Downloading: A Review on use of Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke) Tool in Blow Molding Process
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A Review on use of Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke) Tool in Blow Molding Process

Patel Parikshit K, Vidya Nair, Patel Nikunj S

Abstract: Manufacturing defects or errors are always the key concerns of any manufacturing industry. The success of any organization depends on the quality of product especially right product produced. This dissertation work is to be done in small blow moulding company, which manufactures the Air duct for automobile air conditioners. The initial research shows the past trends of rejection is between 8-9% which includes human error in material removal, wrong fitting of clamp, molding defects, etc. the need is to reduce that to compete in highest competitive market and to continuous satisfaction of customer. One of the successful devices in lean production to eliminate waste caused by errors is mistake-proofing or Poka-yoke. Mistake-proofing is one of the effective approaches that prevents inadvertent errors and helps workers to be mistake-proof and does not allow defective products to flow to next processes. The Poka-Yoke approach was developed in the manufacturing industry as a way of improving productivity by reducing errors using often very simple adaptations. This dissertation work corroborates that, as Poka-Yokes to be implemented in manufacturing process of Air duct Blow molding process. Methodology/approach: This dissertation work demonstrate the use of the Poka-Yoke approach in a manufacturing process of blow molding process, highlighting how they served to improve product quality by reducing rejection/waste. Status: the relevant literature review has been done along with study of Poka Yoke technique. Next step of study of manufacturing process of Air duct by blow molding is done and process mapping is done through process flow diagram. Next Phase of Work: Identification of the processes which contributes to the rejection and rework after process study. Application of Poka Yoke in the manufacturing process mainly to eliminate manual error by designing suitable means which reduces the rejection.

Keywords: poka-yoke, blow moulding process, air duct, mistake proofing