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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

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Author Testimonials

Spandana Rameshwar (SR21328134511): I'm very happy with your response and a systematic way to publish the paper with dignity and giving importance to both content and author...I've got good response and I'm waiting to publish more papers in your journal...thank you

Purva Hattale, Vikrant Jangam, Shrutika Khilare, Yash Ratnaparkhi, Pradnya Kasture (SR21321183644): Thank you for effective / descriptive communication emails and on time publishing of my paper

Vishaal Chandrasekar (SR21128195050): It was a good experience of publishing my research paper in a such a big Journal with comfortable process As my first publication I found this very easy to publish in and had my problems solved with the support team members Thank you for a good experience

Elona, Leodegario Jr. Lacson, Raul C. Orongan (SR21314130903): To the IJSR thank you very much for helping us to publish our paper God bless us all Thank you so much! Sincerely yours, Leo

Bhupamani Talukdar, Anurupa Dutta, Lt. Col M Jayalakshmi (SR21315221033): I am very much satisfy with this journal working process is very fast I like it.

Prajakta Deshmukh, Swati Khobragade, Shubhangi Manwatkar, Mukul Vaidya (SR21313114800): It was excellent publication process Only 3 day has been research publish.


Hemlata Sharma, Zokaitluangi (SR21303150613): It is a good journal and we get fast results from your side.

Pragya Khandelwal, Pooja Soni, Shweta Saxena (SR21225011034): This journal is very very bestbecause of quick response, quality of journal

Mane P. P. , More S. B. (SR21226174454): Quick response and easy to communicate a good time management

Jan Aqa Satar (SR21212180109): Great thanks for IJSR Excellency and Kind Editor and other members! I wish you more success in your fine works

Tiji Tom (SR21220134218): It's a very good opportunity to explore my knowledge here. Thank you for your support.

Shrutika Y. Desai, Sushant Kokane (SR21127210302): Thank you so much Editor for accepting my paper I am really happy for it I will try my best to publish more paper in your journal as possible as.

Eka Vardoshvili (SR21203175032): Thank you for your cooperation I enjoyed and am satisfied with your journal.

Banaras Akbar, Mohammad Sharif Forqani (SR21116163610): International Journal of Science and Research IJSR is appreciable journal because of fast acceptance and publication with minimal of time I am very thankful to ISJR publication team for letting me a platform to publish the work, which I have done.

Dr. Sadhana Shivaji Lamture (SR21119115023): I am highly recommend to others because j like your prompt response thank you IJSR team.

Dr. M. R. Erande (SR21118135852): Very good communication process It need to this journal listed by ugc care list.

Ogutu Amos Washika, Prof. David Kiragu, Dr. Anthony Ngunyi, Dr. Mohammed Shano (SR21108232103): Great work there and very efficient adhering to timelines Keep up the good work.

Ch. Atchyutha Rao, K. V. R. Murthy (SR21110114938): I am very much thankful to the IJSR Publications Really this my second paper Publication in this journal, Excellent commitment & Response I feel very happy Thank you so much!

Bharaneedharan. T, Saidharshini. K (SR201221224916): Thank for the early publication of my article I have received Very good & fast response, in all the concern from initial submission to final submission of the article Thank u for the opportunity given Thank you!

Tajinder Kaur (SR201215162423): Quick feedback, Easy to publish, On time publication, overall a best experience with IJSR

Rameshor Singh Atom, Warjeet Singh Laitonjam, Rashmi Joshi, Bheeshma Pratap Singh, Raghumani Singh Ningthoujam, E. J. Singh (SR201213154046): I found International Journal of Science and Research IJSR is far ahead from the rest of the journals regarding quick response from the editor as well as from the reviewers Such quick responses motivate the researchers like us to a great extend Please, keep it up

Reshmi Samanta (ART2019215): This was my 1st publication but I received so much help from IJSR itself that during processing I have not faced any problem They are so prompt in giving response that surprised me the most With any problem whenever I have mailed them, they have solved it A single thanks is not enough to express how much happy and grateful I am to have my 1st publication, 1st e presentation with IJSR I am always looking forward to work with IJSR in near future

Fortune Josephine E. Sagnit (SR201124093108): Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my research I appreciate the fast approval and publication of the study

Ibrahim Karidio Diori, Senay Hamarat Sanlier (SR201021165758): I'm satisfied with the publication process. I am wishing you ALL the best .

Yadav S. G. (SR201109070609): Over all system of working is very easy accurate transperent fast and appriciablekeep it up

Shahd Ibrahim Farran, Sonali Walimbe (SR201119154009): The response from editors was very quick The reviewers feedback was quick and positive

Neelima Singh (SR201117201535): Publication process is so fast, even communication during process of publication is also very fast

Dr. Apeksha Jayesh Pahade, Dr. Surendra K. Wani (SR201117195918): The process of submitting the article and publication is very convinent and fast

Dani Paul. D (SR201113212218): So happy and impressed by the swift way things went on with my publication Way to go Cheers for the editorial team and the journal