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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Blind Assist Stick Using Microcontroller          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Application of Augmented Reality to Interactive Learning Systems          ||          A Review on Home Automation using Augmented Reality          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Android Mobile Based Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality          ||          Design and Control of Defense Robot Based On Virtual Reality          ||          Augmented Reality-Based Learning Medium for Autistic Children          ||          Learning Media Development Based Technology of Augmented Reality In Inorganic Chemicals Culture          ||          Effectiveness Analysis of Geometry Learning of 3-Dimensional Form with Augmented Reality Method          ||          The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: An Analytical Study          ||          Leaf Epidermal Studies in Some Araceae          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Fungal Flora of Some Medicinal Plants          ||          M2M Architecture for Enhancing the Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7          ||         

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Screening of Anthraquinones and Assessment of Antimicrobial Activities of Ethanol Extracts of AdansoniadigitataL., Sudan
Authors: M. H. A. Suleiman, Y. A. I. Ahmed, A. A. Osman

A Review Paper on Development of Visual Cryptography Technique for Authentication Using Facial Images
Authors: Bhagyashri P. Kandalkar, G. D. Dalavi

Improvement Skull Stripping Algorithm of MRI Brain Images Based on Fuzzy Morphological Operation
Authors: Shaima Abd El-Kader, Mohamed Morse, Mohy Eldin A. Abo-Elsoud, Rasheed Mokhtar

Concrete In Hot Weather Conditions-Challanges - Precautions
Authors: Dr. S. Vijaya Mohan Rao

NoSQL Database: Cassandra is a Better Option to Handle Big Data
Authors: Dr. Kishor H. Atkotiya, Parag C. Shukla

Postoperative Complications of Thyroidectomy
Authors: Bode Rovena, Celiku Etmond

Splenic Torsion in a Twin Premature 4 Month-Old Child Diagnosed by Color Doppler Sonography
Authors: Besa Hidri, Dritan Alushani

Optimization of Trust Management Scheme for Multi Cloud Environment
Authors: Ruchira Tare, Rupali Pandharpatte

Scaling up Machine Learning Algorithms for Large Datasets
Authors: Manju Joy

The Various Approaches for Sentiment Analysis: A Survey
Authors: M. Dorothy, S. Rajini

Solving Hybrid Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations by Milne
Authors: S. Ruban Raj, M. Saradha

Reproductive Biology and Phenology of Croton scabiosus Bedd. - An Endemic Tree Species of Southern Eastern Ghats of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh
Authors: L. Nagireddy, S. Nazaneen Parveen, T. Pullaiah

Survey on RedTacton: An Innovative Human Area Networking Technology
Authors: Rahul Shirbhate, Vishal Mogal

Causes of Delays in any Construction Project
Authors: Naikwadi Sumaiyya R., Khare Pranay R.

(k,d)-Mean Labeling of Some Family of Trees
Authors: B. Gayathri, V. Sulochana

Equal Wings: Women and Men- Partnership for a Healthy Planet
Authors: Lalita Sharma

Microcontroller Based Power Factor Correction Using IC L6561
Authors: Priya S. Devkar

Face Recognition and Hand Gesture Analysis System
Authors: Sunny Shahdadpuri, Bhagwat Kakde

Cyber Crime: Critical View
Authors: Rita Dewanjee, Dr. R. Vyas

A Three Level Graphical Password Scheme for Providing High Degree of Security
Authors: Pranita H. Mokal, R. N. Denikar

Survey on Preventing Cross Web Site Request Forgery Attacks with Activation Link
Authors: Kadambari Pradip Chaudhari, Manisha Tijare

Implementation of Autonomous Metal Detection Robot with Image and Message Transmission using Cell Phone
Authors: Naresh P. Jawarkar, Vasif Ahmed

Study of Various Techniques of Appendicular Stump Closure during Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Authors: Dr. Amey Doke, Dr. Jayant Gadekar

Incidence of Obstetric Acute Renal Failure (ARF) at Tertiary Referral Centre in Central Maharashtra Region
Authors: Dr. Garudkar Sharad, Brig (Dr.) Arun Tyagi

Routing in WSN using ACO
Authors: Vaishali B Nikhade, R. N. Devikar

Network-Aware Virtual Machine Placement in the Cloud
Authors: Pramod Gavali, S. P. Pingat

A Collective Survey on Methodology of Frequent Item Pattern Mining on Web Information
Authors: Sonali Abhane, P. D. Lambhate

Predicting Bus Arrival Time with GPS on Android Application
Authors: Deeksha Bhardwaj, Sandip Daphal, Anand Nerkar

Optimization of Reproducible Biochemical Genotype for Population: The Case of Trifolium Alexandrinum L., Fabacae
Authors: S. Rouz, F. Ben Jeddi, M.Zouaghi, Z. Ghrabi-Gammar

A Survey of Relevant Text Content Summarization Techniques
Authors: Priya Ganguly, Dr. Prachi Joshi

A Comprehensive Survey on Agricultural Image Processing
Authors: Vivek Ugale, Deepak Gupta

Study of Primary Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty in Fracture Neck Femur
Authors: Dr. Umang Shihora, Dr. Paras Motwani

Analysis of Frequent Item set Mining of Electronic Evidence using ISPO Tree based on Map/Reduce
Authors: Pranav Kumar Bhadane, R. V. Patil

Numerical Study of Electromagnetic Interaction between a Radio Frequency Sources and the Human Head
Authors: Bouali Lazhar, Djennah Mohammed

Photojournalism as a Core Journalism Course Unit: Challenges and Solutions. A Survey of Some Universities in Rwanda
Authors: Henry Mapesa

Recurrent Mesenteric Fibromatosis
Authors: Tejas A P, Revanasiddappanadgir, Harish Kumar

Influence of Basic Variables on Micronucleii Frequency in General Population of FB & H
Authors: Mirela Mackic-Durovic, Izeta Aganovic-Musinovic, Orhan Lepara, Slavka Ibrulj

A Survey Paper on an On-Line Intrusion Detection Approach to Identify Low-Rate Dos Attacks
Authors: Dipali Vaidya, Prof. Sonal Fatangare

Study of Various Human Traits in accordance to Hardy-Weinberg
Authors: Rashmi Kohli, Neelam Sharma

Wind Energy Generation Integrated to Grid System: Power Quality Issues
Authors: Dipesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. S. P. Shukla

The High Speed Multiplier by using Prefix Adder with MUX and Vedic Multiplication
Authors: Vishal Galphat, Nitin Lonbale

Efficient Method for Detecting and Localizing Concept Drifts from Event Logs In Process Mining
Authors: Trupti Kakkad, Dr. Rahila Sheikh

A Novel Structural Analysis Program by Stiffness Method for Analysis of Trusses
Authors: Azhar Uddin, Sumit Pahwa

Performance Analysis of Various Secret Sharing Techniques
Authors: Surbhi Sharma, Pradeep Kumar

Correlation between Soil Mycoflora and Productivity under Influence of Organic and Inorganic Inputs Applied Field of Cajanus cajan.
Authors: Shaikh, N. F., Gachande B. D.

Pattern and Problems of Xenobiotic Exposure and Envenomation Registry Analysis in North West Region, India
Authors: Dr. B Kumar, Dr. Subodh Kumar, Mohamed Ali Jamesha

Reliable Resource Allocation for Energy Constrained Mobile Grid Systems
Authors: Dr. S. Thenmozhi, S. Kavithabharathi

A Methodological Survey on MapReduce for Identification of Duplicate Images
Authors: Amol S. Deshmukh, Prof. P. D. Lambhate

Cloud Bursting, Brokerage and Aggregation with Load Balancing
Authors: Snehlata Mishra, Ritu Tondon

A Methodological Survey for Fire Detection in Camera Surveillance
Authors: Rohini Jadhav, P. D. Lambhate

Evaluation of Electric Energy Generation from Sound Energy Using Piezoelectric Actuator
Authors: Mohana Faroug Saeed Attia, Afraa Ibraheim Mohmmed Abdalateef

A Study on Multi Server Fuzzy Queuing Model in Triangular and Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers Using Alpha Cuts
Authors: S. Thamotharan

Subsurface Alluvial Stratigraphy for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water using Geoelectrical Technique around Southwestern Part of Varanasi District, U.P., India
Authors: G. S. Yadav, S. K. Singh

A Collective Study for Document Recommendation Using Textual Conversation Keywords
Authors: Snehalata M. Lad, Aruna Gupta

Survey Paper on Attribute Based Encryption in Disruption Tolerant Network
Authors: Vishwajeet Mete, Deepali Gothawal

Effect of an Organophosphorus Pesticide on Exposure to the Indian Tiger Prawn, Penaeus Monodon
Authors: Fiona Paulose, Sherly Williams E

Context Awareness in Data Mining Applications
Authors: Sanjeevani S. Dhaneshwar, Manisha R. Patil

Pattern of Diabetic Foot Disorder in King Khalid Hospital, Hail, Saudi Arabia (2013)
Authors: Prof. Safia Moussa, Dr. Amirah Alshammeri, Waad Fahd Youssef Al-Shammary, Najd Saad Alshammeri, Yasmin Saud Alsugh

Awareness among Educated Mothers about Sexually Transmitted Disease Aids
Authors: Veena Rani

Investigation of Laminar Flow of Fluid with One Porous Bounding Wall
Authors: Ramesh Yadav, Manju Agarwal, Vivek Joseph

Extraction Techniques for Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water Samples
Authors: Hiba Abdalla Mahgoub

Maximizing System Reliability of a Four Stage RAP with Two Chance Constraints Having Stochastic Reliability Components
Authors: Sanat Kumar Mahato

A Survey On: Distance Based Outlier Detection
Authors: Smita Patil, P. D.Chouksey

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising In Mature Cystic Teratoma - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Jasmine Chug, Dr. Kuldip Singh Chahal

Status of Antioxidant Enzymes and Mercury Levels Between Traditional Gold Miners and Non Miners
Authors: Siti Thomas Zulaikhah

Effect of Two Months Naturopathy Treatment in Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Authors: Rukamani Nair, Deepali Saxena, Ranjna Chawla, V. R. Sood, Akhil Jain

FTIR Spectroscopy
Authors: Geeta Verma (nee Singh)

Radiation Synthesis and Characterization of Cholesterol Molecularly Imprinted Polymer of Crosslinked Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
Authors: EL-Sayed A. Hegazy, Gilane M. Sabry, Magda K. Ezz, H. Kamal, S. Lotfy, Somaya Zakaria Mansour, Dina Hassan Eissa

Micropropagation Studies in Medicinal Plant Tylophora asthmatica (L.F.) Wight & Arn
Authors: Vinod Jogdand, Vishwanath Waghmare, Narayan Pandhure

Prediction of Engine Emissions Characteristics by Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks (RBFNN)
Authors: R. Ramachandra, V. Pandurangadu

Allelic Variation and Haplotype Structure of the Dopamine Receptor Gene DRD2 in Naga Tribes of Manipur, India
Authors: Tabitha Panmei, Gangaina Kameih, Siuli Mitra, Gautam K. Kshatriya

Software Engineering Testing Research
Authors: H H Dangi

Survey on Content Prefetching for Mobile User from Cloud with less Energy Conserving Transmission Protocol
Authors: Nitin R. Kankure, Vina M. Lomate

Survey on a Novel Approach for Web Service - Security Testing to Improve Web Service Robustness
Authors: Vina M. Lomte, Jaydeep Mangle

Role of Public Sector in Economic Development A Comparative Analysis of Adam Smith
Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

Survey Paper on Elastic Search
Authors: Pragya Gupta, Sreeja Nair

Bootstrapping in Text Mining Applications
Authors: C. K. Chandrasekhar, M. R. Srinivasan, B. Ramesh Babu

Trust Based Energy Efficient Relay Selection in Multihop Wireless Network
Authors: Shraddha Patil, Pankaj Chandre

A New Technique for Dynamic Load Balancing
Authors: Suryakant Patil, Pratap Singh

Determination of Toxic Heavy Metals in Chocolate Confectionery Wrappers used by Sri Lankan Chocolate Manufacturers and It
Authors: A. R. M. Dias, I. Wickramasinghe

The Relationship between Supply Chain Strategies and Achievement of Competitive Advantage in seed Manufacturing Companies in Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Robert Arasa, Rose Mwaura, Tomas Ngui

A Survey on Smart Service Recommendation System by Applying Map Reduce Techniques
Authors: Pallavi R. Desai, B. A. Tidke

A Survey on Privacy Recommendation for Images on Social Network
Authors: Kshitij S. Ahirrao, Aditi Jahangirdar

Botanical Study and in vitro Antibacterial Activity of Bersama abyssinica Fresen. (Melianthaceae) on Multi-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains
Authors: Kouadio BENE, Nathalie K. GUESSENND, Djeneb CAMARA, Guede N. ZIRIHI, et Mireille DOSSO

An Algorithm for Distributed Fault-Tolerant Topology Control in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Apeksha R. Buchude, Mohasin B. Tamboli

A Survey on Knowledge Extraction from WSN
Authors: Priyanka Pandit, Swarupa Kamble

Quantitative Approach towards Genealogical Relationship of South Halmahera Languages Group
Authors: Jumahir Jamulia

Relation of Magnet, Current and Structure of Matter
Authors: Rajatava Mukhopadhyay

Sum of Orthogonal Bimatrices in Cnxn
Authors: S. Jothivasan

Compact Toeplitz Operators on pluriharmonic Bergman spaces

Leadership Style and Staff Retention in Organisations
Authors: Bernard Muhangi Wakabi

Information Therapy
Authors: Ajitha Nancy Rani, V. Hemavathy

Epidemiology of Brain Tumors in Mangalore
Authors: Dr. Suchitra A Shetty, Dr. Shreesha Khandige

Histopathological Study and Categorization of Brain Tumors in Mangalore
Authors: Dr. Suchitra A Shetty, Dr. Shreesha Khandige

Detection and Avoidance of Clone Attack in WSN Using Neighbor Witness Node
Authors: Ghansham Dass, Rishideep Singh

Characteristics of New Primary Oral Cancer (Sp-C1) Cell and Antitumor Activity of Oligonucleotide p27Kip1 Sense on a Sp-C1 Cell
Authors: Supriatno, Sartari Entin Yuletnawati

Shared Image Privacy Preserving Using Adaptive Prediction
Authors: Mohini Shinde, Tanuja Dhope

Feature Extraction of Thyroid Nodule US Images Using GLCM
Authors: Priti Shivaji Dhaygude, S. M. Handore

Review of Developments in Methods of Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks
Authors: Prof. A. B. Kansae, Dr. S. R. Gengaje

Ascorbic Acid (antioxidant) in Ailanthus excelsa and Balanites aegyptiaca and Effect of Growth Regulators and Salts on it in vitro
Authors: Kavita Sharma, Asha Goswami

Sexual Dimorphism of Morphometrics and Meristics of Carangoides Bajad (Forsskal, 1775) and Caranx Melampygus (Cuvier, 1833) from the Southern Red Sea, Egypt
Authors: Usama M. Mahmoud, Sahar F. Mehanna, Ashraf S. Mohammad

Survey on Privacy Preservation for Multi-Keyword Search on Data Network
Authors: Nilima S. Kasar, Vitthal S. Phad

Evaluation of Some Non Invasive Predictors for Presence of Esophageal Varices in Patients with Compensated HCV Positive Cirrhosis
Authors: Hoda AbdEl-Aziz Elhady MD, Ashraf A. Hammam MD, Sahar A. Elnimr MD, Asmaa M. H. Osh MD

The Effect of Adathoda vasica Extract on the Haematology and Protein Content of Black Moor- Carassius auratus
Authors: Ambili T, Reenamole G. R, George D

A Study of Single Electron Transistor (SET)
Authors: Monika Gupta

Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Mesoporous Silica for Removal of Nonylphenolethoxylates Surfactant from Aqueous Solution
Authors: Sameer H. Kareem, Qutban Ibrahim

A Quantum Statistical Calculation of Nuclear Quadrupole Moment in Metallic Zinc
Authors: B C Rai

Key Aggregate Method for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage Using MD5
Authors: Varsha S. Kadam, R. H. Kulkarni

Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
Authors: Ashok Kumar, Raghwendra K. Dewesh

Secured Group Data Sharing Over Cloud by Using Key Aggregate and Searchable Techniques
Authors: Patil Snehal

A Review on Optimized Transmission of Images with OFDM over AWGN Channel Using Trigonometric Transforms
Authors: D. A. Patne, P. N. Pusdekar

Exploiting the Best of Ubuntu and Human Rights for Moral Regeneration: Community Perceptions, Sidhakeni Area, Zhombe District, Zimbabwe
Authors: Ndondo Shepherd

A Review on Disease Inference Techniques
Authors: Rasla Azeez, Anu Prabhakar

Effect of Yoga on Depression and Somatic Symptoms of Women Labourers
Authors: Naorem Shyami Devi, Dr. Naorem Jiteswori Devi, Dr. Ashween Shashikant Bilagi

CD56 and CD19 Antigens Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Identifies Patients with Adverse Prognosis in Egypt
Authors: Shereen El Shorbagy M.D., Rasha Haggag M.D., Nashwa Alazizi M.D., Tarek Abouzeid M.D

Research in Continuing Education Programme
Authors: C. Meribha Christy, V. Hemavathy

Giant Intrathoracic Pleural Lipoma
Authors: Dr. Chandan Kumar Saha, Dr. Sayar Kumar Munshi

Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of Root Canal Dentin Irrigated with a Chitosan-Citrate Solution: A Preliminary Report
Authors: Gusiyska A, Vassileva R, Dyulgerova E, Ilieva R, Mironova J, Gyulbenkiyan E

Survey on Seizure Reports from Clandestine Labs
Authors: P. Ramina, M. Vanitha

Attenuation of Ischaimia Reperfusion Induced Myocardial Cell Injury in Rat Heart by Calpastatin
Authors: Rashmi Arora

Nano-Mechanical Modeling of Thermoelastic Behavior of AA6061/Silicon Oxide Nanoparticulate Metal Matrix Composites
Authors: Chennakesava R Alavala

On Our Psychological Picture of the Universe
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Pathohistological Aspects of Inflammatory Cysts
Authors: Oliver Dimitrovski, Vanco Spirov, Blagoja Dashtevski

New Approach for Detection of Ultra Trace Amounts of Organic Compounds as Markers of Predict to Exploration of Petroleum Reservoir by Cloud Point Extraction Combined with UV-VIS Spectrophotometry and GC-MS Techniques
Authors: Jameel M. Dhabab, Zuhair A. A. Khammas, Ali Jaafar

Big File Cloud Storage (BFCS): Distributed Storage Service with De-Duplication and Secure Storage
Authors: Sukruti Gajare, R. A. Khan

Reproduction of African Tigrine Frog Hoplobatrachus occipitalis in Banco National Park (Ivory Coast)
Authors: Blayda Tohe, N

Growth Performance of Archachatina Marginata Bred on the Substrate Amended with Industrial Calcium: Mikhart
Authors: Kouassi Kouadio Daniel, Aman Jean-Baptiste, Karamoko Mamadou

Toxicological Studies on a Soil Micro-Arthropod: An Indication on the Potential Threat in Soil Humus Formation
Authors: Balamurali R. S., Sanalkumar M. G., Nandakumar S., Aswathy R.

A Detection of the Quality of Sound Gear based on Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Authors: Benedictor Alexander Nguchu

Study of Pap Smear Examination in Patients with Complaint of Vaginal Discharge
Authors: Dr. Kinara Patel, Dr. Himani Patel

A Review on Various Approaches for Data Hiding
Authors: Sukhjinder Pal Kaur, Sonika Jindal

A Novel Approach to the Synthesis of Some Naphthofuran Derivatives Bearing Polar Substituents for Studying their Antimicrobial Activity
Authors: Dr. Amar Singh Yadav, Kaman Singh

Effect of Leptadeniahastata ETHANOLIC Extract in Wistar Rats
Authors: Bakodo Pwainginomi Confidence, Nadro Margaret Samuel, Panuel Boniface

Spindle Epithelial Tumor with Thymus-Like Differentiation (Settle): A Distinctive Malignant Thyroid Neoplasm: A Case Report
Authors: Nikhil Majethia

Impact of Air Pollution on Carotenoid and Chlorophyll Contents in Three Forest Reserves in Edo State, Nigeria
Authors: Ogboru R.O, Okolie L.P, Idibie C. A

Ultrasonographic Renal Length and Parenchymal Thickness in Normal Sudanese Population
Authors: Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B., Adil A. Mansour, M. E. M. Gar-elnabi, Elsir Ali Saeed

The Influence of Euphorbia Milii Flower Extract in the Activity of Th17 through IL-17 Secretion in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infected Mice
Authors: Ni Made Linawati, Dewa Made Sukrama, Made Mertaniasih

Ecosystem Threat Assessment Using Relative Scoring Method Analysis
Authors: Nandakumar S., Sanalkumar M. G., Balamurali R. S

Mucus Flow in Human Lung Airways: Effects of Air Velocity, Cilia Tip Velocity and Porosity Parameter
Authors: S. M. Tripathee, V. S. Verma

Stress Level among Indonesian Train Drivers
Authors: Caecilia Hari Moerti, Hardianto Iridiastadi, Iftikar Z. Sutalaksana

Authors: B. Sai Shankar, Dr. C. Joyce Priyakumari

A Survey on Image Inpainting Techniques to Reconstitute Remotely Sensed Images
Authors: Rohini B. Late, N. G. Dharashive

Review Paper on Identifying Features in Opinion Mining via Intrinsic and Extrinsic Domain Relevance
Authors: Swapnil More, Preeti Kale

Manure Management Risks and Ownership of Peri-Urban Poultry Enterprises in Western Kenya
Authors: Nyende Kefa Osolo, Wakhungu Jacob Wanambacha, John Obiri

Virtual Screening through Substructure Matching
Authors: Kunal Sonalkar, Akshay Jain

Portage and Labour in Northern Middle Congo from 1900 to 1960
Authors: Dr. Dominique OBA

A Ground Work on Optimization Problem Under Multi-Choice Set
Authors: Gurupada Maity

Authors: S. Saradhadevi S., V. Hemavathy

Conductometric Study of Substitutedthiocarbamidonaphthols in 70% Ethanol
Authors: A. B. Wadekar, D. T. Tayade

Influence of Strategic Leadership on Implementation of Tactical Decisions in Public Universities in Kenya
Authors: Catherine K Ogaja, George Kimiti K.

Parents, The First to Notice Retinoblastoma in Their Children
Authors: Eralda LECI, Altin JUSUFATI

Role of Negative Suction Drain in Subcutaneous Plane in Reducing Laprotomy Wound Infection
Authors: Khan A. Q, Mahesh Kodalkar

Content Leakage Detection by Using Traffic Pattern for Trusted Content Delivery Networks by Comparing Videos of Different Lengths
Authors: Motade Vaishali S, Deepak Gupta

Anti-Oxidant Activity of Carica Papaya Seed Extracts on Indomethacin-Induced Ulcer in Rats
Authors: Gadzama P. A, Wurochekke A. U, Mahmoud, S. J.

A Comparative Study to Assess the Physical Parameters of Newborns Delivered at term to a Mother with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Term Normal Pregnancy
Authors: Manisha Shinde Jotwar

World Wide Web Metasearch Using TF-IDF Method
Authors: S. P. Phadtare, S. B. Magdum

Effect of Iron Supplementation on Plasma Lipid Levels in Pregnant Anemic Women
Authors: Amit Kumar Mani Tiwari, Abbas Ali Mahdi, Sanjay Mishra

A Review of Protection against Unauthorized Access Using Sub-Space Outliers Ranking
Authors: Rushikesh V. Mahalle, Parnal P. Pawade

A Study on Use of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) as Construction Material
Authors: Brajesh Mishra

Plan and Conduct a Nursing Staff Development Programme
Authors: Ajithakumari .G, V. Hemavathy

Quality Characteristics of Crackers Made From Kasuri Methi and Different Flours
Authors: Karad V. A., Jangale R. S., Karad K. A.

A Novel Embedded Based Power Management System
Authors: Utsava Khare, Megha Gupta

Elastic Electron Scattering from 35Cl, 37Cl and 39K Nuclei
Authors: A A Al-Rahmani

Study of Problems and Prospects Drip Irrigation System on Chilli Crop in Barwani District of M.P. India
Authors: Ravi Bhuriya, Dr. Sandhya Choudhary, Dr. V.K. Swarnakar

Implementation of Error Detection Network in High- Speed Variable Latency Speculative Han-Carlson Adder
Authors: C. Dhanalakshmi, C. Manjula

Carcinoma of Stomach
Authors: Y. Subrahmanyam, K. Suneetha

A Survey on Feedback Session for Inferring User Search Query with CAP
Authors: Shweta K. Sirse, C. S. Biradar

Overview of Leptospirosis in Albania 2010 -2013
Authors: Luljeta Alla, Erjona Abazi, Xhelil Koleci

VLSI Based Robust Router Architecture
Authors: Pramod Kulkarni, M. N. Karanjkar

Optimizing Mitogenic Potential of HFF Cells by Ethanol Extracts of Leaves of Bersama abyssinica Fresen. (Melianthaceae) and Harrisonia abyssinica Oliv. (Simaroubaceae)
Authors: Kouadio BENE, Djeneb CAMARA

Fuzzy Logic Ant Colony based Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks towards Improved Quality of Services
Authors: J. Jayaperiya, S. Saravana Kumar

Adaptation as a Means of Translation
Authors: Dr. Tareq Ali Eadaroos Assaqaf

Code-Switching Serves a Euphemism
Authors: Rusdiah

Health Risk Assessment due to Heavy Metals in Cow Pea Cultivated in Sanganer using Textile Waste Water
Authors: Jaishree, T. I. Khan

Real Time Control of Robotic Arm Using Electromyogram (EMG) Signals
Authors: Shital B. Sonone, G. D. Dalvi

Design and Analysis of Current Mode Control of Boost Converter
Authors: S. Radhika, S. Swathi, Sarfaraz Nawaz Syed

Electricity Monitoring and Interference Reduction of Two-Wire Household Appliances Using Current and Voltage Sensor Tag
Authors: Vrushali S. Ajankar, P. N. Pusdekar

Closed Loop Contol of ZCS Interleaved High Step Up Converter for Sustainable Energy Applications
Authors: Maria T Kuriyakose, Aswathy Rajan

Oxidative Stress and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Activity in Post Menopausal Women
Authors: Swarnima Singh, Salender Singh, Dr. B. Kumar

Relationship between Total Length-Weight, Total Length-Standard Length and Total Length-Scale Length of Cirrhinus mrigala
Authors: Amrawkar Rajani S., Phulwade Durgesh N., Sonawane Smita R.

The Effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Export: A Case Study on G15 Countries
Authors: A. A. Hosseinian Dastjerdi

Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus among Sub-Urban Pulation in Makassar, Indonesia
Authors: Adam Fabiola MS, Adam John MF, Seweng A, Nang EE Khaing, Tai ES

Epidemiology of Patients with Super-Refractory Schizophrenia
Authors: Irena Thoma, Anastas Suli

The Assessment of Microbiological Indicators in the Freshwaters of Drini River and Lezha Lagoons
Authors: Anilda Kokali, Sulejman Sulce

Survey on Total Quality Management in Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries in Shah Alam
Authors: Mohd Rashdan Isa, Omar Suliman Zaroog, Sivabalan A/L Raju

Environmental Management in Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries in Shah Alam
Authors: Mohd Rashdan Isa, Omar Suliman Zaroog, Krishnakumar Kalaiarasan

Clinical Study of Retraction Pockets in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
Authors: Srikanth Myla, Ramesh Elma

Removal of Estrogen from Water Using Membrane
Authors: Smita Mohan Tahaliyani, Dr. Saniya Harish Lade

A Novel Mitigation Technique for PAPR in Mimo-OFDMA Using RBWA
Authors: Gummadi Suryaprakash, Bala Krishna Konda

A Review on Various Approaches for Attack Detection in MANET
Authors: Ravi Verma, Manasvi Mannan

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: Current & Future Status
Authors: Dr. Kinara Patel, Dr. Himani Patel

Effect of Allium sativum on the Motility and Acetylcholinesterase of Haemonchus contortus
Authors: L. Veerakumari, N. Chitra

A Review on various Approaches for Feature Extraction in CBIR
Authors: Damandeep Singh, Nitin Bhagat

Reduction of Energy Consumption and Attack Prevention in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network: A Review
Authors: Ashe Kiran, Deepinder Dhaliwal

Comparative Study of Seismic Performance of Building Having Mass Vertical Irregularity at Different Floor Levels
Authors: Manoj Kumar, Dr. Venkata G Babu

Surgical Treatment of Strabismus in Children
Authors: Alketa Tandili, Sulejman Zhungli

Callus Culture and in vitro Shoot Regeneration from Stem Segments of Endemic and Medicinally Important Caralluma lasiantha (Wight) N.E.Br.
Authors: V. Aruna, C. Kiranmai, T. Pullaiah

Low Temperature Thermal Expansion of Cubic Fullerene C60
Authors: Vinu T. P, Sreelatha K

Review on Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Enhanced with Nanoparticles
Authors: D. Nivethitha, S. Srividhya, S. Dharmar

Characterization of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in CT Images using Texture Analysis Technique
Authors: Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B., Samia A. F. Ahmed, MEM Gar-elnabi, M. A. Ali Omer, Asma I. Ahmed

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