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Performance Evaluation of MQL on AISI 4130 Steel on Universal Milling Machine

Rupesh M Parthe, Taqui Z Quazi

Reducing the machining cost is the main aim of every production system. Cost of cooling and lubrication is major contributing factor in the cost of production. Flood type machining possess flow rate up to 20 L/Hr., which uses more amount of cutting fluid. Completely dry machining is not possible because of heat generated in machining. Hence small but appropriate amount of lubrication must be applied. This method is called as near dry machining or Minimum Quantity Lubrication. Work is carried out on universal milling machine using material AISI 4130 alloy steel. Three levels of cutting speed and depth of cut were chosen and respective cutting temperature and surface roughness were recorded for both flood type and MQL technique. Flow rate in MQL is maintained 1.34 L/Hr. Output obtained by experimentation is analyzed on Minitab Software. Using ANOVA, regression analysis, main effect plot and interaction plot conclusion is drawn. There is 93.3 % reduction in use of cutting fluid. MQL gives 8.48 % reduction in tool temperature, this will improve tool life. MQL produced 19.13 % improved surface finish. For this work, cutting fluid applicator (spray gun) is manufactured. Findings of the study shows that, MQL appears to be economical and environmentally compatible lubrication technique for sustainable development.

Keywords: MQL, ANOVA, Regression analysis, Sustainable development

Edition: Volume 5 Issue 10, October 2016

Pages: 419 - 422