International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 10 Issue 5, May 2021: Page 27

Research Paper, Social Science, Vietnam

Pages: 1219 - 1223, Hits: 2

Factors Affecting the Behavioral Intention to use Virtual Supermarket: An Integrated Conceptual Framework

Thanh Hoai Nguyen, Hai Quynh Ngo, Thu Trang Duong

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Research Paper, Surgery, India

Pages: 1224 - 1226, Hits: 1

Observation of Prevalence of H. Pylori Infection in Patients with Sign and Symptoms of Dyspepsia at Patna Medical College and Hospital, Patna

Ankit Srivastava, Ravindra Kumar, Bhaskar Sinha

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Student Project, Automobiles, India

Pages: 1227 - 1231, Hits: 2

Smart Car System

Shriya Chavan, Neerav Thakur, Mayuresh Pandit, Meet Sangoi, Neeta Chavan

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Research Paper, Geophysics, China

Pages: 1132 - 1241, Hits: 3

Curie-Temperature Depth, Geothermal Gradient and Heat Flow Deduce from Spectral Analysis of Gravity Data of Chad Basin Northeast Nigeria

Sulaiman Garba Yana, Juzhi Deng, Hui Chen, Yanguo Wang

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, India

Pages: 1242 - 1248, Hits: 1

Feed-Milk Conversion Efficiency of Dairy Animals and Methane Emissions across Different Landholding Groups

R. Mallikarjuna Reddy

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Research Paper, Computer Science and Information Technology, India

Pages: 1249 - 1250, Hits: 4

Role of Telecoms and Data Analytics in OTT Services

Akshay Kaushal

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Research Paper, Nursing, India

Pages: 1251 - 1254, Hits: 2

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding use Cranberry Juice in Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection among Nursing Students Uttarakhand, India

Durga Joshi, Bijoy Mathew

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Research Paper, English Language and Literature, Morocco

Pages: 1255 - 1264, Hits: 3

Determining the Factors Influencing Internet Banking Adoption: An Empirical Study in Morocco

Dr. Mounia Ghalmat

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Masters Thesis, Economics, Kenya

Pages: 1211 - 1215, Hits: 0

The Effects of Ageing Population Growth Rate on GDP in Kenya

Tanui Kiprotich Leonard

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Research Paper, Cosmology Science, India

Pages: 1265 - 1266, Hits: 8

Theory of Everything


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