International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 2, February 2022: Page 10

Research Paper, Criminology and Forensic Science, Kenya

Pages: 377 - 383, Hits: 0

Influence of Crime Management Strategies on Insecurity within Mukuru Kayaba Slums, Nairobi County, Kenya

Harrison Kalimbo Dzombo, David N. Kiragu, Dr. Antony Ngugi

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Comparative Studies, Medicine, Egypt

Pages: 384 - 389, Hits: 0

Serum Visfatin Levels in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Hassan Mohammed Abdelghaffar, Abdelmonem Mohamed Barrrak, Bahy Eldeen Elsayed ELbahnasawy, Ahmed Ali Ali Assem

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Research Paper, Economics, India

Pages: 390 - 400, Hits: 4

Analysis of Irrational Consumer Behaviour in Relation to the Freemium Model

Dhruv Roongta, Shravan Haribalaraman

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Research Paper, Computer Science and Information Technology, Kenya

Pages: 401 - 405, Hits: 1

Security Measures for Protecting of Information Technology Assets

Masese Nelson

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Short Communication, Pathology, India

Pages: 406 - 409, Hits: 0

H Pylori Associated Chronic Gastritis and Carcinogenic Effect

Dr. Gayathri Elanchezhian, DR. Thanka .J, Dr. S. Mary Lilly

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Case Studies, Medical Science, India

Pages: 410 - 412, Hits: 1

In World First Transplant; A Man Received Genetically-Modified Pig Heart

A. Pandey

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Research Paper, Pharmacy, India

Pages: 413 - 417, Hits: 4

Formulation Development of Gentamicin Sulphate Ointment Using Rice Bran Wax as Novel Base for Topical Application

Madhuri Nandgave, Upadesh B. Lade, Santosh Gotephode

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Research Paper, Nursing, India

Pages: 418 - 423, Hits: 0

Effect of Ophthalmic Exercise in Reducing Refractive Error among School Going Children in Selected Schools of Maharashtra

Rashmi S. Pande

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Research Paper, Dentistry, India

Pages: 424 - 431, Hits: 2

Remineralizing Effect of Nanoegg Shell and Gc Tooth Mousse On Initial Caries Like Lesions in Young Permanent Teeth - An Invitro Study

Anusha A. S., Jayalakshmi K. B., Prasanna Latha Nadig, Sujatha I., Sowmya B.

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Research Paper, Philosophy, India

Pages: 432 - 436, Hits: 2

Expounding Cosmology the Vedic Way - Purusa, Nasadiya, Hiranya Garbha Suktas

Drakshayani Manduva

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