International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2022: Page 5

Research Paper, Obstetrics and Gynecology, India

Pages: 209 - 215, Hits: 1

A Study on Maternal Weight Gain in Pregnancy and its Consequences on Maternal Complications and Pregnancy Outcome

Dr. Bibhuti Sarkar, Dr. Chandralekha Biswas

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Research Paper, Special Education, India

Pages: 216 - 217, Hits: 2

Effectiveness of Refresher Program of 'Information Communication Technology and Education' on Special Educators

Dr. Sharmishtha Chinmay Oak

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Case Studies, Surgery, India

Pages: 218 - 220, Hits: 0

The Jackfruit Conundrum: Case Series Studying Subacute Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Jackfruit Ingestion and its Management

Dr. Harshinie Vinaya Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Rai A

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Research Paper, Law, Mongolia

Pages: 221 - 223, Hits: 1

Chinese Administrative Law and Its Reform

Yesui Tumurbaatar

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Research Paper, Public Administration, Somalia

Pages: 224 - 232, Hits: 2

Somali Youth Unemployment and Its Effects on National Security: Case study: Some Selected Security Organizations in Mogadishu-Somalia

Hassan Mohamed Yusuf UKUMEY

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Informative Article, Otorhinolaryngology, India

Pages: 233 - 235, Hits: 4

Detection of Facial Canal Dehiscence on HRCT in Chronic Otitis Media: An Observational Study

Shachita, Shivbrat Sharma

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Review Papers, Health and Medical Sciences, Vietnam

Pages: 236 - 241, Hits: 1

Satisfaction Level of Health Worker with Work in Health Facilities in Vietnam: System Overview Study, Peroid 2006-2021

Ly-Tran Thi, Cong Cung-Van, Tuan Nguyen-Anh, Dung Dao-Van

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Research Paper, Medical Science, India

Pages: 242 - 245, Hits: 1

The Association of Diabetic Retinopathy with Fasting, Postprandial Blood Sugar Levels and Hba1C in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Dr Uddhav Khaire, Dr Anupam Pal, Dr Rahul Rathod, Dr Sayed Ammaruddin Chishty

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Research Paper, Agricultural Engineering, Denmark

Pages: 246 - 249, Hits: 1

Exploration of Water pH Shift When Influenced by Short Exposure to Magnetotelluric Anomaly

Kim Horsevad

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Informative Article, Geography, India

Pages: 250 - 251, Hits: 1

Creation of Indian Sub-Continent

Vrushali Anil Shirke

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