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IT Enable Customer Relationship Management in the Bank Sector

Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, Ayesha Jahan, Rokeya Akter Jui, Sadeka Parvin

Abstract: Today, most organizations are using customer relationship management systems and strategies to gain a better understanding about their customer's needs and expectations. Used in association with data warehousing, data mining, call centers and other intelligence-based applications. The rapid change in information technologies resulted in a rapid and obligatory change in economy. During this change process the profile of the customers changed as well; nowadays the customers have easy access to the world markets and expect various products and services. This development introduced the concept of CRM: one of the essential components in today's marketing. The research is an investigation of the IT over CRM particularly in the banking sector of Bangladesh. Some Hypotheses about CRM in banks are purposed and a survey has been done for testing the validity of those hypotheses. The results of the case study were evaluated to develop a platform that will possibly be used by future researchers or bank administrators to rationalize their customer relationship management. Some suggestions about how to implement customer relationship management successfully in Banks were given before concluding the research based on the research result

Keywords: Information Technology, Customer Relationship Management CRM, Banking