International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 10 Issue 12, December 2021: Page 1

Research Paper, Medicine, India

Pages: 1 - 1, Hits: 74

Correlation of Vitamin-D with Inflammatory Markers in COVID-19 Patients

Dr Sudeep Padival, Dr Don Gregory Mascarenhas, Dr Roshan M

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Case Studies, Medicine, Indonesia

Pages: 2 - 7, Hits: 13

Successful Cardiac Rehabilitation in Pediatric Patient after Percutaneous Balloon Mitral Valvulopasty: Case Report

Maruli Butarbutar, Basuni Radi

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Research Paper, Structural Engineering, India

Pages: 13 - 15, Hits: 8

Significance of Clause 24.2 of I.S. Code 456: 2000-Assumption of Substitute Frame

Sandeep Kumar Sharma, Pragya Gaur

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Research Paper, Radiology and Medical Imaging Sciences, India

Pages: 16 - 17, Hits: 14

A Novel Case of Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum in COVID 19 Pneumonia

Ashish A. Patil, Mrinmayi M. Zurale

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Survey Paper, Medical Science, Albania

Pages: 18 - 20, Hits: 7

Epidemiology of Patients with Cerebrovascular Accident

Genc Nurja, Arsen Seferi

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Book Review, Social Studies, Brazil

Pages: 21 - 22, Hits: 7

Book Review "Innovation, Technology and Sustainability: History, Concepts and Applications"

Souto Alvaro Jose, Cremonezi Graziela Oste Graziano, Casagrande Jacir Leonir, Nunes Nei Antonio

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Research Paper, Dermatology, India

Pages: 23 - 26, Hits: 5

Clinical Correlation of Facial Dermatosis with COVID19 Pandemic

Dr. Nikhat, Dr.Mohammed Sajjad Saleem, Bushra

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Research Paper, Medical Surgical, India

Pages: 27 - 29, Hits: 6

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Pulmonary Rehabilitation among Patients with COPD in Selected Community Area at Bangalore

Loganathan G, Manisha Angelina David

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, India

Pages: 30 - 32, Hits: 7

Physico-Chemical Studies on Safilguda Lake, Hyderabad

Rohini A, Manikya Reddy P

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Review Papers, Biological Sciences, India

Pages: 33 - 41, Hits: 17

Overview of ACE-2 Receptor, Its Structure and Polymorphism and its Susceptibility to SARS-Cov-2, Influences of COVID-19 on Multi-Organs Cardiovascular Comorbidities, and COVID-19 Disease Outcome

Srinjoy Chattopadhyay, Vanshika Saini

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