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Teaching Mathematics with Technology: A Survey on Teachers' Knowledge and Technology Integration
Authors: Ernest Larbi

Studies on Growth and Characterization of Undoped and L-Alanine Doped Ammonium Sulfate Semi Organic Crystals
Authors: C. Marie Quintine Sherly, G. Iswarya

Police System in Chandigarh
Authors: Devpreet Sidhu

Review Project Based Learning
Authors: Eko Indrawan, Nizwardi Jalinus, Syahril

Contributing Factors of Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Related Phlebitis among Patients at a Teaching Hospital, Chitwan
Authors: Basanta Thapa, Laxmi Rajbanshi, Govinda Prasad Dhungana, Babita Devi Dahal

Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Awara Produced from Soybeans Using different Coagulant
Authors: Ikya J.K, Ukeyima M, Ibrahim A.K

Effect of Some Selected Coagulants on the Proximate and Microbiological Quality of Cheese Produced from Soy Milk
Authors: Ibrahim A.K, Ukeyima M, Ikya J.K

From Drawing to Figure and Theories of Didactic Situations and Instrumentation
Authors: Luiz Marcio Santos Farias, Jose Vieira Nascimento Junior, Anderson Souza Neves

Fish Consumption Pattern and Marketing Efforts in Arba Minch Town, Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia
Authors: Daniel Tekle Gemeda

Effect of Yoga on Positive and Negatve Affect and Emotional Intelligence in Orphan Adolescent Females
Authors: K. Gomathi, Vijayakumar P S, Sahana A U

High Volume Fly Ash-Based Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Authors: Somsubhra De, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Das

Judicial Approach towards White Collar Crimes in India
Authors: Sagar Sharma

Recommendation System Based on Behavioral Variability of User
Authors: Neethu Raj

Ant Colony Optimization for City Public Transport Route Design in Tanzania
Authors: Isaack Adidas Kamanga

Pancytopenia: A Prospective Clinico-Pathologiacl Study in a Tertiary Care Centre Jammu
Authors: Roopali J, Mehnaz C, Singh K

Comparative Study of Cardio Vascular Respiratory Fitness of Player of Varied Sports
Authors: Deep Mala Gautmi, Shiv Krishna Singh

Diet Composition in Juveniles of Four Commercially Important Fin-Fishes of Daroji Lake, Ballari
Authors: Nagabhushan C.M

A Review of the Role of Interpersonal Interactions in Team Building
Authors: M. M. Uma Maheswari, N. Arivazhagan

Right of Minorities to Form Educational Institutions
Authors: Devpreet Sidhu

Analysis of Social Networking Websites and Its Effect on VSK University Students
Authors: Rakesh V Talikoti

A Study on the Risk Factors of Obesity among School Going Children (9-12 Years) of Chandigarh
Authors: Ritu Pradhan, Manpreet Paul

Nutritional Status of Pregnant Women Visiting Government Hospital, Chandigarh
Authors: Ritu Pradhan, Saloni Joshi

Effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique on Autonomic Variables in People with Visual Impairment-A Pilot Study
Authors: Harini C S, Vijayakumar PS, Sahana AU

Value Creation Measurements: An Industry Based Study in India
Authors: K. Kiran Kumar, VineethaVijayan

Management System in Nursing Educational Institutes
Authors: Bhuwan Kumari Dangol

Frequency and Temperature Dependence of AC Electrical Conductivity of Cadmium Iodide Doped Polyaniline
Authors: Shende S G, Dhote DS

Smart Dustbins and Smart Compost BINS (Aiding Hon?ble PM Modi?s Smart City Mission and Swachh Bharat Mission)
Authors: Tanmaay Saxena, Aditya Vyas, Anisha M Lal

Sjogren Syndrome: Description of 4 Cases Guinean
Authors: Conde Kaba, Garba Mahaman Salissou, Niasse Moustapha

Anticoagulants Induced Ecchymosis
Authors: Rabia Arshi

Preventive Detention and Personal Liberty
Authors: Aaqib Mushtaq Bhat, Dr Akhilesh Ranaut

Emerging Issues in Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation
Authors: Bhawna Bhelly, Dr Sunil

Studies on the ?-Amylase and Total Amylase Activity during Malting Period of Some Nigerian Local Grains
Authors: Sunday Zeal Bala, Blessing Ashulie Peter

Dyslipidemia in Patients with Type2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Omer Mohamed Shoaib

Blasphemy Laws: Comparative Analysis in Context of India and Pakistan
Authors: Shagun Sharma

Feature Extraction from an ECG Signal of Various Cardiac Patients Using Daubechies Decomposition Technique
Authors: Subhojit Paul, Anannya Sinha, Shramana Roy, Shankhadip Kundu

Role of Apoptosis in Cadmium Induced Dopaminergic Alterations in Rat Brain
Authors: Shraddha Prakash, Chitranshu Pandey

An Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Shaker?s Swallowing Exercises on Improving Swallowing Ability among Dysphagic Patients with Cerebrovascular Accident
Authors: Amol V. Bhandare, B. S. Awale

Effects of Individual Technique on Standard Seven Learners? Achievement in English Composition Writing in Public Primary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya
Authors: Hellen W. Kamau, Odundo Paul, Hellen Inyenga

Modeling and Analysis of a Small Wind Turbine Blade
Authors: Dr. Challa Jayaramulu

Regulation of Cotton Bollworm Quantity by Pheromone Traps
Authors: Aminova Dildor Kholmurodovna

Determination of Laboratory Feeding Dose of Gipsy-Moth (Lymantria dispar L.)
Authors: Mukhsimov Nurullo Pulatovich

Speech Compression Using LPC-10 and VELPC Based on DCT Technique Compression
Authors: Aditi Kar, Rasmi Ranjan Samantray

Spectrum of Fungal Isolates of Clinical Specimens from a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India
Authors: Madhu Chauhan, Savita Mahajan, Ram Kishan Abrol, Aradhya Abrol

Predictive Modelling Using Random Forest Classifier and Decision Tree Algorithm
Authors: Subhojit Paul, Ankan Paul, Sahil Sakar, Tuhin Sarkar, Debdoot Ganguly, Siddhartha Sen, Soumik Dutta

A Descriptive Study on Intellectual Property Rights in India Challenges for MSMEs & Institutional Support
Authors: Chiruvoori Ravivarma, Dama Bhuvankumar

Survey on Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Techniques
Authors: Ophelia M, Keerthijith P

Nurse Teachers' Lived Experiences with Students' Impoliteness: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Pramilaa R

Characterization of the Lactobacillus Isolated from Different Curd Samples
Authors: Gousia Qadir

Research on Internet Financial Risk Management under the Background of Big Data
Authors: Li Gaojian

The Effects of the Program Including Differentiated STEM Applications Based on the Parallel Curriculum Model on the Critical Thinking Skills, Creativity and Attitudes of Gifted and Talented Students
Authors: Aydin Tiryaki, Omer Cakiroglu, Yavuz Yaman

Simulation of Digital Current Sensorless Control for Dual-Boost Half-Bridge PFC Converter
Authors: Ragupathi .S

Security in Digital Images: Steganography and Watermarking
Authors: Avinash Kumar, Dr. Hari Om Sharan

Need for Incorporation of Human Resource Management Training in Undergraduate Medical Study Curriculum
Authors: Dr Gouri Kumari Padhy, Dr Justin KJ, Nanditha Venkatesh

Impact of Leadership Style and its Implications on Work Satisfaction and Performance of Country Civil Apparatus in West Sulawesi Province Indonesia
Authors: Nursyam Anwar, Siti Haerani, Nurdjannah Hamid, Ria Mardiana Yusuf

Study on Mindset, Locus of Control and Self Esteem of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities
Authors: Pallavi Sahu, Dr. G. Shri Krishna, Surya Prakasham

A Comparative Study on Contribution towards Education between Baba Mastnath University and Maharshi Dayanand University
Authors: Sonika, Dr. Ramphool Sharma

Indian Economy: Comparative Study of Inflation and Monetary Policy
Authors: Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat

Evaluating Coagulation Efficiency of Natural Coagulant for Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Himanshu Patel, Anjali Khambete

Experimental Study Comparing the Efficiency of Heat Pump Hot Water Using Refrigerant R32 and Refrigerant R410A
Authors: Tran Quang Danh

Antagonistic Effect of Trichoderma viride against Pathogenic Fungi Fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici (FOL) and on Alternaria alternata
Authors: M. Vindyashree

Effectiveness of Jacobson's Progressive Muscles Relaxation Techniques (JPMRT) on Anxiety among Detoxified Inmates of De-Addiction Centers
Authors: Dr. Yogeshwar Puri Goswami

Smart College Using Android App
Authors: Amruta Ashok Patil, Poonam Prakash Patil, Ujjwala Limbraj Kokate

Low-Cost Glove Device for Malaysian Sign Language Recognition
Authors: Muhammed Akthem

Innovation Experiences in ICT and Changes in Services Industry: A Theoretical Review
Authors: Ogola Gyaviira G.K.O

Strategic Management Practices and Organizational Performance Case Study: Sopico in Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Adan Mohamed Muse

Healing Effect of Intercession Prayer in Stroke Patients
Authors: Sunitha .M, Dr. J. K. Mukkadan

Video Description and Collision Detection for Visually Impaired
Authors: Vinay Kumar Saini, Hitesh Kwatra, Himanshu Narang

A Fast Calculation Method of QFP Packaging PIN Conductor Inductance
Authors: Li Suo, Lu Jianmin

Comparison between Caudal Tramadol and Nalbuphine as Adjuvants to 0.2% Ropivacaine in Children Undergoing Hypospadias Surgery: A Randomised Clinical Trial
Authors: Trishi Sharma, Neelam Dogra

Wi-Fi 802.11 ax vs 802.11 ay: Comparison
Authors: Sonam Soni

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) Presenting as Cellulitis an Unusual Presentation Secondary to Marking Nut (Semecarpus anacardium) Application: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Vanarase Mithila, Dr. Gadekar Jayant

Compassion Fatigu e- Be there for Others, But Never Leave Yourself Behind?.
Authors: Soubhagya K M

Phytomedicines for Lung Cancer
Authors: Indrani Bhattacharya, Prachi Patel, Manju Kumari

Cancer Spit Test
Authors: Indrani Bhattacharya, Gaurav Nagar

Evaluation of Causes Leading to Oligomenorrhoea and Secondary Amenorrhoea among Women in Reproductive Age Group
Authors: Sangeeta Popli, Sapna Sharma, Mamta Gupta, Vandana Saini, Sanjay Jain

Impact of Adaptive Image Guided Radiotherapy on Parotid Sparing in Head and Neck Cancer
Authors: Hirak Vyas, Ramesh Purohit, Kiran Chigurupalli, Deepanjali Patel, Menal Bhandari, AR Gupta

Intraoperative Dexamethasone Single Dose and Risk of Postoperative Haemorrhage in Tonsillectomy Patients
Authors: Dr. Asif Mahajan, Dr. Shahnaz Sheikh, Dr Abdul Qayoom

The Study on Validity of Legislative Stand on Doctrine of Pious Obligation over Married Daughters in Indian Hindu Families
Authors: B. Leelesh Sundaram, Priyanka

The Effect of Leadership Style and Organizational Commitment towards Readiness to Change (The Study of Mataram Government Employee)
Authors: Dedet Zelthauzallam, Thatok Asmony, Hermanto

Research on Shared Travel Development Model Based on Blockchain Technology
Authors: Du Buyuan

Pattern of Haematological Disorders on Bone Marrow Aspiration in Atertiary Care Centre in North India
Authors: Mehnaz Choudhary, Bhavneet Kour, Kuldeep Singh

Techno Stress - An Ebullition or Not
Authors: Pooja Sareen

Proposal for SMEs Development in Afghanistan Based on Turkey Experiences (New Zabulian Doctrine)
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki

Sustainable Development of Aviation Industry - A Case Study of Cochin International Airport Limited
Authors: Dr. Preemy P. Thachil

Digi Doc
Authors: Ashwini Ghatol

Morphological Variation in Azygos Vein
Authors: Dr. Aparna Vedapriya .K, Dr. Dasarapu Priyanka

Effects of Administrative Structure on Policy Performance
Authors: Buregeya Etienne

A Study on Customer Insight Towards UPI (Unified Payment Interface) - An Advancement of Mobile Payment System
Authors: Dr. Virshree Tungare

Local Wisdom of the Dayak Kenyah Customary Community in the Management of Tana Ulen in Kayan National Park, Mentarang, North Kalimantan
Authors: Njau Anau, Abdul Hakim, Amin Setyo Leksono, Endah Setyowati

Hydro-Geo-Bio-Chemical Investigation of Geothermal Springs for Baleneotherapy and Thermophile Studies: Odisha, India
Authors: Shubhransu Pattanaik, Siba Prasad Mishra, Dr. Sitaram Swain, Sanjeeb Pattnaik

An Unsuspected Palatal Mass with an Unusual CBCT Finding
Authors: Dr Parvathy S Nair, Dr Sreela L S, Dr Twinkle S Prasad, Dr Philips Mathew, Dr Admaja K Nair

Planning & Scheduling of Residential Building Using MS Project
Authors: S. T. Gavde, Kanase Swapnali, Mulani Apreen, Jadhav Varsha, Mane Mayuri

A Clinical Study on Second Branchial Cleft Anomalies
Authors: Ashim Sarkar, Monoj Mukherjee

The Effect of Talent Management, Competence, and Training and Development on Employee's Transfer Pattern at Directorate General of State Assets Management of Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia
Authors: Suwadi Tristiyawan, Charles Bohlen Purba

Analysis of Occupational Injuries in a Large Construction Project in Saudi Arabia
Authors: Ayman A. Khojah, Mohamed A. Zytoon, Abdulrahman M. Basahel

Coordinated Supply of Solar and Wind Energy Using MPPT to Power Micro-Grids along with Battery
Authors: Harris B. Mathews, Soumya Saraswati

Study of Vibration of Dual-Buoy on the Linear Electrical Generator for Wave Energy Converter
Authors: Nguyen Hoang Quan, Tran Thanh Tung

Administrative Competence of Public Elementary School Principals in the Department of Education Division of Northern Samar
Authors: Gina De Asis-Galvez

Students' Performance in Critical Thinking Activities in English
Authors: Maria Cora E. Cabacang
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