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Recently Downloaded: Comparison of Thrombolysis Outcome in Early and Late Thrombolysis in Acute STEMI Patients          ||          Effectiveness of Prophylactic Intravenous Granisetron for the Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Prospective Randomized Study          ||          Growth and Physiology of Wheat (Triticum vulgare) Seedlings under Aluminum Stress          ||          Comparison of Thrombolysis Outcome in Early and Late Thrombolysis in Acute STEMI Patients          ||          The Study of the Relationship between the Dominant Bacterial Species and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests Derna-East Libya          ||          Studies on the ?-Amylase and Total Amylase Activity during Malting Period of Some Nigerian Local Grains          ||          Language Development: Affecting Factors          ||          Factors Affecting Vernalization and Role of Vernalization in Agriculture          ||          Physico-Chemical and Nutritional Properties of Cookies from Wheat, Acha and Sprouted Soybeans Flour Blends          ||          Correlation Analysis of Grain Yield and Important Agronomic Traits in Six Rowed Barley (HORDEUM VULGARE L.) in Agra Region          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 4 April 2015

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Improving the Resource Allocation in Grid Computing using Fusion of SS-GA
Authors: S. Ramachandra, R. Praveen Sam

Impact of HIV/HBV Co-infection on Blood Donor CD4+ Cell Count in Jos, North-Central Nigeria
Authors: Onoja A Michael, Ejele AO, Egesie OJ, Alao OO, Nnwanadi AI, Orkuma. JA

A Novel Approach for Encryption of Text Messages, Analysis and Implementation of Simple Coloumnar Transposition Cipher with Ceasar Cipher and Rail Fence Cipher in C/C++
Authors: Jawad Ahmad Dar, Amit Verma

Precocious Study of Micro Algae for Biofuels of Aundha Region Dist. Hingoli
Authors: R. B. Borse, Pathan A. A.

A Case Report of Posner Schlossman Syndrome
Authors: Dr Rajiv Kumar Das, Dr (Mrs.) B. Devi

Effects of Dietary Enzymes on the Larval Performance of the Red Sea Bream (Pagrus major)
Authors: Julio L

Role-Based IT-Access: Who Sets the Standards in German Internal Audit Departments?
Authors: C. T. Wildensee

The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Socio-Economic Development
Authors: Wangu Githui, Nyariki David, Sakwa Maurice

Factors Related to the Stigma Associated with HIV / Aids Patient
Authors: Namrata Mohite, Mahadeo Shinde

Knowledge Regarding Health Hazards of Junk Foods among Adolescents
Authors: More Ujwala Ramchandra, Avinash H. Salunkhe, V. R. Mohite

Manufacturing and Material of Wind Mill: The Review
Authors: Ajinkya Patil, A. M. Naniwadekar

Spatial Temporal Prediction of Malaria Risk in Western Kenya using Bayesian Geostatistical Approach
Authors: Gilbert K. Sang, Edward H. Waithaka PhD

ISSR Marker Analysis of Acacia Auriculiformis in First Generation Orchard Populations
Authors: A. Shanthi, Gokula Priya

Gender Difference in Personality of School Going Children Belongs to Different Socio-Economic Groups
Authors: Onam Dayal, Neha Dayal

Resonant Converter Forreduction of Voltage Imbalance in a PMDC Motor
Authors: Vaisakh. T

Image Mapping and Object Removal Using Haar Wavelet Transform in Image Inpainting
Authors: B. H. Deokate, Priya M. Jadhav

Oxidative Stress and 3243 A/G Mitochondrial Dna Mutation In Maternally Inherited Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Utpal J. Dongre, Virendra G. Meshram, Shailesh Pitale

To Study the Anxiety Level and Self-Concept among Army Personnel
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Roshan Lal, Beenu Varma

An Efficient Approach towards File Storage and Sharing in Network
Authors: Anil Bharat Ahir, Hira Namdev Rakhunde

A Study to Assess the Level of Postnatal Depression among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in the Krishna Hospital, Karad
Authors: Tukaram B. Zagade, Prasanna Deshpande

A Scalable Two-Phase Bottom-Up Specialization Prospective for Data Anonymization Using Map Reduce on Cloud
Authors: Dilipprasad .E, Ajay .R, K. Durairaj

A Technique for Filtering Unnecessary Messages from Online Social Network
Authors: Krishna N, Sharanabasava Raddi

Implementation of Mobile-Healthcare using Cloud Computing with Access Control, Security and Privacy
Authors: Smitha Kr, Rajashekar SA

A Reform in the Department of Nursing Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria Using Transformational Leadership Style
Authors: Anyigor Chukwuma Nwankwo, Ekuma Chidiebere Ekuma, Ominyi Jude Nweze, Agom David Agom

Modeling of Water Absorption Process in the Woods
Authors: Z. Mahhate, M. L. Bouamrani, M. El Kouali, S. Yousfi, M. Talbi, N. Amardon

Allocation of Resources for Users by Using Fairness and Stability in Network
Authors: V. Suresh, P. Prassenna

Renal Hilar Paraganglioma - A Case Report
Authors: Rovena Bode, Medi Agolli, Rudin Domi, Medi Alimehmeti

A Hybrid DWT, SVD and PCA based Digital Video Watermarking Scheme
Authors: Kalyani Rajurkar, S. K. Nanda

Cultural Differences
Authors: Mustafa Wshyar Abdullah Al-Ahmedi

Design and Analysis of Automotive Powertrain Using Static, Model, Thermal and Transient Structure Analysis Techniques
Authors: Rahul Pratap Yadav

MHD Slip Flow and Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids over a Permeable Stretching Surface
Authors: S. P. Anjali Devi, T. Elakkiya Priya

Hand Length and Hand Breadth: A Study of Correlation Statistics among Human Population
Authors: Sangeeta Dey, A. K. Kapoor

Implementation of Delay Measurement System for Small Delay Defect Detection
Authors: Supriya Thorat, Snehal Bhosale

Oxidative/Antioxidant Status of Different Muscles of Fresh Pork Meat
Authors: Veselina Gadjeva, Ivan Vashin, Ivan Stankov, Galina Nikolova, Donika Ivanova, Ralitsa Kjuchukova, Antoaneta Zheleva

Life form Composition and Biological Spectrum of Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary, J&K, India
Authors: Sehrish Gazal, Anil K. Raina

Insulin and Blood Glucose Levels in Sudanese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Authors: Omer M.Shoaib, Dr. Bader EldinH.Elabid, Dr. Mustafa D.Mustafa

Ultrasonic and Spectroscopic Investigations on 1-Hexyl-3-Methylimidazolium Solution
Authors: Seethalakshmi .K, Jasmine Vasantha Rani .E

Matrix Representation of Hanoi Graphs
Authors: Rajesh Kumar .C, Uma Maheswari .S

Control of Wind Turbine with Induction Generators
Authors: Surendra Singh Bhandawat, Neha Tiwari

Traumatic Conjunctival Inclusion Cyst of Right Eye-A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Dr. M. Nirmala, Dr. M. Vijaya Leela, Dr. D. Udaya Kumar, Dr. V. Swapna Latha

Facies Characteristics, Depositional Environments and Sequences Stratigraphy of the Euphrates Formation in Hadetha Area, Western Iraq
Authors: M. F. Al-Ghreri, A. S. Al-gibouri, S. O. Al-Heety

In Vitro ?-Amylase Inhibitory Activity and GC- MS Analysis of Petrea volubilis
Authors: Parul Sharma, Rekha Vijayvergia

Enhanced Bioavailability of Sparsely Soluble PAHs
Authors: Dr. Palashpriya Das

Comparison of PNG & JPEG Format for LSB Steganography
Authors: Bharat Sinha

Wave Transit Time in Polymer-Mortar Composites
Authors: Msc. Eng. Yasir Mohammed Abdulateef Al Bayati, Asst. Prof. Dr. Besma Mohammed Fahad

Effect of Gamma Radiation on Electrical Properties of Bi1-xCaxFeO3 Multiferroic
Authors: A. M. Madbouly

Safety of Bronchodilators and Corticosteroids in Hyper Reactive Air Way Disease in Children Aged 1
Authors: G. Anusha, A. Sravya varma, S. Sravanthi, P. Yashodhara, K. Ramireddy

An Optimal Approach to Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Based On Comparative Study and Analysis
Authors: Kushagra Jaiswal, Navneet Kaur, Mohit Sharma

Optimal Resource Allocation and Load Distribution for Server Processors using Hot Spot Migration - A Survey
Authors: Leema D.A, Dr. K. N. Narasimaha Murthy

Sand Shale Ratio as Holocene Sea Level Change Indicator on The Gresik Plain, East Java
Authors: R.M. Riza Atmadibrata, Nana Sulaksana, A. Helman Hamdani

Review on Reduction of Magnetizing Inrush Current in Transformer
Authors: Haresh S. Nankani, R. B. Kelkar

Voltage Stability Analysis of Smart Grid and Application of FACTS Controller: A Review
Authors: Rajkumari Pandey, Payal Suhane

A Case Report on Nerve Conduction in Right Limb Muscular Atrophy
Authors: Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Sadawarte Sahebrao Kishanrao

Higher Mathematics Sign Language Interpreter
Authors: Anita S. Walde, Dr. Ulhas Shiurkar

Comparison of Outcome of Passive Joint Mobilization Techniques with Active Assisted Pulley Exercises in Patients with Frozen Shoulder in Improving Range of Motion
Authors: Asad Aziz, Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Hira Dilshad Ali

Differences in the Effectiveness of Herbal, Betel Leaves, and Chlorhexidine Mouthwash on Plaque Reduction in Orphanage Children
Authors: Yetty Herdiyati, Meirina Gartika, Ninda Kartikadewi, Fellani Danasra Dewi

Nigerian Cashless Banking Policy: A Multi-Aspectual View of Trust Issues Affecting the Adoption of E-Commerce and Other Technology Tools
Authors: Abdul-Hamid A.Kaduna, Mu'azu A. A. Kaduna, Hayatu M. Kaduna

Clinical and Anthropometric Profile of Severe Acute Malnourished Children on Therapeutic Intervention with WHO/UNICEF Recommended Therapeutic Food and Home Based Therapeutic Food
Authors: Bharti Bhandari Anita Mehta, Ayesha Imran

A Survey on Image Compression Methods with PCA & LDA
Authors: Rakhi Seth, Sanjivani Shantaiya

On Pre-p-Continuity Where p {L, M, R, S}
Authors: M. Priyadarshini, R. Selvi, P. Thangavelu3

Evaluation of Antimitogenic and Cytotoxic Potential of Anacardiumoccidentale Leaf Extracts in Allumcepa Root Tip Cells and Against Sarcoma-180 Cells
Authors: Pralay Maity, Madhubanti Bepari, Sujata Maiti Choudhury

BPCS Steganography and Visual Cryptography: An Advance Technique for Online Payment Security in E-Commerce for Developing Countries
Authors: Vaishnavi J. Deshmukh, Dr. A. S. Alvi

Enhancing Security of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing by Encryption
Authors: Nishitha Ramakrishnan, Sreerekha B

A Survey on Stock Market Prediction Techniques
Authors: Shyam Kute, Sunil Tamhankar

The Upper Temperature Limit Above which the Influence of Dislocations Due to the Presence of the Reinforcement of the Composite 6061/SiC becomes Negligible
Authors: D. Dafir, M. Boulghallat, L. La

Spatial Distribution Patterns of an Amphibian Community in a Threatened West Africa Rainforest (Ivory Coast)
Authors: N

An Energy-Efficient Algorithm Integrated with Target Tracking and Mobile Sensor Navigation
Authors: Amrutha Kakkoth, Rijin I K

Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter with Different Switching Signal Generation Techniques
Authors: Akash N. Belonkar, Mukund R. Salodkar

The Impact of LGS and PM10 in Cardio Vascular and Respiratory System; A Study about the Air Pollution; Particles LGS &PM10
Authors: Mimoza Canga MD PhD, Vito Antonio Malagnino MD DDS

Bio Inspired Hybrid Bat Algorithm with Na
Authors: Pallavi, T Jayakumari

Web Filtering with SQL Injection
Authors: Yogesh Ghuse, Chetan Harshe, Pratibha S. Ghode

Advanced Automated Electronic Gauging System
Authors: Shreyas A. Dhole, P. H. Kulkarni

Block Printing with Dye Concentrate of Butea Monosperma Flowers with Gum Extracted from Waste Mango Kernel and Cassia Tora Seeds on Cotton Fabric
Authors: Dr. Sudha Babel, Dr. Rupali Gupta

Modification in two Stroke Engines for Complete Combustion and Complete Exhaust
Authors: Nishant Dhanore

Study of Geomagnetic Field Variations at Low Latitude of African Equatorial Region
Authors: Agbo G. A, Azi A. O., Okoro N. O.

Investigation of Flood Prone Areas in Oferekpe Ikwo Local Government Area Ebonyi State Using Electrical Resistivity Method
Authors: Agbo G.A, Aluge U.D, Azi A., Nnabo .P

Mechanism for Secure Fault Tolerant Data Access in Disruption-Tolerant Networks
Authors: Subhashini P, Ashwin Kumar M

Characterization of Cold Press Moringa Oil
Authors: Janaki S

Cyber Disorder
Authors: P. Thanasekaran, Dereje Chala

Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of Vancomycin Against it in Two Selected Semi Urban Sri Lankan Communities
Authors: Harshi Abeygoonawardena, Varuna Navaratne, Aindralal Balasuriya

Anti-Melanogenic Activity of Foeniculum Vulgare Extract By Preventing Cellular Tyrosinase Activity- in Vitro
Authors: Devika Arunkumar, Dr. S. Mohandass

Analysis and Design of Skew Bridges
Authors: Nikhil V. Deshmukh, Dr. U. P. Waghe

Optimistic Analysis of Processor Using FFT Equation Execution
Authors: Rajat V. Bodankar, Sandip S.Bramhankar, Sarika Wangulkar, Saroj Shambhakar

Tribological and Mechanical Behaviour of Molybdenum Thin Film Nanocoatings Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
Authors: M. Jinnah Sheik Mohamed

Simulation of Fuzzy Controller Based PFC Cuk Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive
Authors: K. Sakthi Priya, V. Jayalakshmi

A New Septate Gregarine (Apicomplexa: Sporozoa) from an Agricultural Pest of Imphal Valley, Manipur, India
Authors: Indira Yumnam, N. Mohilal

Secure Detection and Prevention Scheme for Jamming Attack in MANET
Authors: Ashwini Magardey, Dr. Tripti Arjariya

Food and Nutritional Security in Khammam District through Urban Agriculture
Authors: T. Kamalaja, J. Deepika

Ethnobotanical Studies of Some Wild Food Plants of District Umaria, Central India
Authors: Ganesh Singh Sandya, Ramesh Kumar Ahirwar

Comparative Study on Azo dye-doped Polymer Films for Optical Phase Conjugation
Authors: Shubhrajyotsna Aithal, P. S. Aithal, G. K. Bhat

Genetic Divergence for Yield and its Component Traits in Chilli (Capsicum frutescensL) Accecessions of Kerala
Authors: Bandla Srinivas, Beena Thomas, Sreenivas Gogineni

Analysis of Students Attitude Regarding Internet in Relation to Study Level and Stream
Authors: Sanjay Dahiya, Chaman Verma

Schizophrenia: Stress and Neuroleptics: What Support?
Authors: Kaarar Narjess, Bairi Abdel Majid, Boudef Mohamed, Tahraoui Abdel Karim

Hyperbilirubinema is Treated Using L.E.D Phototherapy for Neonatals
Authors: S.Vaishnodevi, Sajith S. Nair

DM with Big Data and Cluster Based-Collaborative Filtering
Authors: Gaurav W. Jamunpane, Komal N. Chouragade

Central and Peripheral Sensitization in Patients with Chronic Shoulder Pain
Authors: Dr. Ajit Dabholkar (PT), Monish Mehta, Dr. Sujata Yardi (PT)

Prevalence of Functional Outcomes in Low Back Pain
Authors: Umer Shabbir, Asad Aziz, Umer Maqsood

Algorithm to Calculate Heart Efficiency and to Predict the Valve
Authors: Tarundeep Singh Kalsi, Krupal Shah

Awareness of Sitting Posture in Patients Having Chronic Low Back Pain
Authors: Hafiz Sheraz Arshad, Umer Maqsood, Asad Aziz

Comparative Study on the Application of Surgipro Partiene Mesh and Light Partiene Mesh, in Patients with Inguinal Hernia Surgery with the Lichtenstein Method
Authors: Dr. Gordana Bozhinovska - Beaka

Design and Implementation of High-performance Logic Arithmetic Full Adder Circuit based on FinFET 16nm Technology
Authors: Priyanka P, Vasundhara Patel K S

Automatic Detection and Counting of Vehicles Based on Image Processing
Authors: R. Rajamunipriya, S. Dinesh

Power Aware Reliable Routing (PARR) In Mobile Ad-HOC Network
Authors: Prof. A. S. Gundale, A. S. Bitala

Aquifer Modelling for Feasibility and Design of Rainwater Harvesting- A Review
Authors: Mohd. Saleem, Sajid Ali

Diversity of Medicinal Plants and Conservation by the Tribes of Jaisinghnagar Forest Area, District Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: KumudSandya, Ramesh Kumar Ahirwar

Mapping of Flood Risk Zones of Chandrabhaga River Around the Pilgrim City of Pandharpur by Using Remote Sensing, DEM and GIS Techniques
Authors: Mustaq Ahmad Jabir Shaikh

Uses of Ethnomedicinal plants by the Tribes of Shahdol Division, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Ganesh Singh Sandya, KumudSandya

Numerical Solution of the First-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation with Point-Wise Advance
Authors: Chhatra Pal, Vinit Chauhan

Applying Genetic Algorithm to Intrusion Detection System
Authors: Vrishali Yewale, Vimla Jethani, Tushar Ghorpade

Throughput Improvement for Cell-Edge Users Using Selective Cooperation
Authors: Mahesh C. Patil, Sandeep M. Kate

Big Data Analytics Predicting Risk of Readmissions of Diabetic Patients
Authors: Saumya Salian, Dr. G. Harisekaran

Development of Modified Questionnaire for Screening Purposes for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pediatric Population
Authors: Nikolova M, Raynov A, Rankov Kr., Vicheva D

Improving Quality of Apple Using Computer Vision & Image Processing Based Grading System
Authors: Dr. Vilas D. Sadegaonkar, Kiran H. Wagh

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Helfer Skin Tap Technique on Pain During Intramuscular Injection Among Neonates Born in Labour Room of a Selected Tertiary Level Hospital, UP
Authors: Maj Sivapriya S, Col Leena Kumari

Automatic Sliding Window
Authors: Sumit P Patil, Jignesh R Dhabuwala, Liyakat Ali Patel

Pitch Control of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Authors: Rajeev Rampuriya, Neha Tiwari

Host Based Intrusion Detection System
Authors: Vishal Parande, Prof. Sharada Kori

Advance Honeypot Mechanism- The Hybrid Solution for Enhancing Computer System Security with DoS
Authors: Swapnali Sundar Sadamate, V. S. Nandedkar

Television Viewing and Obesity in Children in Khartoum State
Authors: Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed, Dr. Hatim Rahamt Alla Mohammed Ahmmed

Delay in the Diagnosis of Osteomalacic Myopathy Secondary to Vitamin D Deficiency Due To Coexistent Thoracic Intradural Arachnoid Cyst: A Case Report
Authors: Pandey K. K., Nayak R.

An Analytical Approach of Workflow Scheduling Based on Cost-Time Factor
Authors: V. R. Revathy, Dr. R. Janaki

Potential Role of Vitamin D3 Compared with Rho-Kinase Inhibitor (Fasudil) on L-NAME
Authors: Nageh A. El.Mahdy, Samia S. Sokar, Karima I. El-Desouky, Omyma A. Nassar

Factors Affecting Consumers' Perceptions of Digital Sales Promotions
Authors: Jincy K. John, Dr. Naveen Kumar

Assessing Attitude of Male and Female Shoppers towards Online Shopping
Authors: Preeti Singh, Prof. Radha Kashyap

A Hybrid Approach for Integrating Genetic Algorithms with SVM for Classification and Modelling Higher Education Data
Authors: Kamiya Malviya, Prof. Anurag Jain

Impact of Maternal Acceptance and Rejection on Adjustment Level of Girls
Authors: Vinita Kumari Sinha, Dr. Bharati Roy

An Evaluation of Probability Distributions of Synthetic Storms
Authors: Betül Saf

Variation of Radon with Relative and Absolute Humidity- II
Authors: Kirandeep Kaur, Tilahun Tesefaye Deresu, H. S. Sahota

Assessment of Umbilical Artery Doppler Velocities: Which High Risk Conditions Will Benefit the Most?
Authors: Dodampahala SH, Meegahawatta AR

Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficiecy Ratio & Electric Power Consumption of Domestic Refrigerator using Refrigerant R134a & R600a at Constant Evaporator Temprature
Authors: Mujahid Sheikh, Mohd.Abuzar Qureshi

Effect of Honeybee Pollination on Quantity and Quality of Apple Crop in Kullu Hills of Himachal Pradesh, India
Authors: Thakur Bhagat, V.K. Mattu

Emotion Recognition from Geometric Facial Patterns
Authors: Krupali Joshi, Pradeep Narwade

Vein of Galen Malformation- A Unique Congenital Malformation
Authors: Dr. Nitin A Yelikar, Dr. Ayesha Imran

Vocational Education: A Roadmap to National Development
Authors: Arti Behl

A Study to Assess the Parenting Styles and Academic Performance of School Children
Authors: Radhika. M, Rosna Joseph

Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Network Using Relay Technology in Mobile WiMax
Authors: Sahil Monga, Silki Baghla

Analysis of Free Amino Acid in Different Male Morphs of Callosobruchus Analis
Authors: Deepak Kumar

Determination of Age of Oreochromis niloticus Fry After Hatching for Efficiency of 17-? Methyltestosterone on Sex Reversal
Authors: Peter Gudo Ogira, David Liti, James Wanga

Perspective Solutions for Modern Schools Design in the Gaza Strip (Study Sase- UNRWA Schools)
Authors: Prof. Dr. Ussama Badawy

Image Enhancement Techniques in Spatial Domain with Visual Data Mining
Authors: Sunanda Nath, Ankit Pawria

Vulnerability of Tourism Industry to Disasters: (A Case Study of July 2010 Flood in SWAT, Pakistan)
Authors: Bilal Shaukat, Abdul Majid Khalil

Preparation of Test Data from the Simulated and Test Beam Data for Testing the ATLAS New Small Wheel FPGA-Based Trigger Processor
Authors: Jayasree S, Reshmy V R, Dr. Lorne Levinson

Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks through the Identified Trusted Node
Authors: D. Latha, K. Palanivel

In vitro Propagation of Aegle marmelos through Nodal Explants
Authors: Bindhu K. B.

Native Commercial Species Growth at the Several Gap Size, the Testing of ISC-LEP System
Authors: Wahyudi, Nursiah

Extreme Rainfall Events over the Uttarakhand State (1901-2013)
Authors: Nandargi S. S., Gaur A.

Spectrum of Biopsy Proven Renal Disease
Authors: Ramesh Chandra V, Ravi Kumar .M, Prasad Gullipalli

Overview of State-of-the-Art Image Set Compression Techniques
Authors: Z. Bohari, M. S. Raeen

Enhanced MIMO Based Anti-Jamming Technique in Wireless Networks
Authors: M. Madhanraj, K. Sowmya

Use of Geoinformation Technology in Assessing Nexus between Ecosystem Changes and Wildlife Distribution: A Case Study of Mt. Marsabit Forest
Authors: P. M. Maina, A. T. Imwati

A Mathematical Skew-Logistic Model for G-Flip is An Effective Treatment for Chemotherapy Refractory Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
Authors: S. Jayakumar, G.Ramya Arockiamary

A Review of Carrier Based Modulation Techniques
Authors: S. P. Awate

Comparative Analysis of Some Encryption Algorithms and Secured Remote Protocol
Authors: Ojekudo Nathaniel Akpofure (Ph.D), Nwankwe Dimie (M.Sc)

Assembly Classifier Approach to Analyze Intrusion Detection Dataset in Networks by Using Data Mining Techniques
Authors: Ayad Mohammed Mahyoub Ghaleb, Samani A. Talab

Outcome Measurement of Electrical Stimulation on Quadriceps Muscles for Knee Osteoarthritis
Authors: Jayanta Nath

Segmentation of WCE Images Using Fuzzy Active Contour Method
Authors: P. S. Vishnu Priya, N. Sudha, S. V. Lakshmi

Analysis and Implementation of Time-Varying Least Mean Square Algorithm and Modified Time-Varying LMS for Speech Enhancement
Authors: Mrinal Bachute, Dr. R. D. Kharadkar

Application of Dynamic Programming Technique to Reliability Model in Medical Field
Authors: M. Reni Sagayaraj, A. Merceline Anita, A. Chandra Babu, S. Gowtham Prakash

Data Loss Prevention: Secure Important Data & Prevent By Threats
Authors: Akash Deep Gangwar, J. Godwin Ponsam

Review on Relevant Top-k Neighbor Search with Keywords
Authors: Sonali B. Gosavi, Shyamrao V. Gumaste

Influence of Nickel Addition and Effect of Heat Treatment on Aluminium-Silicon Piston Alloys
Authors: M. Jinnah Sheik Mohamed

Smart Antenna System for DOA Estimation using Nystr
Authors: Veerendra, Md. Bakhar

Prevalence of Menopausal Problems and the Strategies Adopted by Women to Prevent Them
Authors: Lt Col Geetha R, Lt Col Laxmi Priya Parida

Authors: Shailendra Singh Chauhan, Neel Rohit

Suitability of UASB Reactor System in Tropical Developing Countries like India
Authors: Amol T. Lomte, V. V. Bobade

Cold Pad-Batch Dyeing Method for Dyeing Cotton Fabric with Reactive Dye Using Microwave Irradiation Technique
Authors: M. M. El-Molla, K. Haggag, Z. M. Mahmoued

Pervasive Monitoring of M-Health Care Using Android
Authors: Nitin R Kulkarni, Dr. Sujata Terdal

A Rare Case of Tabetic Arthropathy Knee Treated with Ilizarov
Authors: Dr. Vinil Paul, Dr. Sanjib Waikhom, Dr. Tapi Nalo, Dr. Santosha, Dr. Amit Agrahari, Dr. Snehasish Datta, Dr. Pranav Masatwar

An Overview of Moringa Production in Ethiopia
Authors: Dr. Sreepada Hegde, Dr. Vijayalaxmi Hegde

Attitude Towards Teaching Profession in Relation to Adjustment among Senior Secondary School Teachers
Authors: Ajay Kumar

Survey on Implementation of Radiological Image Retrieval in CBIR System
Authors: Nabin Newar, Sandeep Kumar .S

A Comparative Study and Review of Different Clock Gating Techniques and their Application
Authors: Abhishek Sharma, Ekta Jolly

A Review and Comparative Study of Different Low Power Consumption Techniques
Authors: Amit Saraswat, Ekta Jolly

A Review Paper on Big Data Analytics
Authors: Ankita S. Tiwarkhede, Prof. Vinit Kakde

Measurement of Granule Density in UASB Reactor
Authors: Vidya Singh

Evaluation of 3ABCFMD Specific Immunity versus Clinical Infection among Cattle in Diyala Province
Authors: Ahmed H. AL-Zuhairi

Gamma Radiation Induced Chromosomal Aberrations at Mitosis in Allium cepa L.
Authors: Ramesh Ahirwar

Formulation and Quality Evaluation of Whey-Based Fruit Juice
Authors: Nagadevi, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Approach in Project Assessment
Authors: Ahmed. M. El-Kassas

Effects of Supplementation with Barley Flour on Bread Quality
Authors: Nirmala, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

Study of Proton Stopping Power in Be, C, Al and Cu with Energy (1-12) MeV
Authors: Wafaa N. Jassim

Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Lower Uterine Segment Thickness in Patients with Previous Caesarean Section
Authors: Sushma V Dev, Reddi Rani, Radhamani S

High Ratio of Agriculture NPAS In Priority Sector Lending By Public And Private Banks In India
Authors: Arpita Baijal

Performance of Midcap Funds-Private vs Public Sector Banks
Authors: Dr. D. S. Selvakumar

Chewing Muscles and the Pathologies Related to their Disorders
Authors: Mimoza Canga, Vito Antonio Malagnino

Supramolecular Chemistry-Concepts and Applications
Authors: Ajay Kumar Manna

Reproductive Interval in Indonesian Native Laying Hens by Losing Brooding Characteristics
Authors: Umar Paputungan, Wapsiaty Utiah

Agriculture Decision Support System As Android Application
Authors: Rachana P. Koli, V. D. Jadhav

A Steganography Approach to Protect Secret Information in Computer Network
Authors: Prajakta B. Diwan, V. B. Bhagat

Authors: Vandana Sharma, Smita Chaudhry

A Study of Audio Captcha and their Limitations
Authors: K. Aiswarya, K. S. Kuppusamy

An Alternative Source of Livelihood: Socio-Economic Analysis of Organic Vegetable Growing in Nepal: A Case Study
Authors: Anjana Malla Pradhan, Chandra Bista, Dr. S. Manivannan

Strategic Factors Influencing the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Central Business District of Mombasa County
Authors: Vincent M. Kioko

Water Quality Analysis in Sanaswadi, Pune
Authors: Vaishali V. Parkale

Overall Review of Vocabulary of Nakhchivan Dialect
Authors: Nuray Aliyeva

Pap Smear Images Segmentation for Automatic Detection of Cervical Cancer
Authors: Ayubu Hassan Mbaga, Pei ZhiJun

A Comparative Study between Timolol and Timolol in Combination with Newer Anti Glaucoma Drugs in the Treatment of POAG
Authors: Dr. M. Parni Kumar M.S, Dr. K. V. N. Sree Devi M.S, Dr. V. Sheela Deep M. S., Dr. K. Sree Divya

Successive Extraction from Leaves of A.Barbadensis and its Antibacterial Activity Against Aeromonas Hydrophila Infected Common Carp
Authors: M. Nithiyasoundari, Seeli Balaji, K.S.Parimala

Mitigation of Voltage Sag and Swell by Using Magnitude Tracking Method
Authors: Jenifer Rosney J., P. Arun Kumar

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