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Review Papers | Manufacturing Engineering | India | Volume 6 Issue 6, June 2017

Spectra Fibre Reinforced Composite - A Review

S. Sathyaraj, Dr. R. Murali Kannan

In any country they would be in a need to protect them from other countries attacks and wars due to various reasons. Due to this kind of threat, all the developed and developing countries are participating in the weapon race to safeguard themselves. Beyond the common man civil life, the engineering and technological advancements are clearly visible in defence sector. Especially in the developments of warhead battlefield equipments, forecasting and prevention systems, rescue and transportation system and self defence armours are flying in high level. For a countrys defence sector always it has been a challenge to make perfect protective armour. Protective armours applied for various purposes like army battle tank, defence helicopters body armour and body vest. To design and manufacture the protective body armours with synthetic fibre reinforced composites, a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of ballistic impact is required. Good armour has a ability to absorb the high level of kinetic energy of the bullet fired, should be light in weight and cost effective. This research paper highlights the various fibres that have been used as reinforcement in body armours in past, present and shows a research gap for the future. The improved properties of spectra fibre as reinforcement over kelvar fibre in bullet proof vest are detailed. The results of the future fibre were revealed and it is spot out for our countys defence research development.

Keywords: Armour, synthetic fibre, Kevlar fibre, Spectra fibre, Ballistic

Edition: Volume 6 Issue 6, June 2017

Pages: 689 - 692

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S. Sathyaraj, Dr. R. Murali Kannan, "Spectra Fibre Reinforced Composite - A Review", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 6 Issue 6, June 2017, 689 - 692

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