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Recently Downloaded: A Review on Antimicrobial Activity of Silymarin          ||          Comparative Study of the Cambisols of Aboisso-Comoe (Agropastoral Zone B29 Mamlanso) and Zuenoula (Agricultural Unit of the Sugar Complex)          ||          Credit Processing Period and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Agribusiness Small and Micro Enterprises in Nyeri Central Sub County Kenya          ||          Analyze the Effects of Resistance Training with Active Muscle Action on Selected Physiological Variables of Adigrat Town Males          ||          Forecasting Volatility with LSTM Techniques          ||          Review of Analysis on Seismic Resistance Building by STAAD Pro          ||          Purification and Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase Enzyme from Igd?r Apple and Inhibition Effects of Some Chemicals          ||          Experimental Investigation on Multi-Turn Oscillating Heat Pipes          ||          Study of Subchronic Effect of Myristicafragrans Houtt. On Histopathology of Testes of Swiss Albino Mice          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||         

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Reverse Engineering on Two Wheeler Brake Rod: Case Study
Authors: M.BN. Fanisam, Patil Mitesh, Pagare Nitin

Implants in Deficient Anterior Maxilla: A Modified Prosthetic Approach
Authors: Vamsi Lavu, Shanker Venkateswaran, Shafath Ahmed

An Architectural Framework for the implementation of ERP using Cloud Computing in SMEs: A Literature Survey
Authors: Dr. Sarvjit Singh Bhatia, Dr. Anurag Rai, Harsimran Kaur

Studies on Flowering, Fruiting and Yield Attribute Characters of Phalsa (Grewia subinaequalis D.C.) Fruits
Authors: Krishna Kumar Mishra, Bhagwan Deen

Z-scan Technique for Measurements of Glucose Concentrations through the Formation of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles Prepared by Green Synthesis
Authors: F. Abdulwahab, F. Z. Henari

Significance of Her2/Neu, C-kit and P63 Immunohistochemical Expression in Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma
Authors: Mai M. Abdelwahab, Samah S. Elbasateeny

Design Review of Aircraft Cockpit for Aesthetic and Ergonomic Considerations
Authors: Shirude Shubham M, Jagtap Devendra H

Online Multispecialty Hospital Management System
Authors: Ajay Mule, Siddhesh Naik, Vinson Noronha, Mihir Mule

Pathological Study of the Experimental Infection of Mice with Morganella morganii Urine Isolate of Women
Authors: Sarhad S. Al.najjar, Sattar R. Al.akabi, Zainab J.Al.shabani

Experimental Investigation on Surface Characterisation of Chemical Treated Natural Fiber Composite
Authors: M. G. Sabariraj, C. Prakash, Sankaranand. P. Ganesan

Comparative Analysis between Manual and Digital Cephalometric Tracing
Authors: Miroslava Dinkova, Nikoleta Ivanova

Cost Reduction System through TRE Based on Prediction
Authors: Priyanka M. Gawande, A. A. Nikose

Lateral Cervical Mass as a First Sign of Metastases of Occult Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma
Authors: Fahd Alharbi, Ohud Alakhrash

Suzuki Type Unique Common Tripled Fixed Point Theorem for Four Maps under ? - ? Contractive Condition in Partial Metric Spaces
Authors: V. M. L. Hima Bindu, G. N. V. Kishore

Homology Modelling of Cytochrome B from Carangoides equula
Authors: Nivetha Sarah Ebenezer, Uma Maheswari M., Joyce Priyakumari C.

Analysis and Testing of Waste Tire Fiber Modified Concrete
Authors: Nitin

Interstellar Elastic Hypothesis for Origin of Solar System
Authors: Alok Prasad Srivastava

To Study the Effect of Steel Fibers on Strength of Concrete with Partially Replaced Marble Dust
Authors: Ashwani

Sector and Spatial-Specific Multipliers in Eastern Indonesia
Authors: Muchdie

Promoting Resilience among Academically backward Children
Authors: Dr. Nasreen Banu

Video Object Tracking in Compressed Domain Using SIFT and STMRF
Authors: Kavita Borse, Rupali Nikhare

An Anatomical Study on Dorsalis Pedis Artery
Authors: Vengadesan .B, Dr. Pushpalatha .K

Job Satisfaction among Housekeeping Workers in Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Mahadeo Shinde, Nutan Potdar, Sushma Shete

Design of Digital Voltmeter for AC Voltage Measurement Using PIC Microcontroller
Authors: Shagun Malhotra, Abhishek Verma, Twishish Shrimali

Improving Performance and OCB of Student Management Department Through Leadership Democracy Model Class Event in Islamic Education of IAIN STS Jambi
Authors: Dr. H. Hilmi M.Pd.I

The Outcome of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation: A Single Center Early Experience
Authors: Ahmed S. Alaskar, Khaled Alabduljabbar, Abdulellah Aladel, Sultan Aleshaiwi, Maissa Saade, Mohsen Alzahrani, Ayman Alhejazi, Khadeja Ahmed, Dunia Jawdat

Prevalence of IBS among Medical Students and Its Relation with Anxiety and Depression: A Cross-Sectional Study
Authors: Muneer Almutairi, Moayad AlQazlan, Abdullah Alshebromi, Mohannad Alawad

Social Impact Assessment of Development Planning Trade Center in Region Longest Foot Bridge
Authors: Sri Suhartini

The Effect of Type of Feeding on Salivary Immunoglobulin A (S-IgA) and Total Protein in Relation to Caries Severity among Children Aged 4-5 Years Old
Authors: Shahba'a Munther

Lipophilic Toxin Profile in Mytilus galloprovincialis from the North Atlantic Coast of Morocco: LC-MS/MS and Mouse Bioassay Analyses
Authors: Asia Ben Haddouch, Rachid Amanhi, Zouher Amzil, Hamid Taleb, Georges Rovillon, Farida Adly, Mohammed Loutfi

A Novel Energy Efficient Approach for Smart Homes Using Real Time Pricing Techniques
Authors: R. Raja Prabhu, R. Sreevidya

Evaluation of Larvicidal Activity of Sapindus Emargintus (Family: Sapindaceae) Leaf Extracts against the Housefly Larvae (Musca domestica) LINN
Authors: M. Raja, M. Suresh

Broadcast Polling in IEEE 802.16 Networks with Average-Buffered Subscriber Stations
Authors: Chandan Singh Ujarari, Arun Kumar Pal

Antibiotic Administration in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of a Tertiary Care Hospital of Tirana, Albania
Authors: Silvi Bozo, Arjan Harxhi

To Study the Efficacy of Inhaled Budesonide Vs Oral Montelukast in Control of Mild Persistant Asthma in Children between 5-18 Years of Age
Authors: Neha Raghava, Archana Dubey, C. M. Sharma

Assessing the Noise Level in Selected NICU in a View to Prepare Noise Reduction Protocol
Authors: Merlin Suji .M, Priya D

Pattern of Intestinal Parasitic Infections at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its Primary Health Clinics Across Saudi Arabia
Authors: Hamad M. Al Selaimy, Saad M. Al Muqrin, Sultan S. Almaiman, Sameera M. Al Johani

Bypassing a Broken Instruments (Clinical Cases)
Authors: Elka Radeva

Knowledge and Adoption Level of Organic Animal Feeding Practices by Livestock Owners in Arid Region of Rajasthan
Authors: Bharti Gujar, Devi Singh Rajput

Inheritance of Fiber Length and Fiber Output on Interspecies Hybrids F1 and F2 of G. Mustelinum Miers ex Watt with Interspecies Diversity of G.Hirsutum L.
Authors: Rafiyeva F.U., Rizayeva S.M

A Rare Case Report of Perforated Duodenal Ulcer in Puerperium Peroid
Authors: Dr. Ahemadi Firdous Nikhat, Dr. Rudraiah H.G.M

Analysis of Masticatory Function in Patients with Maxillofacial Defects
Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov

Studies on Temperature Dependent Birefringence and Molecular Orientations of Smectic-A and Smectic-C Phases
Authors: J. Mahadeva, T. N. Govindaiah

French Influence and the Willingness of Indians to Study in France
Authors: Sneha Hossain

Design for Thermal Comfort during Summer & Psychometry Tool for Human Comfort
Authors: Syed Faheem, Syed Mujeeb Ali, Syed Suleman, Syed Obaid Ur Rahman, Syed Wali Uddin Irfan

Morphological and Histological of Ovary in Domestic Iraqi Sheep Ovis aries
Authors: Nadhem A. Shehan, Dhuha Adel Kareem, Swsen Abas Ali

Evaluation the Difference between Adult and Children for Some Salivary Elements
Authors: Suha T. Abd

k-Odd Sequential Harmonious Labeling of Some Special Graphs
Authors: B. Gayathri, D. Muthuramakrishnan

Asean Economic Community: Analysis of Bandung Creative City
Authors: R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata, Mohammad Benny Alexandri

A Review on DNA based Encryption and Steganography
Authors: Mumthas S, Lijiya A

Bacteriological Analysis of Mineral Water and Drinking Water Supplies, in Mehsana, Gujarat
Authors: P.M. Patel, S. A. Bhatt

Shielding of Data Access Control for Multiauthority Cloud Storage Systems using Advanced Encryption Standard
Authors: Abin K Ninan, Rex Benny, Soumya Sara Koshy

A Novel Adaptive Technique to Mitigate Radiation Effects on FPGAS
Authors: T. Mary Daphne, Dr. T. Latha

Design of Single and Multimode Channel Decoders for Mobile Wireless Communication
Authors: T. Merlin Leo, Dr. T. Latha

Vitamin D and modulation of Allergic Rhinitis
Authors: Gupta PK, Raut P, Singh SP

Performance Evaluation of the Organic Matter Removal Efficiency inWastewater Treatment Plants; Case study Al- Diwaniyah WWTP in Iraq
Authors: Dr. Awatif Soaded Alsaqqar, Dr. Basim Hussein Khudair, Dr. Ahmed Makki AL-Sulaimen

Utilization of Moringa olifera Leaves as a Functional Food Ingredient in Bakery Industry
Authors: Rathnayake A.R.M.H.A, Navarathna S.B.

A Sociological Study of Sexual Harassment of Women by Youth in India
Authors: S. Ananda

Laparoscopic Vs Open Pyloromyotomy for Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Keerthan Kumar M, Harsha BM, Mohan M

Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidative Transformation of Some Amino Acid by Pyridiniumdichromate in DMF-Water Medium
Authors: Shilpa Rathor, B. K. Dangarh

The Effect of Cross-Section Area of Electron Beam on the Aberration of Einzel Electrostatic Lens
Authors: Dr. Samir Khudhir Al-ani, Nada Abdulfatah Khattab

Knowledge and Attitude of Care-Givers about their Children S Bronchial Asthma in Taif Region KSA
Authors: Dr. Farihan Farouk Helmy, Dr Adnan Amin Alsulaimani, Dr Sanaa Mahmoud, Al-hanouf Al-Malki, Yara Maroof

Big Data and Data Analytics
Authors: Ajay Mule

Phytochemcal Screening and in Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Aqeous-Methanolic Extract Tridax procumbens
Authors: Oyewole O. Nather, Oyelade W. Abimbola, Idowu K. Solomon

Preparation of a Floral Calendar of Honey Plants of Kangra and Adjoining Areas of Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Anita Devi, V. K. Mattu

Factors Affecting the Success Rate of Artificial Fertilization
Authors: Faisal Idris, Osama Bajouh, Bassem El Deek, Mohammed Bazarah, Fai Al Magrabi, Yasser Haddawi, Abdullah Al Mazrooa

Study of the Chemical Loading in Bamboo for Preservative Treatment to Enhance Durability using Boucherie Apparatus
Authors: Dhruba Gurung, Bebija L Singha, Yamin Hassan

Attitude towards AIDS and Knowledge Assessment in AlAhsa Community
Authors: Mahdi M. Almuhanna, Ahmed R. Alfarhan, Hamza N. Almohammed Ali, Abdulkhalig H. Almohammed Ali, Ali H. Al-Dhamen, Mohammed A. Aldajani, Ammar J. Albagshe, Hussain M. Alkhadrawi, Jellilah A. Alnajjar, Nasser A. Albahrani, Ayat A. Al Hariz, Musaab I. AlHawas, Eissa S. Alousi, Sayed Ibrahim Ali

Impact of Congenital Hand Anomalies on Consanguinity at Selected Surgical Units, King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Basim Abdullah Awan, Manal Amer, Dr. Tamer Osama Awan, Dr. Amro Mohammed Albeirutty

Calculation of Index and Characteristic of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Stock Sector in IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange)
Authors: Steven, Tony Irawan, Trias Andati

Multidetector Computed Tomography in Suspected Oral, Oropharyngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer: Imaging and Clinical Correlation
Authors: Dr. Gaurav Khairnar, Dr. (Brig.) K. Sahoo, Dr. Pramod Shaha, Dr. Rahul Khetwat, Dr. Mohd. Abbas

Organisational Commitment and Turnover Intention (A Quantitative Analysis of a Sri Lankan Apperal Firm)
Authors: A.W. Thiranagama

An Adaptive and Robust Implementation of a Fatigue Detection System
Authors: Arasanipalai Mohan Aditya, Apurv Inamdar

Virtualisation and Network Services
Authors: Jyoti Madabhushi

The Design of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Remote Monitoring of Oil & Gas Flow Rate Metering Infrastructure
Authors: Ayuba. John, John. Igimoh

Mathematical Model for Diabetes Use Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
Authors: Usha Rani M., Komahan G.

Light Weight Screw Press Machine for Removal of Bio-Digested Slurry
Authors: Jasvarinder Chalotra

Use of software and Extended Precision of Finney
Authors: Bishnu Goswami, Jagatpati Tah

The Role of Innovation and Creativity in Development of Entrepreneurship
Authors: Dr. Harmeet Matharu, Dhanalakshmi

Effective Knowledge Transfer in Project Result
Authors: Salwa E. Ibrahim

Characterization of Short-Chains Hydrocarbons Produced by Arthrobacter Nitroguajacolius Strain IHBB9963 Isolated from Shule River Soil
Authors: Uwaremwe Constantine, Li Shiweng, Ngabire Maurice

Seminal Fluid Analyses of Wistar Rats Exposed to Hippocratea africana Root Bark Extract
Authors: Jessie Idongesit Ndem, Uwakmfon Ime Ukpanah

Prosocial Behaviour: The Waning Trait
Authors: Lata Sati

Implementing of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in Food Analysis Laboratories of Baghdad University
Authors: Mahmud Abdullah Jasim Alkhafaji

Project Management: Techniques and Methodologies
Authors: Youssra RIAHI

Esophageal Eosinophilia Associated with False Positive anti-tTG
Authors: Meshari Alaifan, Vishal Avinashi

A Novel Design of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna by Multiple Slot Loading
Authors: Santosh Yadav, Dr. Kishan Singh

Mining Weighted Association Rules Using Probabilistic and Combinational Approach
Authors: A I Liton, M A Rahman, T Rahman

Smart Metro Train
Authors: Trima P. Fernandes e Fizardo, Egas Nunes, Yatish Naik, Jesuslee Pereira

Fatigue Behavior of Heat Treated Aluminium Matrix Composites
Authors: Ali Afzal, Mohammed Naveed

Screening of Hydro-alcoholic Extract of Eclipta alba for its Anticancerous Efficacy
Authors: Anjali Singh, Ayodhya Singh, Vandana Dwivedi

Management of Renal Parenchymal Disease in Ayurveda - A Case Study
Authors: Sadhana Misar (Wajpeyi)

Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Adoption of Use of Organic Manure as Climate Smart Agriculture Technology in Malawi
Authors: Jabulani Nyengere

Characterization of Engineered PMMA-Doped Titanium dioxide Nanocomposite
Authors: Dawood Obied Altaify

Elastic Electron Scattering from Some Even-Even Ge-Isotoes
Authors: A. Rahmani, F. Kaddoori

Content Based Image Retrieval Comparison between Techniques
Authors: Nada Shrfi, Dr. Saife Eldin Fattoh, Hiba Osman, Yusra Al Haj

Computational Modelling of Imbert Type Downdraft Biomass Gasifier using CFX
Authors: Caroline Jeba Petricia R., Murugan P. C., Joseph Sekhar S.

Income and Food Security Land Tenure System in Regional Center of Rice
Authors: Arifin

Growth Response and Yield of Maize and Soybean in Intercropping to the Urban Waste Compost And Rock Phosphate
Authors: Syahminar Batubara, Hapsoh

An In Silico Approach: Homology Modelling and Docking Studies of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein with Salviifoside A of Alangium salviifolium
Authors: Uma Maheswari .M, Nivetha Sarah Ebenezer, Joyce Priyakumari .C

Study on Effect of Thickness in Behaviour of Geopolymer Ferrocement Folded Panel
Authors: S. Aathinavairavan, S. Dharmar, Dr. S. Nagan

Regulation Characteristics of Enterprises Payment Ability
Authors: Lale Valiyeva Musallim

Design and Development of a Clinical Decision Support System
Authors: Raghava B Tadavarthi, Raghu B Korrapati

Identification of Non-Conventional Seeds Oil as a Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
Authors: S. K. Pawar, Dr. J. A. Hole

A Computational Study on the Effect of Different Parameters on Performance of Standalone Solar Photovoltaic Panel
Authors: Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Devesh Tripathi

Reflection on Curriculum Review of Science at Upper Primary Level in CBSE Affiliated Private Schools of Delhi
Authors: Chetna Arora

Knowledge of Pre-Eclampsia among pregnant Women attending Adeoyo Maternity Hospital, Yemetu Ibadan North Local Government area, Nigeria
Authors: Kelly Relobhegbe OKHAE, Oyedunni Sola ARULOGUN

Vasa Previa
Authors: Anu Grover, Karandeep Kaur

The Seed of Valeriana Officinalis L. Grows and Develops in Modification to the Climate
Authors: Nizomova M.U., Murodullayeva M. SH.

Role of Internal Pressure-Free Volume in the Study of Calorific Value of Vegetable Oils as Biodiesel
Authors: Anu Elizabath Jose, Gayathri Mohan K. V, R. Balakrishnan, K. T. Vasudevan, R. Vadamalar

Development in Wireless 5G Technology
Authors: Atharva Mulay, Summaiya Pathan

Mini-research Observation on Current Internship Scenario based on British Medical Journal Questionnaire at Aurangabad
Authors: Dr. Ajit Monteiro, Dr. Anushruti Gupta

An Analysis of the Land Access Issue in Republic of Benin
Authors: Bio Akpo Mama Aboudou Djalilou, Li Jiang Feng

Polarization Mode Dispersion Effects on the Multimode Graded-Index Optical Fibers
Authors: Zaman Hameed Kareem, Ali Hadi Hassan, Hassan Abid Yasser

A Study of the Influence of Organizational Culture on Software Project Success
Authors: K. Sudhakara Rao, Raghu B Korrapati

New Optics Solutions for the Nonlinear (2+1)-Dimensional Generalization of Complex Nonlinear Schr
Authors: M. M. El-Horbaty, F. M. Ahmed, Muna Mansour, Osamma AL-Taweel

Easy Glass: Implementation of Optimized Glass Technology Using Integrated Finger-Print and Touch-Screen Sensors
Authors: Sukhwant Kaur, Dhruv Verma, Trishna Thrinath

Subclass of Meromorphically Uniformly Convex Functions Defined by Linear Operator
Authors: V. Srinivas, Rajkumar N. Ingle, P. Thirupathi Reddy

Banking Subsector: Performance Ratio Influence to Bank
Authors: Linda Dwi Roswitasari, Noer Azam Achsani, Trias Andati

Bank-Specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of Non-Performing Loan of Regional Development Banks in Indonesia
Authors: Brilia Wulantika Sari, D.S Priyarsono, Lukytawati Anggraeni

Prognostic Role of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Markers SNAIL-1 & Eph A2 Expressions in Breast Carcinoma
Authors: Ola A. Megahed, Ola A. Harb, Lobna A. Abdelaziz, Fady M. Habib, Ahmed M. Sallam

Reduce the Probability of Data and Information
Authors: Mnahil Kher Alseed Mohamed Alnazeer, Dr. Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa, Dr. Hamid Abbas Ali, Dr. Amir Ahmed Omer Yousif

Effect of Electrical Stimulation and Active Muscle Contractions in Bell
Authors: Gitanjali R. Patil, Suraj B. Kanase

Symbolism Sepat Fish In Marriage Pantun Melayu Sambas
Authors: Ahadi Sulissusiawan

Assessment of Body Fat Percent and Reliability of Using BMI, WHR, ABSI and BAI with DEXA as Gold Standard
Authors: Regi Mary, Taskeen Unaiza, Venkatasubramanian Chandra, Shankar Mythri, Rohatgi Priyanka

Effect of Hot Moist Pack and Muscle Energy Technique in Subjects with Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction
Authors: Rajesh Sewani, Sandeep Shinde

Effect of Movement with Mobilization in Supraspinatus Tendinitis
Authors: Diksha Uparkar, Sandeep Shinde

200-Meter Fast Walk Test Normative Data for Young Healthy Individuals-An Observational Study
Authors: Gazal T Bahrawi, Mohammad A Bakhutma, Marilyn Moffat

Strategic Analysis of the Moroccan Food-Processing Industry
Authors: Sarah LOUKHMAS, Mly Mustapha Ennaji, Ebrahim Kerak

Critical Reviews of Smoking and Periodontal Disease at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Assistant Prof. Ossama Alkhatib, Muhanad Alkhatib

Biodiversity of Arthropod in Cropping of Local Upland Rice Planted in Lowland with Organic Agriculture System and the Effect on Rice Plant Growth
Authors: Akhmad Gazali, Helda Orbani Rosa, Ilhamiyah

Design and Development of Friction Stir Drilling and Tapping
Authors: Dr KGK Murti, C. Labesh Kumar, VVSH Prasad, T Vanaja

A Novel Approach Where Cloud Computing Meets Content Delivery Network
Authors: Shipra Goswami

Indian Higher Education and the Challenges
Authors: Maitrey Bhagat

Sustainability Analysis of the Marine Recreational Park Management Based on Local Customary Law in Weh Island, Aceh Province, Indonesia
Authors: Muhammad Aris, Achmad Fahrudin, Etty Riani, Efin Muttaqin

Queuing Models - A Call Center Case
Authors: Ditila Ekmek

Periapical Periodontitis
Authors: Elitsa Deliverska, Milena Petkova

Design & Simulation of DC-DC Boost Type PWM based Solar Charge Controller for Constant Output Power under Partial Shading Conditions
Authors: Nilesh .V. Memane, V. S. Ponkshe

Study of the Effect of Electro-co-deposition on Transmission Gears
Authors: B S Praveen Kumar, K M Narayanappa

Prosthetic Treatment of a Patient with Maxillary Defect
Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov, Mariana Dimova-Gabrovska

A Comparative Analysis on the Effect of Various Controllers for Shunt Active Power Filter
Authors: Vandana A. Sharma, Prajakta A. Kharote

Efficient Technique for Cancer Prediction Using ANN Classification Based on pH Parameter
Authors: Rakesh Godi, Dr. Narendra B Mustare

An Analysis of the Predictive Relationship of ICT Challenges and Work Motivation of Lecturers to Overall ICT Integration in Universities in Harare, Zimbabwe
Authors: Dr Elisha Chamunorwa Kujeke, Prof. Kennedy Andrew Thomas

Global Education in English Classroom: Integrating Global Issues into English Language Teaching
Authors: Dr. M. Ramakrishna Reddy

Some New Bi-Measures of Fuzzy Entropy
Authors: P. Jha, Manju Verma

The Association between Waiting for Cholecystectomy and Developing Pancreatitis
Authors: Dr. Khalid Al bedah, Dr. Firas Alateeq, Dr. Ahmed Al-olah, Dr. Waleed Alshehri, Dr. Abdulhakim Alkhodair, Dr. Shomoukh Al-Sharif, Dr. Majed Juhayman, Dr. Meshaal Ahmad Aljebreen

Clinico-Pathological Study of Solitary Thyroid Nodule with Special Reference to Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
Authors: Dr. Shyam Prasad Keshri, Dr. Shashi Kumar, Dr. Shiva Thakur

Designing a Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Humanoid Walking Robot (Biped)
Authors: Abdullah Mahmud, Nishat Sultana

Implementation of LFC in Multi Area Power Systems using Conventional Controller
Authors: Neha M. Tandel, Dr. Ami T. Patel

Authors: R. Akshaya

Characterization of Breast Fibroadenoma in U/S Images Using Image Texture Analysis Techniques
Authors: Amal mammon, Mohammed Elfadil, A. H. A. Bakry

Nutritional Enhancement of Some Popular Rice Based Traditional Recipes of Chhattisgarh
Authors: Anjul Aggarwal, Aruna Palta

Removal of Active Man-made Orbital Debris
Authors: A K Sannigrahi

Theoretical Analysis of Mobile Garbage Cleaner
Authors: Vishwajeet Singh, Pragya Tiwari, Awadhesh Kumar Yadav

Estimation of Micronutrients in Fresh Kulekhara Leaves (Hygrophilla auriculata)
Authors: Chitralekha Mukherjee, Santa Datta (De)

Diagnostic value of Line Probe Assay in Childhood Tuberculosis
Authors: Dr. Shehraz Firoz, Dr. Hayat Anjum Khan

Prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy by Melatonin in Rats with STZ Induced Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Reham E. Masoud

Strategic Implications of ISO Certification and Quality Awards on Organizational Excellence in Indian Manufacturing Sector - A Review
Authors: Ravishankar S Ulle, A. N. Santosh Kumar

The use of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) to Produce Some of Topographic Maps in Mesopotamian Plain, Baghdad- Iraq
Authors: Abdulghafour Ibrahim Hamad

A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Employee Job Satisfaction on IT Project Success
Authors: Venkata S. Eedara, Raghu B. Korrapati

Data & Predictive Analytics
Authors: TVVV Prasad, Raghu B Korrapati

A Study on Digital Marketing and its Impact
Authors: P. Sathya

Family History among Iraqi Patients Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Authors: Nada A. S. Alwan

Conversion of Diesel Engine to CNG Engine and Emission Control
Authors: M Ashok Kumar, Gaddipati Akhil

A Novel Approach to Anti-Phishing Using Visual Cryptography
Authors: Sofia Backiya B., Geetha M., Sathya M., Preethika D.

Dual Pure Rickart Modules and Their Generalization
Authors: Ghaleb Ahmed

Design and Development of a Triage System in Predicting Patient Disposition using Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Udaya B Kapu, Raghu B Korrapati

Evaluation of the Inclusive Education Implementation in Public Elementary School of DKI Jakarta Province
Authors: Riana Bagaskorowati

Prevalence of Migraine among Medical Students of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Authors: Mohammed K. Alwahbi, Mohammed M. Alamri, Abdulrahman M. Alammar, Abdullah M. Alanazi, Abdulaziz G. Alotaibi, Sultan K. Alharbi, Ali A. Aljizani

Women Empowerment in India: Role of Higher Education
Authors: Ankur Kukreti, (Dr.) D. C. Agrawal

Effect of Ebola on Meat Consumption Patterns of Rural Dwellers of Tonkolili District - Northern Sierra Leone West Africa
Authors: Sanpha Kallon, Sheku. K. Moiforay, Alhajie Haroun Kamara, Tamba. S. Sonda

Acceptability of Gliricidia sepium as Protein Supplement to Panicum maximum by West African Dwarf (WAD) goats in Sierra Leone
Authors: Sheku. K. Moiforay, Sanpha. Kallon, Abdul Rahman. Sesay, Tamba. S. Sonda

Goldie Pure Rickart Modules and Duality
Authors: Ghaleb Ahmed

Vibroseis or Vibrators - Effective Seismic Energy Source in Northern Nigeria and Niger Republic Petroleum Exploration
Authors: Madu Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze, Agbo Christian Chukwudi Amoke, Aniebonam Ignatius

Effect of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles Amount Addition on Electro-Optical Properties of Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer
Authors: Khalid Al. Ammar, Hawra'a Abd-Al Amear Salih

A Review on Removal of Heavy Metal (Cr and Cd) Using Plant Seeds for Purification of Water
Authors: Swati Gumfawar, Buddharatna J. Godboley

Evaluation of Facial Soft Tissue Thickness in Normal Adults with Different Vertical Discrepancies
Authors: Sara M. Al-Mashhadany, Hiba M.H. Al-Chalabi, Mohammed Nahidh

Algorithm for a Modified Technique on Construction of Odd Magic Squares using Basic Latin Squares
Authors: Romen T., Tomba I., Shibiraj N

Estimation of Salivary Cadmium, Calcium and Manganese Level in Periodontal Disease Patients
Authors: Suha T. Abd, Wasan L. Abdulla, Lubaba A. Samad A. AL-Ameer, Zainab J. Raheem, Aseel A. Jabor

A Structural Equation Modeling of Social Exclusion: A Study from Turkey
Authors: Neslihan Sam, Nuran Bayram

Estimation of Risk Factors for Conducting Delivery at Home among Baiga Women in Madhya Pradesh: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis
Authors: Dinesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar Goel, T. B. Singh

Moebius Syndrome: Oromandibular-limb Hypogenesis Spectrum - A Case Report
Authors: Dibin R, Bobby John, Annapoorani, Abin Ann Abraham

Control System Model of Vertical Conveyor using Low Power FPGA Controller for Micro-Grid Applications
Authors: Ritu Sahu, Rishabh Shukla

Prevalence of Health Status and Reproductive Profile of Adolescent Girls in Urbanslum Area
Authors: Dr. Sudipta Patnaik, Dr. Rajat Mohanty

Pregnancy Outcome after Antepartum Diagnosis of Oligohydramnios Amniotic Fluid Index <5 CM at or beyond 34 Weeks of Gestation
Authors: Dr. R. Sri Aishwarya, Dr. Lavanya .K

Fibrewise Bitopological Spaces
Authors: Y. Y. Yousif, L. A. Hussain

Possibilities for Breathing Improvement in Patients with Unilateral Postoperative Defects of the Upper Jaw
Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov

Comparison of MANET Routing Protocols Used in Home Health-Monitoring System for Elderly Patients
Authors: Mohammad Hamoud, Rita Hassoun, Ahmad Mahmoud, Mothanna Alkubeily, Ahmad Sleiman Ahmad

Stem Cell Markers Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) & Cluster of Differentiation (CD44) Expression in Colon Cancer Patients in Relation to Prognosis and Survival
Authors: Lobna A. Abdelaziz, Ola A. Megahed, Ola A. Harb, Loay M. Gertallah, Ahmed M. Sallam

Replacement of Multiunit Joined Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns with an Esthetic Separated CAD/CAM All Ceramic Crowns: Clinical and Technical Report
Authors: Dr. Ali Mansour Alqahtani, Dr. Saeed Awad Bin Hassan, Dr. Mohammed M Al-Moalee

Fibrewise Soft Topolgical Spaces
Authors: Y. Y. Yousif, M. A. Hussain

Evaluation of A Novel Formulation from Functional Foods for Hypoglycemic and Weight Loss Activities in High-Fat Balb/C Mice
Authors: Hun Alhasin Salem, Moklesur Rahman Sarker

Noise Reduction Using Arithmetic Mean Filtering (A Comparison Study of Application to Different Noise Types)
Authors: Oyesina Kayode Adedotun, Ogunlade Michael Adegoke

The Distribution Hearing Loss in Elderly Patients at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar since 2011-2014
Authors: Made Wiranadha

Intellectual Reactance of Ink
Authors: Parag Dnyandeo Nathe

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