International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 5 Issue 4, April 2016

Research Paper, Medicine Science, India

Pages: 1 - 4, Hits: 158

A Qualitative Study to Assess Nurses Concern Regarding Impacting Factors on Clean & Healthy Practice in a Tertiary Level Hospital UP, India

Maj Sivapriya; Lt Col Rekha Bhattacharya

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Research Paper, Gynaecology, India

Pages: 5 - 9, Hits: 163

Psychosocial Problems in Women with Gynaecological Cancer - A Cross Sectional Survey

Ajitha Kumari T Y

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Research Paper, Automobiles, China

Pages: 10 - 13, Hits: 145

Analytical Model of Olfactory Sensory Information in Robot Odor Source Localization

Zhou Jie-Yong, Xie Jia-Jia

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Research Paper, Engineering Science, Iraq

Pages: 14 - 19, Hits: 157

Estimating the Optimal Design of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Basrah City

Abbas Hafiz Abbas, Abdul Baqi Khalaf Ali, Mustafa Jawad Kadhim

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Research Paper, Nutrition Science, India

Pages: 20 - 26, Hits: 160

A Comparative Study of Nutritional Status of Economically Independent and Economically Dependent Urban Women in Lucknow City

Monika Agarwal, Chhavi Pant, J. V. Singh

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Research Paper, Biology, India

Pages: 27 - 31, Hits: 129

Isolation of Vibrio Species on TSA Media and Comparision of Growth Percentage of Vibrio Species in Sea Water, Pond Water, Tap Water, Ground Water and River Water Samples

Pushpinder Paul, Dr. Pawan Kumar, Dr. Uma Shankar

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Information Technology, China

Pages: 32 - 35, Hits: 147

An Algorithm for Full Coverage and Real Time Traffic Density Calculation on Roads

Juma Joram Mashenene, Xuewen Ding, Said Kassim Katungunya

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Survey Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 35 - 39, Hits: 134

A Comprehensive Survey on OCR Techniques for Kannada Script

Chandrakala H T, Dr. Thippeswamy G

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Research Paper, Hematology, Albania

Pages: 40 - 44, Hits: 154

Prevalence of Anemia & Hypertension their Impact in Elderly People

Maranaj Marku, Kiri Zallari

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Research Paper, Medicine Science, Sudan

Pages: 45 - 47, Hits: 140

Estimation of Placental Thickness in Pregnant Sudanese Women

Muna Ali, A. H. A. Bakry, Asma Elamin, Shazaly N. Khojaly, Mohamed Yousef, Doha Abdo M. Abdo, Auis Bashir

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