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Research Paper | Biology | India | Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2016

Phytochemical Screening of Achyranthes aspera Linn

Mahesh Ningwal | Rajendra Chauhan

Abstract: Plants are small, much branched, monoecious perennial subshrub up to 0.8𢾘.8 m. Rootstock stout, woody. Stems somewhat succulent at first, ribbed, becoming basally woody with age, denselycovered in velutinous, appressed hairs. Leaves op-posite, densely clustered toward branch tips 40502530 mm, spreading to decurved, mostly broadlyovate, ovate-orbicular or elliptic; apex blunt to abruptly sub acute, sometimes very shortly apiculate; base attenuate; lamina somewhat fleshy, purple-grey, veins often purple, abaxial and adaxial surfaces silkycanescent, margins crenulate to crenate. Petioles 510mm long, pink, fleshy, velutinous, basal abscis-sion zone present. Inflorescence a terminal erectspike, 150200mm long; peduncle 15mm long, fleshy, white-villous; spike rachis fleshy, white-vil-lous to purple-villous; flowers bisexual, retrorse, sessile, 180200 per spike, these spaced initially at 10-mm intervals along rachis, diminishing rapidly to <1-mm intervals toward inflorescence apex. Bract persistent on rachis, ovate to lanceolate 33.50.51mm, strongly retrorse, chartaceous, weakly keelednear apex only, pale white, margins entire, apex acute, sometimes with a small, 0.10.2-mm-long pale yellow mucro. Bracteoles 2; abscissing with senescent flowers; broadly ovate, 0.21mm long, chartaceous hyaline, lustrous, pale caramel; margins entire; strongly keeled, keel lustrous, caramel brown, extending well beyond bract as a hardened, chan-nelled, strongly recurved, falcate spine 45mm long. Perianth segments (sepals) 5, lanceolate, centralportion pale caramel-brown but distinctly pink-tinged, margins pale yellow or off-white opaque, hyaline; segments sub equal, 4.56mm, channelled. Stamens 4, connate at base, the filaments 0.51mm, alternating with 4 narrowly spathulate, 0.40.6 mm, white-hyaline, petaloid, fimbriate-argined pseudo staminodes; anthers 0.40.6mm, yellow, bilocular, dehiscing via longitudinal slits; pollen yellow. Style 0.61mm, pink to pale orange, aris-ing from a fleshy papillate style base 0.8mm diam. ; stigma brown, truncate. Utricle 22.5mm long, dark brown, turbinate, chartaceous, surmounted by the dry, somewhat woody, style base. Seed, ovoid to ellipsoid, dark chestnut brown.

Keywords: Achyranthes aspera Linn

Edition: Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2016,

Pages: 385 - 387

Phytochemical Screening of Achyranthes aspera Linn

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Mahesh Ningwal, Rajendra Chauhan, "Phytochemical Screening of Achyranthes aspera Linn", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2016, 385 - 387, #ijsrnet

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