Downloading: Removal of Impulse Noise Using Different Filters
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Removal of Impulse Noise Using Different Filters

Payas Rastogi

Abstract: Noise in the image processing technology is the most important long-term treatment technique is very hard to remove noise, because there are several imaging noise present in the environment, so the purpose of this work is to propose to remove the pad with the help of the laboratory (mat lab), using different filter.Our idea is to improve the performance of image processer come up with some of the problems, as well as in the implementation of this technology throughout system.However. Noise distortion cropped up one of the main challenges of this article. In a variety of different types of noise, impulse noise as the main cause of concern.There surfaced several image filters, which can be used to enhance the image or remove noise. In this article, has put forward a different filter compares each filter impulse noise operation. By using different image processing, these filters of the pulse noise have been combined in different noise density. Maximum Signal Error (MSE) of the, the maximum pixel size and the signal to noise ratio ( SNR) in this analysis for each type of filter calculation code in image resolution for each display filter gives a clear idea. Each filtered image histogram has been compiled and analyzed.

Keywords: MSE maximum signal error, impulse noise, image de-noising, adaptive window filter, Gaussian filter, linear filter, degage filter