International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 8 Issue 9, September 2019: Page 12

Research Paper, Medical Microbiology, Nigeria

Pages: 437 - 442, Hits: 155

Assessment of Physicochemical Qualities, Heavy Metals Concentration and Bacterial Pathogens in Elechi Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Constancy Prisca Aleru, Kinikanwo Confidence Wachukwu, Sam Douglas Abbey, Smart Enoch Amala, Christian Alfred Mbata, Ollor Amba Ollor

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Research Paper, Public Health Education, India

Pages: 443 - 445, Hits: 182

Innovations in Healthcare and their Impact on Global Healthcare Industry

Tarun Panda, Mahak Gite

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Research Paper, Education Management, Thailand

Pages: 446 - 450, Hits: 182

Synthesis of Multimedia and Online Social Media Forms Affecting English Listening-Speaking Skills Development of Thai People

Kritaya Sukprasert, Sa-Ngiam Torut, Bamrung Torut, Napas Namjaitrong

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Research Paper, Geography, India

Pages: 451 - 457, Hits: 164

Domestic Firewood Consumption Pattern and Degradation of Forest Cover: A Case Study of Mokokchung Town, Nagaland

Jnanendra Sarma, Dr T Temsu Imti, Prof. Sangyu Yaden

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Comparative Studies, Dental Science, India

Pages: 458 - 461, Hits: 178

Smear Layer Removal Efficacy of Custom Made Water Pik Power Flosser as an Irrigant Activating Device

Bhargavi Dhamaraju, Deepa Velagala L, Prem Raj

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Survey Paper, Electronics & Communication Engineering, India

Pages: 462 - 465, Hits: 180

Raspberry Pi Based System for Weather Monitoring System Using MQTT Protocol

Neha Saha, Ekata Patil

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Research Paper, Pharmaceutical Science, Libya

Pages: 466 - 470, Hits: 166

Study of Caffeine Consumption Rate and Concentration in Different Food and Beverages Consumed by Libyan Children

Sakina S. Saadawi, Khairi A. Alennabi, Amal Ammar, Amera Fares, Najwa Alosta, Suher M. Aburawi

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Research Paper, Optics & Laser Technology, Iraq

Pages: 471 - 475, Hits: 171

Second Harmonic Generation of 236.5 nm Laser Beam by BBO Crystal Using Comsol Software

Raneen Salam Al-Obaidi, Suha Mousa Alawsi

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Research Paper, Pharmacology Science, Indonesia

Pages: 476 - 478, Hits: 161

Acut Toxicity Test of ImperataCylindrica L. (Beauv) Root Methanol Extract on Mice an a Antihypertention

Ruslin, Diah Dhianawaty

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Research Paper, Pediatrics, India

Pages: 479 - 481, Hits: 176

The Spectrum of Lysosomal Storage Diseases at Paediatric Genetic Clinic in Maharashtra, India

Dr. Suvarna Magar, Dr. Avinash Sangle, Dr. Anjali Kale, Dr. Madhuri Engade, Dr. Varsha Vaidya, Dr. Madhavi Shelke, Dr. Viranchi Vaidya

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