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Recently Published: Study of Dog-bite and Vaccination Status in an Urban Community of Ranchi, Jharkhand          ||          Implementation and Demonstration of Obstacle Detection in Self-Driving Cars with GPS Tracking in Real-Time System          ||          Key Factor for Evaluation of the Engineering Program: PO and PSO Attainment          ||          Effect of High Temperature on the Stability Performance of Polyvinyl Chloride and Nano Silica Modified Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixture          ||          Dubiousness of Survival in Gidicho Island: Economic Livelihood Shift from Farming to Fishing          ||          The Institutional Study Over on Traumatic Thoraco Lumbar Fracture out Come Based on Thoraco - Lumbar Injury Severity Scoring          ||          How Organizational Structures Affect Project Outcomes          ||          Stystic Classification of English Vocabulary          ||          Why is Planning a Relevant Factor in the Management of Projects          ||          Rheological Characterization of Combretum Glutinosum (Habeil) Gum          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Credit Processing Period and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Agribusiness Small and Micro Enterprises in Nyeri Central Sub County Kenya          ||          Analyze the Effects of Resistance Training with Active Muscle Action on Selected Physiological Variables of Adigrat Town Males          ||          Forecasting Volatility with LSTM Techniques          ||          Review of Analysis on Seismic Resistance Building by STAAD Pro          ||          Purification and Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase Enzyme from Igd?r Apple and Inhibition Effects of Some Chemicals          ||          Experimental Investigation on Multi-Turn Oscillating Heat Pipes          ||          Study of Subchronic Effect of Myristicafragrans Houtt. On Histopathology of Testes of Swiss Albino Mice          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Comparative Study of Spectrum Sensing Techniques Applied in Cognitive Radio Technology          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 2 February 2015

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Prospective Study of Intracranial Space Occupying Lesions in Children in Correlation with C.T. Scan
Authors: Dr. P. Yashodhara MD, Dr. A. Thirupathi Reddy MD

Recent Farming Practices for Culturing Sustainable Pacific White Shrimp, Peneaus Vannamei
Authors: Vikramathithan Margabandu, Dhandapani Ramamurthy

Measurement of Velocity Within Fixed Bed : A Review
Authors: Rahul M. Dahekar, Shashank V. Gulhane

Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic System Designed for DC Refrigerator
Authors: S. D. Deshmukh, S. R. Kalbande

The Unparalleled Presentations of the Hideous Pleomorphic Adenomas - 2 Year Study
Authors: Dr. Shreesha Khandige, Dr. Suchithra Shetty, Dr. Ragini Thapa

A New Method for Construction of MV-optimal Generalized Group Divisible Designs with two Groups
Authors: D. K. Ghosh, Sreejith V., A. Thannippara, S. C. Bagui

Policy Implementation of Electronic Identity Card (e-ID) in Cimahi City, West Java Province, Indonesia
Authors: Poni Sukaesih Kurniati

The Iraqi Kurdish Density after the Kurdish Movement Collapsed in March 1975
Authors: Karwan Salih Waisy

An Application of Markov Modeling to the Student Flow in Higher Education in Sudan
Authors: Dr. Rahmtalla Yousif Adam

Drought Vulnerability Assessment in the High Barind Tract of Bangladesh Using MODIS NDVI and Land Surface Temperature (LST) Imageries
Authors: Md. Shareful Hassan, Syed Mahmud-ul-islam

Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia for Breast and Thyroid Surgeries
Authors: Santpur Madhavi Unmesh, Kahalekar Govind Marutrao, Kanni Priyanka, RSL Bhargavi, Losari Aparna

Simulation and Analysis of the Effect of Change of Different Parameters on the Characteristics of PV Cell Using LTspiceIV
Authors: Nishat Sultana, Abdul Ahad, Md. Kamrul Hassan

Marketing Strategies and Their Impact on Marketing Performance of Indonesian Ship Classification Society
Authors: Budi Rustandi Kartawinata, Aditya Wardhana

Adjusting for Missing Information in Pooled Model through the Error Term
Authors: Dr. Abdalla Ahmed Alkhalifa Abdalla

Nasal Pleomorphic Adenoma: A Case Report
Authors: Vlaykov A T., Vicheva D.

Effect of Cell Size Material on the Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Core Structure
Authors: Nurashikin Sawal, Abdul Basit Mohd Nazri, Hazizan Md Akil

Mining of Association Rules in Distributed Databases
Authors: Nayana Marodkar, Manoj Chaudhari

Centurian Syndrome
Authors: G. S Ramesh Kumar

Design and Implementation of Parallel CRC for High Speed Application
Authors: Shreya Gawande, Dr. S. A. Ladhake

A Cross Sectional Study of School Dropouts among Adolescents in Urban Field Practice Area of M. R. Medical College Gulbarga
Authors: Dr. Pallavi Tenglikar, Dr. Shivakumar R Deshmukh, Dr. Ajaykumar G, Dr. Kiran Kumar. HV

Solving Hybrid Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations by Runge Kutta 4th Order Method
Authors: S. Ruban Raj, M. Saradha

Prevalence of Amblyopia in Children Aged from 5-15 Years in Rural Population Kurnool Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: Dr. K. Anjaneyulu M.S (Ophthal), Dr. G. Narendranath Reddy M.S (Ophthal)

An Efficient Interpolation-Based Chase BCH Decoder
Authors: P. V. Raja Reddy, K. Bala Krishna

A Study of Students
Authors: S. V. Sharma

Quick Determination of Water Quality through Electrical Conductance
Authors: Himanshu Threja, Priyanka Chugh, H. S. Sahota

Sidereal Time Distribution in Large-Scale of Orbits by usingAstronomical Algorithm Method
Authors: Kutaiba Sabah Nimma

Green Synthesis of Schiff Bases by Using Natural Acid Catalysts
Authors: Garima Yadav, Jyoti V. Mani

The National Health Insurance Scheme and Its Implication for Elderly Care in Nigeria
Authors: Eteng Ikpi Etobe (PhD), Utibe Eteng Etobe

Total and Extractable Heavy Metals in Indoor and Street Dust in Elbasan city, Albania
Authors: Piro Karamelo

Non-Surgical Treatment of Lip Venous Lake using a 980nm Diode Laser: Report of a Series of 10 Cases
Authors: Gordana Kovacevska, Georgi Tomov, Parvan Voynov

Design, Construction and Characterization of a Solar-Powered Multi-tone Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller
Authors: Nweke F. U., PhD

Performance Evaluation of All Optical 2R Regenerators Based on Four Wave Mixing
Authors: Merlin Philip, Pratheesh P.

Performance Comparison of Radio over Fiber System Using WDM and OADM with Various Digital Modulation Formats
Authors: Arya Mohan, Anisha A. P.

Performance Analysis of Dispersion Compensation in WDM Optical Communication Systems
Authors: Barza Badar, Anisha A.P.

Modelling of All Optical Adders with Dispersion Managed Solitons Utilizing Cross gain Modulation in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Authors: Agatha H., Arun Jose

Investigations on Spectral Efficiency of Optical Communication System Using Wavelength Division and Sub Carrier Multiplexing
Authors: Aparna R., Sheela Devi Aswathy Chandran

Temperature, Rainfall, and Rainfall Recharge of the Kakodonga River Basin, India
Authors: Rana Bora, Krishnaiah, Y. V.

Effect of Polyethylene Glycol in Gas Sensing Behaviour of Composite Coating of Magnesium Oxide and Aluminium Oxide
Authors: R. Sakthivel, P. Mohamed Shameer

The Determinants and Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients in Zagazig University Hospitals
Authors: Yasser A Elhendy, Marawan M Atiyah, Khaled A Elhefnawy

Antioxidant Properties of Selected Wild Plants
Authors: Nessrin Ghazi Alabdallat, Y. Bilto

Three Dimensional Inverse Transient Thermoelastic Problem of A Square Plate
Authors: Warsha K. Dange

A Review on Timing & Frequency Synchronization Technique in OFDM
Authors: Saurabh Gaur, Prachi Gupta

Bit Flip Cipher: An Approach to Enhance B2G & G2B Cipher
Authors: Sandeep Sharma, Amit Verma

Estimation of Trace Element Concentrations in Anti-Epileptic Medicinal Plants by Using EDXRF
Authors: N.Giridhar Babu, Ch.Ch.Srinivasu, T.Pothu Raju, N.Lakshmana Das

A Review on PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM
Authors: Saurav Gaur, Aradhana Khantal

Synthesis and Characterization of water soluble ZnS: Ce, Cu co-doped Nanoparticles: Effect of EDTA Concentration
Authors: G. S. Harish, P. Sreedhara Reddy

Relationship between Music Preference and Personality Type
Authors: Dr. Vandana Sharma

An Investigation of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Some Chosen Concrete Mixtures by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) Techniques
Authors: P.Kuppuraj, S.Gunasekaran

Linguistic Sexism: A Case of Gikuyu Language Discourse in Kenya
Authors: Nancy Ikaria-Maina

Remarks on ?g*- Closed Sets in Digital Line
Authors: R. Sudha, Dr.K.Sivakamasundari

Performance Evaluation of Star Topology in Fiber Optic Communication
Authors: Lakshmi A Nair, Lakshmy G B

A Study to Determine the Prevalence of Postnatal Depression Among Primigravida Mothers in Krishna Hospital Karad
Authors: Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R Mohite, Prakash Naregal, Mahesh Chendake, Manisha C.Gholap

Implications of Qualitative Research Findings in Teacher Education
Authors: Rupal Mankad, Kuldipsinh Jadeja

Optical Solitons Simulation Using DSF and Optical Pulse Generator in Single Mode Optical Fiber
Authors: Subi S, Lakshmi G B

Morphological Features and Influence of Age and Breed on the Morphometry of Red Blood Cells of Female Cattle
Authors: Ipsita Dash, Prafulla K. Mohanty

Review on Steganography in Digital Media
Authors: Barnali Gupta Banik, Samir K. Bandyopadhyay

A Review of Research on Monorail as an Alternative Mass Rapid Transit System
Authors: Rewati Marathe, N. D. Hajiani

Laurence Moon Bardet Biedl Syndrome- Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Dr.P.Rajasekhar, Dr.M.Parni Kumar, Dr.P.S.Aalekhya

Success of Direct Pulp Capping and Partial Pulpotomy of Primary Teeth using MTA
Authors: R. Kabaktchieva, N. Gateva

Comparative Study of Goniometric and Radiographic Carrying Angle in Human
Authors: Amit Kumar Srivastava, Sohel Solanki

Absolute Polar Duty Cycle Division Multiplexing: A Spectrally Efficient Multiplexing Method
Authors: Resmi Revi. S., Pratheesh .P

Roadmap to Prominence of Woman
Authors: Dr. Jaspreet Kaur

Data Annotation and Construction Wrapper for Web Databases
Authors: Deepika D Phalak, H. A. Hingoliwala

Sustainability of Productive Safety Net Program in Amhara Regional State: Case Studies of Kalu and Wadela Woredas
Authors: Abiot Asmamaw Asamerk, Zemenu Demeke Gebeyehu

Tandem Algorithm with Supervised Classifier for Pitch Estimation and Voice Separation from Music Accompaniments: Survey
Authors: Vikas Nichal, Mane V.A, Gadhave D.D

Review of Motorized Tricycle for the Disabled Person
Authors: Tatyaso A. Garande, Prof. P.D. Sonawane, Prof. Dr. S.T.Chavan, Prof. G.S.Barpande

The Benefits of the Absolute Quantifying Method with TaqMan Probeversus Other Methods
Authors: MimozaCanga MD PhD, Vito Antonio Malagnino MD DDS

Structural and Dielectric Studies of Eu3+ -Doped Li-K-Zn Fluorotellurite Glasses
Authors: Xavier Joseph, Rani George, Siby Mathew, N.V. Unnikrishnan

Influence of FDM Process Parameters on Build Time Using Taguchi and ANOVA Approach
Authors: Cany Mendonsa, KV Naveen, Prathik Upadhyaya, Vyas Darshan Shenoy

Concepts and Measures of Outreach and Sustainability in Microfinance Institutions (A Comprehensive Literature Review)
Authors: Prof. K. Rama Mohana Rao, Tamrat Ludego Fitamo

About the Erdos-Strauss Conjecture
Authors: Jamel Ghanouchi

Study of Contributing Factors to Hygiene among Differently-Abled People in Kano State Rehabilitation Centre, Nigeria
Authors: Ahmed A. Sadiq, R. Kamaraj

A Linguistics Study of New Trends in Translation as a Speech to Act
Authors: Riyad Sarhan Jabbar

Algal Distribution Pattern and Quality of Water in the Different Aquatic Environment of District Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Agrawal, Dr. Kumar Nikhil

Optimal Reliability Systems - Common Cause Failures
Authors: Dr. Dhananjaya Reddy

Authors: Patil V. S., Patil G. V., Bansode M. V.

Automatic Redeye Detection and Correction in Digital Images
Authors: Pallavi Sen, Rachna Manchanda

Performance Analysis of Hybrid WDM/TDM PON Using Various Coding Techniques
Authors: Jisha V S, Sunaina N

Rectangular Patch Antenna for 7.5 GHz Wireless Communications
Authors: Dipak S. Jadhav, Dr. S.B.Deosarkar, P.K.Kadbe

Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna for 1.98GHz Wireless Applications
Authors: Punam S. Shinde, Prof. Vikas U. Deshmukh

Analysis of Trapezium Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna with A T-Slot for WLAN Application
Authors: Kaushal Prasad, Dr. D. K. Srivastava

Comparative Study on the Seasonal Variations in the Soil Edaphic and Chemical Factors of Agricultural and Grass Land Habitats of Central Travancore Kerala
Authors: Bini B., M. G. Sanal Kumar, Vinod P.

Survey on MapReduce and Scheduling Algorithms in Hadoop
Authors: Rakesh Varma

Vertical Electrical Soundings for Subsurface Layers and Groundwater Investigations in the Mayo Kani Area in Cameroon
Authors: Janvier Domra Kana, No

Performance Analysis of OTDM using PON in Direct and External Modulation
Authors: Mary Magleena Bruno, Sujith Kumar V.

Gamma Sterilization of Health Care Products and Its Efficacy
Authors: Marsida Klemo, Andon Dodbiba

Smart Production Line
Authors: Deogratias Mzurikwao, Zhijun Pei

Study of Some Anthropogenic Activities with pace of Biodiversity Threat or Menace in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Authors: Anil Kumar Dular

Study of Biodiversity of Sariska Tiger Reserve in Aravallis with Particular Emphasis on Medicinal and Endemic Plants
Authors: Anil Kumar Dular

Design and Construction of Solar PV LEDs Lighting System
Authors: Satyendra Kumar Mahto, Neha Tiwari

Optimization through CAE Practices for Forged Crankshaft of a Two - Wheeler to Effect Mass Reduction
Authors: Rajkumar Ashok Tekale Patil, D. D. Date

A Review of Feature Extraction Technique for Automatic Speech Recognition
Authors: Sandeep Joshi, Parag Parandkar

Thermal Modeling Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Khushboo Borasi, Avin Chandrakar

A Handy Diagnostic Tool for Preventive Therapy based on Prior Estimation of Metastasis
Authors: Madhura Gangaiah, Divya Patil, Sangeetha D R, Dr. Andhe Pallavi, Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav (MD), Dr. Jayanthi Thumsi (MS)

Harmonic Elimination for Power Quality and Compensation in Single Phase Distribution
Authors: A.N. Mudiraj, V.P. Dhote

New Method for Determination of Solid Fat Content in Cosmetic Products by SFC NMR
Authors: Jampala Balaji, Amit Kumar .T, Dr. Krishan Manral, Sarath Chandra Prakash N.K

A Mathematical Model of Cervical Cancer in Kenya
Authors: Lucy W Kivuti-Bitok, Ganesh P Pokhariyal, Geoff McDonnell, Roudsari Abdul

Screening and Assessment of Knowledge and Expressed Practices Regarding Reproductive Tract Infection among Married and Unmarried Women in Rural Area of Mullana, Ambala, Haryana
Authors: Poonam Sharma, Poonam Sheoran

Generating Captions for News Domain
Authors: Kalyani Zinjurde, Ena Jain

Expressed Emotion as a Precipitant of Relapse in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
Authors: Mary Haobam, Lenin RK, Heramani Ningombam, Rakesh Mohanty

Gantry Robot Kinematic Analysis User Interface Based on Visual Basic and MATLAB
Authors: Mahir Abdelwahid Ibrahim Ismail, Mohammed Khalafalla Mohammed

Effect of Dimensionless Number on Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: A Review
Authors: Roshan D. Bhagat, K.M.Watt

Assessing Economic Factors Affecting the Marketing of Tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum) By Smallholder Farmers at Negomo Co-Operative Society in Mazowe District of Zimbabwe
Authors: Deliwe Sylvester Tembachako, Jason Mushari, Rumbidzai Debra Katsaruware

Automated Toll Gate System Using RFID and GSM Technology
Authors: T. Arun Prasath, M.S.Dhanabal

Simulation and Performance Analysis of FWM Wavelength Converter
Authors: Anju M.R, Vipin V.R

Simulation and Performance Comparison of Dual arm Mach Zehnder Modulator and Single arm Mach Zehnder Modulator in Duobinary Transmission System
Authors: Amina N, Sajin Salim

Didactic Transposition of the Alternative Knowledge of the Brazilian Telenovela
Authors: Emmanuel Noumi, George N. Nditafon

Identification and Location of Faults in Three Phase Underground Power Cables by using Mexican Hat and Coif Let Wavelet Transform
Authors: D. Prabhavathi, K. Prakasam, Dr. M. Suryakalavathi, Dr. B. Ravindranath Reddy

Utilising Facebook to Enhance Students
Authors: Hilaluddin Hanafi, Alberth, Emil Wiramihardja, Siam, Aris Badara

Pliocene pollen and spores from Sajau Coal, Berau Basin, Northeast Kalimantan, Indonesia: Environmental and Climatic Implications
Authors: Vera Christanti Agusta, Ahmad Helman Hamdani, Winantris

An Effective Computer Based Examination System for University
Authors: Archana M, Leelavathi R

DWT & IDWT Design Implementation using FPGA
Authors: Tasneem Kausar, Pooja Thakre

Snow Cover and Snowline Altitude Variations in Alaknanda Basin, Uttarakhand, Central Himalayas
Authors: Vivek Dhankar, Asha

Enhanced Mobile Robot for Detection of Water Quality
Authors: S. A. Shakila Banu, D. Janaki

3-Total Super Product Cordial Labeling For Some Graphs
Authors: Abha Tenguria, Rinku Verma

Antibacterial Activity of Methanolic Crude Extract of Solanum incanum: Kenyan Traditional Medicinal Plant
Authors: Owino J, Omundi J, Njeru S. Ngoci

Purification and Biochemical Characterization of L-Asparaginase from Aspergillus niger and Evaluation of Its Antineoplastic Activity
Authors: Vaishali Dange, Swati Peshwe

Thermo Physical Properties and Heat Transfer Performance of Ethylene Glycol + Water mixture based Al2O3 Nanofluids: A Review
Authors: Lalit B. Chintamani, N.C.Ghuge

Production and Supply of Regional Food Products
Authors: Gergana Nikolova Balieva, Magardich Huliyan

Study of Denoising Algorithms - Review Paper
Authors: Vaishali V. Thorat

Suitable Data Hiding Technique for Windows Phone
Authors: Zainalabideen Abdual Samad Rasheed

Modern Libraries and E-Resources (Uses of E-Book in Library)
Authors: Kulkarni Manisha Suhas

Effect Steel Plate of Shear Reinforced Wide Beam Concrete
Authors: Suhaib Jamal Al, Prof (Dr) Amer M. Ibrahim, Prof (Dr) V.C. Agarwal

Green Computing: Necessity of Technology
Authors: Prerna Agrawal

An Identity-Based Secure Authenticated Framework by Using ECC in Cloud Computing
Authors: Nasheem Khan, Vinod Kumar, Adesh Kumari

Virulence and Control of Sporisorium ehrenbergii V
Authors: Moustafa H.A. Moharam, Mazhar D.A. Mohamed, Nahief E.M. Mohamed

Radioactivity Levels in Some Sediments and Water Samples from Qarun Lake by Low
Authors: Rafat M Amin

Kayser-Fleischer Ring as the Initial Presentation of Wilson Disease - A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Dr. P. Rajasekhar MS, Dr. M. Parnikumar MS, Dr. J. Sahithi

Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Sharing in the Clouds
Authors: Sumera Jabeen, Asma Parveen

Efficient Way of Determining the Number of Clusters Using Hadoop Architecture
Authors: Siri H. P., Shashikala .B

Triple Mental Foramina Detected by CBCT
Authors: Hristina Mihaylova

Parallel Association Rule Algorithm using Hybrid Parallel Computing
Authors: Negussie Zadig Serawit

Reliable Data Delivery using RPL
Authors: Archana R. Chemate, S. P. Pingat

Effect of Vitamin-D, Zinc and Copper Supplementation in HIV-Positive Pregnant Women and Co-Relation with CD4 Counts- A Double Blinded Placebo Controlled Study
Authors: Dr. Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee

Analog VLSI Implementation of Neural Network Architecture
Authors: Abhishek K. Shrinath

Modeling, Simulation and Control of Flow Tank System
Authors: Sujit Anandrao Jagnade, Rohit Ashok Pandit, Arshad Ramesh Bagde

Physico-Chemical and Heavy Metals Quality Assessment of Borehole Water in Different Residential Areas of Uyo Metropolis: A Case Study of G.R.A. and Low Income Residential Areas
Authors: Akpabio J. J., Ekpo F. E.

Applications of Soft Sets in BH-algebra
Authors: Layth Salah Mahdi

On Moderate Analytic Hierarchy Process Pairwise Comparison Model
Authors: G. Marimuthu, Dr. G. Ramesh

Food Consumption Pattern and Dietary Adequacy Among Bhils of Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Authors: Shweta Joshi, Vishakha Singh

Performance Evaluation of Unidirectional TDM PON and WDM PON
Authors: Rini T. Jacob, Vidya Raj

Strategy for Improvement of Maternal Health in Nepal
Authors: Mahara Gehendra MPH, Guo Xiuhua PhD, Wang Wei PhD

A Survey on Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Shivani Sharma

Proteomics-A New Dimension to Diagnosis
Authors: Dr. Yogesh Goswami, Dr. Richa Mishra, Dr. Abhay P. Agrawal, Dr. Lavanya A. Agrawal

Design and Implementation of Pick and Place Robot with Wireless Charging Application
Authors: N. Firthous Begum, P. Vignesh

Study on the Effect of Elevated Temperature with Intermittent Cooling on the Properties of Concrete
Authors: Shweta Patil, Dr. K. B. Prakash

Secret Digital Image Sharing Using Natural Image Based VSS Scheme
Authors: Pinky .V

Density and Viscosity of Tetrapentyl Ammonium Iodide in Binary Mixture of N, N-imethylformamide and Ethylmethylketone at Different Temperatures
Authors: Baljeet Singh Patial

Future of Healthcare Delivery: Strategies that will Reshape the Healthcare Industry Landscape
Authors: Tabish S. A., Nabil Syed

A Review Paper on Vibration Analysis of DI Engine
Authors: Satish V. Dawange, V. L. Kadlag

A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Music on Pain Intensity and Physiological Parameters among Post - Operative Cardiac Patients in AIIMS, New Delhi
Authors: Tarika, Ashia Qureshi, Shashi Mawar, V Devagourou

A Secure Multilayer Honeypot in an E-Commerce Web Application
Authors: Gaurav Beriwal, Anuj Garg, Ravinder Jangra

Robust Invisible Watermarking Using OSTU Method and DWT
Authors: Abha Gaur, Akhilesh Pandey

Performance Analysis of OFDM Scheme for RoF System
Authors: Arun Raj M. S., Prof: Helen Mascreen

Estimation of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D Levels in Patients of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus on Metformin Therapy
Authors: Mahaboob Fayaz S, Ravikumar Y. S, Manthappa M, Mahesh MG, Aditya Nadella, Sai Vivek V

Epidemiological Study of Unnatural Death in Elderly in Varanasi (India)
Authors: Dr. Awdhesh Kumar

Instant Warning System to Detect Drivers in Fatigue
Authors: Amrutha .K, Shreekumar .T

What Hinders Guidance and Counselling Effectiveness in Enhancing Discipline in High Schools in Murang
Authors: Stephen Kiriungi Kamore, Pullah Mitto Tiego

Cross Correlation Velocity Measurement of Multiphase Flow
Authors: Muhammad Waqas Munir, Bushra Anam Khalil

Design and Development of an Advanced Database System with Multitenant Architecture, Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption & Data Redaction
Authors: Mohammed Waheeduddin Hussain, Prof. P. Premchand, Dr. G. Manoj Someswar

Business Rule Inclusion and Legacy Modernization through Binary Instrumentation
Authors: Prasenjit Kundu, Dr. B. K. Ratha

Sports Esophageal Injury
Authors: Dr. Annu Babu, Dr. Piyush Ranjan, Dr. Amit Gupta, Dr. Subodh Kumar, Dr. Maneesh Singhal

Cloud Computing in the Design of Learning Management Systems: A Way to Provide Equity in Access to Centralised Learning Resources
Authors: Anthony Mutua Nzioki

Relationship Between Teachers
Authors: Basilius Redan Werang, Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum, Okto Irianto

Spherically Symmetrical Cosmological Model in Brans Dicke Theory of Gravitation with Anisotropic Dark Energy
Authors: Amrapali P. Wasnik

Acute Kidney Injury in Infants and Neonates
Authors: Prasad G, Anjani A

A Review on PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM
Authors: Saurabh Gaur, Aradhana Khantal

Evaluation of Spontaneous and Voluntary Abortions in Years in Relation with Abortions
Authors: Albana Poloska, Risida Gjonej

Characteristics of ZnO-based semiconductor ceramics doped with GeO2 and PbO
Authors: Osama A. Desouky, Mostafa M. H. Khalil

The Use of Global Positioning Systems Technology to Locate the Points on the Earth's Surface
Authors: Raia Elssidig Noreldaem Amin B. A. Mustafa Abdalla B. Abdelnabi

Development and Storage Studies of Naturally Flavored Papaya-Pineapple Blended Ready-to-Serve (RTS) Beverages
Authors: Sindumathi .G, Premalatha .M .R

Text to Speech Conversion Using FLITE Algorithm
Authors: Tejashree M. Shinde, V. U. Deshmukh, P. K. Kadbe

The Influence of Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance to Investment Decision Companies Listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange
Authors: Dr. Muhammad Nasrum, Andi Tenri Uleng Akal

Performance Analysis of a Dual Polarization CO-OFDM System
Authors: Mary Anjaley Josy John, Gokul P G

Structural and Dielectric Investigations on x[Ba0.7Ca0.3TiO3]-(1-x)[BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3] Lead-Free Mixed Ceramic Compositions
Authors: S.S. Mane, D.J. Salunkhe

Serum Fructosamine Assessment, A Possible Index of Glycometabolism in Nomoglycaemic Subjects: An Observation in a Nigerian Tetiary Hospital
Authors: Adebayo Ayub-Eniola Ayodele, Musa Dungus Musa, Abdulrahim Halimat Amin, Simon Osita Obi, Alhaji Haruna Musa, Fatima Zakari Abacha, Abubakar Ahmed, John Wakbe Kankop, Mustafa Baba Zanna, Baba Usman Ahm

Study of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Myopic Eye in Rajasthani Population
Authors: Taruna Chowdhary, Dr. D. S. Chowdhary, Anju Choudhary

A Review on Auto-Configuration Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Shweta A Mane, Sneha Mane, Sanjay S Pawar

An Investigation of the Effects of Performance Contract on Service Delivery: A Case Study of the Nakuru Sub-County in Nakuru County, Kenya
Authors: Geoffrey K. Ngetich

Modification to 3D Model from Exchange Format File Using Visual Basic in SolidWorks
Authors: Li Jie, Hua Shun Gang

An Approach for Developing a Geological Information Searchable Database
Authors: N. Pavan Kumar

Synthesis of Cu(II) and Ni(II) Azo Complex Dyes, their Application on Silk Fabrics and Screening for Antibacterial Activity
Authors: T. N. Chhowala, K. R. Desai

Dietary Modification: The Best Non Pharmacological Intervention for Hypertensive Clients
Authors: S Bankim, Kanika, Uma Deaver

Enhancement of ECG Signal by using Digital FIR Filter
Authors: B. Jagadiswara Rao, A. Usharani

Comparative Study on Content Based Image Retrieval Based on Color, Texture (GLCM & CCM) Features
Authors: D. Sreenivasa Rao, N. Prameela

Studies on Diethanolaminedithiocarbamate as Metal Complex, Complexing Agent and Stabilizer in Copper Methanesulphonate Bath
Authors: P. BalaRamesh, P. Venkatesh

Performance of ICI Cancellation in OFDM System Using Different Reduction Techniques
Authors: M. Tejeswara Rao, I. Krishna Rao

Mobility Prediction with Minimum Energy Consumption
Authors: Chinju Ansu Tharian

Synthesis and Specific Absorption Rate of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
Authors: E. I. A. Elbeshir

Applied Mathematical Studies in Risk Management Strategies and Crop Insurance in Agriculture
Authors: Dr. Dhananjaya Reddy

New Distribution Record and Taxonomy of Two Cucullaeidae Species (Bivalvia: Arcacea) from Thermal Beach, Thoothukudi, South East Coast of India
Authors: Souji. S, Tresa Radhakrishnan

A Speech Processing Based System for Detection of Suspected User on GSM Network
Authors: Dharmendra Gurve, Mahendra Gurve

Mapping of Gem Mineral Deposits Using GIS Technique in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, South India
Authors: R. Gangadharan, Dr. P. Nila Rekha

Effect of Different Substrates and Effluent on Vermicomposting by Surface Feeder Species
Authors: Shobith GM, Pallavi P Rajpurohith, Seema J Patel

Improvement in Wide Area Interconnected Network System Using Synchronized Phasor Measurement Unit
Authors: Akash Rahangdale

Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Vena River in Hinganghat Area of Wardha District
Authors: B. M. Rajurkar, L. P. Dalal

The Renewable Curiosity: A Review
Authors: Debajyoti Bose

Water Quality in Raw Water in Municipalities of Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Dr. B. V. Sudheer, Dr. V. Sivaramaprasd

Clinical Profile of Poisoning in Children Admitted in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: D. Manikyamba, N. Madhavi

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