International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 7, July 2022: Page 20

Review Papers, Human Resource Management, India

Pages: 1002 - 1007, Hits: 0

Stress Among Youth: Causes and its Management in Recent Times

Neelesh Kohli, Dr. Kavita Dua

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Case Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology, India

Pages: 1008 - 1010, Hits: 1

Nicolau Syndrome Following Intramuscular Diclofenac Sodium Injection: A Rare Case Report

Dr. Basanta Manjari Hota, Anusha Ginjupalli, Mahammad Fareedh

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Research Paper, Special Education, Greece

Pages: 1011 - 1014, Hits: 3

Non - Heretical Variables Adversely Affecting Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ioannis Novakos

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Masters Thesis, Electronics & Communication Engineering, India

Pages: 1015 - 1019, Hits: 0

A High Performance Data Encryption and Masking Using AES Algorithm

Poornima TN, Dr. Somashekar K

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Research Paper, Ayurveda, India

Pages: 1020 - 1022, Hits: 1

A Single Case Study on the Role of Some Ayurvedic Modalities in the Management of Vicharchika (Eczema)

Dr. Madhumita Das, Dr. P. B. Kar Mahapatra

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Survey Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 1023 - 1029, Hits: 0

A Survey and High-Level Design on Human Activity Recognition

Abhishikat Kumar Soni, Dhruv Agrawal, Md. Ahmed Ali, Dr. B. G. Prasad

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Case Studies, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1030 - 1033, Hits: 0

Case Report: An Unusual Case of Fibroma of Extensor Tendon Sheath of Hand

Dr. Neeraj R Shetty, Dr. Nithin K M

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Research Paper, Health Sciences, India

Pages: 1034 - 1042, Hits: 1

Effect of Tendon Gliding Exercises with Grip Strengthening Exercises on Quality of Life in Patients with Unilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An Experimental Study

Barla Grace John, Dr. Harshada R. Patil

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Masters Thesis, Biochemistry, India

Pages: 1043 - 1055, Hits: 2

Effect of Carbon Concentration in Batch Media on Up-Scaling Biomass Production

Nandini Banerjee

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Comparative Studies, Surgery, India

Pages: 1056 - 1061, Hits: 1

Comparative Evaluation of Conventional Surgery with Radio Frequency Ablation in the Treatment of Varicose Veins

Dr Lt Col Sandip Kumar, Pavan Kumar Banga, Col D K Khare

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