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Rehabilitation of Isolated Patella Fracture: A Case Report
Authors: Mohd Asif, Zuheb Ahmed Siddiqui

Estimation of Soluble Protein by Bradfords Method in Gamma Radiated (wild) Pea
Authors: Keche .M .J

Business Development Strategies of PT IPB Shigeta Animal Pharmaceuticals Using Business Model Canvas Approach
Authors: Shanti Agustina, Rizal Syarief, Kirbrandoko

Comparative Study on Seismic Behaviour of Multi Storey Building with and Without Floating Column
Authors: Pooja Suresh, Aiswarya S

Analysis of Ultra High Performance Concrete Wall Panel with Opening in One and Two Way Action
Authors: Amritha Raj, Sreedevi Lekshmi

A Survey on Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma from Fundus Images
Authors: Pavithra, Dr. N. Shanthi

Study on the Earthquake Response of a RC Building with Base Isolation
Authors: Nitya M, Arathi S

The Anti-angiogenic Activity of Matricaria Chamomilla Flowers Extraction
Authors: Adeeb A. AL-zubaidy, Hayder B Sahib, Safaa H. Ganduh

Smart CCTV Camera Surveillance System
Authors: Amol V. Nagime, Patange A.D

3-Equitable Labeling in Context of the Barycentric Subdivision of Cycle Related Graph
Authors: I. I. Jadav, G. V. Ghodasara

Petrochemistry of Basalt Flows of Chikhaldara Ghat Sections (District Amravati, Maharashtra)
Authors: S. D. Doke, P. S. Kulkarni, S. F. R. Khadri

Analysis and Design of Four Legged Transmission Tower
Authors: Archana R, Aswathy S Kumar

Development Task Based Navigation for Software Documentation
Authors: Swapnil Gangadhar Thaware, Dinesh Bhagwan Hanchate

Avoid Key Logger Attacks Using Blank Virtual Onscreen Keyboard
Authors: Jayalekshmi K S, Sunitha S

Isolation, Purification and Characterization of (R)-Petranine from Catharanthus pusillus(Murr.) G.Don(Apocynaceae)
Authors: Yokeswari Nithya, P Mary Jelastin Kala, S Mohan V.R

Seismic Response of Irregular RC Building with Soft Storey at Different Levels
Authors: Silpa Rani M V, Aiswarya S

Analysis of Pre
Authors: Jinsha M S, Linda Ann Mathew

Study on Dynamic Response of an Irregular Building in Various Seismic Zones
Authors: Aiswarya Lakshmi, Aswathy Prakash

Survey on Novel Hybrid Techniques in EAACK for Prevention of Attacks in MANET'S
Authors: Pranita Prakash Kulkarni

Software Source Code Plagiarism Detection Using Latent Semantic Analysis
Authors: Bhramadeo Vishnu Deokate, Dinesh Bhagwan Hanchate

Genes that Affect the Look in Teens; Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: A Case Report
Authors: Hemini Shah, Mala Dixit Baburaj, Bhavin Gaywala

Analysis of Steel Tubular Wind Turbine Tower with Door Opening
Authors: Hazni Nizam, Aswathy Prakash

Compilation of Alternative Building Components and Common Distresses Found Through Building Condition Assessment
Authors: Vishrantkumar Zambre, Milind Darade

Effect of Annealing Temperature on Yttrium Nano Ferrite Prepared by Sol-Gel Technique
Authors: Jyoti. B. Shitole, Sopan M. Rathod

The Importance of Haematocrit in Prediction of Severe Acute Pancreatitis
Authors: Alma LLUKACAJ, Arben GJATA

Study of Progressive Collapse Analysis of Flat Slab Building
Authors: Saumia Meenathethil Alex, Sreedevi Lekshmi

Comparative Study of Diagrid Structures with and without Corner Columns
Authors: Shahana E, Aswathy S Kumar

Vortex Solitons in Poly-Acetylene
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha, Sanjib Malla Bujar Baruah, Joseph Mathew

Analysis of Beam Openings Strengthened by Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Using ANSYS
Authors: Akhila .P .S, Arathi S

Acute Coronary Heart Disease is Associated with High Prevalence of Prediabetes in North Indian Population
Authors: Puneet Tripathi, Anupam Mehrotra

Seismic and Structural Behavior of Building with Different Combination of Bracing
Authors: Linu Shaji, Sreedevi Lekshmi

Survey of SDN based Packet Classification Techniques
Authors: Nilofar Landage, Dr. Tanuja Dhope

A Study on Dynamic Characteristics of RC Buildings on Hill Slopes
Authors: Sripriya Arjun, Arathi S

Design of Steel Plate Shear Wall with Opening for Steel Building
Authors: Binitha Gopal, Aiswarya S

Comparative Account of Seedling Morphology of Luffa Species
Authors: Santosh Jadhav, Niranjana Chavan

Seismic Analysis of Space Frame with T and Square Shaped Column
Authors: Sumayya M Kareem, Linda Ann Mathew

An Improvement on the Security of Odd-Even-LSB Based Steganography by Adding Encryption
Authors: Ayda Alizadeharasi, Maryam Safaei Rizi

Effect of Shape and Plan Configuration on Seismic Response of Structure (ZONE II & V)
Authors: Veena S Ravi, Sreedevi Lekshmi

Zinc Oxide Nanorods as H2S Gas Sensor
Authors: Yogita S. Patil, F. C. Raghuvanshi, I. D. Patil

Raspberry pi and Arduino Based Automated Irrigation System
Authors: Sneha Angal

Three-Pass Protocol Concept in Hill Cipher Encryption Technique
Authors: Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan

The Influence of European Elements on Asante Adinkra
Authors: Dickson Adom

Academic Achievement, Emotional Maturity and Intelligence of Secondary School Students in Assam
Authors: Jadab Dutta, Dr. Pranab Chetia, J. C. Soni

Enriching Web Interesting Pattern Mining Using Vertical Transaction Process
Authors: Sonali Abhane, P. D. Lambhate

Fuzzy Inventory Model without Shortages Using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Signed Distance Method
Authors: A. M. P. Chandrasiri

Studies on Preparation of Rabri using Date Syrup as Sugar Substitute
Authors: Mayank Kaushik, Chandra Prakash, Lalit Kumar

Effect of Saline Medium on Corrosion and Erosion-Corrosion of Surface Treated Low Carbon Steel
Authors: Ismail Ibrahim Marhoon

Finite Element Modelling and Buckling Analysis of Delaminated Composite Plates
Authors: Krupa Prasad, Aiswarya .S

Study on Seismic Analysis of Multi Storied Reinforced Concrete Building with Mass Irregularities
Authors: Asha Vijayan, Aswathy Prakash

Comparing EM Clustering Algorithm with Density Based Clustering Algorithm Using WEKA Tool
Authors: Dr. Abdelrahman Elsharif Karrar, Moez Mutasim

A Survey on
Authors: Pallavi Meshram, M. V. Nimbalkar

Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Wall with Opening and Stiffener at Opening
Authors: Jeena James, Aswathy S Kumar

Improved Method for Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Hybrid Template Matching Algorithm
Authors: Priyanka Devane, Sachin Chavan

The Echoes of Buddhism, Mythology, the New Testament, and Inferno in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Authors: Alireza Farahbakhsh

Nearest Neighbor Search Technique for Novel Queries
Authors: P. R. Shejawal, J. R. Pansare, G. S. Pole

Unconfined Groundwater Dispersion Model on Sand Layers in Coral Island
Authors: Sultan, Imran A.M, Thaha M. Arsyad, Ramli Muhammad

Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Bridge under Significance of Fluctuating Frequency
Authors: Sruthy Krishnan, Aswathy S. Kumar

Implementing K-Means Clustering Algorithm Using MapReduce Paradigm
Authors: Botcha Chandrasekhara Rao, Medara Rambabu

A Review on Flexibility in Manufacturing through Integration & Layout Optimization
Authors: Kailash R Hiwarde, Ramakant Shrivastava

Preserving Privacy in Tree-Structured Data
Authors: Dipali Vaidya, Sonal Fatangare

Statistical Analysis of Indian Thaparocleidus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) Species based on Morphometric Characteristics
Authors: Anshu Chaudhary, Sudhir Kumar, Bhupendra Singh, Hridaya Shanker Singh

Study of Knowledge Management Frameworks
Authors: Dipali P. Meher, Dr. Nilesh Mahajan

Comparative Study of Three Pole Structure with Steel and FRP using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Sweety S, Aswathy Prakash

Android Mobile Based Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality
Authors: Akil. H. Sayyad, Santosh. A. Shinde

Ethnobotanical Surveys of Plants Lactogens Properties of the African Pharmacopoeia (Ivory Coast): Study of the Biotolerance in Wistar Rats
Authors: Adepo Y. P, Dally T, Amonkan K. A

Mix Proportioning of HSC Using Manufactured Sand
Authors: Khartode R. R., Kulkarni D. B.

Authorized Data Deduplication Using Hybrid Cloud Technique
Authors: Snehal Baravkar, Vaishali Mali

Adsorption of Nickel (II) by Silica from Rice Husk
Authors: M. K. Bhatnagar, Awanish Patel

Immunological Disorders and Preventive Measures in Ayurveda: A Conceptual Study
Authors: Dr. Prasad P. Pande, Dr. Pradnya R. Deshpande

Model and Seismic Analysis of Transmission Tower with I, C and Circular Sections Using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Renju Chandran, Linda Ann Mathew

Assessing the Sustainable Development through Physical Infrastructure Sustainability: Water Pollution and Environmental Degradation at Ritual Tank Ambala, Ramtek
Authors: Kalpana N. Kawathekar (Thakare), A. J. Sanyal

Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance of Growth and Yield Components of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) Genotypes
Authors: Priyanka Bijalwan, Naidu Madhvi

Ultraviolet Characteristics of a Silicon Inversion Layer for Applications in Radiometry
Authors: Pearson V.C. Luhanga

Tyrosine Kinase level and White Blood Cells Count in Untreated and Treated Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Patients with BCR ABL gene
Authors: Delita Prihatni, Rachmat Sumantri, Rully Roesli, Nadjwa Zamalek Dalimonthe, Ida Parwati

Optimal Design Methodology of Rectangular Heat Sinks for Electronic Cooling under Natural Convective and Radiative Heat Transfer
Authors: Abhishek Soi

Study of Different Models for Ranking Error in Ranked Set Sampling
Authors: Aparna Gurao, Vasant Nikam

Optimized Ranking Framework for Information Retrieval
Authors: Snehal Ukarande, Ashish Manwatkar

Survey Paper on Big Data Processing and Hadoop Components
Authors: Swati M. Gavali, Supriya Sarkar

Wave Vector Star Channel Associated with Superstructure of Crystal and Bravais Lattice Types
Authors: Il-Hwan Kim, Jong-Ok Pak, Un-Son Jong, Song-on Kim, Chol-Gyong Kim, Song-Il Ri

Energy Aware Routing in Next Generation Wireless Networks Using Efficient Resource Allocation
Authors: Gajanan Heddure, S. P. Pingat

Comparative view on Phenomenon Mobility Prediction Using Virtual Force-Based Interest Driven Monitoring Scheme with FP Growth
Authors: Rakhi Narkhede, U. K. Thakur, L. H. Patil

Analytical Study of Vertical Geometric Irregular Diagrid Structure and Comparison with Tubular Structure
Authors: Anju Krishna, Arathi S

A Review on Various Approaches of Video Steganography
Authors: Sapanpreet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur

Analysis of Small Scale Enterprise Performance in Ethiopia: Evidence on Selected Small Scale Enterprises in Addis Ababa
Authors: P. Viswanadham, Yirgalem Tadele Gerba

A Survey of Thinning Techniques on Two Dimensional Binary Images
Authors: Moumita Sarkar, Santanu Chatterjee

Lesser Trochanter Avulsion: A Rare Cause of Groin Pain
Authors: Dr. Nikhil A. Gokhale, Dr. Pradeep A. Sangnod, Dr. Sunil Shahane, Dr. Ashwin Samant

Spatial Shrinkage of Vembanad Lake, South West India during 1973-2015 using NDWI and MNDWI
Authors: Parvathy K. Nair, D. S. Suresh Babu

Correlation between Plasma Protein Carbonyl Adducts and RBC Reduced Glutathione Level in Beta Thalassemia Major Patients in Southern Asian Region
Authors: Tanima Mandal, Santa Saha, Pradipta Ghosh, Suman Chatterjee, Pinaki Sarkar

A Study on Ammonia Condensation in Bundles of Low-Fin Carbon Steel Tubes
Authors: Eaman Hassan Al-Saoub

Integrated Traffic Planning of BRTS
Authors: Gaurav Dane, Ankita Goyal, H. S. Goliya

Properties of Concrete Coarse Aggregate Partially Replaced With Coal Washrey Rejects
Authors: D. Tharun Kumar, R. Rajesh Kumar

Comparative Study on Analysis and Cost of R.C.C. and Steel-Composite Structure
Authors: Renavikar Aniket V., Suryawanshi Yogesh

Fault Classification and Automated Test Case Generation by Using Mutation Testing
Authors: Milind Kale, Vikas Mapari

Design and Control of Autonomous Unerwater Vehicle for Depth Control Using LQR Controller
Authors: Reshmi K R G, Priya P S

Flexibility in Manufacturing through Integration & Layout Optimization
Authors: Kailas R Hiwarde, Ramakant Shrivastava

Fractal Image Compression and its Application in Image Processing
Authors: Gaurish Joshi

Tracking Moving Objects: A Comparative Study
Authors: Walaa Omar El-Farouk Badr, Dr. Hossam El-Din Mostafa

Application of Tuned Mass Damper in Structures under Seismic Excitation
Authors: R. Vijayasarathy, V. Finney H. Wilson

A Study on Customers
Authors: C. Murugesan, Dr. R. Perumalsamy

Implementation of GSM Integrated Digital Token Counter System
Authors: Swapna T. Vaidya, Aditya Thogita

Basin Morphometry of Bunbuni River, Chotanagpur Plateau, In India
Authors: Sumitra Mandi, Kalicharan Soren

Modeling of Prediction Tuberculosis Prevalence Based Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression
Authors: Suprajitno, Sri Mugianti, Wiwin Martiningsih, Wagiyo

Wireless Rolling Display with GPS Clock using nRF Module
Authors: Rhushiraj D. Mahalle, S. A. Bhosale

A Review of Cognitive Radio using Mobile Ad-hoc Network Protocols: Approaches and Challenges
Authors: Aparna Singh Kushwah, Raksha Thakur

Synthesis and Study of Manganese Complexes of Benzilic Acid
Authors: Dr. M. Jerome Rozario, Dr. A. John Merina

Factors Affecting Credit Card Debts: A Study among Executives in Sri Lanka
Authors: Chandana Perera, S. L. Kasun Dayanga, Nisha Jayasuriya

Tweet Segmentation and Preserving from the Spam
Authors: Sonam U. Meshram, Hirendra R. Hajare

Numerical Studies on the Electronic Gadgets in a Personal Computer Using CFD
Authors: Murugan P. C., FathimaSurumy S., Joseph Sekhar S.

Role of MR Spectroscopy in Evaluation of Various Ring Enhancing Lesions in Brain
Authors: Dr. Jernail Singh Bava, Dr. Ashwini Sankhe, Dr. Swapnil Patil

Green Synthesis of AgNPs, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity from Salvia Leucantha Cav. Plant Aqueous Extract
Authors: R. Rajendran, A. Lakshmi Prabha

Efficiency Calculation of a Thermoelectric Generator
Authors: Mohammed Habeeb Shareef, Abdul Sajid, Aamer Abdul Majeed, Mohammed Abdul Baseer Adnan

Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Bacterial Species from Sorghum Bicolor Rhizospere Soil
Authors: Sivasankari .B, Pradeep .J .S

A Study on Fish Reproduction with Reference to Temperature Anomalies in Kosi Region of Bihar
Authors: Shweta Kumari, Pankaj Kumar

Hematologic Evaluation in Transfused B - Thalassemia Major Patients
Authors: Dr. Pooja Gajaria, Dr. Ujwala Maheshwari, Dr. Dharamdas Borkar, Dr. Reeta Dhar

Serum Kidney Injury Molecule-1 in Hepatorenal Syndrome at Medical Intensive Care Unit of Zagazig University Hospitals
Authors: Usama Khalil, Fayroz O Seliem, Ashraf Khalifa, Ayman M.E.M. Sadek, Mohammad S. Fawzi, Nermin Raafat

Optimized Secure Auditing Protocol for Storage of Data Dynamically in Cloud Computing
Authors: Preeti Wadhera, Dr. Rajdev Tiwari

Adsorption of Cadmium Ions onto Zeolite-A prepared from Egyptian Kaolin using Microwave Technique
Authors: Alaa Fahmy, Magdy A. Wassel, Hassan A.Shehata, H. F. Youssef, Ahmed S. Elzaref

PAPR Reduction by Implementing a Hybrid Technique of Hartley and Hilbert in SC-FDMA Comparative Analysis of PAPR Reduction in SC-FDMA
Authors: Geetika Arora, Md.Ejaz A Lodhi

To Detect and Identify the Defects of Industrial Pipe
Authors: Mayuri Dharma Shinde

An Overview on Effects of Water Repellent Concrete Protective Coatings in the Durability of Concrete Structures
Authors: Abdul Razak S, Amal Raj

A Unique Case of Severe Rotational Malunion in a Conservatively Treated Paediatric Femoral Diaphyseal fracture which Needed Corrective Surgery
Authors: Dr. Nikhil Gokhale, Dr. Prakash Chandra, Dr. Sunil Shahane, Dr Hardik Kapopara

Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Computing with WebOS Using TSFS Algorithm
Authors: Pooja, Kanchan Narula

Awareness of HIV/AIDS among Secondary Students
Authors: Dr. E. Ahamad, Dr. Zeba Aqil

In-vitro Response of M5 and Mysore Local (Morus spp) with Different Concentrations of 2,4-D
Authors: Mandoji Mansoor Khan, S. Sankar Naik

Information Retrieval Using Semantic Distance between WordNet
Authors: Rahul Shirbhate, Vishal Mogal

Lossless and Reversible Combine Data Hiding using 4LSB in Encrypted Images with Asymmetric Cryptography
Authors: Prashant Gholve, H. A. Hingoliwala

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Hazards of Plastic Waste and its Safe Disposal
Authors: Dr. S. Ani Grace Kalaimathi, Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi, R. Jayalakshmi

Inter-Relationship among Religiosity, Cultural Determination and Subjective Well Being: A Study of Gujjar Adolescents of Jammu District
Authors: Samridhi Arora, Preeti Gupta

Optimizing Data Misuse Detection by Identifying Guilty Agent without Causing Disturbance and Inconvenience to Trusted Agent
Authors: Sangramsinh Deshmukh

Primary Small Bowel Melanoma. Literature Review and a Case Report
Authors: Alma Llukacaj, Henri Kolani, Etmont Celiku, Eljona Xhelili

Gray Hole Detection and Removal in MANET by Pool Tile Method
Authors: Supriya Pustake, Dr. S. J. Wagh, D. C. Mehetre

Improvement in the Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm in Term of Low Area and Power Consumption by using FPGA
Authors: Umalaxmi Sawant, Venkat Ghodke

Smart Power Monitoring System
Authors: Vasudev Tadavarthy, Akshay Broota

Refractory Cardiogenic Shock Induced by Influenza Type B
Authors: AZHARI Alaa MD, D'OSTREVY Nicolas, AZARNOUSH Kasra MD PHD, Geoffroy Etienne, MEDARD Anne MD, ULMANN Lucie, CAMILLERI Lionel MD PHD

Decolourization of Procion Red mx5b Dye by Electrochemical Oxidation
Authors: Rashid Mohamed Abdulsalam Jabir, Dr. Attar Salim Jamaruddin, Prof. K. S. Kulkarni

Effect of Continuous Endurance Training Versus Intermittent Endurance Training on Aerobic Capacity in Recreational Female Hockey Players a Randomized Control Trail
Authors: Dr. B. Yasaswini M.P.T( sports), Dr. A. Viswanath Reddy M.P.T (sports) Phd, Dr. K. Madhavi M.P.T ( cardiothoracic ) Phd

Image Quality Assessment for Fake Bio-metric Detection and Replay-Attack in use of Videos
Authors: Sunil Nijhawan, Dr. Jitender Khurana, Dr. R. B. Dubey

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Bioactive Constituents Present in Seed Extracts of Phoenix sylvestris
Authors: Irm Bhat, Mukta Shrivastava

Physical Infrastructure Planning and Management for Sustainable Development in Ramtek Town
Authors: Kalpana N. Kawathekar (Thakare), A. J. Sanyal

Prediction of Violent Behaviour in Psychiatryc Emergency Room
Authors: Lefter Sinani, Fabian Cenko

Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Eu3+ Doped Strontium Cerium Sulfide Phosphor
Authors: T. Niranjan Kumar, Ch. Vijay Anil Dai2, K. Suresh

An Advanced Survey on Hierarchical Routing Protocols in WSN
Authors: Sandhya Bankar, Simran Khiani

Hepatitis B Virus Profile among Blood Donors in the Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria
Authors: Agbesor. N. Innocent, Amala Smart E., Zaccheaus. A. Jeremiah

A Comparative Study of Helminths Parasites in Catfishes
Authors: Anita Singh, Suman Mishr

Intensity Appearance in Styles
Authors: Khayala Mursaliyeva Mugamat

Property Inspection of Wheat by Extracting Morphological Features
Authors: Amit Bhande, Dr. S. V. Rode

Study of SEM/EDXS and FTIR for Fly Ash to Determine the Chemical Changes of Ash in Marine Environment
Authors: Clara Jeyageetha .J, Sugirtha P. Kumar

Design and Performance Analysis of TFA Cell Using CNTFET
Authors: Gaurav Agarwal, Amit Kumar

Recognizing Human DNA versus Non Human DNA
Authors: Mimoza Canga, Vito Antonio Malagnino

Power Estimation of HCFV Based on Voyage Profile
Authors: P.I. Santosa, I.K.A.P Utama, W.D Aryawan

Viscosity Studies on Gum Karaya
Authors: Rao V. Malladi, A. Radha Gayathri

Knowledge Regarding Biomedical Waste Management among the Staff Nurses
Authors: Jyoti Srivastava

Survey Paper on Data Lake
Authors: Surabhi D Hegde, Ravinarayana B

A Prospective, Randomised, Double-Blind Comparative Study of IV Granisetron Vs Dexamethasone as Antiemesis Prophylaxis in Patients Undergoing Elective Abdominal Laparoscopic Surgery
Authors: Dr. Naina P Dalvi, Dr. Sagar Chimalwar

A Study of Enders Nailing in Paediatric Long Bone Fractures
Authors: Dr. S. Arun Prabhakar

Strength Properties of Concrete Palm Oil Fuel Ash
Authors: V. Suleman Ahamed, Dr. S. Siddiraju

A Comparison of Intranasal Dexmedetomidine and Intranasal Midazolam for Premedication in Children Undergoing Elective Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Sobhan Aich, Dr. Charuta Gadkari , Dr. Anjali Bhure, Dr. Ravi Nikhade

Basic of Urban Expansion
Authors: Sehba Saleem

Crowd Learn (Learning Next Hotskills using the Crowd Source Method)
Authors: Girish Kadakol, Pawan Hegde, Manjunath Jeernalli

Efficient Shape and Material for Performance Disc Brake by Coupled Structural & Thermal Analysis
Authors: R. Radha Krishna Murthy, K. Sree Devi

Multiswitching Synchronization of Non-Identical Hyperchaotic Lorenz and Chen Systems
Authors: Laoye J. A., Ogundipe S. O., Olonade K O., Odunaike R. K.

A Study on the Knowledge and Awareness about Menopause among Middle Aged Women from Western Odisha
Authors: Monika Satpathy

Management of a Case of Internal Root Resorption: Case Report
Authors: Mirela Marinova-Takorova, Elitsa Deliverska, Velislava Mazneva

Isolation of Seed Borne Fungi Associated with Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan, Linn.) Seeds
Authors: Sheela Shinde

Effect of Red Fruit Oil (Pandanus Conoideus Lam) on Animal Model of Preeclampsia
Authors: I.W. Sugiritama, I.G.A. Dewi Ratnayanti, I.G.N. Sri Wiryawan, I.A Ika Wahyuniari, N.M. Linawati, I.G.K.N. Arijana

USG in Evaluation of Small Joint Disease
Authors: Dr. Purvi Desai, Dr Pranav Satbhai, Dr. Viral Panchal

Strength Parameters of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HFRC)
Authors: S. Kiran Kumar, Dr. S. Siddiraju

Evaluation of PPIUCD versus Interval IUCD Insertion
Authors: Sonil Srivastava, Imam Bano, Nazia Ishrat

Development of Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drive Train with Regenerative Suspension for Heavy Duty Vehicles
Authors: Mayank Giri, Renuka Sahu

Role of Neuro-ultrasound in Evaluation of Intracranial Pathologies in Preterm Neonates and Infants with Abnormal Neurological Presentation
Authors: Dr Jernail Singh Bava, Dr Maunil Bhuta, Dr Arvind Borde, Dr Gokul Kathade

Common Waterborne Diseases in Marginalized areas: a Case Study: Al Shuka Area in Gaza Strip
Authors: Ghada Al Khatib, Mazen Hamada, Amal Sarsour

Modelling and Analysis of Multi-Plate Clutch
Authors: Aniruddha Joshi, Aniket Bharambe, Manthankumar Tandel, Rajat Jadhav, Shreyas Honagekar

Prevalence of Refractive Errors in Children 6 - 9 Years
Authors: Eglantina Molosiu, Sulejman Zhugli

Tremors in World Market: A Study on Future of India after Brexit
Authors: Mnisha Shoor

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine using Alternative Fuels
Authors: Najeeb Ullah Khan, Dr. M. M. Hasan

Effectiveness of Buerger Allen Exercise on Lower Extremity Perfusion and Pain among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Selected Hospitals in Chennai
Authors: MS.E.Selmar Mellisha

Code Switching in Private Pre-Schools Classrooms in Kenya
Authors: Liambila Martha, Katiambo Dorcas

Reasons and Types of Code Switching Patterns in Private Pre School in Kenya
Authors: Reasons and Types of Code Switching Patterns in Private Pre School in Kenya

Study of Secure Fault Tolerant Routing Protocol for IoT
Authors: Chaithra .S, Gowrishankar S

Deployment of Smallholder Cocoa Farms on Various Land Systems in Luwu Regency
Authors: M. Shaifullah Sasmono, Kahar Mustari, Laode Asrul, Sumbangan Baja

Study of Spectroscopic and Thermal Properties for PbS Molecule
Authors: Hind A. Mohammed, Najlaa M. Hadi

Aerobics Gymnastic, Fitness, Anxiety, Academic Grades of Health Diploma Students from Remote Area in Indonesia
Authors: Lucky Herawati, Agussalim, Maryana, Suharyono

Dead Time Compensation in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger System Using Smith Predictor
Authors: Sarabeevi G M, Riya Mary Francis

Effect of Joint Enlargement on the Performance of Exterior Beam-Column Joint
Authors: Roshni Roy, Geethu S

Security Rudiments for SaaS Application Development and Deployment
Authors: Anand Singh

Moringa oleifera- A Herbal Coagulant for Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Dr. Anila George, Jensy Roshan. F, Dr. Jude Emmanuel

Assessment of Fresh Properties of Pond Ash SCC
Authors: Jai Prakash Reddy, Maneeth P D

A Survey on CommTrust: Computing Multi-Dimensional Trust by Mining E-Commerce Feedback Comments
Authors: Swetha Sam, Vani V Prakash

Enhancement of Hazy Image Using Visibility Restoration Technique
Authors: Salini N, Anju J Prakash

Enhancing Data Security Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Cloud Computing
Authors: Depavath Harinath

Effectiveness of Routine Physical Therapy with and Without Pain Release Phenomenon in Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome
Authors: Sana Shahid, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Dr. Umair Ahmed

Improving Stability, Smoothing and Diversifying of Recommender Systems
Authors: Sagar Sontakke, Pratibha Chavan

The Effect of the Cause of Trauma, Sports Activity As Well As Body Mass on Lesions of the Knee Joint Evaluated Using Magnetic Resonance
Authors: Dr. Tanja Petrovska

Assessment of Macular Function by Multifocal Electroretinogram after Intravitreal Injection of Bevacizumab in Diabetic Macular Edema
Authors: Yomna Essam, Khalid Ali, Ahmed Elhusseiny, Soha Moussa

Semantic Features of Future Indefinite Tense Form and Oguznames
Authors: Imamaliyeva Gunay Serdar

Distributed Generation: Definitions, Benefits, Technologies & Challenges
Authors: Eltaib Said Elmubarak, Ali Mohamed Ali

Some Bayesian Frailty Models
Authors: S. G. Parekh, D. K. Ghosh, S. R. Patel

The Security Threats in Cloud Architecture-A Review
Authors: Simanjot Kaur, Anurag Singh Tomar

Performance Analysis of Black Hole Attack with AODV using Different No. of Nodes in VANET
Authors: Bharti, D. P. Dwivedi

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