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Design and Analysis of Tricycle Powered by Solar Energy

Jean Pierre Twajamahoro, Emmanuel Mudaheranwa, Dr Kayibanda Vnant

Abstract: This project is intended to do the design and analysis of the Tricycle powered by solar energy. This paper gives the details about my research related to tricycle project and includes the methods and consideration regarding the proper working principle of tricycle powered solar energy. This research includes all the information regarding the solar powered tricycle for handicapped persons and its components used on it. Nowadays, transportation is inseparable part of human life. Normal person can travel easily by utilizing the facilities such as bicycles, bikes, cars, public transports, etc. but for disabled persons travelling is not so easy. Depending upon the disability (i.e. which part of body is not in function), disabled person can avail travelling facilities such as tricycles, wheel chairs, customized vehicles like cars, bikes, buses etc. But these facilities are not easily accessible for disabled persons due to some difficulties. This project discusses these facilities for disabled persons. The purpose of this project is to help disabled people to use less effort when moving, to protect environment and reduce fuel consumption which could be used once they are occupied with thermal engine. This system will use tricycle, solar panel, charge controller, battery, DC motor and three wheels and is designed in metal tube. This study will help the researcher to improve their knowledge in theory and practical skills about tricycle powered by solar energy. It will make them the spirit of creativity and innovation. And in this study we will have five chapters: chapter one is the introduction, the second chapter concerns literature review, the third chapter deals with design and data analysis, fourth research methodology, and the fifth is conclusion and recommendation, then reference. The specific objectives are: Reduced the physical effort to drive the tricycle, Top speed limit up to 30km/hr and average speed up to 20km/hr, To developed tricycle for the longer distance traveling,

Keywords: Design, Solar power, Solar panel, Tricycle, Disability, Disabled people

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