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Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB

Alankrit Chaturvedi

Abstract: The data present in this world is in bulk and in order to provide flawless performance along with two of the major things in the world of database, i.e. consistency and availability, it is difficult to achieve in RDBMS. To tackle this increase in data and work towards getting better performance in applications these days, NoSQL databases were introduced. There are different types of NoSQL databases that are built upon the concepts of documents, key-value pair, graphs etc. This paper talks about one such NoSQL database called MongoDB which is a based on a document store principle. It is widely used document store database in industries [11]. Despite being performance rich, there are some security flaws when adapting the database and those flaws are discussed in this paper in detail and are compared with traditional RDBMS system. Previous attacks on MongoDB, along with how to avoid such attacks are explained in detail. Some suggestions to work upon in order to improve the security in MongoDB is also suggested in this paper.

Keywords: MongoDB, RDBMS, Security, MongoDB Security Features, Attack, Best Practices