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Recently Downloaded: Financial Performance of Sri Bharamaramba Pattina Souharda Sahakari Niyamita Maski          ||          Evaluation of Clinical and Chemical Profile of Patients with Urolithiasis in Pune, India          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Circuit Training Method for Tarung Derajat Unimed Athletes          ||          Post Mining Area Development; Eco Development Concept Approach          ||          Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||         

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Switching Over from Base Rate to MCLR Regime Can Bring Down the EMI of Home Loan
Authors: Paritosh Kumar

Development of Healthy Lifestyle Model for Erderly People for Being Protecting of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia
Authors: Sri Winarni, Agussalim

Mainframes to Cloud - The Evolution or Revolution
Authors: M. Jyoti

Dual Fluorescence Techniques for Explosive Detection System
Authors: Kamal H. Latif, Suha M. Khorsheed, Wildan M. Awad

A Review and Analysis of Suspension Bridge Structures
Authors: Firoz Abbasi, Sumeet Pahwa

Ultra-High Reliability for Non-Mission-Critical Applications
Authors: Renu Garg, Dr. Amit Gupta

Molecular Analysis of Metallo Beta Lactamase in Multi Drug Resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa among the Clinical Isolates
Authors: Mohammed Ansar Qureshi, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhatnagar

Incidence of Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Symptoms in HIV Patients
Authors: Dr. Ashtaputre Mukund D, Dr. Malviya Prashant B, Dr. Shah (Malviya) Apeksha P.

The Effect of Internal Audit Department Function on the Performance of the Internal Control System of a Public Hospital in Uganda
Authors: Kaziba Abdul Mpaata, Bumali Lubogoyi, John Charles Okiria

The Effect of Customer Service on the Client Perceived Performance of Barclays Bank Uganda
Authors: Kaziba Abdul Mpaata, Bumali Lubogoyi, John Charles Okiria

The Effect of Administrative Controls on Fraud Detection and Prevention in Barclays Bank Uganda
Authors: Kaziba Abdul Mpaata, Bumali Lubogoyi, John Charles Okiria

Understanding Obstacles to Change Towards Continuous Improvement Programs in Manufacturing Sector
Authors: Ravishankar S Ulle, A. N. Santosh Kumar

Impact of Land Use Changes to Environmental Damage in Bandung Basin
Authors: Sugandi D, Trianawati N, Somantri L

The Impact of Sensory Brand?ng on Consumer Behav?or
Authors: Arzu UYSAL, Zuhrem ERGUN

Verrucous Carcinoma (Ackerman`S Tumor) of the Tongue
Authors: Zornitsa Mihaylova, Evgeniy Aleksiev

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System for Theft Detection
Authors: Sham Madhukar Lomte, Hajiali Galib Ali Sayyed

Object-Oriented Shadow Detection and Removal from Satellite Images
Authors: Silpa V S

An Analysis of Market Channel of Pomegranate Fruit in Dhule District (M.S.)
Authors: Ahire S. C.

Experimental and Neural Network Based Investigation of External Scavenged Two Stroke S.I. Engine
Authors: Rahul D. Raut, Kisan V. Wankhede, Suvarna V. Mehere, Kunal R. Kavitkar

Impact of Plant-Extract Based Ethno-Medicinal-Preparation Against Keratinophilic Bacteria
Authors: Vineeta Durga, Rajendra A. Jain

Microfinance Business Services and the Rural Community Welfare in Uganda
Authors: Kaziba Abdul Mpaata, Bumali Lubogoyi, John Charles Okiria

The Effect of Substitution of Wheat Flour in Different Proportions of Barley Flour in the Rheological Properties of Dough and Bread's Sensual Properties
Authors: Dr. Hamdia Mohammed Shahwan Al-Hamdani, Dr. Salim Salah Hussian Al-Temmemi

Local Bifurcation Analysis for a Special Type of SIR Epidemic Model
Authors: Saba N. Majeed

The Competenceof Dental Staff and Students to Deal with Medical Emergencies at UQUDENT
Authors: Mariam Alkhater, Mohammad Al-Harthy

A Study of Prolactin as a Diabetogenic Factor in Type I & Type II Diabetic Patients
Authors: Dr K A Deshpande, Dr N Suryawanshi, Dr R RGadpal

A Comparison between Intrathecal Dexmedetomidine and Fentanyl as an Adjuvant to Hyperbaric Bupivacaine in Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Limb Surgeries - A Double Blind Controlled Study
Authors: Gouranga Sikdar, Rita Haldar (Dasgupta), Sujata Dalai

The Predictive Value of Serological Markers in Diagnosis of Celiac Disease
Authors: Ahmed Hamouda Arnaout, Sayed Ismail Ahmed, Lamya Mahmoud Ibrahim

The Impact of Bank Saving and Bank Credit on Economic Growth in Ethiopia: An ARDL Co-integration Approach
Authors: Sisay Mulate Guangul, A. S. Chawla

Composite Operators on Atomic Orlicz Spaces
Authors: Dr. Shally Gupta

Estimation of Cortisone Acetate in Pharmaceutical Anti-inflammatory Drugs by HPLC-UV Technique
Authors: H. N. K. AL-Salman, Shaker.A.N.AL-Jadaan

Efficacy of Degree of Reliability and Computing with words in Fuzzy Description of Air Quality
Authors: Jyoti Yadav

Socio - Economic Factors under Which Women Micro-Entrepreneurs Operate in Nakuru Town West Constituency - Kenya
Authors: Waithaka Catherine Waruinu

Determinant Factor of the Creative Industry and the Economic Competitiveness of West Java Indonesia
Authors: Moh. Benny Alexandri, Meita Pragiwani

Obesity and Body Fat Percentage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Faisal Almehaid, Abdulrahman Alammar, Ali Aljomah, Saleh Algsoon, Feras Asiri, Abdullah Alawlah, Abdulelah Aladel, Amro Alsalmi

Bioremedition of Contaminated Agricultural Soil by Use of Microbes
Authors: L. Durga Devi, N. Vidhya

Embolization of an Aneurysm of the Basilar Artery by Balloon-Assisted Coiling and Double Microcathet?r Technique
Authors: S. Sirakov, A. Sirakov

Endovascular Embolization of a Spinal Arteriovenous Fistula
Authors: S. Sirakov, H. Hristov, A. Sirakov, K. Ninov

Virtual Lab to run Logarithmic Damping Decrement Experiments
Authors: Javier Montenegro Joo

Image Processing Based Self Balancing Robot
Authors: Rasika Kantute, Naishadh Nimbark, AnkurTyagi

Critical Review of the Level of Perspectives' Towards Work Risks among Health Care Providers
Authors: Assistant Prof. Manal Amer, Dr. Ahmed Fahad Jayar, Dr. Mohammed Saud Aljohani

Assessment of the Level of Perspectives' Towards Professional Harms among Surgical Staff at Selected Surgical Words-Saudi Arabia
Authors: Assistant Prof. Manal Amer, Dr. Wejdan Rashed Almutairi, Dr. Jawzaa Saleh Allehyani

The Effect of Plant Growth Ameliorant Against Pioneers in the Land of Used Media Coal Mine in the Nursery
Authors: Anis Tatik Maryani, Sarman

Outcome and Short Term Follow up of Children with Posterior Urethral Valves: Prognostic Factors
Authors: Atef A. Ekiabi, Mohamed E. Eraki

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablets of Esomeprazole Using Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Authors: Muthadi Radhika Reddy, Pola Kranthi Kumar

Comparison between Sutured and Sutureless Pressure Technique of Conjunctival Limbal Autograft in Pterygium Surgery
Authors: Dr. R. R. Naik, Dr. Nitish Arora, Dr. Sneha Murade

Evaluation of Dryness of Eyes after Cataract Surgery
Authors: Dr. R. R. Naik, Dr. Sneha Murade, Dr. Nitish Arora

Effectiveness of Ultrasound and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Postnatal Painful Breast Engorgement: A Comparative Study
Authors: Apurva A. Mahadalkar, S. Anandh

Biopeptides for Management of Chronic Non Communicable Diseases (A Review)
Authors: Mohammed, S. Z, Alhassan, A. J

Case Scenario (Suspected Cancer Head of Pancreas)
Authors: Dr. Bader Almasoud

The Knowledge and Meta Knowledge Representation Framework for Context based Searching for Lyric Writing in Telugu
Authors: Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda, Raghu B Korrapati

The Personality Characteristics and Quality of Life in Psoriasis Patients
Authors: Surender Kumar, Gauri Vats, Durgesh Sonare, Dilip Kachhawha

Rank and Classification of Bug Reports and Feature Evaluation Using SVM
Authors: Gomathi S, Swathini K, Suvetha M, Deepa M

The Value of Serum Apelin Measurement in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
Authors: Ahmed Hamouda Arnaout, Iman Esmat Ibrahim, Lamya Mahmoud Ibrahim

Newspaper Reading Habit in Ahmednagar
Authors: Dr. Aparnnaa Kulkarni, Kavita Mane

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence of Head Room and the Management of Hospital Wards in Jayapura City
Authors: Nasrah, Agussalim, Suriyani

Perspective Model Secondary Prevention of Leprosy in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia
Authors: Ganif Djuwadi

Indications of Caeserian Section as a mode of Delivery among Mothers at a Private Tertiary Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya
Authors: Margaret Thagichu, Bernard Wambua Mbithi, Jane Karonjo

Soil Stabilization by Electrokinetic Method
Authors: K. Ranjitha, B. V. Manjari Blessing

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Concealment as Predictors of Voluntary Counselling and Testing Seeking Behaviour
Authors: Dr. Alice A. Anika

Survey on Soft Computing Approaches for Human Activity Recognition
Authors: Manisha V. Kharat, K. H. Walse, Dr. R. V. Dharaskar

Experiences of Rain-fed Tomato Production in an Open Field
Authors: Dessie Getahun, Birhanu Habte

Comparative Study of Coping Strategies and Job Satisfaction among Nurses working in General and Psychiatric Hospitals
Authors: Shridhar C Kulakarni, Srimathi

Effect of Molara Concentration on Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of CdO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Methode
Authors: Nadia Jasim Ghdeeb

Investigation on Effects of Addition of Cations [Li+, Na+, K+ Ag+] on Luminescence Intensity of LaAlO3:Eu3+ Nano-Phosphors Prepared by Combustion Synthesis
Authors: Subhash Chand, Ishwar Singh

Mental health of Medical Students in Almaarefa College
Authors: Alanoud Alhalwan, Maha alqdairi

Metal Complexes as Ligands: Binuclear Alkali Metal and Trinuclear Alkaline Earth Metal Complexes with Nickel (II) and Copper (II) Metal Complexes of isonitrosoacetylacetone
Authors: Om Prakash Gupta

Assessment of Iron Status in Sickle Cell Patients and its relationship with the Frequency of Blood Transfusion
Authors: Vijay Kapse, Jayanti Chandrakar, Pratima Kujur, Sourabh Kumar Goyal

Effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Specific Inferior Capsular Stretching in Frozen Shoulder
Authors: Muzahid K Sheikh, Dr. Smita B Kanase

Frequency if Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Weakness in Obese Subjects-Observational Study
Authors: Minal Pawar, Poonam Patil

Case Presentation on Central Giant Cellgranuloma
Authors: Dr. Vidhi Shah

Comparison of New Ballards Score and Parkins Score for Gestational Age Estimation- Original Article
Authors: Dr. Kanchan Sakharkar, Dr. Sham Tarde, Dr. Sunil Mhaske

Probiotics in Health and Disease: New Approach to Healthier Living
Authors: Bhargavi Basavaraju, Kaiser Jamil

Smoking Prevalence and Associated Factors at Students Housing of King Saud University
Authors: Ahmed Mandeel, Hussain Altaweel, Salah Alhumaid, Abdulaziz Alganbar, Abdulraheem Almubarak, Nasser Alyousef, Abdulaziz Almutairi, Waleed Almalki, Bandar Alsulami, Wael Althagafi, Waleel Alamri, Hussam Alzahrani

Simulation Study of VANET Routing Protocols on NS-2 and NS-3
Authors: Dipti Shastri, Ajay Lala

The Prevalence and Relationship between Maternal Medical Conditions and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Authors: Abdullah Alrehaili, Yousef Ekhmimi, Abdullah Almutairi, Alaa Felemban, Bashaer Alrehaili, Walaa Felemban

The Strength of the Ego and their Relationship with the Wisdom of the University Students
Authors: Dr. Fadhil Jabar Juda Alrubaie

Preoperative Endovascular Embolization of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
Authors: Sirakov S., Sirakov ?.

Endovascular Embolization of High-Risk Arteriovenous Malformation
Authors: Sirakov S., Sirakov A., Minkin K.

Effect of Forward Head Posture on Vocal Fatigue
Authors: Himanshu Mathur, Sohrab Ahmad Khan

Evaluation of Topical Application of Propolis, Black Seeds and Honey on Oral Mucosal Healing in Rabbits (Histological and Immunohistochemical Study on TGF-?3)
Authors: Dr. Nada M.H.Al-Gaban, Dr. Ban A Ghani, Dr. Enas Fadhil Kadhim

A Comparative Study between Computer Textbooks Content in the Secondary Stage and Computer Textbooks Content in the University Stage in Colleges of Education at Baghdad University
Authors: Dr. Ibtisam Hussein Fayadh, Maysam Raad Yousif

Assets Valuation Using a Contingent Claim
Authors: Were J, Omolo Ongati, Nyakinda J

The Development of Volley Ball Learning Model
Authors: Dewi Endriani

Learning Model Development in Terms of Kinematic Motion and Role of Media in the Mastery of Volleyball Smash Techniques at Faculty of Sport Science State University of Medan
Authors: Indrakasih, Mahmuddin

Supra-Approximation Spaces Using Mixed Degree Systems in Graph Theory
Authors: Dr. Y. Y. Yousif, S. S. Obaid

Haematological and Serum Biochemical Analyses of Wild Male Blackrats, Rattusrattus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Authors: Aryadhara Das, Prafulla K. Mohanty

Structured Framework for Reliability of an Industrial System Using Fuzzy Approach
Authors: Mohd Salman Khan, Saurabh Jha P

Characterization and Application of Activated Carbon from Oil Palm Shell Prepared By Physical Activation and Nitric Acid for the Removal of Phenol and 2-Chlorophenol
Authors: Allwar Allwar, Ririn Winarsi, Noor Fitriyani, Krisna Merdekawati

Oral Tamarillo Juice Preventable to Decline Lung Function among Parking Workers
Authors: I Made Muliarta, Luh Made Indah Sri Handari Adiputra, I Made Krisna Dinata, I Nyoman Adiputra

A Study on Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Domestic Aviation Sector with Reference to Air India Limited, Mumbai
Authors: C. Murugesan, Dr. R. Perumalsamy

Study of Fetal Outcome in Cases of Bleeding Per Vaginum in First Trimester of Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. Jigna Jasoliya, Dr. Saral Bhatia

Computational Approach for the Real-Time Diagnosis of Attention Level and Focus State
Authors: Zack Dvey-Aharon, Or Cohen, Nathan Intrator

Review on Automatic Brain Tumor Detection Technique
Authors: Shweta A. Ingle, Snehal M. Gajbhiye

Tubercular Tubo-Ovarin Abscess Mimicking Malignancy
Authors: Dr. M. D. Kerketta, Dr. Vivek Bhasker

Theoretical Overview of Basic Image Edge Detectors
Authors: Johnbosco I.E. Anosike, Mariam Evarist

FPGA Implementation of Cryptographic Hummingbird Algorithm with Improved Security: A Review
Authors: Nikita Samrit, Shubhada Thakare

Actinic Cheilitis: Literature Data and Case Report
Authors: Zornitsa Mihaylova, Pavel Stanimirov

An Attempt to Compile a Dictionary of Equivalent Hindi Words from English in the Field of Physical Education and Sports
Authors: Dr. Satender B. Singh

A Statistical Study of Anxiety among College Students: A Case Study in Chennai City
Authors: Nivethavijayakumar, Joshua David

STD Awareness among Male in Ahsa
Authors: Fatima J. Alissa, Rehab A. albinessa, Safa A. Almomen, Rabab M. Alshakhiss, Abeer A. Alkhawajah, Abdulraheem A. Almubarak, Reem S. AlQahtani, Hawra S. Alherz, Mohammed A. Almumen, Mohammed A. Alkuwayti, Khadijah M. Bohaligah, Maryam M. Bohaligah, Rashed A. Boshushah

Knowledge, Attitude & Practice Regarding Dengue Fever among Secondary School Students in Jeddah City during the Year 2014-2015
Authors: Mohammed M. Altuhaifi, Abdulrahman A. Alkhelaif, Ahmed M. Alharbi, Rania H. Albar, Abdulelah H. Mofti, Nahla S. Saati, Omar M. Almushhoor, Mohammed A. Alamoudi, Doaa M. Ghazna, Faiza M. Shamshad, Ahmed A. Alhumud, Mona A. alkhobrani, Saud H. Alsaadi, Manar M. Dabi, Abdulaziz T. Etaiwi

Authors: Akilandeswari. K

(k, d)
Authors: Akilandeswari. K

Solid Psudopapillary Neoplasm of the Pancreas in 11 Years Old Saudi Girl: Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Abdulellah Hawsawi, Mohammed Saad Alghamdi, Mohammed Al-Hamed, Moath Al-Shareef, Yazid Maghrabi, Abrar Nawawi, Najla Mohammedsaleh Alghanmi

Effect of Eclipta alba, Azadirachta indica, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Tinospora Cordifolia and Mangifera Indica Extracts on Experimentally Diabetic Induced Rats
Authors: Anjali Singh, Ayodhya Singh, Vandana Dwivedi

Antioxidant Capacity and Mineral Content of Some Sudanese Propolis
Authors: Ebtisam Ahmed Abubaker, Aisha Sheikh Mohamed Fageer

Use of Aqueous Crosslinker in Obtaining Reechato Leather
Authors: Cortez A, Ru

Nanotechnology for Advancement in Transportation Engineering
Authors: K. V. Priya, V. Vijayashri, M. Sakthi Sree

Performance Analysis of Regularized Adaptive Filter for an Acoustic Echo Cancellation Application
Authors: G. Amjad Khan, Dr. K. E. Sreenivasa Murthy

Variation of Bulk Density and WHC of Vermicompost Exposed to Selective Commercial Fertilizers
Authors: Priyanka Ashiya, Nidhi Rai

Exhaust Emission Control by Using Coppler Plate and Ammonia Solution
Authors: Yogeshwar Dabriya, Chetan Chaudhari

Design of One Stage Operational Transconductance Amplifiers at 65nm and 90 nm for Low Power Applications
Authors: M. Nizamuudin

Comparative Analysis of CMOS Comparator for A-D Converter at 1um and 45 nm Technology Nodes
Authors: M. Nizamuddin

Why an Anthropic Principle (AP) Should Exist. The Weighted Positive-Negative Quantities Make the Universe to Loose Stability Momentarily to Set to Motion Partially and Resettle Somewhere in Other Stability Points with Gross Addition of Total Positivity and Negativity is a Dead Zero
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

The Study on Medicinal Plants and their Uses to Treat Human Ailments in Damot-Gale District, Wolaita Zone, South Ethiopia
Authors: Eyasu Chama

Analysis of Continuous and Discrete Time-to-Event Data Using Parametric Techniques
Authors: Joseph Okello Omwonylee, Thomas Okello

Regional Expansion in Tana Toraja Regency of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Authors: Juanda Nawawi

Accountability Faculty of Sport Science, State University of Medan in Process of Preparation of Physical Education Teachers
Authors: Sunarno A Heri Z, Hasibuan R

The Effect of Anthropometry Factors, Biomotor Ability, Rowing Size and Balance of the Skills 200m Kayak Athletes National Training Camp 2015
Authors: Iwan Hermawan

The Effect of Circuit Training Methods and Achievement of Motivation towards Triple Jump Achievement
Authors: Usman Nasution

The Efforts to Improve Learning Outcomes of Breaststroke swim by using the aid of Swim Board to the students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, PJKR IC Regular Department in Academic Year 2015/2016
Authors: Eva Faridah

Energy and Material Recovery from Solid Waste Generated at Rumuokoro Market in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: Nwankwo C.A, Amah V. E, Ugwoha E, Ugbir P

Von Willebrand Factor Level among Sudanese Patients with Dengue Fever Disease
Authors: Bashir Abdrhman Bashir

Biodiversity and Ecological Significance and Remedial Assessment of Sulwade Barrage, Irrigation Project, Dist. Dhule (M.S.), India
Authors: R. B. Borse

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Prevention of Cholelithiasis among Antenatal Mothers in Selected Antenatal Clinics at Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Authors: Shabiya Ranjit, M.V.Ranjit

Types of Seismic Energy Sources for Petroleum Exploration in Desert, Dry-Land, Swamp and Marine Environments in Nigeria and Other Sub-Saharan Africa
Authors: Madu Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze

The Effect of the Melatoninhormone on the Performance of the Ovaries in Naimi Sheep when Exposed to Different Periods of Light
Authors: Maen Idell, Fathi Elhag

Audio Compression Using Fourier Transform
Authors: Perinati Tewari

Irrigation Trends among Endodontists in Saudi Arabia
Authors: Mohammed Waseem, Omar Alhindi, Nail Alanazi, Turki Dahman, Rakan Alsubaity, Abdullah Riyadh

Molecular Study of Some Virulence Genes in Biotype Diversity of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus isolated from Handling Carrier and Bovine Mastitis
Authors: Basim Mohammed Hanon

A New Exam Cheating Shielding Instrument
Authors: Gang Li, Lisha Gao

A Clinical Study of Snehapana Matra Nirdharan as a Poorva Karma of Vaman
Authors: Dr. Pradeep U. Jane, Dr. Pooja H. Jaiswal

CTGF Transgenic Mouse Develops Cardiac Hypertrophy, Lean Body Mass and Alopecia
Authors: Edem Nuglozeh

Histological and Immunohistochemical (ANXA1) Analysis of Bisphosphonate (Zoledronate) Effect on Submandibular and Parotid Glands in Neonatal Rats
Authors: Essa Hasan Essa, Nada M.H. Al-Ghaban

The Behavior of The Mother Post Parenting Program Applied of Basic Needs of Children in the Town of Blitar
Authors: Triana Setijaningsih

Observation on Internship Training Program in India: Productive or Unproductive (An Analysis of 232 Observations)
Authors: S.H.Talib, Sonali Bhattu, Sachin Sheta, Sushant Yadav

A Review on Consumer Perception on Organic Food and its Consumption in Indian Context
Authors: Dr. P. Sankar

The Stock Market of Infrastructure Sector: A Weak-Form EMH Test
Authors: Adi Gunarso, Hermanto Siregar, Tony Irawan

Comparison of Classification Algorithms in Lung Cancer Risk Factor Analysis
Authors: V. Kirubha, S. Manju Priya

Survey of Privacy Preserving Techniques and Upcoming Techniques: A Review
Authors: Payal P. Panse, P. L. Paikrao

Comparison between the Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin with/and Without Biphasic Calcium Phosphate for Osseointegration around Implants (Experimental Study)
Authors: Sherif Emadeldin Abdelmagid, Ahmed Mamdouh Mohsen Shaaban, Hala Ragaa, Dina Nagui

A Discrete Inventory Model with Price Discount Based on Time
Authors: Arpita N. Shah

The Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs on Customer Satisfaction in the Mobile Telecommunications Sector in Botswana
Authors: Abba Sungirirai, Douglas Chiguvi, Loyd Sungirirai

Impact of Ambiance Conditions on Customer Satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry; Case Study of Debonairs Pizza Outlets in Botswana
Authors: Douglas Chiguvi

Effect of Dielectric Constant on Protonation Equilibria of L-Dopa, Mercapto Succinic Acid and 1, 10
Authors: Prasanthi J, Aditya Deepthi D, Durga Prasad P, Nageswararao G

Small Things Have a Big Impact-Nanotechnology in Periodontics
Authors: Dr. Jayashree. A Mudda, Dr. Pradnya P Wagh, Dr. Veena A Patil, Dr. Jignesh Patel, Dr. B. Bhargavi

Design and Analysis of Dynamic OO Metric Tool for Java Project
Authors: Sherry Chalotra

A Review on Phytoremediation A Sustainable Solution for Treatment of Kitchen Wastewater
Authors: Neharika Chandekar, Buddharatna J. Godboley

Signature of Chromosomes Instability in Different Diseases as Accessed on Illumina Miseq Platform using Depth of Coverage Metrics for Variant Evaluation by GATK
Authors: Edem Nuglozeh

The Level of Burden among Care Givers of Mentally Ill Patients
Authors: Devikrishna, Seethalakshmi

Effect of Constituency Development Fund on Health Sector in North Mugirango/Borabu Constituency
Authors: Samwel Auya, Glory K. Ogega

Decentralization in Kenya: The Constituencies Development Fund and its Impact on Literacy Levels in North Mugirango/Borabu Constituency
Authors: Samwel Auya, Glory K. Ogega

Study of Colostomy: Its Indication and Complication
Authors: Dr. Nishikant Gujar, Dr. Vijay Shivpuje, Dr. Shiraz Ahamed Sharief, Dr. Vijay N

The Research Progress on Vibration Analysis of Liquid Filled Pipeline
Authors: Ya-ling Qiu, Yun-yi Zeng

Deduplication Using SHA-1 and IBE with Modified AES
Authors: Renuka C. Deshpande, S. S. Ponde

Validation of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Longevity Maximization in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Laxmi Narendra Pawar, H. M. Baradkar

Role of Various Radiological Modalities in Evaluation of Non-Thyroidal Neck Masses
Authors: Pratik R. Tailor, Mona D. Shastri, Kalpeshkumar K. Bhabhor

Herding behavior in Peer to Peer Lending Market of China
Authors: TAO Wen, LONG Jiancheng

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Properties of Co(II) Complexes derived from New Aroylhydrazone Ligands
Authors: Pramod Kumar Singh, Kamalika Banerjee, Sangeeta Singla

Consequences of Amalgam Restorations on Soft Tissues of the Oral Cavity
Authors: Reshma HK, Dr. Manish Ranjan

Stability Constant Determination of Complexes of Taurine with Mn(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) in DMF-Water Mixture pH-Metrically
Authors: P. Vijayarohini, Caroline Mercy Andrew Swamidoss, S. Bangaru Sudarsan Alwar

Impact of Demonetization on Political Parties in India- A Case Study of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh 2017 legislative Election
Authors: Dr. Dilip Kumar, Harmeet Kaur Kochhar

Exogenous Application of Jasmonic Acid Offers Tolerance to Salinity by Altering Stress Responses in Brassica napus L. Variety GSC 6
Authors: Harpreet Kaur, Geetika Sirhindi

Role of Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. of South Sinai, Egypt in Atmospheric CO2 Sequestration
Authors: Sayed A. El-Hussieny, Ismail M. Ismail

Effects of Different Additives on Performance and Emission of Biodiesel Fuelled Compression Ignition Engine
Authors: Atul G. Londhekar, S. C. Kongre

Assessment of Banks Asset and Liability Management: Problems and Perspectives (Case of Morocco)
Authors: Ezouine Driss, El Haddad Mohammed

Dissolution of Inorganic Phosphorous Ion from Teeth Treated with Different Concentrations of Aqueous Extract of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) in Comparison with Sodium Fluoride: An in Vitro Study
Authors: Nibal Mohammed Hoobi, Mohammed Ghalib Rzoqi

An Exploration on Cashless Society Imperatives and Perception of People Regarding the Concept of Cashless Society in India
Authors: Meenakshi

An Efficient Trust Model for Online Application using 2-Factor Authentication and Token Based Authentication
Authors: Varsha Jotwani, Dr. Amit Dutta

A Relative Study on Image Segmentation Methods
Authors: Mohammed Jajere Adamu, Xuewen Ding

Comparison of Multi Document Summarization Techniques - A Survey
Authors: Heena Kishor Patil, Kumud Wasnik

Impact of Meditation (SRMS) on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescent Girls Residing at Hostel
Authors: Basant Ballabh Pandey, Rita Pandey

On the ?b-Separation Axioms
Authors: Raad Aziz Hussain, Zain AL-abdeen Abbas Nasser

Economic Benefits from the Bay of Bengal Ecosystem Services
Authors: Md. Atiqur Rahman, Abu Sharif Md. Mahbub-E-Kibria, K M Azam Chowdhury

Livelihood Study of Yuehu Village in the Context of Water Environmental Changes
Authors: Zhao Ying

Text-Dependent Speaker Identification and Verification Using Hindi Database in Adverse Acoustic Condition
Authors: Shrikant Upadhyay, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Pawan Kumar, Aditi Upadhyay

Isolation, Screening and Production of Biosurfactant by PSEUDOMONAS AEROGINOSA SD4 Using Various Hydrocarbon Sources
Authors: Abirami Sivasubramani, Radhathirumalaiarasu Selvaraj

Is Coconut Mite on the Declining Trend in Kerala?
Authors: T. R. Sobha, M. A. Haq

Incidence and Risk Factors for Breakthrough Febrile Neutropenia in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy and Prophylactic Pegfilgrastim
Authors: Imran Ahmad, Jamal Zekri, Katib Abdel Rahman, Syed Karim, Haleem Rasool, Ehab Abdelghany

Chromoblastomycosis: An Unusual and Rare Case Report
Authors: Reeta Dhar, Deesha Bhemat, Hoogar MB, Atul Jain

Examination Methods of Life Quality in Cancer Patients of the Head and Neck
Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov

Ageing Effects on Menisco-Femoral Ligament
Authors: Ghalawat N, Rathee S. K.

Effects of the Direction of a Transverse Magnetic Field on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow with Suction and Injection
Authors: E. R. Onyango, M. N. Kinyanjui, M. Kimathi

How Corporate Entrepreneurship Can Enhance Organizational Performance in Public Universities of Pakistan?
Authors: Dr. Javed Nayyar

Review on Different Approaches for Continuous Speech Recognition System
Authors: Yin Win Chit, Dr. Renu

Aquatic Insects for Biomonitoring Freshwater Ecosystems: A Report
Authors: Dr. Reeta Solanki, Arjun Shukla

Application of Fuzzy TOPSIS to Agricultural Farm for Optimum Allocation of Different Crops
Authors: A. Baral, S Behera

Assessment of Diversity and Current Status of Lepidoptera (Butterflies) in Catchment of Bansagar Reservoir, Shahdol (M.P.)
Authors: Dr. Haninder Maini, Arjun Shukla

Impact of Students' Feedback on Effective Teaching in Management Education
Authors: S. P. Singh, Savita Malik

Dynamic Stability Improvement of Mulitimachine Power System with PSS
Authors: Dr. Ami T. Patel, Pratik B. Patel, Pal N. Naik

Efficiency Analysis of Bank Branches: Production and Profitability Approaches (Case Study of Bank EFG Syariah)
Authors: Deny Syaiful Hayat, Lukytawati Anggraeni, Toni Bakhtiar

Influence of Personal Factors on the Knowledge Sharing Attitude of Individuals in Engineering Education Context
Authors: Yogeesha H. C, S.G. Gopala Krishna

Evaluation of the Anti-Diabetic Activity of a Novel Formulation of Functional Foods in Streptozotocin-Induced Balb/c Diabetic Mice Model
Authors: Asmahan Alamin A. Krayem, Moklesur Rahman Sarker

Increased Effectiveness of Shell and Tube Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger by Varying Viscosity Ratio Using CFD Simulation
Authors: Vignesh .M

Effective Cross Domain Recommendation for TV User
Authors: Sumathy .R, Suguna. T, Sangeetha M.

Development of Education and its Quality of Accessibility in the era of Knowledge Society in Arunachal Pradesh
Authors: Dr. Dani Kacha

Survey Paper on Slicing Concept Used for Privacy Preserving
Authors: Vishal Chavan, Ravindra Pal, Jitendra Pal

Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Karangasem Regency
Authors: Ni Nyoman Kerti Yasa, Ni Wayan Mujiati, I G. A. Dewi Adnyani, Komang Ardana

Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of La/Al Substituted Nano Calcium Hexaferrites prepared by Sol
Authors: B. S. Satone, K. G. Rewatkar, Sandeep B. Satone

Investigating the Effect of Process Parameters in Manual Metal Arc Welding for Joining Dissimilar Metals
Authors: Prajakta G Ahire, U. S. Patil

Disaster Management and Rural Vulnerability (Case Study Urmia County)
Authors: Farhad Azizpour, Vahid Riahi, Ali Akbar Tagiloo, Khdijeh Karimi

Smart Government Ration System
Authors: Isha Ramdas Patil, M. D. Jakhete

Intelligent Autonomous Farming Robot
Authors: Harsha Madhavdas Chirmade, Mayuri Gachake

A Comparative Study of Algorithms used for Detection and Classification of Plant Diseases
Authors: Roshni C.R, Dr. M. Safish Mary

Chain Conditions on Fuzzy G-Modules
Authors: Souriar Sebastian, Prathish Abraham

Social Recommendation for Interactive Online System
Authors: Thenmalar V, Tamilselvi R, Sandhiya S, Dhivya Shree M

An Analysis of the Reasons for India
Authors: Ruchika Sikarwar, Leena James

Cloud Software
Authors: Jyoti M

Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Performance of Tea Firms in Kenya
Authors: Francis Kipkoech Chirchir, Mmbayiza Antony Muse, Ambrose Jagongo

Fingerprint Authentication using Adaptive RBF
Authors: Fremina James, Dr. Prasanna V Kumar, Manoj Kumar Singh

A Review on Concepts of Work-Study for Productivity Improvement
Authors: Megh Patel, Nisarg Patel, Harsh Patel, Yash Patel

Enhanced Yellow Luminescence from LaAlO3:Sm3+ [Li+, Na+, K+, Ag+] Nano-Phosphors Prepared by Combustion Synthesis
Authors: Subhash Chand, Ishwar Singh

Yellow Luminescence from LaAlO3:Sm3+ Nano-Phosphors Prepared by Sol-Gel Technique
Authors: Subhash Chand, Ishwar Singh

Molluscum Contagiosum on the Nipple: An Unusual Site
Authors: Abhishek Chowdhury, Utpal Goswami

A Survey on an Optimizing Cost and Performance for Multihoming
Authors: Rashmi Rajendra Kurkure, Madhuri Zawar

Transition Design of Strip line to a Rectangular Wave Guide with Frequency Response Analysis in TE Mode
Authors: Abinash Gaya

Land Suitability Evaluation for High Land Agriculture in Devikulam Taluk, Idukki District, Kerala
Authors: Suresh S, Mani K

The Importance of the Environmental Awareness in Obtaining Sustainable Development Study Area (Hilla City)
Authors: Kareem Kadhim Hammadi

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