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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Effect of Internal and External Factors on Liquidity Resilience of Bank          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Clinical Characteristics in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome vs Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients          ||          Construction of Complete Life Tablesfor 23 Districts of Assam for both Male and Female          ||          Structural and Tectonic Subsidence History Study of Southwestern Sirt Basin, Libya          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||         

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VLSI Design and FPGA Implementation of N Binary Multiplier Using N-1 Binary Multipliers
Authors: L. Keerthana, M. Nisha Angeline

Design and VLSI Implementation of N X N Binary Multiplier Using Successive Approximation of (N-1) X (N-1) Binary Multipliers
Authors: K. Indumathi, M. Nisha Angeline

Digital Signal Processing Applications using Multiplier Technique in Fixed Point Arithmetic
Authors: V. Indhumaraghathavalli, S. Rajan

Secure and Privacy Preserving Navigation in VANET
Authors: Sudarshana A. Abbad, S. P. Godse

Plasmacytoid Lymphocytes: A Diagnostic clue to Dengue Infection
Authors: Dr. Kishore Khatri, Dr. Anil Rajani, Dr. A R Kalla

Screening Oryza glaberrima Genotypes for Salt Tolerance at Seedling Stage
Authors: Aliyu R.E, Ademola J O

Image Processing through JavaScript
Authors: Vivek Yadav

A Comparison of Nitroglycerine, Bisphosphonates and their Combination in the Management of Post Menopausal Osteoporosis
Authors: Raheeb Ahmad Shah

Histopatthological Changes in Liver of Albino Rat Induced by Experimental Infection of A. lumbricoides
Authors: Dr. Savita Rani

Energy Retrofitting: The Technique to Reduce Carbon Emission
Authors: Rohit V Ambapkar, Dr. K Ravi

Extraction of Product Information for Trustworthiness
Authors: Pooja Vanerkar, Prof. Chaita Jani

Bike Modification and Upgradation
Authors: Akash Bhagat, Arunesh Kujur, Amit Ekka

An 82-Years-Old Woman with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Systemic Hypertension and Dyspnea, Admitted to Hospital with Right Lung Post Viral Pneumonia- A Case Report
Authors: Ema Lumi, Prof asc.Thanas Furreraj, Prof. Dr. Agron Ylli

Seroprevalence of Brucellosis in Cow by using iELISA, Complement Fixation Test and Rose Bengal Plate Test with Comparison between Tests in Babylon Governorate
Authors: Safaa Mohammed

Investigation of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted from Mobile Base Stations in Khartoum State
Authors: Mohammed Idriss. Ahmed, Mohammed Osman Sid Ahmed, Hafiz F. AL Rahman, Isam Salih M. Musa, Hajo Idriss

Efficient Approximate Processing of Queries in P2P Networks
Authors: Suraj N. Arya, Rajesh V. Argiddi

Literature Review of Resource Allocation Methods in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Zaid Abdul Samad Bardan, S. B. Mule

Power Allocation Algorithm of OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Network using Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors: Nilesh Bobde, Dr. V. V. Dixit

Survey of Prevention Techniques for Denial Service Attacks (DoS) in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Jitendra R. Patil, Manish Sharma

Design of the Add Multiply Operator Using Modified Booth Recorder
Authors: Sruthikeerthana V. M., Pavithra .S

Synthesis, Electrochemical Characterization and Photocatalytic Application of Ceion Doped ZnO nanoparticles using Leaf Extract of SesbaniaGrandiflora by Green Method
Authors: Muthu Chudarkodi R R., Rajalaxshmi A.

Automatic Generation of Commit Messages using Natural Language Processing
Authors: M Vishalakshi, Dr. V. Krishnapriya

The Effect of Knowledge Management on Competitive Advantage
Authors: Bakhtiar Abbas, Muh. Syarif, Usman Rianse, Nurwati

Reduced Diameter Implants - A Long Term Follow-Up
Authors: Stefan Peev, Elitsa Sabeva, Vladimir Panov

Imaging of Object at Multiple Depths with Single Exposure using Lightfield Concept
Authors: Neeraj Singh, Dr. Poonam Juneja

A High-Efficiency and Low-Cost Converter for Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
Authors: Pranjali Shrivastava, Rishabh Shukla

Efficient GSM based IVRS based Wireless Automation
Authors: D. Prasad

Efficient Real-Time Industrial Ethernet Links
Authors: P. Rahul Reddy

A Study on the Attitude of Parents, Teachers and Adolescents towards Social Networking Sites
Authors: Anjali Shokeen, Avni Jain

Study of Zernike Polynomials Properties for Oblique Elliptical Aperture at an Angle (? / 4) with X-Axis
Authors: Sanaa G. Abd, Sundus Y. Hasan

Testing the Construct Validity of a Proposed Measurement Model of Mobile Applications in the Learning Process Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Authors: Altaher Alssaid M Alssaid, Dr. Noor Azizi Bin Ismail, Dr. Noorhayti Binti Hashim

Identification of Fluvio-Geomorphological Changes and Bank Line Shifting of River Bhagirathi-Hugli Using Remote Sensing Technique in and Around of Mayapur Nabadwip Area, West Bengal
Authors: Sarmistha Mallick

New Record of Stinging Catfish, Heteropneustes microps (Gunther, 1864) from Vellayani Fresh Water Lake, Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Reenamole G. R., Ambili T.

Association of Hashimoto Thyroiditis (HT) with Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC)
Authors: Entela Puca, Kadir Burak Koza, Agron Ylli

Occurrence of Suckermouth Armoured Sailfin Catfishes in Vellayani Fresh Water Lake, Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Reenamole G. R., Ambili T.

Diversity and Distribution of Benthic Macro Invertebrates in Ayiroor River, Kerala, South India
Authors: Ambili T., Reenamole G. R.

0.125% Bupivacaine Versus 0.2% Ropivacaine for Labour Epidural Analgesia: A Comparative Study
Authors: Dr. Deepali Valecha, Dr. Gaurav Acharya, Dr. Kishore Kumar Arora

Compilation of Alternative Building Components and Common Distresses Found Through Building Condition Assessment
Authors: Vishrantkumar Zambre, Milind Darade

Reflection on the Use of Foreign Language Courses in Engineering, Technology and Science Teaching: Experience in Lebanese Universities
Authors: Marie-Therese Saliba, Randa Saliba Chidiac

Number System in Arabic and English: A Comparative Analysis
Authors: Mohamed .A, S. A. Shanavas

Experimental Investigation and Fabrication of an Evacuate Tube Solar Collector
Authors: Tushar Choudhary, Kumar Shridhar

Cerebellar Medulloblastoma with Drop Metastasis to Sacral Canal
Authors: Dr. Meghana Chougule, Dr. Sandeep Inchanalkar

Effect of Exogenous Enzyme Supplementation of Dried Pulverized Unripe Plantain Peel Meal on the Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Finisher Broilers
Authors: Ikpe J. N., Okorie K. C., Oko E. C.

Bifurcation of a Prey-predator System with Holling Type-III Functional Response Function
Authors: Ji Zhang, Xiaofei Zhang

ARM Based Customizing an Operating System for the Single Board System (Cubie-Truck)
Authors: S. Karthik, T. S. Murunya

Detection of Scene Change in Video
Authors: Chandra Shekhar Mithlesh, Dolley Shukla

Approaches for Testing Uniformity Hypothesis in Angular Data of Mega-Herbivores
Authors: Dr. Robert Mathenge Mutwiri, Prof. Henry Mwambi, Rob Slotow

Survey on Re-encryption based Attribute Revocation in Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage
Authors: Kalyani G. Kotangale, Milind Penurkar

Current Status and Prospects of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) Farming in Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh in India
Authors: D. Srinivas, Ch. Venkatrayalu

Energy Input-Output Analysis for Production of Selected Crops in the Central Clay Vertisols of Gezira Agricultural Scheme (Sudan)
Authors: Abdalla N. O. Kheiry, Mohamed H. Dahab

IAD Method Applied to Reactor Physics Problems
Authors: Phan Huy Thien

Suitable Groundwater Recharge Structures In Noyyal River Basin Coimbatore South Block Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Authors: Seemon Rayappa Raja, Karibasappa

Observers Design and Implementation for DC Motor
Authors: Debabrata Pal

Soil Contamination and Its Impact on Earthworm Population Number around Areas of Paradeep Phosphate Limited, Paradeep
Authors: Asit Kumar Behera, Dr. Aliva Patnaik

Root Canal Irrigants in Horizon: A Review
Authors: Snigdha Thakur

Spectrum of Diseases in Patients with Non-Traumatic Acute Abdominal Pain Presenting to General Surgery Department in a Rural Tertiary Care Centre in West Bengal
Authors: Dr. Biswajit Barai, Dr. Arnab Mandal, Dr. Partha Chakroborty, Dr. Supratim Bhattacharyya, Dr. Sabuj Bala

Design and Control of Defense Robot Based On Virtual Reality
Authors: S. Navaneetha Krishna Kumar, R. J. Praveen Kumar, M. Raja Kumaran, G. Valarmathy

Seroprevalence of IgM Antibodies to Dengue Fever Virus among Patients Presenting with Symptoms of Fever in Some Hospitals in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Authors: O. A. Bello, M. Aminu, E. D. Jatau

Affinity in the Species of Paratylenchus (Tylenchida: Paratylenchidae)
Authors: Y. S. Rathore, S. N. Tiwari

A Clinical Study on Medovridhhi (Hyperlipidemia) and its Management with Eranda Kshara Yoga
Authors: Dr. Sushanta Sahu, Dr. Binod Kumar Panda

Survey on Matrix Factorization Using Information Fusion
Authors: Rutuja Mane, A. N. Bandal

Spirituality: A New Focus for Wellbeing at Work Place
Authors: Dr. Savneet, Dr. Bindu Dogra

A Review on Power Saving & Security Mechanisms in Cloud Computing
Authors: Varun Pankaj Joshi, Vina M. Lomte

Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase Levels in Patients with Long Standing Type 2 Diabetes in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Authors: Ojoye Ngoye Briggs, Holy Brown, Kemzi Elechi-amadi, Ferdinand Ezeiruaku, Nsirim Nduka

Women Entrepreneurship in India-Problems and Prospects
Authors: K. Swarnalatha, Anuradha R. K.

Sensor Based Automatic Control System for Surgery Room
Authors: P. Divyabharathi, S. Pavithra

Effect of Thermoelastic Behavior on Interfacial Debonding and Particulate Fracture in AA1100/TiN Nanoparticulate Metal Matrix Composites
Authors: Chennakesava R Alavala

Analysis of Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques
Authors: Sunil Bhatia, Rashmi Bajaj, Santosh Hazari

Biodegradability of Acinetobacter junii CNI PHB Copolymerized with PHV
Authors: Kasthuri J., Poornima S.

FTIR Spectral Analysis & Physico-Chemical Studies on Some L. Arginine Salts in Non-Aqueous Solution at Various Temperatures
Authors: Kannagi .K, Jasmine Vasantharani .E

Traditional Paradise Gardens of Mauritian Spain of XIII-XV Centuries
Authors: Sadikova Sitora-bonu

Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction and Demonstration Method of Teaching Automobile Technology in Federal Colleges of Education (Technical) in North-Eastern Nigeria
Authors: M. U. Cyril PhD

Choice of Take-Back Models for the End-of-Life Electromechanical Products Based on Fuzzy Analytic Network Process Method
Authors: Liu Wenjie, Liu Xiaojun, Wang Yanling

Evaluation of Papillo-Incisal Distance with Different Shapes of Incisive Papilla
Authors: Samarth Kumar Agarwal, Romil Singhal, Shraddha Pagia

A Field Survey of Sucking Tea Pests and Their Control Measures in a Few Tea Gardens of Terai Region, West Bengal, India
Authors: Satyajit Sarkar, S. E. Kabir

Survey on Implementation and Analysis of Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using a Sub-band Decomposed MSR for OLED Display
Authors: Pallavi Ghormade, S. K. Bhatia

A Study of the Outcomes of Endovenous Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Varicose Veins
Authors: Bhaskar Musande, Manohar Kalbande, Tanvi Tolat

Social Media Applications for Disaster Management
Authors: Dr. Savita Kumari (Sheoran)

Endodontic Management of Dilaceratd Roots: A Case Series
Authors: Abhishek Gupta, Pooja Kabra

Influence of Family Environment on the Prevalence of Illicit Drug Use Among Public Secondary School Students in Nakuru Municipality, Nakuru County, Kenya
Authors: Mwangi Charles Mucheru, Paul Katamba PhD

Analytical Studies of Earth Station Antenna/DTH Using Cohen
Authors: Khyati Mahavadia, Parth Yadav

Comparison of Restoration of Protein Contents of Preserved Rohu (Labio rohita), Treated under Different Cooking Conditions
Authors: Uttiya Jana, Sarmistha Chakrabarti

Generic Determinant of Entrepreneurial Potentials among Vocational Technical Teacher Education Students in North Eastern States, Nigeria
Authors: M. U Cyril

A Survey on Secure and Authorized Deduplication Techniques using Hybrid Cloud
Authors: Snehal Barvkar, Vaishali Mali

Congestion Control Protocols for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Authors: Snehal R. Ranesankpal, Manisha R. Dhage

A Comparative Study of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Jatropha and Cotton Seed Biodiesel blended with Diesel
Authors: Prof. R. Ramachandra, V. Pandurangadu

Human Intrusion Detection Using Wi-Fi or ZigBee RF Signals
Authors: Ronak Gune

Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio in Prediction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C
Authors: Hany R. Shabana, Abd-Elmohsen E. El-Desoky, Marwa S. Askar

Knowledge on Prevention of Cerebro Vascular Accident among Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension in India
Authors: Dr. Helen Shaji John Cecily

Some Unknown Arcid Bivalves from the Turonian (Late Cretaceous) of Central India
Authors: S. Kumar, Jai P. Gautam, B. Pandey, D. B. Pathak, Anand K. Jaitly

Chemistry of 1, 2, 4-Triazole: A Review Article
Authors: Jawad K. Shneine, Yusra H. Alaraji

Self- Efficacy Assessment to Predict GPA Grade Scores of Students
Authors: Mazlan Ismail, Hajar Jani

Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy on the Level of Stress among Old Age in Selected Old Age Home, Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, S. Rengila

The Effect of Family and Community Leaders Partnership on the Improvement of Nutritional Status of Toddlers in Pekanbaru City
Authors: Rifa Yanti, Nur Indrawaty Lipoeto, Fadil Oenzil, Hafni Bachtiar

Study on Clinico Epidemiological Pattern of Syphilis in Patients Attending STD Clinic
Authors: Dr. S. Kalaivani

Interpersonal Relationship between Working Mothers and their Adolescents in the view of Sharing Experiences, Activities and Time Spend with Each Other
Authors: Vibha Verma, Dr. (Mrs.) Mukta Garg

On the Character and Conjugacy Classes of C3v Point Group Using Block Diagonal Matrix
Authors: David Terna Achaku, Moses Anayo Mbah, Peter Vanenchii Ayoo

Automatic Constant Flow of Electricity from Jumbo Urine
Authors: M G Gireeshan, Dr. R Vasuki

Expansion of S.T.P. (Sewage Treatment Plant) For Dhulia City
Authors: Pramod Sambhaji Patil

Dynamics and Control Simulation of a Debutanizer Column using Aspen HYSYS
Authors: S. Karacan, F. Karacan

Big Data, RDBMS and HADOOP - A Comparative Study
Authors: Roopa Raphael, Raj Kumar T

The Modeling of Wind Speed Based on Matlab
Authors: Zhilong Gao

A Survey on SPIN Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Mohammed Salamath, Sunitha .R

Geographical Distribution of Hepatitis E Virus Genotypes from Animals in China
Authors: LIU Min, LI Lijuan, XIAO Wen

Based on Multi-FPGA Neuron Simulation Hardware Platform
Authors: Aiqing Zhao, Huiyan Li

Study of Barret
Authors: Dr. Pramod T Patil, Dr. Sudhir Shinde

Assessment of Knowledge and Factors Affecting Sunlight Exposure of Infants among Mothers Attending Governmental Health Facilities in Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia
Authors: Rajalakshmi Murugan, Abebe Abate

Morphometric Analysis of Jiya Dhol River Basin
Authors: Luna Moin Das

Springback Simulation of U-channel Forming Process based on Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Altaye Girum Temechache, Prof. Men Changfeng, Lie Duan, Han Chui Hong

Rhomboid Concave and Convex Dimples Applied for Cooling in Gas Turbines
Authors: Galina Ilieva

The Design of Touch-Screen Display System based on DSP
Authors: Tao Chen, Li Zhao

Interface Design of PC Based on Serial Communication
Authors: Yang Yong, Zhao Li

Isolation and Identification of the Pathogens Causing Cycas panzhihuaensis Stem Rot Disease
Authors: Yi Zheng, Zhi-xiang Yu, Bin Wu

Research on 3D Self-Stable Pan-Tilt Structural Control Methods
Authors: Pengpeng Yang, Xingpan Cui

The Front-End Design of Portable EEG Acquisition System Based On the ADS1299
Authors: Xingpan Cui, Pengpeng Yang

The Researches about Makeup and Selection Optimization of Shale Gas Production Casing
Authors: Hua Tong, Xiao-Hong Tang, Xiao-Hua Zhu

Literature Review of Dual Data Hiding and Image Compression and Digital Inpainting
Authors: Sarita S. Kamble, A. S. Deshpande

Soybean Straw: A Promising Substrate for Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom
Authors: Sanyogita V. Deshmukh, V. R. Deshmukh

3D Printing and Its Applications
Authors: Buchi Bhanu Prakash

Ethno-Therapeutic Remedies for JAUNDICE, in Dang Dt. Gujarat, India
Authors: Thresia Paul

A Feedback Based Closed Loop Circuit to Control Chaos in Nonlinear Circuits
Authors: Udayprakash Raghunath Singh, Ghanshyam Purohit

Ground Rules of Wireless LAN Security
Authors: K. Senthamarai

A Review on Implementation of Cryptographic Method for Secure Audio Data Hiding in Digital Images
Authors: Pranjali Ihare, V. T. Gaikwad

Clinical Study of Postpartum Eclampsia
Authors: Dr. S. K. Rath, Dr. Swati Agrawal

Psychiatric Comorbidity in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Severity of Anxiety and Depression
Authors: Dr. Gajanand Verma, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Mahawer, Dr. Charan Singh Jilowa, Dr. Ramchandra Lamba

Antimicrobial Activity of Rumex Nepalensis and Urtica Diocia
Authors: Muhammad Waqas, Madia Ayaz, Salma Afridi, Nisar Ahmad, Mian Amir Sohail, Azam Hayat, Rahdia Ramzan, Muhammad Ayub Jadoon, Mujaddad-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Niaz

Effectiveness of Aroma Therapy on Depression among Old Age in Selected Old Age Home at Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, Lincy .S

A Survey on Personalized Recommendation System for Web Services
Authors: Karishma Singh, Analp Pathak

Evaluation of Quality Management in Irrigation Projects
Authors: Ashwati V. Guldekar, Amit B. Ranit

Proposed D-Range Page Replacement Algorithm
Authors: Devansh Dave

Characteristics of Slope Failures in Tropical Hill Slopes of South West India
Authors: Arish Aslam, Sreekumar S

Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits
Authors: Priyanka Bijalwan, Dr. A. C. Mishra

Investigation Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease in Khartoum State, Sudan: Case - Control Study 2015
Authors: Ehab A. M. Frah, Mohammed A. M. Naeem

Case Study on Building Orientation
Authors: Nikhil V. Deshmukh, Yogesh P. Kherde

Mechanism of Pollutants Magnetized Biodegradation in Wastewater by Some Yeasts
Authors: Khalid Falih Hassan, Noor Nihad Baqer, Elaaf Safa Al-deen Hassan

The Effect of Various Types of Building Roof Materials on the Cooling Load
Authors: Raheem Kadhim Ajeel, IR. M. Zainal Md. Yusof

Maxillary First Premolar with Three Canals: An Endodontic Challenge
Authors: Dr. T. M. Mangala, Dr. Nilam Kadam, Dr. Adish Saraf, Dr. Sneha Mali, Dr. Ajinkya Gharge, Dr. Sabina Shiakh

Phytochemical Analysis of Flower, Leaf and Root of Achyranthes Aspera from Durg District of Chhattisgarh- A Comparative Study
Authors: Nisreen Husain, Anil Kumar

Factors Affecting Credit Extension to the Tourism Sector Investment Facilities in Kenya by the Commercial Banks
Authors: Norah Buyaki Ratemo, Dr. Gladys Rotich (PHD), Wicliffe Anyango

On e-Chromatic Number of Adjacency Matrix of a Dutchwindmill Graph D3m and Central Graphs
Authors: S. Uma Maheswari, Dr. K. Indirani

OMAPL138-based Systematic Study on Portable EEG Detection System
Authors: Ze-hua Liu

Leaf Epidermal Studies in Some Araceae
Authors: Nandkishor S. Zade

Analogue Filters and their Applications in Control Systems
Authors: Karush Suri

Mutagenesis in Proso Millet(Panicum miliaceum L.)
Authors: K. G. Bhave, V. V. Dalvi, B. L. Thaware, S. G. Mahadik, M. C. Kasture, S. S. Desai

A Comparative Study on the Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurship in the Districts of Kurnool and Ananthapuramu
Authors: B. Parimala Devi

Comprehensive Study of Forward and Fly Back Converter for Improvement in Performance
Authors: Gaurav B. Patil, Paresh Shah

Local Wisdom of Indigenous Moronene in Shifting Cultivation System in Bombana District
Authors: Rekson Solo Limba, Weka Widayati, Taane La Ola, Nasrudin Suyuti

The Role of Work Culture in Mediating the Effect between Organizational Justice and Pay Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment
Authors: Saemu Alwi, Murdjani Kamaluddin, Samdin

A Study of AIDS Awareness among Educated Working Mothers of Adolescents in Teaching Profession of Rural and Urban Areas
Authors: Veena Rani

Lecturer Professional Development Through Lesson Study Implementation for Improving Student Learning
Authors: Nahjiah Ahmad

Literature Survey on Image Deblurring Techniques
Authors: Praveen Ravichandran

The Control System and Performance: The Approach of Interaction and System for Contingencies in Management Accounting Research
Authors: Irma Ibrahim

GSM Based Industrial Appliances Control Using Arduino Processor
Authors: V. Yadesh, K. Venkatachalam

Modeling of Ultraviolet Radiation by Regression Analysis
Authors: Dr. R. Sumathi

An Algorithm of Word Indexing Model for Document Summarization based on Perspective of Document
Authors: Meha Shah, Chetna Chand

Efficacay of Topical Steroid in Treatment of Phimosis
Authors: Dr. Sneha Srivastava, Dr. Shilpa Patankar

Privacy-Preserving in Data Mining using Anonymity Algorithm for Relational Data
Authors: Karan Dave, Chetna Chand

Design Parameter Analysis of Simulink and System Generator Module for Real Time Image Splitting and Enlarging
Authors: Naveen B, Dr. Rekha K. R.

Efficient Handoff Based Privacy Preservation for VANET
Authors: Sibil Joseph, Rajagopal .R

Assessment of Fluoride and Nitrate in Ground Water: Selected Villages of Mahabubnagar Mandal & District, Telangana State (India)
Authors: Dasaiah Srinivasulu, GRK Naidu

A Comparative Study of Aggression Level among Contact and Non Contact Sportsmans
Authors: Sukashant, S. Patil

Studying the Status of Internet Addiction among High School Students in the Southeast of Iran: A Descriptive Study
Authors: Ali Akbar Nasiri, Abbas Balouchi, Hosein Shahdadi

Evaluation of Chemical Parameters of Agro - Pollutant
Authors: Priya .V, Sampath Kumar M. C., N. Balasubramanya

Have Related Between Female Sexual Function and Male Partners
Authors: Kim M. Drasa Jr.

Participation, Constraints and Communication Pattern of Tribal Women in Income Generating Activities
Authors: Umajyothi, Nishi Sethi

Ashed SBE Adsorbent for Lead and Zinc (II) Ions: Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies
Authors: Genson Murithi, Karanja wa-Thiong

Study on the Characteristics and Faesibility of Uses of Well Waters and Waadi Kaam Spring Waters in Different Seasons in Kaam, Libya
Authors: Mahmoud Sadoun Shahub

Effect of Discussion and Invention Teaching Strategies on Secondary School Students on Retention of Chemistry Concepts in Delta State: Nigeria
Authors: Dr. E. A. Okurumeh

Development of Entrepreneurial Skills through Vocational Education and Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) in Nigeria
Authors: Okurumeh Ejedafeta Ashigo

Public Participation in Solid Waste Management Practices within Owerri Urban of Imo State, Nigeria
Authors: Nkwoada Amarachi, Alisa Christopher, Duru Ijeoma

Machine Components Modal Simulation Design based on the Finite Element Modeling
Authors: Asmamaw Mekonnen Yihunie, Deng San Peng, Jiang Yongxiang, Wu Qing, Yan Rui Jie

African Quality Rating Mechanisms: A Key to Achieving the Nigerian Roadmap for the Tertiary Institutions
Authors: Prof. S. E. Omebe, Dr. Isaac N. Nwankwo, Dr. (Mrs) Chinyere A. Omebe

Nonlocal Buckling Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Using Differential Transform Method (DTM)
Authors: Ravi Kumar, Sumit Deol

Lattice Points on the Homogeneous Cone x2+y2= 26z2
Authors: Dr. P. Jayakumar, R. Venkatraman

Integer Solutions of Non-Homogeneous Ternary Cubic Equation x2+y2-xy=103z2
Authors: Dr. P. Jayakumar, J. Meena

Buck/Boost DC
Authors: Dr. P. Sivaraman, R. Manivannan

Emotional and Psychological Effects on Women after Induced Abortion
Authors: Bujar Obertinca, Afrim Dangellia, Myrvete Pacarada, Albiona Beselica Beha, Florim Gallopeni, Niltene Kongjeli, Astrit Gashi, Valbona Blakaj

Characterization and Shear Strength Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
Authors: Kwadwo Adinkrah-Appiah, Mark Adom-Asamoah

Pre-aeration and Transversal Baffling Effect on Aerated Grit Chamber Performance of Kufa Wastewater Treatment Plant
Authors: Dr. Hasan Mahdi Mohammed Al-Khateeb

Guidelines for Planning, Analysis, Design and Stability of Transfer Girders
Authors: Mahesh N. Patil, Yogesh N. Sonawane

Laboratory Evaluation of Newly Formulated Thermoplastic Resin Complete Denture Base Materials
Authors: El-Khodary N. M., El-Shabrawy S. M., El-Naihoum W. A.

Reliability of Turbine Blades in Wet Steam Conditions
Authors: Galina Ilieva

Optical and Morphological Properties of (PVA-PVP-Ag) Nanocomposites
Authors: Zainab A. Al-Ramadhan, Jehan A. Salman, Hamsa Abdul Karem Hmud

The Investigation of Effect of Customer Orientation and Staff Service-Oriented on Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hyperstar Stores
Authors: Nazanin Jarideh

Safety Locking System of Car Door Using Sensors
Authors: Venkatesh PL, Vivek C

Traffic Light Control Using Image Processing
Authors: Jaya Singh, S. K. Singh

Optimal Configuration of Converter for HVDC Transmission System
Authors: Roshan Ghosh, Sudip Kumar Ghorui

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Sectors of GDP Pakistan Perspective
Authors: Muhammad Ajmair, Ashiq Hussain

Impact of Financial Status on Consanguineous Marriages in Muslim Population of Kurnool Town
Authors: Dr. S. Shamshad, S. Shameela, A. Indira Priyadarsini

On The Homogeneous Biquadratic Equation With 5 Unknowns: x4-y4=65 (z2-w2) R2
Authors: Dr. P. Jayakumar, R. Venkatraman

Coronal Alignment in Total Knee Arthroplasty and Its Effect on Midterm Outcome
Authors: Sukumaran Subbiah Subramanian, Mugundhan Moongilpatti Sengodan, Singaravadivelu Vaidhyanathan

Impact of Demographic Profile on Motive for Purchase of Laptop
Authors: Salma Shaheen, Savita Gautam

Blood Generation from Stem Cells: An Overview
Authors: Vimal Kishor Singh, Abhishek Saini, Neeraj Kumar, Manisha Kalsan

A Proposed Paper for D-Scrabble Physical Layer Security Model Integrated with AI
Authors: Devansh Dave

GIS based Irrigation Canal Alignment in Wayanad District, Kerala
Authors: Aravinda Bharathi .A, Revathy .S .S

Crime Mapping Analysis: A GIS Implementation in Madurai City
Authors: Saravanakumar .S, Revathy .S .S

Stereo 3D Image Model Visualization from 2D Images
Authors: Patel Hetalben Bipinchandra, Pancholi Bhavna K.

Effect of Parental Education on the Intrinsic Motivation of Higher Secondary Students of Contai Subdivision, East Medinipur of West Bengal
Authors: Avijit Bera, Lalkrishna Khanra

Brain Tumor Segmentation using hybrid of both Netrosopic Modified Nonlocal Fuzzy C-mean and Modified Level Sets
Authors: Shaima Elnazer, Mohamed Morsy, Mohy Eldin A.Abo-Elsoud

Travel Package Recommendation System: A Literature Review
Authors: Himani M. Mishra, Dr. Ms. V. M. Deshmukh

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