International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Call for Papers | Open Access | Double Blind Peer Reviewed

ISSN: 2319-7064

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Mr. Ichsan Iqbal, Doctorate (Economics), Pontianak, Indonesia
Email: chsaniqbal[at]
Area of Interest: Economics, Economics & Finance, Business Economics, Commerce and Economic Studies
Mrs. J. Vinodha Evangeline, Masters Degree (Nutrition Science), Chengalpet, India
Email: vangeshalom[at]
Area of Interest: Food & Nutrition, Public Health Education, Home Science
Mr. Jaideep Singh Kachhwaha, Masters Degree (Procurement and Supply Chain Management), Jacksonville, United States of America
Email: aideep.kachhwaha[at]
Area of Interest: Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Transport Studies, Business Management
Mr. Javaid Ahmad Mir, Masters Degree (Nursing), Srinagar, India
Email: irjavaidahmad77[at]
Area of Interest: Nursing, Psychiatry, Nursing
Prof. Jeany Mandang, Doctorate (Agronomy), Manado, Indonesia
Email: eany[at]
Area of Interest: Biotechnology, Horticulture, Crop Science
Dr. Jeremy Paul E. Gecolea, Doctorate (Management), Calamba, Philippines
Email: ecoleaje[at]
Area of Interest: Management, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management
Dr. Jocelyn Sagunde Vera, Doctorate (Education Management), Alaminos City, Philippines
Email: ocelynsdev21[at]
Area of Interest: General Studies, General Science, Environmental Biology
Prof. Jonathan Molina Laranang, Doctorate (Nursing), Bantay, Philippines
Email: laranang32[at]
Area of Interest: Nursing, Nutrition Science, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Mr. Jonner Nainggolan, Masters Degree (Mathematics), Kota Jayapura, Indonesia
Email: onner2766[at]
Area of Interest: Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics
Dr. K. Gobalakrishnan, Doctorate (English Language and Literature), Hyderabad, India
Email: rish0511988[at]
Area of Interest: English Language and Literature, Literature, Languages and Literature
Mr. K. Stevenson, Doctorate (Journalism & Mass Communication), Hyderabad, India
Email: tevenson.kohir10[at]
Area of Interest: Communication or Media Studies, Communication or Media Studies, Communication Science
Dr. Kadar Shereef, Doctorate (Computer Science and Information Technology), Chennai, India
Email: ikadarshereef[at]
Area of Interest: Data & Knowledge Engineering, Computer Technology, Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Kailaspathi, Doctorate (Commerce and Economic Studies), Kalaburagi, India
Email: ailaspathi.vishwakarma1979[at]
Area of Interest: Business Management, Commerce and Economic Studies, Human Resource Management
Mr. Katari Venu Babu, Doctorate (Biotechnology), Chennai, India
Email: atarivenubabu[at]
Area of Interest: Fisheries and Aquatic Environmental Management, Food Science, Agriculture
Dr. Kaviprathaa, Post Graduate (Surgery), Ipoh, Malaysia
Email: .kaviprathaa[at]
Area of Interest: Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
Mrs. Kely Braga Imamura, Doctorate (Microbial Genetics), Araraquara, Brasil
Email: ely.imamura[at]
Area of Interest: Biochemistry, Aquaculture Microbiology, Genetics
Dr. Kenneth V. Oster, Doctorate (Business Administration), Farmington, United States of America
Email: ennethvoster[at]
Area of Interest: Accounting, Business Management, Management
Dr. Khalid A. Fattah, Doctorate (Civil Engineering), Merowe, Sudan
Email: hdfattah[at]
Area of Interest: Atomic Energy, Chemistry, Engineering Science
Dr. Khalid Soussi, Doctorate (Education Management), Rabat, Morocco
Email: halid.soussi[at]
Area of Interest: Educational Psychology, Physical Education, Education Management, Special Education
Mr. Kherud Rohan Rajendra, Post Doctorate (Biotechnology), Yeola, India
Email: ohan.kherud[at]
Area of Interest: Biotechnology
Dr. Kirti Suresh Vachhani, Masters Degree (Dentistry), Ahmedabad, India
Email: r.kirtidulani[at]
Area of Interest: Dental Medicine, Dental Science, Dentistry
Dr. Kota Rekha, Doctorate (Pathology), Chennai, India
Email: otarekhadr[at]
Area of Interest: Histopathology, Pathology, Chemical Pathology
Mr. Kotresh Yaligar, Masters Degree (Pharmacy), Bhopal, India
Email: otreshyaligar[at]
Area of Interest: Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmacology Science
Mr. Krishnamoorthy, Doctorate (Finance), Coimbatore, India
Email: rishnamoorthymbakit[at]
Area of Interest: Finance, Financial Management, Economics & Finance, Business and Finance
Dr. Kuljeet Kaur, Doctorate (Commerce and Economic Studies), Jalandhar, India
Email: uljeet397[at]
Area of Interest: Finance, Business and Finance, Financial Management
Mr. Kumur John, Masters Degree (Statistics), Yola, Nigeria
Email: umurjohn[at]
Area of Interest: Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Kutlay Telli, Post Doctorate (Law), Ankara, Turkey
Email: utluay2702[at]
Area of Interest: Commerce and Law, Law
Dr. Lakhpat Meena, Doctorate (Botany), Sawai Madhopur, India
Email: meenak[at]
Area of Interest: Biological Sciences, Botany, Biology
Ms. Leli, Doctorate (Marketing), Serdang, Malaysia
Email: s59449[at]
Area of Interest: Enterprise and Sustainable Development, Agricultural Studies, Control Engineering Practice
Dr. Lilesh Gautam, Masters Degree (Management), , India
Email: ileshgautam1983[at]
Area of Interest: Accounting, Management, Business Management

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