International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 6 Issue 10, October 2017: Page 10

Research Paper, Medicine Science, India

Pages: 479 - 481, Hits: 133

MRI Evaluation of Nontraumatic Hip Joint Pain

Dr. Deepthi Kondeti, Dr. Swapna Gangishetty

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Research Paper, Statistics, Tanzania

Pages: 482 - 487, Hits: 156

Bayesian Modelling of Extreme Rainfall Data: Construction of Priors Using WRF Model Outputs, A Case of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Edwin C. Rutalebwa

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Research Paper, Geophysics, Iraq

Pages: 488 - 493, Hits: 143

3D Seismic Genetic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization and Prospects Identification

Ali M. Al-Rahim, Ahmed Abdullah Abdulateef

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Research Paper, Chemistry, Libya

Pages: 494 - 497, Hits: 134

The Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Starches

Fateh Eltaboni, Abedelqader Imragaa, Hamida Altajury, Hana Alshelmany, Nora Omar, Ranya Ali

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Survey Paper, Gynaecology, India

Pages: 498 - 501, Hits: 128

A Prospective Study of Patients Coming in Future for Tubal Ligation after Discharge who are not Willing for Abdominal Tubal Ligation in Immediate Postpartum Period

Dr. Prerak R. Modi, Dr. Nirmit Chaudhary

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Research Paper, Home Science, India

Pages: 502 - 506, Hits: 139

Sanjhi Folk Art of Mewar: An Exploratory Study

Sudha Babel, Latika Sanchiher

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Review Papers, Civil Engineering, India

Pages: 507 - 508, Hits: 144

Study of Soil Stabalization and Ground Amendment by Plasma Arc Torch Technology

Dr. Subrat Roy, Saurabh Sinha

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Research Paper, Chemistry, India

Pages: 509 - 513, Hits: 139

Nano ZnO Catalyzed Synthesis of 2-(4-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl)-N-methyl-2-Phenylacetamide and its Aggregation in Water

K. S. Satheeshkumar, S. Subashkumar

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Case Studies, Medical Surgical, Indonesia

Pages: 514 - 520, Hits: 154

Sensorineural Hearing Loss in a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Wira Gotera, Ketut Suastika, Made Ratna Saraswati, Made Pande Dwipayana, I Made Siswadi Semadi, Dewi Catur Wulandari, Januar Raya Gara Ama Mudamakin

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Research Paper, Physics Science, Iraq

Pages: 521 - 527, Hits: 148

The Effect of Nano Graphene Additive on the A.C Electrical Properties for Epoxy-Copper Composites

M. R. Mhel S. I. Hussain

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