Reliable Data Delivery using RPL
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Survey Paper | Computer Science & Engineering | India | Volume 4 Issue 2, February 2015

Reliable Data Delivery using RPL

Archana R. Chemate, S. P. Pingat

As of late, for helping IPv6 routing for resource-limited devices in home, industrial and urban context, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) routing protocol standardized the IPv6 routing protocol for low-power and Lossy networks (RPL) for low-power and lossy networks (ROLL) working group. Be that as it may, a number of studies have demonstrated that RPL may encounter extremely low delivery rates, especially in substantial scale deployments. An in-depth evaluation of protocol attributes and design decisions that create such irregularity issues can be provided. At that point, novel protocol of the RPL standard for the Contiki operating system is illustrated and assessed to enhance data delivery dependability. The most important feature of RPL protocol is to embrace an adaptable cross-layering plan that gives basic steering enhancements, improved link estimation capacities, and effective management of neighbor tables. An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as a careful investigation is utilized to validate the efficiency of RPL protocol. Results acquired utilizing Cooja emulator as a part of two sets of experiments, separated by the vicinity or absence of duty cycling, demonstrate that RPL protocol performs better than the one gave in Contiki regarding average packet delivery rates by up to 200 % in networks with 100 nodes. The drawback of IETF Routing protocol is it is limited small scale networks. In future, examination of how to utilize procedures, for example, data compression, system coding and opportunistic transmissions, in combination with RPL to further expand packet delivery can be done.

Keywords: Advanced metering infrastructure AMI, routing protocol for Low-power and Lossy networks RPL, Contiki operating system

Edition: Volume 4 Issue 2, February 2015

Pages: 646 - 648

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