International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 10 Issue 3, March 2021: Page 27

Research Paper, Urban and Regional Planning, Uganda

Pages: 1396 - 1401, Hits: 22

Implication of GIS on Sustainable Urban Planning and Management in Uganda

Pamireddy Srilatha Reddy

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Case Studies, Social Science, Congo (DRC)

Pages: 1402 - 1411, Hits: 26

Regional Strategies of Brazilian Emergence

Eric ABANATI Gbadi

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Informative Article, Social Science, Kenya

Pages: 1412 - 1417, Hits: 28

The Coronavirus Disease and Social Stigma: Towards Improved Pastoral Care and Counseling to Victims

Edise Wairimu Ndirangu

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Research Paper, Physics, India

Pages: 1418 - 1422, Hits: 22

Investigation of Moisture Content in Soil using Dielectric Constant Measurement Method

Dr. Manisha Dhiware

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Research Paper, Dental Science, Jordan

Pages: 1423 - 1425, Hits: 23

Evaluation of Gender Differences of Holdaway Soft Tissue Profile Parameters of Jordanian Adults; Experience at Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein Military Hospital in Ajloun, Jordan

Aseel Al-Momani, Osama Qaqish

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Case Studies, Marketing, Nigeria

Pages: 1426 - 1433, Hits: 35

Impact of Marketing Strategies on Sales Performance in Ebonyi State: A Case Study of Tedi Group Enterprise

Tabitha Uchechi Ogazi, Fan Jiajing

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Research Paper, Medicine, India

Pages: 1434 - 1439, Hits: 20

A Case Study Conducted on Neurocystercosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital Odisha - Response to the Treatment and a Literature Review

Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Imran Khan, Dr. Sajid Nomani

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Student Project, Computer Engineering, India

Pages: 1440 - 1442, Hits: 22

Parking Space Detection Using Image Processing

Purva Hattale, Vikrant Jangam, Shrutika Khilare, Yash Ratnaparkhi, Pradnya Kasture

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Research Paper, English Language and Literature, India

Pages: 1443 - 1446, Hits: 28

An Urge to Rewrite Indian History: In the Selected Work of Francois Gautier

Dr. Aparna Sharma, Gazal Soni

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Research Paper, Surgery, United Kingdom

Pages: 1447 - 1451, Hits: 24

Impact of the Second Wave of COVID-19: Physicians Perspective

Yahya Salama, George Bisheet, Yasser Radwan, Margaret Thackr, Mohammad Miah

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