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Android Mobile Based Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality

Akil. H. Sayyad, Santosh. A. Shinde

Abstract: The application mainly represents mobile tour guide system with augmented reality. Tourism is travel for pleasure, also the business process of entertaining tourists, attracting and accommodating and the business of operating tours. Augmented reality is nothing but direct or indirect view of the physical environment whose element is changed by computer generated sensory input. To guide tourist with respect to visit, there exist numerous applications. All of them are paper-based and Mobile based having restrictions of interactive visualization and accurate navigations. By considering restrictions of above applications, this system application provides a portable tour guide application with increased the augmented information, called Tour Guide System. The system provides visitors to have more intelligent, instructive and client specific experiences with expanded reality by perceiving or following the contents of a visit booklet. The GPS functionality is also available for the tourist to search tourist places. This Paper describes the features and related work on different android applications based on augmented reality.

Keywords: Tourism, Augmented Reality, Feature Extraction, Context Management, 3D Rendering