International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 5, May 2020: Page 17

Case Studies, Cardiology Science, Morocco

Pages: 752 - 754, Hits: 117

A Case Based Approach to Calculating Shunts in a PAH Patient with Congenital Heart Disease

H. Chouaib, N. Fellat

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Survey Paper, Finance, Vietnam

Pages: 755 - 761, Hits: 165

Determinants of the Risk Tolerance of the Vietnamese Individual Investors

Lam Thien Quy, Pham Thi Hong Van

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Case Studies, Mathematics, India

Pages: 762 - 765, Hits: 232

Linear Programming Problem for Maximization of Profit in Rubber Manufacturing and Molding Industry: A Case study of Shreyas Rubber Products

M. V. Deshmukh

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Research Paper, Medicine Science, Brazil

Pages: 766 - 772, Hits: 142

CCS: A Technical Overview and its Perspectives in Brazil

Romario de Carvalho Nunes, Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa

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Research Paper, Education Management, India

Pages: 773 - 774, Hits: 206

A Study on Students Perception towards Online Teaching during COVID-19 Lockdown with Special Reference to Tumkur University Tumkur

Chandrika N

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Case Studies, Dentistry, Indonesia

Pages: 775 - 779, Hits: 114

Right Submandibular Abscess Extended to the Right Neck and Right Auricular with Upper Airways Obstruction Grade 1 and Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegy: A Case Report

Akmalia Hardini, Seto Adiantoro Sadputranto, Agus Nurwiadh

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Case Studies, Hydrology Science, India

Pages: 780 - 784, Hits: 147

Surface Runoff Estimation using RS and GIS - A Case Study of Swarnamukhi River, India

Shanmukha Srinivas G, Satyanarayana Moorthy D V, Yaswanth Kumar Y, Jyothi P

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Research Paper, Agriculture, Afghanistan

Pages: 785 - 789, Hits: 116

Investigating the Production Differences of Generations of Foreign Cows with Kandhari in Environmental Conditions of Afghanistan

Hamidullah Rahimi, Ghulam Rasoul Fazli, Sayed Alam Anwari

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Research Paper, Geography, India

Pages: 790 - 792, Hits: 141

Socio-Economic Status of Women in North-East India: A Geographical Analysis

Dr. Kiran Kumari, Modang Reena

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Review Papers, Business Management, Cyprus

Pages: 793 - 797, Hits: 117

Handling and Management of Chemicals in SMEs

Chris Bachtsetzis

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