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Changing Scenario of Cereal - Millet Consumption Patterns

Anjali Devi C

Abstract: Millets are rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals they are called as Nutri Cereals. Changing lifestyles, urbanization and industrialization resulted in obesity which led to the change in the staple cereal rice or wheat to millet consumption. The present study aims at analyzing the changes in the dietary patterns and its relation to health status among 240 high-income people, randomly selected. Semi structured pretested questionnaire was used to collect information.Educational level of the respondents indicate that Engineers, post graduates and doctors together constituted 40.3 percent inmales and 29.7 percent among females. Majority are Nuclear families (82.5 percent). The dietary pattern showed that rice eaters who normally take rice twice a day are now only 11.3 percent and once aday are 53.8 percent, the rest are taking irregularly. Wheat eaters consuming twicea day are 9.6 percent and those taking daily are 45 percent. Barley is taken either in summer or whenthey have a medical issue. Quinoa, Oats, cornflakes are taken occasionally for variety purpose. The percent consuming is 21.8, 56.1, and 53.9 respectively. With respect to millet consumption, all respondents are taking millets daily. The millets used are Ragi by 63.6, soghum by 58.3, bajra by 76.1, Maize by 73.7, samalu 41.7, varagalu 51.7, korralu 73.7 percent, udhalu 30.8, Arekelu 48.4 and anukorralu 61.7 percent respectively. They expressed that they take one type of millet each day ensuring that every day they consume any one type of millet.The shift from rice to millet consumption resulted in soaring prices of millets taking millets away from the low income group diets.

Keywords: Millets, Nuclear families, High income group, Nutri cereals

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