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Occurrence of Aeromycoflora in the Kitchen Environment of Jabalpur City
Authors: Ruchi Koshta, Akhilesh Ayachi

Pesticide Consumption on Agriculture in Western Maharashtra: A Geographical Perspective
Authors: Chandrakant Kale

From Negation to Negotiation: Naipaul
Authors: Dr. V. Ganesan

The Efficacy of Eco-friendly Botanicals in the Management of Damping-off and Downy Mildew Diseases of Cucumber
Authors: Utobo E.B., Ekwu L.G., Nwogbaga A.C., Nwanchor K.

Evaluating Eco-friendly Potting Media on Growth and Yield of Carrot Varieties in Abakaliki, South Eastern Nigeria
Authors: Utobo E.B., Ekwu L.G., Nwogbaga A.C., Nwanchor K.

The Classification and Preferences of Electronic Dictionaries in Modern Education
Authors: Zhala Mammadova

High Frequency Regeneration in Important Medicinal Plant Uraria picta Jacq. DC
Authors: Avinash Jadhav, Rohit Shete, Narayan Pandhure

In Vitro Callus Induction in Solanum virginianum L.
Authors: Rohit Shete, Avinash Jadhav, Narayan Pandhure

Comparison between two Different Splints Used for Fixation of Symphyseal and Parasymphyseal Mandibular Fractures in Pediatric Infants
Authors: Yomna Elshazly

Survey on Spatio-Temporal Clustering
Authors: Vaishali V. Dhundale, M. S. Takalikar

Statistical Analysis of the Risk Factors of Children Leukemia Patients
Authors: Amna Younas Bhatti, Ahmed Bilal Waqar

Effects of Cognitive Remediation Therapy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Study Protocol
Authors: Melek Hajri, Zeineb Abbes, Houda Ben Yahia, Sami Ouanes, Soumeyya Halayem, Asma Bouden, Ali Mrabet, Isabelle Amado

Touch Screen Based Authentication
Authors: Shafeena C P

Implementation of AFDX Switch on ZYNQ FPGA
Authors: T. Suresh, C. Ramesh Reddy, Y. Syamala, A.V.N. Tilak

A Review on Two Stage Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Aparna Singh Kushwah, Rohit Parashar

Price Increment Analysis of Some Small Indigenous Freshwater Fish Species (SIFFS) In Coastal Belts of Odisha Using Laspeyres Price Index
Authors: Nirmal Chandra Biswal, Binod Bihari Sahu, Prafulla Kumar Mohanty

Potential of Odonate (Dragonflies and Damselflies) Diversity as a Bioindicator of Water Quality
Authors: Sonia Jacob, Manju E.K

The Surgical Treatment of the Anal Stricture Post Hemorrhoidectomy Milligan-Morgan. A Comparison of Two Operatory Techniques
Authors: Enton Bollano PhD, Krenar Lilaj PhD, Dariel Thereska PhD, Arben Gjata

Anti-inflammatory and Regenerative Effects of Albanian Propolis in Experimental vital Amputations in Piglets (Histological assessment)
Authors: Aida Meto, Agron Meto, Emiljano Tragaj, Mutlu Ozcan

Spatio-Temporal Changes on Land Use/Land Cover in Vaippar Basin, Tamil Nadu Using Geoinformatics Approach
Authors: M. Venkatesan, K. Kumaraswamy, S. Balaselvakumar

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection using Malware Infection
Authors: Tajagn Jagani, Sachin Todkari

Detection of Causal Relationship among Apricot Production, Dollar Exchange Rate and Gold Prices Using Co-integration Analysis and VECM: The Case of Turkey
Authors: Senol Celik

Anthropological Paradigms of Participation of Male in the Family Planning
Authors: Jitendra Kumar Premi

Laboratory Evaluation of Dimensional Changes of Different Elastomeric Impression Materials Using 3D Laser Scanner
Authors: Ahmed Abd-Al Hamed, Safia H. El-Gharabawy, Fayza Al-Abbassy, Abd Elsalam A. Abd Elsalam

Growth and Physiology of Wheat (Triticum vulgare) Seedlings under Aluminum Stress
Authors: P. Saritha, Dr. S. Vasantha Pillay

A Study Analysis on Various Image Segmentation Techniques and Concerns with Distinct Images
Authors: M. Kalpana Devi, S. Divya Meena

Study of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Methyl Acrylate with Alkoxy Ethanols at 308.15 K
Authors: K. Vijaya Lakshmi

Sources of Uncertainties in Climate Forcing by Black Carbon Aerosol over Indian Region Using Regional Climate Model
Authors: Prateek Kumawat, Gazala Habib, Sagnik Dey

A Survey of Basic SQL Operators of Crowdsourcing System
Authors: Seema Yuvraj Shelar, A. B. Rajmane

SBVLC: Secure Barcode-Based Visible Light Communication for Smartphones
Authors: Anjaly Raj, Vidya N

A Manipulated Cyclic Permutation Data Scrambling Approach for Data Security
Authors: OYINLOYE Oghenerukevwe Elohor, Benson Ojedayo

Effect of Malting on Chemical Composition and Protein Invitro Digestibility of Three New Varieties of Sorghum Grains
Authors: Edafe Valentino Okporo, Danladi Amodu Ameh, Abdullahi Balarabe Sallau, D.A.Aba

Power Adaptive Computing System Design using Embedded System
Authors: Akash Uplenchwar, S. S. Palnitkar

Temporal Analysis of Forest Cover Change: East Khasi Hills Meghalaya, India: Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Authors: Dr. L.T.S. Guite, Amritee Bora

Clinical Decision Support System Using SVM with the Preservation of Privacy
Authors: S. S. Bhide, S. M. Sangve

Origanum majorana Essential Oil Reduces VAS Score and Modulates Cerebral Activity during 10 NeurOptimal
Authors: Maria Eugenia Cabana-Munoz, Carmen Perez Laso, Jose Maria Parmigiani-Izquierdo, Jose Joaquin Merino

Outcome of Thompson
Authors: Dr. P. Pal, Dr. G. Chatterjee

Duplication Removal and Auditing Check Over Cloud
Authors: Pranita B. Wadavkar, Prashant M. Mane

Analysis of Authentication Method
Authors: Shilpa S. Nagargoje, Sarika B. Solanke

Saccrococcygeal Chondroid Chordoma: FNAC Diagnosis: A Case Report with Histological and Radiological Correlation
Authors: Dr. Mukta Meel, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Bhaskar

Correlation Analysis of Yield and Yield Components of Seven Soybean Cultivars on Weed Competition
Authors: Doni Hariandi, Didik Indradewa, Prapto Yudono

Marketing Problems Faced by Self Help Groups (SHG) in Tamil Nadu
Authors: R. Parthiban, Dr. P. Baba Gnanakumar

A Real Time Algorithm to Monitor GNSS Positioning Services
Authors: John Kwamena Amos, Perry Addison

The Efficacy of Using Lidocaine Jelly 2% for Prevention of Inadvertent Retrograde Stone Displacement during Pneumatic Lithotripsy of Upper Ureteral Stone
Authors: Saad H. Al-Sammarraie, Ala'a Al-Deen AL-Dabbagh, Sahar B. Ahmed

Design of High Speed Flash Analog to Digital Converter Using Multiplexer and Comparator
Authors: Rana Vikram Pratap Singh Yadav, Neelam Srivastava

Study of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Correlationship among Different Parameters in Water of Kathani River, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
Authors: Gourkar A. R., Rewatkar S. B., M. I. M. Siddique

Analysis of Factors Contributing to Time Overruns on Road Construction Projects under Addis Ababa City Administration
Authors: Siraw Yenesew Tesfa

Linear Filtering Based Image Restoration with Image De-Blurring Toolkit
Authors: More Manisha, Shivale Nitin

A Study of Salar Jung Museum Library Hyderabad
Authors: Rajendra Pahade

A Secure OTP Algorithm using Smartphone Application
Authors: Sonal N. Pannase, P. R. Pardhi

Influence of Dielectric Constant on Protonation Equilibria of Phenylalanine and Maleic Acid in Ethylene Glycol-Water Mixtures
Authors: T. Sreevaram, A. V. R. Gajapathi Raju, N. Vijaya Kumar, B. B. V. Sailaja

Genetic Approach and Biometrical Association of Yield Attributing Traits in Chickpea (Cicer arietinium L.)
Authors: Anindita Roy, Sanhita Ghosh, S. Kundagrami

Synthesis and Characterization of Substitution Complexes of Dialkyl-Phosphonates with Tin(II) Chloride
Authors: Anuradha Sharma, Babita Gupta, Meena Nagar

Enteral Detoxication in Complex Treatment of Acute Intestinal Obstruction
Authors: Shavkat Karimov, Sayfiddin Baymakov, Asqar Asrarov

HPV in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Review Article
Authors: T. V. Rajalakshmi Rakshanaa, Dr. M. D. Brundha Suresh

Advances in Imaging of Vertebral and Spinal Cord Injury
Authors: Dr. Mitesh Ghadiali, Dr. Purvi Desai, Dr. Rahul Sharma

The Frobenius Method for Solving Ordinary Differential Equation with Coefficient Variable
Authors: Anil Hakim Syofra, Rika Permatasari, Lily Adriani Nazara

Breeding habits and nesting success of the Village Weaver Ploceuscucullatus, at Khartoum, Sudan
Authors: Noon Bushra Eltahir, Dawi Musa Hamed

Fibrosarcoma and Papillary Thyroidcarcinoma in Ratsadministred of Platinum Analogue Daily
Authors: Snehal Dighade1 M. S. Sastry

Communication Pattern in Delivery of Messages in Crop Farming in West Muna Regency
Authors: La Tarifu, Weka Widayati, Bahtiar, Dasmin Sidu

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