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Artificial Hand Using Embedded System


Abstract: The loss of hand function following an injury, amputation of arm or any serious problem can severely affects a person 's quality of life. Artificial hands are the substitute for natural hands in people, but the question is how artificial hands will work effectively. Ideally, any artificial hand should be capable of emulating the natural hand in terms of grasping and gripping objects of varying geometries and physical properties. Despite the technological progress in robotics achieved in the last decades, prosthetic limbs still lack functionality, reliability, and comfort. The most common prosthetic hand is the Claw hook. Thus, to resolve this problem Embedded System is used in artificial hand. The goal is to design and develop a low-cost artificial hand that can be used to provide versatile grasp. Microcontroller and microprocessor play an important role in all types of control applications. Embedded system is a combination of hardware using a Microprocessor and the suitable software along with additional mechanical or other electronic parts designed to perform a specific task. And here this combination is known as Artificial Hand using Embedded System.

Keywords: Prosthetic hands, claw hook, hydraulic pumps, servomotors