. Abdullah

Comparison of Efficacy of Oral Hypoglycemic Agents in Diabetic Patients
Authors: Shagamreddy Sai Reddy, Sowmya .T

To Evaluate the Action of Low Level Laser Mixing (LLL) on Submandibular Salivary Gland of Mice Inoculated with Bacteria
Authors: Aedah Z. Al-Kaisy

Characterization and Anti-Tubercular Evaluation of Mannich base Substituted Imidazole Derivatives
Authors: Karthika .S, Girija .K

Reduction of Total Harmonics Distortion in PV based Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter using Space Vector Modulation
Authors: R. Kiruthiga, S. Komalachitra

Gas Leakage Alerting and Accident Control System Using GSM/GPS Technology
Authors: K. Rekha, R. Kiruthiga

High Efficient Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Battery Energy Management
Authors: R. Kiruthiga, K. Rekha

A Review on Penrose Process
Authors: Naveena Kumara A

Synthesis, Identification and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activities of some New N-substituted 2-azetidinone, Imidazolidinone and tetrazole derivatives of 2-(methylthio) benzimidazole
Authors: Suaad M. H. Al-Majidi, HalaAyad M. Rasheed, Suhad Faisal Hatem Al-Mugdadi

Impact of Solid Domestic Waste Management on Drainage Systems in Developing Urban Areas
Authors: Ndongo Barthelemy, Fonteh Mathias Fru, Ngu Jiofack Ludovic, Lako Mbouendeu St

Study of Bangladesh Soil Nutrient over Satellite Images
Authors: Sabbir M Saleh, S M Raisul Islam, Md. Imran Hossain, Khondoker Ali Asgor Pavel

"Think Ecology, Do Ecology and Save Ecology"- Is it a Better Pathway to the Long-lasting Green Economy instead of the Mythical Efforts as Green Growth or Sustainable Development, or Not
Authors: Rabin Das

Analysis of Transient Heat Conduction in Different Geometries
Authors: Atul Kumar

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