Downloading: Application of the Pancasila to Build a Foundation of Peace for Mankind
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Application of the Pancasila to Build a Foundation of Peace for Mankind

Van Thi Tu Hoa

Abstract: The whole Globe is receiving unsatisfied things such as epidemics, wildfires, floods ... that have brought about each level of suffering. To overcome them, each person must be aware of living well together or by extension, living in peace. For this purpose, the writer chose the PancaSila (five precepts) of Buddha introduce to the reader as a foundation that brings peace to mankind. These Pancasila are most basic Sila for the cultivator a long with for Buddhists and moreover for mankind. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, class... The first precept is the respect for each other's life, no one harms from punching or stabbing one another to death, helping each other when a person falls into an emergency among death and life; The second precept helps people have the self-esteem of others, it can broadly stated that countries in the universal have their own sovereignty; The third precept, this rule will protect the joys of each family around the globe; The fourth precept, people need trust, this is way for each person to trust together and finally precept is the one that doesn't use substances. To give up alcohol and drugs to mentally be lucid in study and creative at work. By doing that, the family is happy, the society is stable and the Earth is peaceful

Keywords: Pancasila, Peace, Mankind