International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019: Page 33

Research Paper, Nursing, India

Pages: 1509 - 1511, Hits: 123

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Teaching on Nipha Virus on Knowledge and Attitude Level among Nursing Students at Selected College in Bidar, Karnataka

Dr. Senthil Kavitha.R

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Management, Indonesia

Pages: 1512 - 1516, Hits: 89

The Effect of Principals Transformational Leadership and Ethical Behavior on Teachers Performance at Lab School Senior High School DKI Jakarta

Yoserizal, Suryadi, Abdul Kahar

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Research Paper, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1517 - 1522, Hits: 122

Surgical Treatment of Rectal Prolapse - Current Concepts

Dr Sarvesh Maheshwari, Dr Shefali Goyal, Dr Brijesh Sharma, Dr M. C. Misra

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Review Papers, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 1523 - 1527, Hits: 120

Big Data and Its Evolution in Data Warehouses

Rachita Kansal

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Informative Article, Philosophy, Philippines

Pages: 1528 - 1532, Hits: 109

On Reason, Truth and Ecological Conversion

Allandre S. Afingwan

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Research Paper, Religion and Theology, India

Pages: 1533 - 1538, Hits: 107

Analyzing the Origin and Development of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism in Vietnam

Trinh Thi Ut

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Research Paper, Political Science, India

Pages: 1539 - 1541, Hits: 141

Federalism - Adjoining Past with Future India

Akash Chatterjee

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Civil Engineering, India

Pages: 1542 - 1545, Hits: 116

Mechanical Properties on Concrete Using Polypropylene Fiber and Silica Fume

Vinitha M

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Dissertation Chapters, Nursing, India

Pages: 1546 - 1548, Hits: 146

Knowledge Regarding Effect of Teratogens on Fetus among Eligible Couple


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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Mechanical Engineering, Egypt

Pages: 1549 - 1554, Hits: 126

Study of Direct Steam Generation by Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrators

Hagar Hamdy, Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab Shaheen, Khairy Fakhry Megalla

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