International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 7 Issue 12, December 2018: Page 18

Research Paper, Ecology, Ivory Coast

Pages: 926 - 932, Hits: 51

Feeding Ecology of Small African Freshwater Shrimp Macrobrachium dux (Lenz, 1910) (Crustacea, Palaemonidae) in Cavally River, Cote dIvoire

Kouame Toto, Goore Bi Gouli, N'Zi Konan Gervais

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Research Paper, Occupational Therapy, India

Pages: 933 - 937, Hits: 113

Effectiveness of Assertiveness Training on Assertive Skills among Alcoholic Patients

S. Sribalan, Dr. S. Nevetha Mot

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Case Studies, Dental Science, India

Pages: 938 - 941, Hits: 130

Telescopic Overdenture - A Case Report

Brunda.K, Kalpana.D, Smitha Sharan, Sreeharsha.T.V, Pradeep Chandra.K

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Research Paper, Education Management, Congo

Pages: 942 - 950, Hits: 133

Difficulties Experienced by Teachers in Civic Education, Moral and Education for Peace (E.C.M.P) in the Cycle of Fixation in the Djiri School District in Brazzaville

Dr Ekondi Fulbert, Dr Okoua Beatrice Perpetue, Dr Moussavou Guy

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Informative Article, Social Science, Turkey

Pages: 951 - 955, Hits: 126

Glass Ce?l?ng Syndrome in Women

Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Esra OZKAN PIR, Dr. Ogr. Uyesi Fatma YILMAZ

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Research Paper, Social Science, Malaysia

Pages: 956 - 959, Hits: 129

The Correlation between Coaching Leadership, Smartphone Usage and Sport Commitment among University Athletes

Asiah Mohd Pilus, Ahmad Fadly Abdul Rahman, Hanipah Hussin

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Research Paper, Economics, Kenya

Pages: 960 - 965, Hits: 124

Household Production of Human Health in Kenya: An Econometric Analysis

Thomas Mutinda Muthama

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Dissertation Chapters, Gynaecology, India

Pages: 966 - 969, Hits: 168

Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Stem cells and Umbilical Cord Blood Banking among Staff Nurses Working at Selected Hospitals of Ludhiana, Punjab

Neha Thakur, Timsy

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Research Paper, Microbiology, India

Pages: 970 - 973, Hits: 128

Detection of Drug Resistance among Suspected Tuberculosis Cases Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Rajasthan, India

Kavita Yedale, Vijaya Lakshmi Nag, Nidhima Aggarwal, Jitu Mani Kalita

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Research Paper, Education Management, Tanzania

Pages: 974 - 979, Hits: 99

ICT Literacy among Teachers and Administrators in Secondary Schools towards Effective Management of Students Academic Records in Tanzania --The Case of Arusha City Council

Kashinde Vicent Mandari

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