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A Comparative Study of Existing Crimes and Dashavidha Paapakarma (Ten Sins) Described in Ayurveda
Authors: Dr. Manisha G. Dunghav, Dr. Sarita Ohol

Free Euler Lagrange Equation
Authors: Amna Hasan

Reactivation of RASSF1A Protein and Induction Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells by Curcumin
Authors: Nunung Ainur Rahmah, Fransiscus D. Suyatna, Mpu kanoko, Primariadewi Rustamadji, Joedo Prihartono, Harliansyah, Samuel Johny Haryono, Bethy Suryawati Hernowo, Arleni Bustami

An Evaluative Analysis of a Medical Terminology Course Taught in Saudi Arabia
Authors: Adil Alafif Mukhtar

Status of General English and Specific English in Arab Countries
Authors: Adil Alafif Mukhtar

Randomised Comparative Study of Efficacy of Proseal Laryngeal Mask Airway, Laryngeal Tube and Endotracheal Tube in Mechanically Ventilated Gynaecological Laproscopic Surgeries
Authors: Dr. Apoorva Mittal, Dr. Sushil Kumar Bhati

Role of Election Commission in India
Authors: Aaqib Mushtaq Bhat, Dr Akhilesh Ranaut

Important Microorganisms Responsible for Dental Infections - Actinomycetes (?ctinomyces spp.)
Authors: D. Karayasheva, E. Radeva

The Prevalence of Parasitic Infection of Entamoebahistolytica, Giardia lambilia and Enterobiusvermicularis in Kilowa Governorate, Saudia Arbia
Authors: Mohey El-Din Z. Abd El-Latif

A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Authors: N. Surya Sai Kumar

Design of MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant for an Educational Campus
Authors: Ruksana T P, Priyanka T, Haneesh K R

Exploring Curriculum Implementation in Response to Labour Markets
Authors: Mamosa Thaanyane, Joseph Thabana

Factors Influencing Adoption of Solar Technology in Tanzania: A Case Study of Arumeru District
Authors: Kessy Stellah Stephahn

Social-Media Habit of Rural India
Authors: Madhurendra Kumar

Increasing Index of Paddy Plantation on Lebak Swamp with Polder System
Authors: Dian Yulistarini, Edward Saleh, Riswani

Review of Advance Rocket Engine
Authors: Sanjana Sharma

Positioning Analysis Breakfast Menu in Fast Food Franchise based on Customer Perception in Bandung City 2014 (Case Study: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut and Dunkin' Donuts)
Authors: Refi Rifaldi Windy Giri, Raisa Altivira, Shelvy Taurusiana Aziz

An Insight into Mechanized Tunneling with Tunnel Boring Machines
Authors: Shabana Manzoor, Jasmin S P

Damage Detection in Single Tapered Rectangular Cross Section Cantilever Beam using Neural Networks based on Vibration Characteristics
Authors: Dr. Challa Jayaramulu

Damage Detection in Cantilever Beam
Authors: Dr Challa Jayaramulu

Scope of Utilization of Recycled Aggregates in Construction Sector
Authors: N. K. Dhapekar, Dr. P. S. Charpe

Quality of Annual Reporting: The Empirical Evidence from Banks in Cambodia
Authors: Soth Sreymoch, Kong Yusheng

Certificate Verification on Blockchain
Authors: Mukul Taneja, Yashi Bindal, Vinay Kumar Saini

Online Dispute Resolution: Methods and Effects
Authors: Poonam Kumari, Dr. Geetika Sood

PPI in Laryngopharyngeal Reflex as an Emerging Treatment Modality
Authors: Dr Shahnaz Sheikh, Dr Asif Mahajan, Dr. Anushree Bajaj, Dr. Balchandra Paikay, Dr Devidas Sarode

Exploring Academic Difficulties Facing First-Year Undergraduate Students at the Institute of Adult Education, Tanzania
Authors: Kija Steven Magembe

To Study the Genetic Variability for Different Morphological and Quality Characters
Authors: Sujeet Singh Kanwar, Dr. A. K. Sarawagi, Yogesh Kumar Nag

Judicial Response to Right to Education in India
Authors: Manpreet Kaur

A Critical Estimate on Structural Violence in India
Authors: Dr. Umakanta Hazarika

Engine Performance Analysis with Respect to the Change in the Compression Ratio of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine
Authors: Dhruv Patel, Rajkumar Patel, Alpesh Barot, Krupesh Patel

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Internet Finance on Chinese Residents' Consumption - Taking the Cosmetics Industry as an Example
Authors: Jiang Xiaobing, Zhao Yuman

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Primary Dysmenorrhea among Indian Adolescent Girls - An Observational Study
Authors: Prerna Yogesh Khosla, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir

Waste Heat Recovery using Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
Authors: Prajapati Vinay

Development of Freestyle Swimming Learning Model Based on Static Swimming Tools
Authors: Andarias Ginting, Moch. Asmawi, James Tangkudung

The Face of Digital Frauds in Digital Banking Scenario - A Literature Based Study
Authors: M. Kannan

Factors Affecting the Performance of Teachers in Physical Education
Authors: Nimfa F. Buedron

Optimal Placement of Compensating Devices in Distribution System by Using PSO Algorithm
Authors: E. V. Vinay

Role of Serum Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) as a Predictive and Prognostic Marker of Response to Treatment in Patients with Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Authors: Sreekanth Boga, Bhargavi D, Kannan T

Modelling Time Default in University Fee Payment Using Cox Proportional Hazard Model
Authors: Winnie Jeptoo Rotich, Joel Cheruiyot Chelule, Ayubu Anapapa, Herbert Imboga

A Comparative Study of Traditional and Modern Techniques on Student Learning
Authors: Sarabjeet Kaur, Dr. Jyotsna Pahuja

Leadership Style: A Driving Force for Entrepreneurial Orientation in Contemporary Business Management
Authors: WOBODO Chinonye Chris

Applying Cognitive Behavior Play Therapy on Child with separation Anxiety Disorder
Authors: Wazar Pulungan, Karina Safitri, Khalida Yurahmi

Need for A Bicycle Corridor - A Case Study of Khazuri Khas - Gandhi Nagar Route, New Delhi, India
Authors: Ranju Mohan

MongoDB with Encryption Techniques
Authors: Ch. Srilatha, P. Asha

Patients' Satisfaction of Service Insurance Healthcare Quality in Commune Health Centres of 2 Vietnamese Extremely Poor Districts
Authors: Thuong Van Ta, Duong Thuy Thi Nguyen, Hong Thuy Thi Do, Huong Mai Thi Dao, Dzung Van Dao

Insects Diversity of Kundapura Taluk, Udupi, Karnataka, India
Authors: Vijaya Kumar K.M, Manasa Shetty

Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Calotropis gigantean and Thevetia peruviana
Authors: Uthirasamy .S, Chitra .T

Sustainability of Community-Based Armyworm Forecasting in Moshi District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
Authors: Juma Hamisi Mwinyimkuu, Samuel Obino Mokaya, Raphael Mwiti Gikunda

Promotion of Technology Options to Enhance Backyard Goat Farm Performance in Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Authors: Reynaldo Intong

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) from Fast Growing Plantation Timber Species Meliadubia
Authors: Prakash V, Uday. D.N., Sujatha. D., Kiran. M. C., Narasimhamurthy

Web Mining Techniques
Authors: Neha Doomra, Rashmi Verma

Local Wisdom of Sultanate of Buton Governance to Create Democratic Governance of Baubau
Authors: Rizki Mustika Suhartono

Human Activity Patterns Prediction (HAPP) System for Smart Healthcare Applications
Authors: G. Sivagami, Dr. E. V. R. M. Kalaimani

A Study on the Effect of Unhealthy Dietary Pattern with Sedentary Lifestyle as a Risk Factor for the Formation of Gallstones
Authors: B. Deepika, Naziya Sultana, Meena Kumari, Urooja Birjis Fatima

Time Series Analysis of Road Accidents Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Model
Authors: Joel Cheruiyot Chelule, Meshack Kipchumba Ngetich, Ayubu Anapapa, Herbert Imboga

Igbo Traditional Communal Life and Mission Crisis: Lessons for Contemporary Missions
Authors: Rev. Dr. Egbule, Emmanuel Metu

Non-Fluoride Agents for Enamel Remineralization
Authors: Alexander Bonchev, Marin Simeonov, Radosveta Vassileva

Awareness, Knowledge and Perception of the Cooperative Health Insurance among the College of Health Sciences Students, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Fahd M. Albejaidi, Syed Arif Pasha, Muneeb Jehan

Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Mechanism for Administration of Justice
Authors: Dr Renu, Shailja Chauhan

An Overlapping Case of Miller Fisher Syndrome and Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy in Children
Authors: Kristopher May Pamudji, Dewi Sutriani Mahalini, IGN Made Suwarba

Media Trial in Indian Constitution
Authors: Aditya Virmani

A Study of Rural Participation in MANREGA: Special Reference to Surguja District of Chhattisgarh
Authors: Dr. R. N. Sharma

Environmental Laws in India
Authors: Jayant Bhatt

The Study of Impact of Demonetization on Automotive Industry
Authors: Chirag Rana

Effect of Adapting Scripts on Learner Achievement in Reading Skills in Secondary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya
Authors: Selina Alonya Kulo, Prof Paul Odundo, Prof Agnes Kibui

A Study on the Effect of Dialysis in Maintaining the Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in CKD Patients
Authors: Mehjabeen Khatoon, Ruksana Sultana, Tejeswini Lokula, Meena Kumari, Urooja Birjis Fatima

The Relation between Self Confidence and Social Support among Gay who Have Coming out in Suara Kita Community, East Jakarta
Authors: Husnul Hasanah N. Saleh S.Psi, Indah Sevti Wardani S.Psi, Yulian Nanda Noviyanti S.Psi

Monitoring Claim Processing Duration Using Statistical Quality Control
Authors: Daisy Chelimo Boroon, Joel Cheruiyot Chelule, Ayubu Anapapa, Herbert Imboga

Influence of Seasons on the Process of Colonization by Insects of Pig Corpses Exposed to the Open Air in Sub-Sudanese Zone of Cote d'Ivoire
Authors: Dao Hassane, Aboua L. R Nondenot, Koffi Alexandre F

Design and Fabrication of Water Purification System using Solar Energy
Authors: Parita Sheth, Meet Panchal, Aksh Bosmia, Neeraj Sudani, Darshil Patel

Magnetic Nanoparticles: Biomedical Applications and Challenges
Authors: Shraddha Sawant

The Study of Impact of Demonetization and GST on Indian Economy
Authors: Chirag Rana

Public Knowledge of Concussion in Youth Sports - A Local Study
Authors: Arya Dean Faghri

Intelligent System for Understanding and Monitoring of Health Diseases on Social Media
Authors: S. Kiruthika, K. Suganthi

Phenytoin Induced Transient Chorea in a 9-Month-Old Baby Boy with Japanese Encephalitis
Authors: Elizabeth Joan Salim, IGN Made Suwarba, Dewi Sutriani Mahalini, Romy Windiyanto

Fabrication of Wear Testing Machine
Authors: M. N Kaarthik, B. Rohit, Nayan N Baheti, Rohan M, A.Bhaskar

The Study of Financial Performance of HDFC Bank in India
Authors: Chirag Rana

Isolation of Autologous Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from Adipose Tissue (Human Lipoaspirates): A Clinical Protocol
Authors: Miguel Garber, Maria Gabriela Villalba, Jose Joaquin Merino

Environmental Laws and Governance: Issues & Challenges
Authors: Rohini Singh, Dr Geetika Sood

Growth Parameters, Biomass Production and Nutrient Uptake by Greengram as Influenced by Potash and Zinc Levels
Authors: Patil S. V., B. J. Shete

Ecocarp Hatchery for Mass Seed Production of Cyprinus Carpio
Authors: Mitali Sahoo

Assessment of Nutritional Status, Junk Food Consumption among Intellectually Disabled Adolescents (14-19 Years)
Authors: Tanveer Hussain, Shruti Kabra

Unmet Needs of the Cancer Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: J. M. Jagatap, Mahadeo B Shinde

The Effect of Quality Dimensions on Effectiveness Use of Accounting Applications: Empirical Study on MSMES User of Zahir and Accurate
Authors: Feny Marseini, Dr. Imam Subaweh

A Study on Impact of GST on Indian Economy
Authors: Chirag Rana

The Quantity of Free Amino Acids in the Agricultural Crops Cultivated in the Northern Areas of Surkhandarya Region and Impact of Fluorides on them
Authors: S. G. Sherimbetov, I. M. Samatov

Developping the Education Administrators in Universities of Vietnam in the Context of the Industry 4.0
Authors: Huynh Ngoc Thanh, Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh

DBore Reduction
Authors: Dronadula Borraiah

Incidence of Thyroid Malignancy in Thyroidectomies Done for Clinically Benign Thyroid Conditions
Authors: Amrita Anna Mary, C S Sakunthala Bhai, Deepthy Vijayaraghavan, Jeena V Chimmen

Study on Epidemiology, Etiology, Pathology, Pathogenesis, Mode of Presentation and Clinical Features of Osteoarthritis of Various Joints from Cases Who are Attending Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Samikrishnan Perumal, Senthakrishna Thangaraj

A Novel Approach to Predict Kidney Detection Using Support Vector Machine
Authors: Natasha Sharma, Sahil Dalwal

Study on Osteoarthritis at Tertiary Care Centre and How to Diagnose and to Differentiate Primary from Secondary Osteoarthritis and Methods of Managements and Prevention and Rationale of NSAIDs Prescriptions in Osteoarthritis
Authors: Samikrishnan Perumal, Senthakrishna Thangaraj
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