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Tremors in World Market: A Study on Future of India after Brexit

Mnisha Shoor

The historic vote triggered the seismic tremors in equal measure in politics and business when Britain decided to quit European Union that shattered the unity of 60 year old continental bloc. When the entire world is worried as it will directly affect the trade, employment, business and immigration policies, India is no way different in the reaction. There are number of questions regarding access to European markets, the increasing trade barriers, agreements related to movement of goods, capital and labour. All that lurks is the uncertainity over such questions that might hamper smooth working of financial markets across the world. Due to historic and cultural this with UK, India is the second largest source of FDI for Britain but Brexit has put huge obstacle in the way of Indias access to European Union as Britain was the only gateway to it. Although our emigrations to UK would be welcomed in cheerful mood as Britain get maximum talented English speaking labour from our nation but the actual scene is yet so felt. The paper examines the impact of Brexit on Britain India relations, India EU relations and future prospects if Indian markets bear a hug from UK.

Keywords: Immigrations, Foreign Direct Investment, Industries, Trade Agreements, Companies

Edition: Volume 5 Issue 7, July 2016

Pages: 1811 - 1816