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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

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Author Testimonials

Anaero-nweke George (ART20203092): I appreciate the journal Structure, very convenient, Prompt response time and very accessible Thank you and i wish to keep publishing my papers with International Journal of Science and Research IJSR

Dr. Aneri Rathod (ART20203084): My seniors and collegues used this publication for case reports and told me to publish my paper in this publication

Meher Jain (ART20202872): International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) is very Prompt in responding to queries and keeps It's commitment of publishing of various articles within the stipulated time.

Anas Hidayat (ART20203112): International Journal of Science and Research IJSR is very professional Their response toward our article submission is very Quick and understandable Good Job !

Sandra G (ART20203033): I have high appreciation about your esteemed international journal It is rendering valuable service to the scholars and researchers I am so proud to become a part of this publication Thanking you

Michail Karypidis (ART20203075): Great Service. This our second paper sent to your journal. We Hope to make more in future. I don't know of the cost of the hard copy of the acceptance document so I can order one

Dian Anggraini (ART20203036): Thank you for your Prompt and clear guidance to us to further Process related to the research paper Very Quick and fast Thank you!

Mahamadou Abdou Toure (ART20203004): I appreciate very much the quality with which you response to the authors and respect the response time See you soon

Mohammad Hashem Otmankhil (16111901): I really appreciate your efforts to speed checking and correction of our articles and kindly responding our desires

Prathima Devi (ART20202958): We are very happy with speed of your article Processing We also appreciate the scoring pattern followed by you kindly publish our article at the earliest

Matheus Bezerra (ART20202919): I really appreciate the time of response of the paper Thank you for the Process We intend to have new articles published in a couple months

Geetha Ravi (ART20202913): Appreciate the rules and regulations, no room for any short comings Thank the entire team who are tirelessly contributing towards the excellence and learning Process of acquiring knowledge in the field of Education

RUTUJA DEVADKAR (ART20202860): It's a Good journal for beginners to publish their short studies and ideas on an international platform.

Mia Merietha Resphaty (ART20202045): It is awesome service for using International Journal of Science and Research IJSR, thank you for your fast response

Tarikul Islam (ART20202708): This article is the baseline study about the related field in Bangladesh perspectives and I Hope that researcher, Oceanography student, Policy makers must be helpful from the article Finally I appreciate all the decorator of the editorial board I cordially thank and welcome them

NITIN PAWAR (ART20202835): It's Good to publish your article with pleasure, easy Processing and early feedback at nominal charges. Thanking you

Dr. Don John Vallesteros (ART20202771): I am excited with the outcome of our research Kudos! Thanks for giving us the chance to be part of this We are looking forward for more

Shivani Kumari (ART20202675): It will give the knowledge to students related to oral hygiene and We tell how brushing is important for our teeth

Sunil Bagde (ART20202666): First, I Thanks for Accepting for publication of my research Paper Really the all Process of submission of research paper as well as website given details about of research paper is Good

Braulio Cesar Rugerio Cuapio (ART20202569): I think International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) is a very important magazine, It's response time is very fast, which allows the authors to make corrections as soon as possible, so the service they provide is excellent. In my opinion, this is one of the best magazines.

Dak Khadka (ART20202751): The status of the academic progress of any nation is the how much the country is affording in research work is the most important matter of this era

Akhil U S (ART20202523): Easy to access good support from editor and fast reply Thank you International Journal of Science and Research IJSR

Amit Pal (ART20202597): International Journal of Science and Research IJSR taking less time for review Process and immediately response to the author

HARIHARAN E (ART20202576): It's a pleasure to publish our work in your jounal. i appreciate the time you toOkay to review the article. and i gratefully thank you to have my worl published in your journal

Eisa Asiri (ART20202596): Thanks for your Quick response It was really amazing Many journals would take long time to assess the submitted articles, but International Journal of Science and Research IJSR has done Great job in terms of Quick response

Rachana Warrier (ART20202494): The Process of submission is very fast and it motives young researchers to publish more papers Thank you

Dr. Md Azmir Jahid Hossain, Mbbs, Dcp, Mcps (ART20201333): I find this journal very informative with lots of papers in various areas The editor contacted me when it was Needed As a young researcher i found this journal very helpful to publish informative research works

Kaoutar Fahad (ART20202301): Thank you very much for your efforts and for the speed of the articles and publication treatments. Congratulations to all of you who work hard for a Good scientist's publications.

Neha Dhole (283875844): The Process of submitting research articles is very systematic and easy to understand response from journal is very Quick Good platform to publish the article in international journal Thank you

Manjeet Singh (ART20202456): International Journal of Science and Research IJSR thanks for accepting my paper for publication