International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 6 Issue 10, October 2017: Page 33

Survey Paper, Pathology, Tanzania

Pages: 1589 - 1594, Hits: 121

Assessment of Incidences and Severity of Cashew Leaf and Nut Blight Disease (CLNBD) in the Southern Areas of Tanzania

Nene W. A., M. E. Sijaona

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Research Paper, Finance, Kenya

Pages: 1595 - 1601, Hits: 121

Effect of Economic Programs on Customer Financial Literacy of Barclays Bank of Kenya

Salome Awuor Oduor, Dr. Dennis Juma

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Survey Paper, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Indonesia

Pages: 1602 - 1606, Hits: 103

Dendrogram Simulations with Determinatvariable Identifer to Determine the Farm Classification Systems of Bali Pigs

I PutuSampurna, Tjokorda Sari Nindhia, I Made Sukada

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Research Paper, Medicine Science, Indonesia

Pages: 1607 - 1609, Hits: 134

The Effect of Iron Plus Vitamin C Tablet on the Improvement of Haemoglobin Level to Pregnant Woman Tri Mester of Pregnant Woman at Pondok Benda Community Center in Southern Tangerang Indonesia

Erni, Rasumawati, Vera Suzana Dewi Haris

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Research Paper, Nutrition Science, Indonesia

Pages: 1610 - 1614, Hits: 117

Physical Activities, Nutritional Status, HDL-LDL Cholesterol Content and Physical Fitness of the Aerobic Calisthenics Exercising Women in Lubuk Pakam

Novriani Tarigan, Tiar Lince Bakara

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Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 1615 - 1622, Hits: 116

Experimental Analysis of Data Security Challenges on Cloud

Dhruv Sirohi, Tanishka Shorey, Shivam Anand, Manjula R

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Research Paper, Nursing, Indonesia

Pages: 1623 - 1626, Hits: 135

Comparison between Warm Compress and Massage to the Pain Intensity for Elderly Who Have Arthritic Pain in Bina Lanjut Usia Compound Jayapura

I Ketut Swastika, Kismiyati

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Research Paper, Biochemistry, Kenya

Pages: 1627 - 1634, Hits: 100

Tissue Enzymes as Markers of Cardiac Damage during Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense Infection of Sheep

Hawa Mavura, Raphael Ngure, Zipporah Maiyo, Grace Murilla

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Research Paper, Zoology, India

Pages: 1635 - 1637, Hits: 121

Larvicidal Activity of Crude Plant Extract against Fourth Instar Larvae of Anopheles subpictus and Culex quinquefasiatus Mosquitoes

C. Sandhya, Dr. Sr. Mary Josphine Rani.A

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Research Paper, Pharmaceutical Science, Iraq

Pages: 1638 - 1641, Hits: 115

Effect of Krill Oil Application on Wound Healing in Male Rats

Enas Fadhil Kadhim, Zahraa Raheem Al-Zamely

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