International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2016: Page 30

Survey Paper, Medicine Science, India

Pages: 1341 - 1342, Hits: 128

Evaluation of Papillo-Incisal Distance with Different Shapes of Incisive Papilla

Samarth Kumar Agarwal, Romil Singhal, Shraddha Pagia

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Survey Paper, Biology, India

Pages: 1343 - 1345, Hits: 124

A Field Survey of Sucking Tea Pests and Their Control Measures in a Few Tea Gardens of Terai Region, West Bengal, India

Satyajit Sarkar, S. E. Kabir

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Survey Paper, Electronics & Communication Engineering, India

Pages: 1346 - 1349, Hits: 111

Survey on Implementation and Analysis of Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using a Sub-band Decomposed MSR for OLED Display

Pallavi Ghormade, S. K. Bhatia

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Research Paper, Medical Surgical, India

Pages: 1350 - 1357, Hits: 115

A Study of the Outcomes of Endovenous Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Varicose Veins

Bhaskar Musande, Manohar Kalbande, Tanvi Tolat

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Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 1358 - 1361, Hits: 122

Social Media Applications for Disaster Management

Dr. Savita Kumari Sheoran

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Case Studies, Radiological Sciences, India

Pages: 1362 - 1365, Hits: 111

Endodontic Management of Dilaceratd Roots: A Case Series

Abhishek Gupta, Pooja Kabra

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Research Paper, Education Management, Kenya

Pages: 1366 - 1368, Hits: 119

Influence of Family Environment on the Prevalence of Illicit Drug Use Among Public Secondary School Students in Nakuru Municipality, Nakuru County, Kenya

Mwangi Charles Mucheru, Paul Katamba PhD

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Research Paper, Aerospace Engineering, India

Pages: 1369 - 1373, Hits: 125

Analytical Studies of Earth Station Antenna/DTH Using Cohen's Empirical Formulas in Matlab

Khyati Mahavadia, Parth Yadav

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Research Paper, Nutrition Science, India

Pages: 1374 - 1377, Hits: 105

Comparison of Restoration of Protein Contents of Preserved Rohu (Labio rohita), Treated under Different Cooking Conditions

Uttiya Jana, Sarmistha Chakrabarti

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Research Paper, Management, Nigeria

Pages: 1378 - 1381, Hits: 120

Generic Determinant of Entrepreneurial Potentials among Vocational Technical Teacher Education Students in North Eastern States, Nigeria

M. U Cyril

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