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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Testicular Feminising Syndrome          ||          An Evaluation of the Teaching of Reading Skills of English at IIIT Andhra Pradesh          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Water Quality Assessment of Polachira Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala          ||          Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Automatic Water Level Controller          ||          Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries: Serial Case          ||          Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip Accompanied with Macrostomia: Case Report          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          Teaching Metric Relations in a Triangle through WhatsApp, A Case Study of Students in Grade 12, Section General Sciences, in a Public School in Beirut          ||          Improving Reading Skill of Freshman Students at the English Department of Kabul University          ||          Development of Edugame Mathematics Learning Media with Innovative Expository Methods in Ar Raudah Bandar Lampung Elementary School          ||          The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          Improvement of Conversion Efficiency and Enhancement in Output Power of Solar Panel          ||          Design and Analysis of Solar Panel with Tilting Arrangement          ||          Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in Solar Panels          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Legal Aspects of Aoutonomousindonesia Medical Discipline Honorary Council in the Completion of Medical Disputes          ||         

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Breast Cancer Classification using Support Vector Machine and Neural Network
Authors: Ebrahim Edriss Ebrahim Ali, Wu Zhi Feng

Survey: Anomaly Detection in Cloud Based Networks and Security Measures in Cloud Date Storage Applications
Authors: Dr. Chinthagunta Mukundha

A Study Paper : Novel Approaches for Invasive and Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Authors: Suyog Pathare, Supriya Mangalpalli

Study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Services among Rural Women in Manipur
Authors: Laishram Bina Devi

Stressors among Basic B.Sc Nursing Students of a Selected College
Authors: Maj Indira Das, Lt Col Meena Chacko

A Study to Assess the Factors Affecting Medication Compliance among Patients with Schizophrenia in a Tertiary Health Care Centre
Authors: Maj Agiwangliu Newmai, Lt Col Meena Chacko

Measuring Quality Performance of Anti-Drugs Units by Using Six - Sigma
Authors: Dr. Abdalla Ahmed Alkhalifa, Dr. Ehab Ahmed Mohammed

Developing an Organizational Geospatial Data Framework: A Case Study of Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
Authors: Hellen Wanyoike, David Kuria

Stopping Power Calculation of Protons using Bloch Correction and Semi Empirical Relation
Authors: Dr. Rashid Owaid Kadhim, Ahlam Habeeb Hussien

Design Proportional Integral Controller Using Facts Device for Voltage Compensation
Authors: Saurabh Patel, Chandra Kant Sahu

Correlated Emission Laser and Quenching of Spontaneous Emission
Authors: Aditya Dahal

Improvement of Conversion Efficiency and Enhancement in Output Power of Solar Panel
Authors: Chandra Kant Sahu, Saurabh Patel

Relevance Preserving Projection and Ranking for Web Image Search Reranking With Hierarchical Topic Awareness
Authors: Pallavi Wathore, P. B. Bhalerao

Quo Vadis of Bureaucracy Reformation on Health Sector in Perspective of Neo Weberian State
Authors: Muhammad Amir, Syahri Nehru Husain, Eka Suaib, Syamsul Alam

Next Pregnancy and Nutritional Challenges
Authors: Shadia Mohamed, Rawan Abdulaziz Alshaghdly

Importance of Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamental (CELF-2) as an Aid for Treatment Planning
Authors: Swetha Grandhi, Srilalitha Parameswaran, Stephy Varghese

Classic Biphasic Pulmonary Blastoma in an Adult Patient
Authors: Rajendra Kumar, Vijay Raturi, Manoj Jain, Dewesh Kishan, Madanlal Bhatt

Association Study of the Role of GLUT2 Receptor in Dental Caries Susceptibility, Dietary Habits and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Authors: Karayasheva D., Glushkova M., Kadiyska T., Boteva E.

Arbitrary Decision Tree for Weather Prediction
Authors: Nalanda B Dudde, Dr. S. S. Apte

Effect of Malathion on Microbial Population, Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity of Soil
Authors: Bonita Mahanta

Authors: Anju V. B., Dr. Nithin KP, Dr. Lakshmi Ravi

Spatial Variation in Infant Mortality with Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression (GWPR) Approach
Authors: Kristina Pestaria Sinaga, Manuntun Hutahaean, Petrus Gea

Pyrolysis Process Studies for Post Consumer Polyethene Waste Conversion and Upgrading of the Pyrolysis Oil
Authors: Jane Njoki Mburu, Paul Njogu Mwangi, Jackson Wachira Muthengia

Fabrication of a Novel Flexible Room Temperature Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Sensor based on Polypyrrole Films
Authors: D. M. Nerkar, S. E. Jaware, G. G. Padhye

Anticonvulsant Activity of the Decoction of Crossopteryx febrifuga in Mice
Authors: DJ Bassoueka, G. Taiwe Sotoing, G F Nsonde Ntandou, E. Ngo Bum

Comparative Study of Virtual Machine Migration Techniques and Challenges in Post Copy Live Virtual Machine Migration
Authors: Rajwinder Singh, Dr. K. S. Kahlon, Sarabjit Singh

Occurrence of Freshwater Algae in Vena River in Hinganghat area of Dist. Wardha
Authors: B. M. Rajurkar, L. P. Dalal

The Fountain of Apollonia in Illyria, A Comparative Study
Authors: Loreta Capeli

Effective Dose to Patients during Cardiac Interventional Procedures (Khartoum-Sudan)
Authors: Eitidal Hussein. Khalafalla, F. I. Habbani, M. E. M. Gar-elnabi

A Survey on One Time Password
Authors: Mirza Tanzila Maqsood, Pooja Shinde

Optimization of Economic Load Dispatch Problem by Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique-A Review
Authors: Ajay Nagar, Dhawal Sethi

Development of Electricity Sub Sector SDI: Case Study of KPLC, REA and KETRACO Kenya
Authors: Ekah Maina, Moses Murimi

A Historical Review of Ameloblastoma
Authors: Sneha Elza, Dr J. Jananee, Dr. Lakshmi Ravi

A Review Analysis on Reform New Visa (e-Tourist Visa) Policy to Encourage FTAS in India
Authors: Dinesh K. Jayswal, Dr. Mona Jaiswal

The Improvement of Meat Production at the Carpathian Goat Breed through Crossbreeding with Boer Breed
Authors: G. P. Vicovan, Ana Enciu, N. Cutova, Adriana Vicovan, R. Radu, Maria Stanciu

Job Satisfaction among Teachers Working in Government and Private Schools at Elementary Level
Authors: Mehraj Din Dar

A Review of Selected Techniques in Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Authors: Sreenu Banoth

A Survey on Automatic Bug Triage Using Data Mining Concepts
Authors: K. Reshma Revathi, Dr. S. Kirubakaran

Correlation of Microalbuminuria and Multiple Risk Factors in Acute Coronary Syndrome
Authors: Bhalavi Vaishali, Ghanekar Gayatri

A Nanorobotics - The Changing Face of Dentistry
Authors: Dr. Mehra P, Dr. Nabhi K

Social Networks: Privacy Granted and the Negative Effects for the Individual and Society
Authors: Naif A. N. Alsharabi, Redhwan Qasem Ghaleb

Waste Management: Developed and Developing
Authors: Rishabh Srivastava

Corridors and Doors Recognition from Detected Lines and Vanishing Point
Authors: Gideon Kanji Damaryam, Ovye John Abari

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by Iron Slag with Polypropylyne Fiber
Authors: P. Vignesh Kumar, R. Ranjith Kumar

Emission Norms (Case Study)
Authors: Monil Shah, Chirag Mistry, Naresh Shimpi

Wireless Condition Monitoring Technique of Power Transformer and Formulation of Health Index
Authors: Bhoopesh Nemichand Chaudhari, Makarand Sudhakar Ballal

On The Ternary Cubic Diophantine Equation 5(x2 + y2)
Authors: Dr. G. Janaki, P. Saranya

Case Report on Forgotten Vaginal Pessary Leading to Incarceration
Authors: Dr. Shradha, Dr (Prof.) P. B. Sahay

Smallholder Farmers
Authors: Mohamed H. Mpina, Kirimbo Godlove

Competence of Special Committee Members of Regional People's Representative Assembly
Authors: La Ode Sahili, Usman Rianse, Gunawan, Muhammad Nur Yamin

Authors: Dr. Samuel Jeyaraj Daniel MD DVL

The Effect of Back Massage on Let Down Reflex among Mothers Who Had Undergone Cesarean Section
Authors: Bhagyashree Anil Jogdeo, Dr. Nilima R. Bhore

Symbolic Communication Behavior Construction of Peasant in the Konawe Industrial Zone
Authors: Sumadi Dilla, Weka Widayati, Bahtiar, Dasmin Sidu

Application of Modified Taguchi Method in Process parameter Selection of the Resistance Spot Welding
Authors: Dr. V. V. Satyanarayana, K. Rajesh Kumar, V. Ramalingeswar Rao

Study on
Authors: J. Annammal, R. Indirajith

Web Based Air Pollution Monitoring System (Air Pollution Monitoring Using Smart Phone)
Authors: Shilpa R. Khodve, A. N. Kulkarni

Optimization of Pipe Finning Process with Engineering Principles
Authors: Kiran Ashok Salunke, Vishakha Lambhate, Utkarsha Jadhav, Saurabh Kumbhar

Management of Acute Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Nonpregnant Women
Authors: Odeta Hoxhaj, Maksim Gjoni

The Space and the Physical Time Are Interdependent On Each-Other: The Numbers Associated With the Measurement of the Physical Time Are Macroscopic, Abstract and Deviation from Idealism
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Effect of Petroleum on Haematological Parameters and Lead Level in Fuel Attendants in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: Christian Serekara Gideon; Elekima Ibioku; Obisike Uchechukwu Achor; Aleru Constancy Prisca

A Simulation Study on M/M/1 Queuing Model in a Medical Centre
Authors: S. Shanmugasundaram, P. Umarani

Tariff Planning in Urban Bus Transportation for Pristina
Authors: Bashkim Cerkini, Thoma Mitre

Journey of Regionalism on and along the track of Nationalism and Federalism in Indian Democracy- A Critical Geo-Political Analysis
Authors: Rabin Das, Ramu Guchhait

The Assessment of the Knowledge of Health Care Operators on Paliative Care in Vlora Hospital
Authors: Mcs. Juljana Xhindoli, RN. Viola Cako, Msc. Mimoza Llavdaniti, MD. Kreshnik Shehu, MD. Julinda Shehu

Assessment of Dental Emerge Base on Age in Sundanese People Using Panoramic Radiograph
Authors: Yetty Herdiyati Nonong, Lusi Epsilawati

Analysis of Combined Convective Heat Transfer in Inverted T Shape Channel under Buoyancy
Authors: Vidya G. Kalebag, R. A. Kathar

Study of Flotation Parameters for Copper Recovery from Tennantite Ore
Authors: Peter Solozhenkin, Olga Ibragimova, Elena Emelyanenko, Julia Yagudina

Perception of Local Community on Corporate Social Responsibility of Brewery Firms in Ethiopia
Authors: Fentaye Kassa Hailu, K. Rama Mohana Rao

Optimization of Physiochemical Conditions for the Production of Catechol-2, 3-dioxygenase from Phenol Degrading Bacteria under Submerged Fermentation
Authors: Mukesh Kumar Singh, Bhawana, Ajay Kumar

An Optimized Design of High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder with Variable Latency Extension
Authors: Monisha .T .S, Senthil Prakash .K

Study of Factors Influencing Cost Overruns: An Overview
Authors: Abhimanyu S. Rathi, Pravin V.Khandve

An Overview of Ocean Pollution
Authors: Ruchira Shinde, Sagar Gawande

Routine Parathyroid Autotransplantation during Total Thyroidectomy: Prospective Study of the Outcomes
Authors: Dr. Ashok Kshirsagar, Dr. Nitin Nangare, Dr. Aditya Phadke, Dr. Mahesh Reddy, Dr. Shruti Panickar, Dr. Madhavendra Kabra, Dr. Ujwal Kumar

An Impacted Foreign Body (A Betel Nut) in Umbilicus with Umbilical Hernia
Authors: Dr. Vikrant Patel, Dr. Iliyas Juneja, Dr. Bhavesh V. Vaishnani, Dr. Jatin Bhatt

Correlation between Hand Grip Strength and Shoulder Power in Cricket Players
Authors: Dr. Sathya .P, Dr. Vasanthi Kadhiravan, K. S. Ramakrishnan, Trupti Milind Vedak

Survey on Spatial Domain Dynamic Template Matching Technique for Scanning Linear Barcode
Authors: Snehal Jadhav, S. K. Bhatia

Dynamics of Heavy Rain Spells over India during 2005
Authors: S. S. Naik, P. S. Salvekar

Early Marriage Impact on Female
Authors: Ishita Roy, Amit Kumar Sarker

Larvicidal Efficacy of Crude Essential Oil (Leaf Extracts) of Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum: Compositae), Eucalyptus camaldulensis Sm (Myrtaceae) and Nicotiana tabaccum (Tobacco L.) (Solanaceace) against Third Instar Larvae of the Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles (Diptera: Culicidae)
Authors: Glenn O. Araka, John Ochora, Johnstone Wakhisi

Employees in Ghana Attitude toward the Marketing Concept Operation in Organizations
Authors: Benjamin Tawia Ansu, Kwabena Obeng-Asare

Phytochemical Screening of Achyranthes aspera Linn
Authors: Mahesh Ningwal, Rajendra Chauhan

A Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors of Senile Cataract in Tea Garden Community in Dibrugarh District, Assam, India
Authors: Dr. Sheshadra Krishna Sonowal, Dr. Jawahar Jyoti Kuli, Dr. Gourangie Gogoi

The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE): A Qualitative Study evaluating Nursing Student
Authors: Afaf AbdAlla, Khalid Mohammed

Role of Dendritic Cells in Chronic HCV Infection and its Correlation with Interferon and Ribavirin Treatment Outcomes
Authors: Ahmad Khalaf, Abdallah, A. El-Bially, Mohamed A. Abdeldayem

An Overview of Controlling Vehicle Direction Using Brain Rhythms
Authors: Sweta VM, Sunita P Sagat, Manisha Mali

Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Large Group Teaching
Authors: Dr. K. Raadhika, Dr. M. Malathi, Dr. M. Shanthi

Effective Dose Evaluation for Chest and Abdomen X-ray Examinations
Authors: Taha M. T., Kutbi R. A., Allehyani S. H.

To Study the Difference of Proximate Composition during Pre and Post- Monsoon Season of Esomus danricus and Puntius sophore
Authors: Sanjrambam Sanayaima Devi, Wangkheimayum Vidyarani Devi

Multiple Attribute Based Data Security in Cloud Computing
Authors: Nitica Bir, Maninder Kaur

Tympanometric Evaluation in Cerebral Palsy Patients in Benin City Nigeria
Authors: Akpalaba I. O., Ogisi F.O.

The Prevalence of Heart Failure in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery Disease in Albania
Authors: Anida Tulo, Sokol Myftiu, Jonida Klosi, Genc Burazeri

3-D CT Scan Images for Elective Mandibular Surgeries
Authors: Dr. G. Satheesh, MDS, Dr. Ajay Kumar Jagdish, Dr. J.Jananee

Prevalence of SI and NSI among Nurses in Northern West Bank Hospitals / Palestine
Authors: Mariam Amer Al-Tell, Bushra Jamal Almurr

Management of HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Interventions: A Case for Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) Monitoring Within the Nairobi City Council
Authors: Muma Francis K.

Development of Chicken Meat Cutlets Incorporating Sesame Seeds
Authors: Kanchan Kumari

Perception of Stress among Adolescents Living in Poverty and their Coping Strategies: A Correlation Study
Authors: Alka Dixit, Dr. Jatinder K. Gulati

Arranging Sports-Recreation and Health-Improving Activities by Students
Authors: I. B. Akinshina, I. F. Isaev, E. A. Karabutova

Implementation of Inquiry Based Learning to Improve Understanding the Concept of Electric Dynamic and Creative Thinking Skills (An empirical study in Class IX Junior High School Students State 4 Kendari)
Authors: Nurhadi, Lukman, Roswati Abas, Erni, Yuliana, Hamrina

Validation of Criteria for Smear Review Following Automated Blood Cell Analysis in Ain Shams University Laboratory
Authors: Azza S Eldanasoury, Noha H Boshnak, Raghda E Abd El Monem

Effectiveness of Therapeutically Applied Behavior, Language and Fine Motor Occupational Therapy Sessions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Aged 18 Months - 5 Years
Authors: Aastha Goel, Pooja Singh, Malavika Samnani

Sensory Problems in Children with Epilepsy
Authors: Pooja Singh, Chavan Shashidhar Rao

Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Preschool Curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis, Sensory Integration and Learning Approaches in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Authors: Aastha Goel, Pooja Singh, Malavika Samnani

Fast Computation Using High Radix Signed Digit Number with Different Adders
Authors: Mahendra Prasad Sharma

Design and Analysis of BEC and GDI Technique Using Carry Select Adder
Authors: Mohitha .I .K, Priyadharsini .T

Diversity of Avifauna from Dandoba Hill Forest and its Surrounding Areas (Dist - Sangli)
Authors: S. B. More

Estimates of an Eigen Value of Some Isoperimetric Inequalities
Authors: Osman Abdallah A. OS, Mohammed Nour A. Rabih, Muntasir Suhail D. S

Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens in Human Environment (ATM Machine)
Authors: Vijayalakshmi .M, Ranjitsingh .A .J .A, Uma Maheswari .S, G. Athinarayanan

A Review: FPGA Implementation of Reconfigurable Digital FIR Filter
Authors: Pradnya D. Shahare, Samrat S. Thorat

Synthesis, Electrochemical Characterization of Al2O3-CeO2 Mixed Oxide Nano Particles
Authors: R. R. Muthuchudarkodi, S. Kalaiarasi

A Survey on Reversible Data Hiding
Authors: Amita Anil Ghadyalji, Dr. Prashant V. Ingole

Effect Alkaline Additive to Polyester-based Composite for Biomedical Applications
Authors: Ismail Ibrahim Marhoon, Waleed Asim Hanna

Effect of Extrinsic Perturbation by Transverse Pressure, Bending and Tension Birefringence
Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao

An Application of Similarity Measure of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Set based on distance in Medical Diagnosis
Authors: Dr. N. Sarala, B. Suganya

Access Management and Control using NFC
Authors: Swastika Shukla, Prachi Shroff, Vivek Nair, Rijo Kuruvilla

Hematological Parameters versus Serum Vitamin B12 Levels in the Diagnosis of Vitamin B12 Deficiency Neurological Deficits
Authors: Dr. Akash, Dr. L. Krishnamurthy, Dr. P. Shashikala Krishnamurthy

Study of the Properties of Absorption and Transmission of Borax glass and Windows Glass Coated by Vanadium Oxides by using Helium Neon (He
Authors: Safa Osman Zacharia Adam, Mahmoud Hamid Mahmoud Hilo

An Energy Efficient WSN through Watchdog Optimization
Authors: Muhammed Swalih .K .T, Akila .M

The Influence of Gender on Conflict Management Styles: A Study among Employees of Public Banks in Ethiopia
Authors: Asemamaw Tilahun Debas, E. A. Narayana

Improved Key Management and Security in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Kiran .E, T. Nivethitha

The Effect of Selected Aspect of Garbha Sanskar on Stress, Coping Strategies and Wellbeing of Antenatal Mothers
Authors: Jyotsna Deshpande

Die Structural Design Features Based On the AD
Authors: Kaijing Zhou

The Reverse Reconstruction and Finite Element Analysis of the UAV Impeller
Authors: Chao Zhang, Changxin Kan

Knowledge Based System for Business Software
Authors: Dr. Velayutham Pavanasam

Research on Compensation Technology of Automobile Panel Die Surface Based On Reverse Engineering
Authors: Chen Zhang, Peng Du

Fair Price Shop Tracking System
Authors: Pooja Hulgeri, Pramod Shivgunde, Rajanigandha Sangolgi

Thermal Instability
Authors: Dr Amna Mohammed Osman Elzebair

Initial Chest Radiographic Findings in Heatstroke Patients
Authors: Amr M. Ajlan MD

Socio-Cultural Public Response on Morotai Island as Special Economic Zone (KEK) in Indonesia
Authors: Saiful Deni, Thamrin Husain, Djamila Abbas

Albizia amara- A Potential Medicinal Plant: A Review
Authors: G. Indravathi, R. Sreekanth Reddy, Pakala Suresh Babu

Evaluation of Some Vegetable Wastes as Feedstuff for Ruminants
Authors: Ishraga Ezeldin, Omer Massaad Elbashier, Shadia Abdelati Omer

The Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal on the Performance and Some Blood Parameters of Broilers
Authors: Omer Massaad Elbashier, Hyder Elameen Ahmed

Molecular Docking Studies of Human Ubiquitin Conjugating Enzyme RAD6: A Systematic in Silico Approach
Authors: Dhafir Latief Fayadh, Dr. K. Venkateswara Swamy

Malnutrition Status of Adolescent Girls in India: A Need for the Hour
Authors: Deepika Anand, R. K. Anuradha

Metal Concentration in Three Popular Local Drinks Consumed in Benue State, Nigeria
Authors: Kemasuode T., Okoye B. C. O., Gav B. L.

Allelopathic Effect of Leaf Extract of Parthenium hysterophorus L. on Seed Germination and Growth of Cicer aeritinum L.
Authors: Raj Shikha, A. K. Jha

The Problem of Wave Diffraction in Elastic Medium is Solved using the Integral Averaged Differential Method
Authors: Phan Huy Thien, Phan Van Hap

Myths vs. Facts about Child Sexual Abuse and Prevention Education
Authors: Andrea Donitta. G.

Sushruta: Father of Plastic Surgery
Authors: Champaneria MC, Workman AD, Gupta SC.

Electrical Measurements for Semiconducting Devices
Authors: Vishakha N. Dhanwate, Yogesh P. Patil

Effect of Supplementation with Moringa Leaves Powder (MLP) and Fermentation on Chemical Composition, Total Minerals Contents and Sensory Characteristics of Sorghum Flour
Authors: Azhari A. Mohammed Nour, Mohamed A. E. M. Ibrahim

Solving Neutron Transport Equation in the Reactor using the Intergral Average Derivative Method
Authors: Phan Huy Thien

Knowledge on Prevention of Obesity among the Students from Selected High Schools
Authors: Manjusha Samudre, Sunil M. Kulkarni

How a Two-Dimensional Approach of the Physical Time Can Describe That the Net Temporal Movement of the Universe is a Constant Zero. Why We Do Not Meet With Our Anti-Selves
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Environmental Awareness
Authors: Radhey Shyam, Pramod Gupta

A Novel Algorithm for Low Light Video Enhancement Using Image Processing Techniques
Authors: Mohammad Shaffi, Pujitha Padala, Shyam Kumar Pokala

Antioxidant Defencive Response of Ray Florets Underuncutand Cut Conditions in Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Pink Series
Authors: Goral Jani, Archana Mankad

Awareness, Attitude and Knowledge of Emergency Management of Avulsed Tooth in Urban India
Authors: Dr. Sumita A. Bhagwat, Dr. Akshay Parmar, Dr. Lalitagauri P. Mandke

Kinetic Study Regarding Molecularity, Bond
Authors: Dr. Amit Chaudhary

Structural Performance Evaluation of Landolphia buchananii Shear Reinforced Concrete Beams
Authors: M. K. Ketter, E. Nsabimana

Effects of Sand Preparation Techniques on the Performance of Bio-Sand Filter
Authors: M. K. Ketter, Njenga Mburu

Effects of Exposure to Bordeaux Mixture on Histological and Ultra Structural Features of Gills of Freshwater Fish Channa Punctatus (Bloch)
Authors: Deepasree .M .I, M. S. Rajendran Nair

Safe and Successful Management of Difficult Airway in a Child with Keyhole Mouth Opening
Authors: Sharanu Patil, Ravi Narayanan, Salman Mohammad Kutty, Bhagirath S.

The Effect of Learning Approach Skipping Stick on Improving Study Results of the Long Jump
Authors: Saipul Ambri Damanik

Stochastic Model for Magazine Retailer Problem
Authors: Endang Julivia Pakpahan, Roland T. H Siagian, Sari Dewi Nasution

Optimization Criteria for the design of a Refrigerator using Volume Consideration
Authors: Mohit Kumar Agarwal, Manu Gupta

Biomimetic Approaches of Dentin Regeneration
Authors: Vassileva R, Dyulgerova E, Gusiyska A, Mironova J, Gyulbenkiyan E.

Child Trafficking: Psychological Effect and the Need for Counselling
Authors: B. Vijayasree, Sivvala Radhika

Real Time Monitoring of CO2 Emissions in Vehicles Using Cognitive IOT
Authors: Prachi Shahane, Preeti Godabole

Antimicrobial Properties of Benzimidazole and Mannich Bases of Benzimidazole: A Review
Authors: Pranika Kaur, Dr. S. R. Wakode

Behavior of Tubular Flange Girder System in Curved Overpasses
Authors: Asal Mohammed Mahdi, Ammar A. Abdul Rahman

Upgraded Secrecy of Cloud Storage Data Users Using Improved Data Access Control Strategy for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage
Authors: Shaik Baazi, S. Sailaja

Prevalence of Learning Disabilities among Pre-School Children in Faizabad District (Uttar Pradesh)
Authors: Pratibha, Mukta Garg

Privacy-Preserving Auditing Protocol for Dynamic Group Cloud Environment
Authors: Mahesh Ashok Shinde, Y. B. Gurav

Substance Misuse, Firearm Violence Act and Public Policy in Nigeria
Authors: Gloria O. Oyagha

Performance Evaluation of IPV6 Compression Technique
Authors: Sumra Alhibir Elmuhdy Mosa, Dr. Amin Babiker A/Mustafa

Comparative Study between Compression-Compression Less IPV6
Authors: Sumra Alhibir Elmuhdy Mosa, Dr. Amin Babiker A/Mustafa

A Review on Effective Algorithm to Secure Network Coding Systems against Wormhole Attack
Authors: Amruta Zanwar, Smita Ponde

Identification the Presence of Vibrio Species by TCBS Media in Different Water Samples Collected from Different Locations
Authors: Dr. Pawan Kumar, Dr. Uma Shankar, Pushpinder Paul

Characterization of Brain Glioma in MRI using Image Texture Analysis Techniques
Authors: Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B, Mohamed Elfadil M. Gar-elnabi, Elasir Ali Saeed Taha, Asma I. Ahmed, Babkir A. Awad Alla

Ethno-Therapeutic Remedies for Women
Authors: Thresia Paul

An Efficient Way to Prevent Dos/DDos Attack in the Cloud Environment
Authors: Vaishali Hase, Harish Barapatre

Synthesis, Characterize and Antimicrobial Study of New Chalcones and Pyrazole Derivatives from Progesterone
Authors: Nisreen Kais Abood, Hiba Hayder Ibraheem

Epidemiological Study of Hypertensive Patients in Relation to Clinical Phenotyping as Per Unani Concept
Authors: Thulasamma, Alokananda Chakraborty, Kaiser Jamil

Squamous Odontogenic Tumor of Maxilla - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Gayatri Rath MD, Dr. Asaranti Kar MD, Dr. Goutami Das Nayak, Dr. Chandraprava Mishra

p21 and p53 Expression in Young Breast Cancer Patients in Bali
Authors: N P Sriwidyani, N W Winarti

Biomaterials and its Applications in Tissue Engineering
Authors: N. Gayathri, L. Nagarajan

Production of Nanofibres using Rotary Jet Spinning Method for Tissue Engineering
Authors: L. Nagarajan, N. Gayathri

Health-Insurance and Third Party Administrators in India: Awareness and Perception of Policy-Holders
Authors: Prabhjot K. Dilawari, Shyamal Koley

A Review on Security Concerns in Cloud Computing
Authors: Sharanjeet Kaur, Ramandeep Singh

A New Approach for Big Data Gathering in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Antu Raj S, Sangeetha Jose

Self-Care Practices of Common Cold and Influenza among the Elderly in Alexandria, Egypt
Authors: Hala Kadry Ibrahim, Heba Mahmoud Elkady

Storage Effect on Serum Electrolytes and pH in Whole Blood Stored in Traditional Refrigerator
Authors: Obisike Uchechukwu Achor

Determinants of Consumer Patronage for Ghana Grown Chicken
Authors: Stephen Opoku

The Effect of Yoga on the Psychological Distress of Cancer Patients: An Analytical Study
Authors: Dr. Roshan Anie Alex

A Strategic and Hierarchical Approach to Implement a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMSs), its Scope and Applications: An Overview
Authors: S. C. Ram, A. K. Mandal

Changes in Haematological Parameters in Stroke Patients in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: Christian Serekara Gideon, Buseri Fiekumo Igbida, Eze Evelyn Mgbeoma

Review on Imbricate Cryptography
Authors: Bhangale Snehal Ananda, P. B. Bhalerao

Employee Morale in the Annaisathiya Silks Hand-Loom Weaver
Authors: Dr. K. Vembu, M. Suvitha

Volvulus of the Sigmoid Colon - A Changing Approach in its Management
Authors: Duncan D Mugala

A Comparison of the Relationship between Malaria Parasite Density and Some Haematological Parameters in Malaria Infected Male and Female Subjects
Authors: Eze Evelyn M.

Genetic Algorithm for the Stable Marriage Problem (SMP)
Authors: Isah Bello, Shi Lianshuan

Protective Effect of Kombucha on Diabetic Nephropathy in Streptozotocin - Induced Diabetic Rats
Authors: Flora Olinda Dias, Chandrakala Shenoy K

Adaptation of Plantar Skin to Palmar Skin
Authors: Almusaed M. Salma, Dr. Moly Josephjoy

Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Multi-Layer Sigmoid Neural Network
Authors: Said Kassim Katungunya, Xuewen Ding, Juma Joram Mashenene

Expression of a Variant Chitinase Transcript of Helicoverpa armigera in E. coli
Authors: Esther Shoba R, Athmaram T N, Manjulakumari D

Eddy Vertical Structure in Southern Java Indian Ocean: Identification using Automated Eddies Detection
Authors: Armyanda Tussadiah, Mega L. Syamsuddin, Widodo S. Pranowo, Noir P. Purba, Indah Riyantini

Ethyl Methanesulphonate (EMS) Induced Mutagenic Disorders in Amaranthus tricolor L.
Authors: Hridhya P. S., Dr. Remesh K. N.

Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I Gene Based Phylogenetic Description of Common Mormon Butterfly Papilio polytes (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
Authors: Akhilesh V. P., Sebastian C. D.

Application of Graph Theory in Electrical Network
Authors: Berdewad O. K., Dr. Deo S. D.

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