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Recently Published: Study of Dog-bite and Vaccination Status in an Urban Community of Ranchi, Jharkhand          ||          Implementation and Demonstration of Obstacle Detection in Self-Driving Cars with GPS Tracking in Real-Time System          ||          Key Factor for Evaluation of the Engineering Program: PO and PSO Attainment          ||          Effect of High Temperature on the Stability Performance of Polyvinyl Chloride and Nano Silica Modified Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixture          ||          Dubiousness of Survival in Gidicho Island: Economic Livelihood Shift from Farming to Fishing          ||          The Institutional Study Over on Traumatic Thoraco Lumbar Fracture out Come Based on Thoraco - Lumbar Injury Severity Scoring          ||          How Organizational Structures Affect Project Outcomes          ||          Stystic Classification of English Vocabulary          ||          Why is Planning a Relevant Factor in the Management of Projects          ||          Rheological Characterization of Combretum Glutinosum (Habeil) Gum          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Comparative Study of the Cambisols of Aboisso-Comoe (Agropastoral Zone B29 Mamlanso) and Zuenoula (Agricultural Unit of the Sugar Complex)          ||          Credit Processing Period and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Agribusiness Small and Micro Enterprises in Nyeri Central Sub County Kenya          ||          Analyze the Effects of Resistance Training with Active Muscle Action on Selected Physiological Variables of Adigrat Town Males          ||          Forecasting Volatility with LSTM Techniques          ||          Review of Analysis on Seismic Resistance Building by STAAD Pro          ||          Purification and Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase Enzyme from Igd?r Apple and Inhibition Effects of Some Chemicals          ||          Experimental Investigation on Multi-Turn Oscillating Heat Pipes          ||          Study of Subchronic Effect of Myristicafragrans Houtt. On Histopathology of Testes of Swiss Albino Mice          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||         

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Data Balancing Scheme for Multi-node Heterogeneous Hadoop Cluster
Authors: Indresh B. Rajwade, Er. Prateek Singh

To Compare the Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique versus Myofasial Release in Pain and Lower Limb Functional Activity in Subjects Having Planter Fasciitis - A Randomized Control Trial
Authors: Viral Chitara

Information and Computer Network Security Policy for Sudanese Telecom Companies
Authors: Mohamed Ibrahim Gali, Mudawi Al Musharaf, Abdelrahman Elsharif Karrar

Error Analysis of Friction Factor Formulae with Respect to Colebrook-White Equation
Authors: Bharati Medhi Das, Bibhash Sarma, Madan Mohan Das

Systemic Reforms in Education - A Strategy for Implementation of RTE Act 2009
Authors: Dr Ashita Raveendran

A Review on Antimicrobial Activity of Silymarin
Authors: Zheng Hao

The Factors Impact on Conversion of Financial Statements From Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Hiep

A Rare Case of Extensive Intestinal Atresia Involving Small and Large Bowel
Authors: Ibrahim Alsulami, Ameera Almatrfi, Asim A. Khan, Anwar Ul Haq

An Exploration of Learning Strategies Employed by Prisoners on Correctional Education in Luzira Prison
Authors: Irene Aheisibwe, Aloysius Rukundo

Multi Standard Reconfigurable Receiver Architecture for Wireless Systems
Authors: Khaled Yazbek

Speed Control of DC Motor Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Mohammed Alhanjouri

Android Based Canteen Automation Using WIFI
Authors: Kalyani Dahake, A. D. Bhoi

Comparative Effect of Various Border Molding and Final Impression Materials of Altered Cast Impression Technique on Tissue Displacement of Mandibular Distal Extension Cases
Authors: Hikmat Jameel Aljudy

Awareness among Final Year and Postgraduate Dental Students on Bleeding Disorders
Authors: Kirtana Gopalasamy

Calculation Quadrupole Moments, Magnetic Dipole Moments and Occupation Numbers for Some Exotic Scandium Isotopes
Authors: Dr. Ban Sabah Hameed

Gastro Intestinal Tract Problems among Ageing Adults
Authors: Dr. Kirti Sharma, Dr. Shubha Dube

HAAR Wavelet Transform and Gabor Features Fusion Based Iris Recognition
Authors: Poorva P. Sinkar, Nikita D. Suvarna, Sarvesh S. Tendulkar

Phytoremediation Techniques and Species for Combating Contaminants of Textile Effluents - An Overview
Authors: Ketan S. Kimmatkar, Prof. Abhay V. Purohit, Prof. A. J. Sanyal

Experimental Study on Hybrid Fiber Self Compacting Concrete
Authors: S. Saranya, M. Abinaya

A Study on Current Trends of Income and Its Impact on Affordability in Multi-Ownership Housing in Demra, Dhaka
Authors: Ali Akbar Razon, Ishtiaque Ahmad

A Study on Window Configuration to Enhance Daylight Performances in Apartments of Dhaka
Authors: Ishtiaque Ahmad, Ali Akbar Razon

Bilateral Indolent Mooren's Ulcer - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Bhanu Devi, Dr. Kousik Sarkar

Antiglycemic Activity of Endophytic Fungi from Selected Medicinal Plants by Alpha-Amylase Inhibition Method
Authors: Kamana Sahani, Deependra Thakur, K.P.J. Hemalatha, Arkajit Ganguly

The Role of Anterior Tibial Muscle Tendon Transfer as a Miniinvasive Surgical Step in Primary Relapse of Clubfoot Deformity, Following Ponseti Method
Authors: Raykov D., Penev P.

A Comparative Drug Study of Dexamethasone, Leflunomide and Methotrexate on Rheumatoid Arthritis at JLN Hospital Ajmer
Authors: Dr Dharmendra Garg, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mathur

Agricultural Use of Urban Soils Used for Vegetable Production at Marcory, Abidjan
Authors: OUATTARA Amidou, HIEN Marie-Paule, YAO-KOUAME Albert

Machine Learning: Adaptive Negotiation Agents in E-Commerce
Authors: Deepika Pandey, Raj Gaurang Tiwari, Pankaj Kumar

Relationship Between Self Esteem and Academic Performance of Students in Selected High Schools in Njoro District, Nakuru County, Kenya
Authors: Addero Wilson Ogot

A Clinicopathological & Radiological Evaluation of 100 Cases of Scrotal Swellings with Special Reference to Testicular Tumour in Western Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Dr. Anchal Chauhan, Dr Shashank Mishra, Dr. G. Jeelani, Dr. Zubair Rashid

Urban and Rural Literacy in Punjab and Haryana: A Comparative Current Scenario and Changes during the Last Four Decades
Authors: Vishal Singh

To Isolate, Identify & Check Effect of Medicinal Plants on Biofilm Forming Oral Pathogen
Authors: Tejal A. Maheta, Devashree I. Patel, Bhairavibhagat

A Pedestrian Tracking Algorithm Based on Camshift and Kalman Filtering
Authors: Yan Zhang, Lijie Li

Comparison of Knee Joint Position Sense, Balance and Physical Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis and Age-Sex Matched Normals
Authors: Deepa Abichandani, Habiba Jetpurwala

Lived-in Experiences of Tuberculosis Patients
Authors: Dipanti Das, B. Venkatesan

Breast Cancer Screening in Relation to Access Barriers to Health Care System
Authors: Bissan Isamil Abu-Shammala, Yehia Abed

Concrete Filled Column in High Rise Buildings: A Review
Authors: Mayank Jain, Trilok Gupta, Ravi K. Sharma

Preventive Role of L-Ascorbate in Hepatocarcinogenesis
Authors: Bhuniya Sudipta, Dipak Bhuniya

A Review on Pedestrian Detection Techniques
Authors: Roshan Baba Kawade

Designing of S Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Broadband Application Using Slotting Technique
Authors: Menaka .R, Nishandhi .S, Sivaranjani .S

Comparison of Functional Treatment versus Immobilisation in the Treatment of Lateral Ankle Sprains (Grade I and II)
Authors: Dr. Mohieb Mustak Ahmed, Dr. Jubin Abraham Raju

A Peep into Spatial Variation in the Level of Development in South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal
Authors: Mausumi Bandyopadhyay, Ranjan Basu

Review of Cross-Finger Flaps
Authors: Dr. Mohieb Mustak Ahmed, Dr. Aravind L Rao

Effect of Surged Faradic Current on Myofascial Trigger Point of Upper Trapezius Muscle as Compared with Manual Pressure Release
Authors: Kshama. S. Shetty, A. Joseph Oliver Raj

Performance Assessment of Public and Intermediate Public Transportation from P-O-C Perception: Case Study of Udaipur City
Authors: Satya Prakash Panwar

Microcontroller Based Control Scheme for Solar PV System under Asymmetrical Fault Condition
Authors: Mohini W. Badwaik, Prashant P. Jagtap

Cryptorchidism and Hypospadias in a Cohort of 195 Boys with Hypospadias: The Role of Maternal Factors and Neonatal Growth Measurements
Authors: Tariq O Abbas, Mansour Ali, Mohammed Abdelkareem, Abderrahman ElKadhi

Cardiophrenic Angle Opacity: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Authors: Mriganka Juneja, Uday C. Kakodkar, Sanjivani Keny, Durga Lawande

Incidence of Cataract in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Dogs: A Research Study
Authors: Rambabu Kalaka, C. Ramani, L. Nagarajan, S. Usha Kumary, S. Ramesh, T. N. Ganesh

Correlations between Physico-Chemical Characteristics with Dielectric Constant of Soil from Nasik Region
Authors: M. D. Dhiware, S. B. Nahire, Sushant Deshmukh

Effect and Optimization of Process Parameters using Taguchi Method in WEDM for AISI M42 HSS Material
Authors: Joshi Guruprasad R., Dr. A. N. Chapgaon

A Study on the Applications of Structural Health Monitoring by Employing Wireless Sensor Networks in Bridge
Authors: Nzinga Talliane Bernerond

Phlegmon in the Buccal, Temporal and Deep Temporal Space from Mandibular Wisdom Tooth: Case Report
Authors: Zornitsa Mihaylova, Evgeniy Aleksiev

Review Paper on Treatment of Food Industry Wastewater by Sequencing Batch Reactor
Authors: Ashok Iranna Pilgonde, P. J. Rangari

Review Paper on Use of Sequencing Batch Reactor Treated Wastewater on Urban Agriculture
Authors: Rajukumar Pandurang More, Dr. Sunil B. Thakare

Smart Street Light Management System Using LoRa Technology
Authors: Jha Ashish K., Bababe Adam B., Ishan Ranjan

The Association between Acute Heart Failure, Mortality and Duration of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in STEMI Patients
Authors: Arkel Duka, Edmond Zaimi, Endri Hasimi, Ermir Tafaj, Elizana Petrela, Idriz Balla

Parameters for the Evaluation and Choice of a Good Computer Based Forecasting Technique
Authors: ONU Fergus U. (Ph.D), BAAH Barida

Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses of Draksha - A Review
Authors: Dr. Nidhi Garg, Dr. Akhil Jain

An Optimizer using Particle Swarm Theory and its Application in Software Cost Estimation
Authors: Hina Agarwal, Zaved Akhtar

Frequency Distributions of Feature Used to Characterize Breast Fibroadenoma in U/S
Authors: Amal mammon, Mohammed Elfadil, A. H. A. Bakry

Efficient Fractional Feedback Speed Controller in DC Motor Using FOPID Fed with PSO
Authors: Narayan Dutt Pandey, Dr. Pratibha Tiwari

Authors: D. M. Sheaba Rani, G. Sri Ranjitha, K. Venkatarattaiah

Effect of Mercuric acetate on the Oxidation of Some Phenols by Chloramine-T: A Kinetic Study
Authors: Geetha Sarasan, Sourabh Muktibodh

Effect Adding Guar Meal, Salinomycin and Mycofix to the Diets on Live Performance for Two Ross Broiler Sources
Authors: Bushra .MW .AL- Oubaidi, Mashaan. A. AL

Effect of Garlic Juice on Liver Function in Layers Chicken
Authors: Muna M. Ismail, Hiba Y. Abass, Marwan A.Ibrahim, Muhand A. Muhmood

The Effectiveness Inhibitory for Mash Alcoholic Seeds Extracts Anti-Fungi Causing Dermal Infections
Authors: Sawsan I. Noori, Khalid Abdul Kreme

The Effect of Non-Thermal Plasma of the Structural and Optical Properties of cadmium Oxid (CdO) Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis
Authors: Hiba kais Khalil, Dr. Ramiz Ahmad Al-Ansari, Dr. Ghuson. H. Mohammed, Dr Hamid. H.Murbat, Dr. Kadhim . A. Aadim

The Regenerative Role of Vitamins B1, B6, B12 in Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy
Authors: Dr. Saleh M. Al-saaeed, Dr. Maan H. Al-khalisy

The Effect of Vitamins B on Myelination of Injured Peripheral Nerve in Rat
Authors: Dr. Saleh M. Al-saaeed, Dr. Maan H. Al-khalisy

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of some Mixed Schiff Base Complexes
Authors: T. H.Al-Noor, N. S. Al-barki, A.A. Maihub, M.M. El-ajaily

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