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Digital Image Compression and Analysis

P. Yakaiah, Ravinder Tirupati

Abstract: Today Medical Imaging is a important discipline for research since the biological imaging which incorporates radiology and nuclear medicine needs high resolution images for medical procedures seeking to reveal, diagnose and examine the disease. Compression and analysis of image using high resolution grid and SPIHT encoding technique is a novel approach to address this issue Firstly the original image is converted in to low resolution (less size) image, then quantization and SPIHT encoding, techniques are applied to compress the image. To restore the original image, the compressed image is decompressed (dequantized & decoded) and interpolation techniques using high resolution grid (tukey window and PG algorithm) are applied to achieve high resolution decompressed image. The PSNR of the high resolution decompressed image is high compared to PSNR of low resolution original image. At last we found the compression ratio is directly proportional to PSNR.

Keywords: SPIHT, ROI Compression, MIC, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio PSNR, Compression Ratio CR, Tukey-wind, PG algorithm Papoulis-Gerchberg method

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